Ukraine Import Data of Foundation Bolt | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foundation Bolt

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of foundation bolt collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of foundation bolt imports.

Foundation Bolt Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foundation Bolt

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of foundation bolt. Get Ukraine trade data of Foundation Bolt imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20175703908000"1.Paletni new stationary shelves sustainable mo (grade S235) types of NRAs kriplennyamdo floor dismantled to-CT (2nd row = 5pcs; 1-row = 3pc): protection frame MSSB20 / 1050/1004 = 2 pcs; MSSB 20/1200/1004 = 12p, stand ing STL`B`18 / 20X2 = 11000 + 12 = 52sht; STL`B`18 / 20h4 = 10750 + 12 = 92sht; STL`B`18 / 10500 = 20 + 18 = 38sht; diahonaliDIA`B`GA`35 / 1298 = 300h 2 + 209 + 38 + 12 + 252 = 1111sht; DIA`B`GA`35 / 1165 = 76 + 52 + 12 + 138 = 278sht; DIA`B` GA`35 / 1046 = 38 + 92 + 12 + 52 = 194sht; balkyAUFP`B`E0441 / 2700 = 36sht; AUFPE0441 / 2700 / R2 = 48h8 = 384sht; AUF P`B`E0441 / 1900 = 36sht, anchor bolt DUB 'B' EX'12'100 = 98sht; shestyhranoy bolt with bare vkoy BOF`B`BOFT10x25 = 378sht; BOF`B`BOFT 10x30 = 530sht; BOF`B`BOFT 12x25 = 100 pieces, bolt BOS`B`BOSH10x68 = 371sht ; regulating sleeve DTH`B`GA 68sht = 0002, 0004 = DTH`B`GA 186sht; haykaMUT`B`NUSL10 = 2042sht, washer MUT`B `N UWL10 = 918sht, washer accustom NUWL 12 = 100 pieces, table loads SET`B`BEL = 26sht; Inst ruktsiya of montazhuSET`B`Montage = 3pc, to lock the beam SIC`B`MP = 2497sht, protection stiykyABW'B ' L'400G = 14sht, the foundation supports protection frame SPFHPA 01/1004 = 8 pieces, steady zahysturamy SPFZPA01 / 1004 = 14sht; Puck WAR`B`402 0`10`5 = 530sht; Anchor boltDUB`B`S1410` SL = 284sht; fifth frame to FPLG`B`17-18 = 194 pieces; Bolt BOS`B`BOSH10x90 = 1671sht; Yuchi regulation plate FUT`B`17-18`1 = 99sht; FUT`B` 17-18`3 = 99sht; mizhstelazhni spacers PNAG 0462/200 = 185sht (set) 1sht.Vyrobnyk- = "" STOW INTERNATIONAL nv "". Marka- JUNGHEINRICH trade. Country vyrobnytstva- BE. "NETHERLANDS12UA12519033.3400.5099106 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "PUMA 2100LY" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0099-000362, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichniharakterystyky: dimensions (mm) - height / length / width-1863/3530/2163, the rotation diameter over bed-680mm, the diameter of the rotation-caliper 630mm; dimetr recommended turning-210mm, maximum turning diameter of 406mm, the maximum length of 760mm, turning, dia May machined rod-65mm, the diameter cartridge-210mm, navigate axes X / Z / Y-260mm / 830mm / 105 (+ - 52.5) ​​mm spindle speed 4500 rev / min, maximum torque-183N * m diameter spindle hole, 76mm, capacity-12p shop tools, tool-25h25mm square section, the diameter holder (borshtanhy) -40mm, returns a revolving head (1 step) -0,15s, spindle speed driving tool 5000 rev / min; Collet chucks range-ER25 (diameter 2-16) mm; the accuracy of the machine, positioning axes in the X-axis-0,01mm; axis Z-axis-0,02mm; pinole 80mm diameter-; pinole cone-MT # 4; move the tailstock-830mm; peremishennya (move), pinole 80mm; speed accelerated feed: progress on the axes X / Y / Z- 30/10 / 30m / min; C-axis 200ob / min; main spindle motor (30min / continuous) -18.5 / 11kVt; Spindle motor driving tool (15 min / continuous) -5.5 / 1.5kVt, pump COP-0,4kVt; When connecting the electricity-3fazy-AS380V / 50Htsh41,32kVa; servomotors, axis X / Y / Z-3.0 / 3.0 / 3.0 kW, control system FANUC Oi-delivery TF.Komplekt "" PUMA 2100LY "": COP-supply system 1 set; bryzhozahystne fences-1 set; footswitch opening / closing chuck-1komplekt; security lock Front, 1 set; SET provider of hand tools, 1 set; hydraulic chuck diameter of 210 mm with a set of '' raw '' kulachkiv- 1komplekt, a set of aligning bolts and gaskets to install 1 set; 1komplekt-hydraulic system; Lubrication System 1 set; 1 set of tool holders set; working area illumination, 1 set; avtotransformator- 1 set; hydraulic station, 1komplekt; automatic binding instrument (el.) - 1 set; ostruzhyny conveyor (belt, right execution) -1komplekt.Posibnyky: instruction manual "" PUMA 2100LY "" (English); Guide to the care and service "" PUMA 2100LY "" (English); electrical drawings "" PUMA 2100LY "" (English); user systems FANUC FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); drawing foundation for "" PUMA 2100LY "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; Country of-KR. Trade mark: "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030650087008.44544
09/Apr/201784304900001.Skladova complete ob'yektu.Chastyna rig SK-3000.Zavodskyy №SK157-004.Rik release 2015.Postachayetsya disassembled stani.Komplektnist: Part foundations rig SK-3000 -1sht.-№108 Max. 6 elevators (zdvertsyatamy 18 degrees) -1sht.-№72 Max. Wedges hand (by BT) - 3-№76 -1sht. Max. Wedges hand (for OBT) - 4-1sht.-№77 Max. Box with ropes auxiliary winches, Blocks, lohotypamyServis King, links, nuts, bolts and pins, 1sht. №50-Max. Vibrating Screens (136 pcs) -1sht.-№83 ks.Torhovelna Brand: SKKrayina production: USVyrobnyk: Service King Mfg.UNITED STATES0UA1001106000.49216946.4423
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Foundation Bolt Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Foundation Bolt Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство з іноземними інвестиціями ""ТОЙОТА УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
04073, проспект Степана Бандери 24-Б, м.Київ. Україна
Product Description
"1.Paletni new stationary shelves sustainable mo (.........
HS Code 5703908000Value 400.5099106
Quantity 12Unit UA125190
Net Weight 33.3
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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