Ukraine Import Data of Fp Diesel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fp Diesel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fp diesel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fp diesel imports.

Fp Diesel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fp Diesel

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of fp diesel. Get Ukraine trade data of Fp Diesel imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles with asobiv purpose. Part nodes to a / m, capacity less than 75 tons, not skladannyamoto gns for industrial vehicles meh.obrobka: 1111558 art.238BM-tube pidvodamasla (turbo) - 6 pieces; art.236-1306080 its handling pipe-A2 (syst.oholodzh.) - 20pcs; art.236-1029274 plate (about half coupling HPFP) -275sht; art.236-1029268-G Senior half-coupling (drive HPFP) - 2 pcs; art. 236-1029300-A clutch drive fuel pump - 5pcs, art.850.1303096-01patrubok (cooling) - 2 pcs; art.850.1303016-01 pipe (systemyoholodzhennya) - 2 pcs; art.850.1303130 pipe (cooling) - 4 pieces; art.840.1029274-10 plate (about half coupling HPFP) - 180sht; art.8401.1303292-10 cooling pipe - 2 pcs; art.8401.1303278-20 pipe (cooler) - 4 pieces, art 1118340 .238B-tube shower oils upper flange -1sht; art.236-1029260-V4 drive fuel pump half-coupling - 4 pieces; Country of production - RUTorhovelna mark - YaMVyrobnyk - PAO "" Autodiesel "" "RUSSIA0UA80720060.291064.383181 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201784295199001.Odnokivshovyy wheel loaders, new diesel engine, partially disassembled state zruchnos those for transportation of spare parts kits: - Model L956F (L056FW2115A29E1) - 4 pieces. (Ser.№VLGL956FEH0600432, №VLGL956FCH0600433, №VLGL956FTH0600434, №VLGL956FPH0600435 , n Peninsula, 2017r.v., WD10G220E23 engine, engine 162kVt potuzhnis Number (220k.s.) keruvannyakov Chaumes stick, 5000kg load capacity, performance bucket 3,6m3, vysotupidyom in bucket 4064mm, hydromechanical transmission, standard cab, axles SDLG , dvakeruyuchy's valve operating weight 17000kh, zmiry navantazhuvachadovzhyna w / width / height and 8180h302 4h3423mm.Torhivelna Brand: SDLG.Vyrobnyk: SHANDONG LINGONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production: CN..CHINA4UA10001070200178494.8597
27/Apr/201740169300901.VYROBY with nonporous rubber: REMKOMPLEKTDYZELNYH nozzles (rubber USCHILNYUYUCHIKILTSYA 2 pcs.) Art.F00VC99002-18sht.REMKOMPLEKT diesel fuel injectors (sealing ring 2 pcs.) Art.1417010997-20sht.REMKOMPLEKT HPFP (NABIRUSCHILNEN 4 rings, 1 frame) art.1467010425- 1sht.USchILNYuYuChI RINGS RING art.F00RJ02177-10sht.USchILNYuYuChA framework art.1461015302-1sht.USchILNYuYuChE art.2410210026-3sht. art.F00RJ03115-6sht. art.F00VC38002-10sht. art.F00VP01004-6sht. art.1280210711-20sht. art.1460210313-50sht. art.F00VP01003-80sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH brand BOSCHKrayina production GMBHTorhovelna DE.GERMANY0UA1251100.597170.7601329
26/Apr/201790259000981 9201230 Thermocouple PT-100 and ORBIS BV AirSTAR CFPP 2 pcs in packing -1sht / AirStar part to the analyzer to determine the limit temperature filtruyemosti diesel fuel / Brand: Orbis. Manufacturer: Orbis, Netherlands. .NETHERLANDS0UA1250100.8784.4593643
26/Apr/20178413910090DIESEL FUEL 1.CHASTYNY NASOSUVYSOKOHO pressure for A / M: COVER HPFP art.F00R0P1739-1sht. art.F00R0P1739-1sht.PLUNZhERNA COUPLE art.F01M100869-1sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH brand GMBHTorhovelna BOSCHKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA1251100.83634.31006924
26/Apr/201787033290101.Poshkodzhenyy passenger Passenger car rskyy for passenger and touse the roads zah.korystuvannya vnutrishnoho combustion engine izzapa wording of compression, was used either brand MERCEDES-BENZ, modelGLE - 1. VIN 4JGDA0EB0GA729866 engine type - diesel, V-2143sm3, potuzhnist- 150 kW, Euro 5 engine room - no data, the total number of seats dlyasydinnya, including the driver - 5 calendar year - 2016 model year - 2016, the body - Universal color - white, kolisnaformula 4x4. Damaged by expert MoV WCU: Bumper front vzbori, grille assembly, locking the bonnet assembly, block headlight left in the congregation block headlight right to collect, pidkrylok front left, pidkrylok front right panel front end assembly, glass windows windscreen, windscreen washer - destroyed datchykradara front - was in the area of ​​emergency actions, destroyed, damaged hood - removed from fixing difficult strain on the entire surface with formation and bending back toward the front, hood insulation - damaged zdeformatsiyeyu ma preliminaries, wing front left - shifted from fixing deformed in the front of the surface complex geometric form, according to [5] should be replaced wing front right - shifted from fixing deformed in the front of the surface complex geometric form, according to [5 ] should be replaced, front passenger airbag - worked in momentDTP dashboard (top) - destroyed by spratsovuvannyapodushky passenger safety front, driver's knee airbag - worked intime accident radiator system conditioning - deformed, damaged remenibezpeky - worked at the time of the accident, the airbag driver front - spratsyuvalav the time of the accident, the steering column and steering wheel - according to [8] should be replaced, result of operation of airbags driver front, radiator systemyoholodzhennya - deformed, damaged an electric assembly -deformovanyy damaged, naduvochnoho cooler air (intercooler) -deformovanyy, damaged audio devices - were in the area avariynyhvplyviv destroyed, damaged front door left - deformed in peredniyverhniy part to form a bend on a plot measuring about 50x50 mm shift inthe wing front left, front right door - has poshkodzhennyaLFP in front, in a landslide wing front right, engine -perebuvav in the area of ​​emergency actions, contact mounted units with others rescue damaged parts, requires diagnosis, the car body (otvirkapota) - as a result of accidental impact car body was skewed pootvoru kapota.Krayina production: DE.Torhivelna mark: Mercede s-Benz.Vyrobnyk: Mercedes-Benz.GERMANY1UA8071902280.6613129.81998
24/Apr/20176206300000"1. Combine harvester, complete with reaper, used in the brand," John Deere 1042 "" - 1pc, head number 035455Z, header width -3m, color green, 1988 year, diesel engine. "Brand" "John Deere Werke Zweibrucken". Country of manufacture Germany Damage: body corrosion, rubbing of rubber, lubricated engine, LFP damaged, missing: defective beeters, dispensers, hoist elevators, protective elements.INDIA64UA12518012.89310.3998163
24/Apr/201727111297001. 9201230 Thermocouple PT-100 to ORBIS BV AirSTAR CFPP 2pcs in pack-1pc / part to AirStar analyzer for determining the limit temperature of filtration of diesel fuels / Brand: Orbis. Manufacturer: Orbis, the Netherlands. .RUSSIA0UA903020181606623.750317
24/Apr/20173926300090DIESEL FUEL 1.CHASTYNY NASOSUVYSOKOHO pressure for A / M: COVER HPFP art.F00R0P1739-1sht. art.F00R0P1739-1sht.PLUNZhERNA COUPLE art.F01M100869-1sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH brand GMBHTorhovelna BOSCHKrayina production IT.BELARUS0UA80720022.9599.15541893
24/Apr/201761082100001. Road repairer that was in use: - Brand: KOBIT- Model: TURBO 5000- Factory number 258/052 / 06- Pit repair machine without road chassis, intended for installation on the KTZ - Own weight - 2500 kg - full Mass - 8000 kg - bunker capacity for crushed stone - 5 m3 cube for emulsion - 1100 l - drive motor HATZ 3L41C, diesel - engine displacement - 2574 cm cubic radius - 5 m (180 deg) - Year of manufacture - 2007 - Model year - 2007 - Country of origin - Czech Republic (CZ) - Trade mark - KOBIT - Existing traces of intensive use, LFP defects (scratches, chips), traces of measles Her.CHINA240UA8050803.63174.1386418
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Fp Diesel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fp Diesel Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""ТПК""Омега-Автопоставка"""
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Хар.обл.Хар.р-н, смт.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ДорадоИнжиниринг"""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles with aso.........
HS Code 8708999798Value 1064.383181
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 60.29
Origin Country RUSSIA

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