Ukraine Import Data of Foot Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foot Switch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of foot switch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of foot switch imports.

Foot Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foot Switch

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of foot switch. Get Ukraine trade data of Foot Switch imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20176807100090"1.Krypilny products and accessories made of polymeric materials to dytyachoy stroller and feeding chair. Reference: - IKTR0026NGR Stand strollers to bottle 80 pcs.; - SPST7476SN bumper to mount Si Switch, left 6 pcs.; - SPST7476DN bumper to mount Si Switch, right 6 pcs.; - SPST7464GP switch to the seat Si Switch metallic gray 6 pcs.; - ASPI0168N footstep is to seat Pop-Up 2 pcs.; - ASPI0136NFGL fasteners to the visor seat Switch Easy Drive 1 pcs.; - ASPI0106BMGN Tatamia mounting piece to the frame, №4 2 pcs.; - ARPI0675NGR handle to bed Book Plus black / gray 2 sht.- MUCI5P21GR Fastening Seatbelt rocking chair to Tatamia, gray 2 sht.Vyrobny : "" Peg Perego SpA ""; trademark: "" Peg Perego ""; Country of origin: EU;. "BELGIUM414UA1000107242672.589981 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178204200000"1.Holovky, drives, adapters, extension cables for hand wrenches: 627941032-34, Head End 3/4" "34 mm - 2 pcs., 20 6196710-ITU-3 tortsevyhholovok set 1/4" "36 pc in hex -tx-itx (with adapters, extension cords drive), vfutlyari - 1pc., 6,280,340 32-EMU-2 set of socket heads 3/4 '' hex 14 pcs 22-50mm (with adapters, extension cords, drive) in case - 2 pcs., 6151960D-19-TMU-10> set of socket heads 1/2 'with podavzhuvachamy, Conv dnykamy, treschitkoyu in futlyari25 pieces 10-32 mm - 2 pcs., 2088 6170240 Extension flexible 1/4 "" 120 mm - 2 pcs ., 6136220 D-19-3 / 8AF, End head 1/2 '' 3/8 '' - 2 pcs., 1729071S-2032-05, set of adapters, 5 pcs in foot lyari - 2 pcs., 1990 6225590-KR-7 Extension drive 1/2 "" 180 mm - 2 pcs., 19 2545853-EMU-3 tortsevyhholivok set with accessories 1/2 "", 23 pcs 8-32 mm hex ( extension cords, adapters, drive) - 2 pcs., 2,190,214 D-19-L-015 set of socket heads 1/2 '' UD 15 subjects 10-32 mm- 2 pcs., 6142620 1993-U-10-T, with a ratchet mechanism switch (drive) 1/2 "" 270 mm - 1 pc., 6,671,530 KB-3221, Adapter 3/4 '' 1 '' - 4pcs., Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - GedoreVyrobnyk - GEDORE Polska Sp.zoo "GERMANY0UA10001066.7541880.612453
20/Apr/20178701903900"1. Wheel Tractor for agricultural works notcontains composed peredavachiabo transmitters and receivers, brand John Deere: Model 8370R 370HP TRACTOR. Novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomershasi 1RW8370RPHS116563. Engine: 6-cylinder diesel engine Turbocharged nominal power 272kVt / 370k.s., volume 9000 sm.3.Nomer engine RG6090G025473.Kalendarnyy year 2017rik.Modelnyy year 2017rik.Komplektatsiya: Ukraine-0166, 0433-instruction in Russian; 0500-without package, 1493- PowerShift transmission gear 23/12 back; 1823-7-inch color display, 1834 without e lektropidsylyuvacha steering; 1835-without receiver, 1845 No activation programs; 188Q-test version JDLink Access for 1 year, 1945, processor 4100, 2057, cabin CommandViev III with pneumatic seat and control panel CommandARM, 2660-FM player, 2701-lever reverse switch panel CommandARM, 3034, PowerTech engine volume 9.0 liter, Tier II; 3260-85SS hydraulic pump; 3341-4-section hydraulic unit; PTO-3822 45 mm 1000 rev / min and economy mode 1000 rev / min., 4039-back 3-point oh weights (Cat.4); 4315-zchepka 3 in 1; 5072-R.AX (120MM) 100.4IN D FLATS.; 5352-SGL-IF 710 / 75R42 176D R1W; 5999-rubber unbranded, 6064-ILS - independent suspension John Deere with hydraulic GRP49, 6310, the front wheels size 650 / 60R34; 7204-standard package lighting 8011-bolotnyky for the front wheels; 8022-expanding Lockers rear arches at 2,55m, 8060-automation system, 8242 radar speed, 8288-foot control of the throttle; 8301 engine kits '' cold weather '', 8306, fuel separator, 832G -dopomizhni hydraulic connection (for precision planters you Yves) 840A-wagon towing device (automatic connection) 8751 trailer-brake, 2 contour plevmatychna system; 878Z-CU LEGAL REQTS; 8955 front-bracket balances of counterweights to 50kg 20pcs, 8977, internal ballasts for one pair of rear wheels 635kh, 8978-ballasts for exterior rear wheels 75kg one pair, one pair 205khVyrobnyk: JOHN DEERE WATERLOO WORKSTorhovelna brand: JOHN production DEEREKrayina: US "UNITED STATES1UA20401013581204955.57
19/Apr/20178452290000"1st Industrial sewing machines Manual: -JUKI LH 3568 ASF-7-WB / AK135 - 1 pc. 2-needle lockstitch machine for 6.4 mm direct drive with self-cleaning. Included: a standard table with drawer AR RTP ST60 106 h60sm ; GVU80-2 -stalevyy profile with two rollers, switch 220V cable, socket for additional devices 220V; LED-lamp with tripod 220V white with clamp for desktop, a special ribbon conductor pidvorot 22/11 mm down from the mount, special compiler pidvorot brim ; WD 492-40P obrizach edges, equipment SE-0492-40J / LH4128; switch for manual obrizacha. Designed for filing quiche Annie. Serial Number: 8L3KL00539. year -2017.-JUKI LH 3568 ASF-7-WB / AK135 - 3 pieces. 2-needle lockstitch machine for 6.4 mm direct drive with self-cleaning. Included: a standard table with drawer RTP 106 AR ST60 h60sm; GVU80-2 -stalevyy profile with two rollers, switch 220V cable, socket for additional devices 220V; LED-lamp with tripod 220V white with clamp for desktop, a special foot with a space left / right (width Stitch 1 5 mm), special sewing accessories 9.5 mm. Serial numbers: 8L3KL00535, 8L3KL00536, 8L3KL00537. Year -2017.-JUKI LH 3568 ASF-7-WB / AK135 - 1 pc. 2-needle lockstitch machine for 4,8 mm direct drive with self-cleaning. Included: a standard table with drawer AR RTP ST60 106h60sm; GVU80-2 -stalevyy profile with two rollers; switch 220V cable; holder boxes SR90 stand right; socket for additional devices 220V; LED-lamp with tripod 220V white with clamp for table; sewing accessories 6.4 mm. Designed for sewing zippers. Serial number: 8L3KL00532. Year -2017.Vsoho 5 sht.Torhova mark - JUKI. Manufacturer - no data. Country of origin - China. "CHINA5UA101050422.528065.88678
19/Apr/201784522900001 Industrial sewing machines: - Sewing Machine JUKI DLN 9010ASS-WB / AK118 high-speed machine lock stitch with conveyor needle direct drive, automatic trimming threads, positioning the needle vidvodchyk needle thread, AK-118, the motor SC92AN and control panel CP-180A - 4 pcs. Serial numbers: 2D3KK00210, 2D3KK00211, 2D3KK00214, 2D3KK00218. Included: Fly tables working table of refractory industrial plastic with a hole 20 cm RTP SO 80x60x4 cm. Of drawers, metal frame GVU-80-2 / RO, socket 3 rozyemna, plug zyednyuvach CEF ISO, processing Kant, mounting box right . Designed for general manufacturing seams. - sewing machine JUKI DLN 9010ASS-WB / AK118 high-speed lockstitch machine with conveyor needle direct drive, automatic thread trimming, needle positioning, needle thread vidvodchyk, AK-118, SC920AN motor and control panel CP-180A - 2 pcs. Serial numbers: 2D3KJ00011, 2D3KJ00012. Included: puller KV9000 direct drive lockstitch DDL9000 because of the talent zone and mechanism P2AND, air ventilation, mechanical puller, pressure regulator, AP RTP SO working surface industrial desktop of drawers, odnofutova frame EHK-RO 4 rollers with handle variable high, switch 220 surge protector with cable, special sewing foot, socket 220, metal plate, pressure regulator A-1220 plug ISO. Designed for sewing belt. Trade mark Juki. Manufacturer - no data. Country of Japan (JP).JAPAN6UA10105051023489.71775
19/Apr/20178481309900"1.Klapany Reverse: -GS11050CEAEB return valve = 11sht.mizhflantsevyy, building steel disc stainless steel AISI 316, seal EPDM, Du = 50. GS11150CEAEB-return valve = 2sht.mizhflantsevyy, building steel, stainless steel disc AISI 316, seal EPDM, Du = 150.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories to it, which are specifically designed to develop any of the following items telecommunication transmission or switching equipment, equipment specially designed for the production of UAVs and related systems, the special footsteps gns and control valves.. "GERMANY0UA11005030.547408.880006
19/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "PUMA GT2600L" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0260-000176, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichniharakterystyky: dimensions (mm) - height / length / width-1720/3735/1630, the rotation diameter over bed-630mm, the diameter of the rotation-caliper 460mm; dimetr recommended turning-255mm, maximum turning diameter of 460mm, the maximum turning length of 1078mm-; re mischennya on axes X / Z-265mm / 1100mm, main spindle rotation speed, 3500 rev / min, maximum torque spindle-622N * m main spindle cone (ASA) -A2-8; main spindle bearing diameter-140mm, the diameter of the hole main spindle, 91mm, main motor spindle (30 min / continuous) -22 / 18.5kVt, diameter 255mm, chuck, turret type head-DI, the number of stations, 10st instrument, tool-square erizu 25h25mm lane; rostochnoyi holder -50mm diameter; returns a revolving head (1 step) -0,15s; accelerated progress on axes X / Z-24 / 30m / min; servomotors, axis X / Z-3,0 / 4,0kVt; COP-1,5kVt pump; control system FANUC-Oi-TF; connecting electricity (nom. power) -3fazy-AS380V / 50Htsh38,41kVa, precision machine, positioning on the axes X 0,01mm / Z-0,02mm. Package "" PUMA GT2600L "": COP-supply system 1 set; bryzhozahystne fences-1 set; footswitch opening / closing chuck-1komplekt; security lock Front, 1 set; SET provider of hand tools, 1 set; hydraulic chuck D255 mm with a set of '' raw '' kulachkiv- 1komplekt; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; 1komplekt-hydraulic system; Lubrication System 1 set; 1 set of tool holders set; working area illumination, 1 set; 10.4 "" Monitor (color LCD) -1komplekt; hydraulic station, 1komplekt; the system automatically binding instrument 1 set; PO programmable tailstock rotating center-1komplekt; increasing pressure COP 1,5kVt 0,7MPa 30l / min 1komplekt; interface to control the feeder rod 1 set; lunette programmable training at SLU-B3.1Z (D20-165mm) -1komplekt; load control system for tool-1komplekt. Manuals, operating manual "" PUMA GT2600L "" (English); Guide to the care and service "" PUMA GT2600L "" (English); electrical drawings "" PUMA GT2600L "" (English); user system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); drawing foundation for "" PUMA GT2600L "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; Country of-KR. Trade mark: "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030498062548.53248
19/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "LYNX 220LYC" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0270-000319, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichni specifications: dimensions (mm) -Height / length / width-1920/2880/1710; rotation diameter over bed-600mm, the diameter of rotation of the caliper, 400mm, recommended turning diameter, 210mm; maximum diameter of 300mm, turning, turning -510mm maximum length; di ametr processed rod, 65mm, 210mm diameter chuck-; move on axes X / Z / Y (mm) -205/560/105 (+ - 52.5), spindle speed, 4500ob / min spindle taper (ASA) -A2- 6, the diameter of the bearing spindle-110 mm, the diameter of the hole of the spindle, 76mm, type revolving head-BMT45P, the number of stations tool-12st (24 indexing positions) tool square section, 20h20mm the diameter boring holder-32 / 20mm, power engin on the drive tool -3,7kVt; Tool-speed drive 6000ob / min; torque drive tool-23.5N.m; collet chucks drive tool-ER20 (D2-13) mm; while turning revolving head (1 step) -0,11s; pinole 65mm diameter-; pinole cone-MT4 (Live); moving pinole-80mm; accelerated progress on axes X / Z / Y-30m.hv / 36m.hv / 10m.hv; main spindle motor (15 min / continuous) -15/11 kW; maximum torque spindle-169N.m; servomotors axes X / Z / Y-1,8 / 2,5 / 1,8 kW; COP-0,4kVt pump; control system FANUC Oi-TF; connecting electricity (rated power) -3-phase AC380V / 50Htsh28,22kVA. Precision machine: positioning on the axes X / Z / Y-0,01 / 0,02 / 0,02mm. Package for "" LYNX 220LYC "": COP-supply system 1komplekt; bryzhozahystne fence-1komplekt; footswitch opening / closing chuck-1komplekt; electromagnetic door lock bryzkozahysnoho barrier-1komplekt; Tool kit Operator-1 set; hidravlychna system-1komplekt; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; automatic lubrication system 1 set; set of tool holders (2rad., 2 (90 degrees AKC. milling head) -1 set, lighting the working area, 1 set; Automatic tool-dimensional binding 1komplekt, programmable tailstock with rotating center MT # 4-1komplekt the interface connection podatchyku rod-1 kit, parts catcher box-type 1komplekt, a device for removing oil from COP-1komplekt.Posibnyky: instruction manual "" LYNX 220LYC "" (in English) guide service "" LYNX 220LYC "" (on English) electrical drawings "" LYNX 220LYC "" (to be presented in English kiy language) user system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian), guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian), drawing the foundation for "" LYNX 220LYC "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; country of production-KR. Trade mark "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030405060335.44026
18/Apr/20178536508000"1.Peremykachi electric, foot switch (pedal) to 250V voltage, current 3A, art.733829-4sht, Country of origin - GBVyrobnyk - HERGATorhovelna mark - HERGA."BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS0UA1002901.57147.8815986
18/Apr/20178536508000"1.Peremykachi electric, foot switch (pedal) for voltage 500V, current 10A, art.1016448-2sht, Country of origin - DEVyrobnyk - BERNSTEINTorhovelna mark - BERNSTEIN."GERMANY0UA1002903.48357.1132063
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Foot Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Foot Switch Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""СОЛДІ І КО"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА 04073 м. Київ, вул. Сирецька, 28/2
Exporter Name """Soudal Services"" Sp.Z.o.o"
Product Description
"1.Krypilny products and accessories made of polym.........
HS Code 6807100090Value 2672.589981
Quantity 414Unit UA100010
Net Weight 724
Origin Country BELGIUM

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