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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/201784659110001.Vnesok to the share capital, to be used forown production potreb.Aparat for cutting wood, sawmill is a frame with three ticks, which has been in use, year 1990, serial number 177, 1pc included, in a partially disassembled state for convenience transportuvannyaAparat for cutting wood, which is a machine for cutting designed for longitudinal sawing wood segments using band saw, having been in use, year 1989, serial number 18 in the set-1pc, partially unassembled for ease transportuvannya.Torhovelna mark USTUNKARLIKrayina production TRVyrobnyk USTUNKARLI MAKINELERI IMALAT SANAYI ve TICARET LTD.STI.TURKEY2.00UA1000208,000.009,600.00 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178208900000"1.poz.3 Than steel for use in machine components for the production of KDF filtropalychok Smoking, poz.11, steel knives for cutting inner frames, installed in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment (knife consists of 2 parts) poz.36 Than steel for nadrizannya foil used in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment;. "ITALY0.00UA8060501.583,584.22 *****
26/Apr/20178433205000"1.Kosarka mounted on a tractor, disk, with the cutting device rotating in a horizontal plane, is used in agriculture, new 2017r.v. SaMASZ brand type KDT300-1 pieces. Ser.nomer0028081.Kosarka supplied cardan shaft, comprises: a frame beam gear control central hinge mechanism of transmission of the drive, the main load-bearing frame drum cutting machine, mechanism casing zapobizhnykiv.Kosarka driven by PTO tractor PTO -oboroty-540 rev / hv.Pry tractor power 80 hp ./s. -produktyvnist warehouse -3.5 ha / hod.Shyryna delight cutting plane 3.0 m working height mowing 1.5-2.0 m, the number of discs mower 7sht., The number of knives 14 sht.Torhovelna mark SaMASZ.Vyrobnyk: SaMASZ Sp. z oo, PL.. "N/A1.00UA205090785.005,051.43 *****
22/Apr/201784772000001. Equipment for the production of plastic products or production: Equipment for the production of three-layer PET sheet / film of plastic (extruder) -1 sht.Nove, year - 2017, productivity-600-800 kg / h total capacity - 160 kW , film width - 1100 mm, film thickness / Letter 0,15-1 mm.Dlya easy transport comes disassembled stani.Maye keruvannya.Skladayetsya single cycle of these units (completeness of equipment): - system for batching major components-PET chips , granule, masterbatches and addytyvy - 2 sht.- vacuum Mixer Ah - dryer - 2 sht.- dvuhshnekovyy extruder 75/40 unidirectional rotation of the screw, complete with the main drive system cleaning and cooling water, vacuum drainage system, filter reduktor- 2sht.- melt extruder melt pump -2 sht.- the main extruder - 2 sht.- pressure sensors -6 sht.- inlet melt - 1kompl.- fyd - block - Distribution - 1sht.- head with a variable width of boltoriznymy cartridges 1sht.- frame - bed extruder - 1 sht.- rolls - 1 kompl.- pulling device 1sht.- system-side trimming edges - 1sht.- system of winding rolls Neve - 1 kompl.- system applying silicone dryer - 1sht.- chopper cutting edges - 1 kompl.- system heating and cooling rolls - 1sht.- meter thickness - 1 kompl.Vyrobnyk: QINGDAO ORIENT TECH PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTDTorhivelna mark : SHUNDE PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production - CN.CHINA1.00UA50003037,682.00374,177.02 *****
19/Apr/201773202020001.Pruzhyny of iron or steel, hot cutting method: Pruzhynы szhatyya, burning obrabotannыe way Material: stalPruzhynы prednaznachayutsya for installation on frame cleaning mechanism dveresъemnoy Machines - 21 pcs. .GERMANY0.00UA1100901.00224.32 *****
18/Apr/20178208900000"1. Parts for cutting internal frame and polypropylene in packing machines GD of black metal, die-cut than 0PF3924 - 1 pc .;."N/A0.00UA1021800.08849.80 *****
13/Apr/201784581180001. Machine tools for turning metal cutting, horizontal, numerical control. Machine lathe, horizontal, single-spindle numerical control SK6150 / 1500 civil (general purpose) purpose, new, 2 pieces. It is intended for processing of external and internal surfaces of bodies of rotation (cylindrical, Conical, shaped), finishing of flat end surfaces, thread cutting and some other works in the semi-automatic cycle. Main technical characteristics: width of the frame 400 mm, maximum diameter of the workpiece above the st 500 mm maximum, the maximum diameter of the workpiece over the support is 250 mm, the maximum length of the workpiece is 1500 mm, the movement along the X axis is 300 mm, the displacement along the Z axis is 1600 mm, the accuracy of the positioning is 6 μm, the diameter of the spindle opening is 82 mm, the speed of the spindle is 1800 rev. / Min; a hydraulic spindle clamp; the power of the main engine is 7.5 kW; the total power of the machine is 11 kW; the cutter on 6 positions is electric horizontal (on the axis of the rotary cutter); Stroke of the foam of the backbone 200 mm; Overall dimensions of the machine (DxWxH) 3950x1520x1750. Equipped with Siemens 808D control system. The complete set of the machine includes a hydraulic pump station and a cooling / lubrication system. Loading billets, removing products, orientation and clamping of billets and tools is performed manually. The treatment is carried out due to the rotational movement of the workpiece and the reciprocating motion of the instrument, fixed motionless in the tool holder.The tool shop is missing and the machine tool is not provided. There are no functions of milling, drilling, zenkering out of the axis of rotation of the workpiece due to the absence of the design of the machine tool for rotation of the tool. Provided in a partially disassembled state for ease of transportation. Not intended for military use; Not equipped with radio equipment containing transmitters or receivers. Trademark: No data. Manufacturer: COGENTECH INTERNATIONAL LTD. Production area: China (CN). "CHINA2.00UA4030106,150.0028,669.37 *****
12/Apr/201739259080001.Parts and components of switches from plastic: The frame for the switch 2-fold.A582WW-5pcs. The switch for the switch The case for overhead switching switch. LS583ASW-1pc. Crimp for arbitrary cutting machine.LS994B-1pcs .Map pieces.Key for dual switch art.A595BFANM-21pcs. Cover for modular slots art.A569-2NWESW-2pcs. Cover for rotary dimmer art.LS1940SW-2pcs.Cover for single socket UAE art.A569-1PLUAWW-30pcs. Frame for the switch 3-fold art.AC583WW-40pcs. Cover for arbitrary incisions art.SL561BGB-1pc. Cover for thermostat art.CDFTR231PLGB-5pcs. Frame for the switch 1-fold art.LS981SW-30pcs. The key for the switch art.LS990SW-30pcs. The key for shutter control blinds art.A595PWW-5pcs. Cover for single socket UAE art.A569-1PLUAWW-14pcs. Key for switch art.EP490WW-100pcs. Frame for the switch 1-fold art.LS981WW-150pcs. Cover for SAT-TV socket art.LS990SATWW-20pcs. Key for switch art.LS990WW-100pcs. The key for the twin switch art.LS995WW-60pcs. Cover for dual socket UAE art.A569-2BFPLUACH-10pcs. Key for switch art.A590MO-20pcs. Cover for arbitrary cutouts art.A594-0-10sht. Frame for switch 1-fold art.AS581-30pcs. Frame for switch 2-fold art.AS582-10pcs. Key switch for art.AS591-10pcs.Keyboard for switch art.AS591WW-20pcs. Frame for the switch 2-fold art.EP482AL-10pcs. Frame for the switch 2-fold art.EP482WW-50pcs.Key for switch art.EP490-10pcs.Frame for switch 1-fold art.EPD481WW-50pcs. Frame for the switch 2-fold art.EPD482-20pcs.Frame for the switch 2-fold art.EPD482WW-40pcs. Frame for the switch 1-fold art.LS981SW-30pcs. Frame for the switch 4-fold art.LS984SW-10pcs. The key for the switch art.LS990SW-30pcs. Cover for TV socket art.LS990TV-10pcs.Frame for switch 1-fold art.A581SW-20pcs. Frame for the switch 2-fold art.A582SW-7pcs. Frame for the switch 3-fold art.A583SW-1pc.Frame for switch 4-fold art.A584SW-1pc. The shutter key for shutter management art.A595PWW-2pcs.Cover for dual socket UAE art.A569-2BFPLUACH-10pcs. Cover for arbitrary cutouts art.LS994BLG-1pcs.Key for switch art.LC99032141-1.Frame Country of manufacture DE Trademark JUNG Producer Albrecht JUNG GmbH & CO.KGGERMANY0.00UA10011031.421,585.95 *****
12/Apr/201784659120001. Electric saws SCHNEIDER, MODEL GL2, online auctions Lot: 23465-1355.BUVSHA used, year 1986, serial number 170092. IS THE MACHINE WITH circular saw, electric, portable, installed on the working surface THROUGH-mounting frame. ZASTOSTOVUYETSYA for cutting pieces WOODEN IN THE WOOD. Manual feed workpieces. POWER W -380, frequency, Hz -50. Not a constructive hand tools. Equipped with protective metal casing for the drive. Defects are caused by prolonged use, require validation, commissioning and upgrading. Physical deterioration IS 50%. INTENDED for their own use in the enterprise. NOT CREATE goods for weapons, military and missiles. .N/A1.00UA80601064.50101.71 *****
07/Apr/201782089000001. Knives and cutting blades for machines or mechanical devices than the cutting diameter of 250mm film / FOIL CUTTER BLADE. Used in the production line of frame profile with Foamed polystyrene - 3 sht.Vyrobnyk ZHANGIAGANG KIWEX MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production of CN.CHINA0.00UA1250202.00450.00 *****
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