Ukraine Import Data of Folding Doors | Ukraine Import Statistics of Folding Doors

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of folding doors collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of folding doors imports.

Folding Doors Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Folding Doors

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201794037000001.Mebli plastic, folding table for use outdoors (tourism), Fly tables of polymer material, a metal frame, complete with chairs - 610sht.Vyrobnyk: YIWU HENGDA IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA50006038486234.199971 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/201783022000901.Rolyky armature made of metal znedorohotsinnyh intended for use in doors and viknahzhytlovyh houses: a set of rollers sliding PANEL SET TIARA MAX10 MAX10 STULKYTIARA sliding folding STULKYTIARA SET TWIN SET sliding doors.TURKEY0UA806020399.274190.430459
25/Apr/201773181691901. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings mark SCHUCO. Fittings and Fasteners construction of base metals. art.276150, electric roller lock with mushroom head (right), the number -104 units, art.276742, Electro locking clip ESR5, right, the amount of -4 units, art.276711, drive swing-out windows inner opening A10 I DK 250 , left, the number of -2 units, art.276743, Electro locking clip magnet ESR6, left, the number of -2 units, art.209756, corresponding bracket 235 mm, quantity -1 units, art.227846, protective socket profile cylinder, RAL 9005, the number -1 pack, art.239603, roller loop, the number -5 units, art.239612, Kit tightening elements, the number -1 pack, art.239615, anchor nut KA-51, ilkist -1 pack, art.239616, anchor nut KA-55, the number -1 pack, art.216434, angle connector -1 pack number, art.236208, corner connectors, the number yn -1, art. 216834, LETTER corner, the number -1 pack, art.217875, face cap, the number yn -2, art.218529, fasteners, the number -1 pack, art.228049, REHULOV. Plate number -8 pack, art.238698, adapters dowels 13 mm, the number of -2 pack, art.268609, additional support plate, the number yn -2, art.268642, Standard glass support, the number of -2 pack, art.240543 , corresponding lock plate, the left, the number of -1 units, art.268613, under standard substrate glass, max 250 kg, the number -1 pack, art.268034, suspension clamp, the number -7 pack, art.276181, locking plate, the number of -11 pack, art.276215, scissors sliding parallel structures TipTronic (100 kg), the number -25 units, art.276221, adjusting unit nozhnychnoyi 276,222 pairs (parallel opening windows), the number -9 pack, art .276222, scissors sliding parallel structures TipTronic (200 kg), the number -41 pack, art.288377, angular connector frame outer bowl 3h28 mm, the number -25 pack, art.288382, angular profile connector for internal doors bowls number -5 pack, art.288391, Corner connector for frame, the inner bowl, the amount -5 pack, art.288417, Corner connector for frame profile inside the bowl, the amount -5 pack, art.247083, fixing Socket A EV1, the number of -1 units, art.242773, Extra lock number -2 pack, art.236157, Angle connector number -10 pack, art.233955, Key components for fixing framework aluminum pack number -30, art.229333, PRYTYAZHNA DOOR HANDLE, the number -15 units, art.247002, window handle 9005 S, the number of -7 units, art.247010, Knobs 9005 SA, the number yn -3, art .247083, fixing sockets EV1 A, number -7 units, art.275647, folding scissors, the number -4 pack, art.277001, basic fitting kit V130 DK 300, left, the number of -1 units, art.277003, basic fitting kit DK 400 V130, left, number -20 units, art.277004, basic fitting kit DK 400 V130, law number -25 units, art.277034, Chamber reducer 23 mm, right, number -6 units, art.277036, Chamber reducer 23 mm, right, the number -4 pack, AR t.2770GERMANY0UA1001102.0629.90399119
25/Apr/201740169952901. Details of plastic building for installation of windows and doors FH.H springboard art.4987305-100 pcs., KS.U. 76 art.4940411-800 hitch folding unit., ESV F1-ELOX silver lining art.5021122-300 pcs., K.FL.K F1-ELOX silver lining art.5021121-300 pcs., HKS (14) BR upper plate art.1222218-2 tire pieces., K.SK F1-ELOX silver lining art.5021124-300 pcs., K.SL.KS F1-ELOX silver lining art.5021123-300 pcs., SK.F1 set of pads art. 4997436-5 pieces. FH.60 springboard art.4949432-1000 pieces. WSK 61 art.1497653-1000 lining pieces. FH.60 springboard art.4949432-2000 pieces. Country of DEVyrobnyk Aug.Winkhaus GmbH & Co .KGTorhovelna mark Winkhaus.ITALY0UA10011027.471321.3454063
24/Apr/201740101200901.Rolyky armature made of metal znedorohotsinnyh intended for use in doors and viknahzhytlovyh houses: a set of rollers sliding PANEL SET TIARA MAX10 MAX10 STULKYTIARA sliding folding STULKYTIARA SET TWIN SET sliding doors.BELARUS0UA12511011331.1672037
13/Apr/20178302100090"1. veils of base metal, for windows and doors, sho contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters: Loop and folding scissors, set, art, WN09- 1am, a set of loops L, art, WN115 / 2L- 4 pieces; set loop R, art, WN115 / 2P- 6 pieces, swivel hinge KB.K.20-9, art, WN215- 5pcs, SL.KS.3-6 upper hinge frame, set, art, WN220- 5pcs, swivel hinge L , set, art, WN08L- 2 pcs; trademark WINKHAUSVyrobnyk WINKHAUSKrayina production PL. "POLAND0UA1001204.7846.75008858
13/Apr/20173925901000"1. Fixing plastic construction used in doors and windows, window lining kit for PVC loop L (white), art, WN08 / 1LVT- 6 pieces, a set of window PVC overlays on the loop R (white), art, WN08 / 1PVT- 6 pieces, a set of pads folding hinge (black), art, WN09 / 1VT- 1pc, Set window overlays the upper hinge PVC (white), art, WNO220VT- 5pcs, trademark WINKHAUSVyrobnyk WINKHAUSKrayina production PL. "POLAND0UA1001200.13.0079249
10/Apr/20178302415010"1.Armatura parts for fastening of base metals used in buildings exclusively for windows of aluminum with adjustable-inclined sash: Set for swing shutters for windows, part-4009.30. 300kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4010.00 .310-200kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4010.00.360-9kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4010.00.313-100kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4010.00.315-50kompl. ; zapyranyya device for swing doors district ahylnyh windows (set), Article 4010.40.-1000kompl., "" Scissors "" helper, part-4020.40. 500sht., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4030.00.310-300kompl., '' Scissors '' of the opening device Swing-inclined windows Article-4030.13. 20pcs., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4035.00.310-100kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4035.00.360-28kompl., Ga rnitura for povorotno-folding doors, Article 4035.00.313-50kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4035.00.315-15kompl., Headset povorotno-out shelter, article 4050.00.360-16kompl., Headset povorotno-out leaf, Article 4050.00.310-50kompl. fixture and fastening parts of base metal used in buildings exclusively for windows of aluminum with rotary shutter, managing to handle windows Article 1002.00.310-200sht., to handle the management of windows, the article 1002.00.313-60sht., to handle the management of windows, the article 1002.00.315-100sht., Handle for windows article 1010.00.310-7sht., to handle windows Article 1036.00.310-2000sht., Handle for windows article 1036.10.310-3000sht., to handle windows 1036.20.310-200sht article. ; "" Scissors "" auxiliary, Article 2007.00.300-300sht., Loop window, part 2011.00.310-600sht., Loop window, part 2011.00.313-300sht., Loop window, part 2011.00.315-400sht., Loop window, part 2011.00.350-100sht., Loop window, part 2012.00.310-500sht., Loop window, part 2022.00.310-900sht., Loop window, part 2022.00.313-60sht., Loop window, part 2022.00.315 -500sht., Pusher, Article 4000 PT-2000m., Counter plate for pins, Article 4010.03.-2000sht., Zapf adjustable, Article 4010.27.-2000sht., Framuzhnyy mechanism Article 4020.01.310-20kompl., rod - the thrust of the opening device framuzhnyh mechanisms, rtykulu 4020.18.-20pcs., lining for framuzhnyh mechanisms article 4020.19.310-20sht., Kanatna bent steel, the article 4020.50.310-10sht., guide wire, Article 4020.60.-50sht., rod - dkryvnoho traction device framuzhnyh mechanisms , article-4020.88. 16sht., '' Scissors '' for front windows 4060.07.55-20par article.; Trademark: Stublina. Manufacturer: Stublina DOO Country of origin: Serbia, RS. Origin Serbia, RS "SERBIA0UA305160328934284.408
07/Apr/20178903999900"1.Plavuchyy vehicle (boat) for sport or leisure length over 7.5 m: zakonstruktsiyeyu to establish outboard engine. Outboard engine unidentified, not packaged by the manufacturer, contains in its composition pryymachivta transmitters. Mark:" "Atlantic Marine" " model "" Open 750 "", Identyfikatsiynyynomer (HIN): PL-SLFF3161B717, category by the EU, "" C "". Total number of seats (including the driver) has 12 cabins available. Dressing room: 1pc. Furnishing: 2 seat SEA PLUS (contin not pilot seat adjustment), 2 lockers at the stern, stern bench with storage chamber that for kryvayetsya, including pens, desk nakormi two steps, side folding aft bench, camera storage vsydinnyah deck, camera storage aft, left and right, deck ziskladnym table, sliding doors and lock - opaque plexiglass , locker for livomuborti with holders rod PCV; Accessories: anchor box anchor rouls zlebidkoyu, plank Nordic 150 mm anchor th box, box battery's 2z system settings for 2 batteries sy tems installation for radio, 2 speakers, strip 200mm " "bulldog" "(4 pcs.), navigation and fire-proof., top mo lights 100cm, pipe for preinstallation swan ki (optional), set leyernoyiohorozhi for nasal whine of set pillows PCV, short platforms for bathing ziskladnymy Pools, U-shaped bolt on the nose (1pc.) / U-bolt on the stern (2 pcs.) (stainless steel) water system with shower on deck and tumbochkaz sink - water tank of 70 liters, coasters difficult, windshield zpleksyhlasu with handrail, steel wheel, control panel with plexiglass zlohotypom Atlantic Marine, automatic and suction pump , manual suction pump n alyvna system, the fuel tank of 260 liters of fuel filter systemasa movidkachuvannya water from the cockpit (outside deck stack corrosion, vseredyninerzhaviyuchyy) passionate skier, hydraulic steering 300 hp, electrical equipment, fuel level sensor, lighter - 12 W USB outlet baffle zalyuminiyu, complex ladder with handle, fastening traction control pan innyapidsklyannyk panel, electrical panel, quiche ENN; Options: Bimini frame (beige) znerzhavi yuchoyi steel, marine toilet system (1 pc.), Refrigerator to 39l. zmorozylnoyu ca 5,3l Mero, The parking cover (beige), covers the parking dlyasydin. Dimensions: length 7,70m, width 2,51m. Calendar year: 2017.Vyrobnyk - Atlantic Marine Sp.zoo (SEA LIFE) Trade mark - Atlantic Marine (SEA LIFE) .Krayina production - PL. "POLAND1UA100010178018269.68426
03/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, Right, Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, left, of the Bar stopper smooth running 170 mm Art., nick., human Bar .; stopper with smooth running 170 mm, p. nick., left, Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 400mm; Handle relynh-D12 / 500h35 mm stainless. steel, matt, handle furniture zinc chrome polished 32mm 40h24h8mm drill, socket dull nickel matte Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 500 mm Rod dressing for tapes LED 2029/37/43/45 3013/15 alu It color: silver 2500mm, Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver lock 11h18h2500mm milk, stainless steel pipe Color: Chrome PVD 2500mm D25mm thickness of 1.3mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" f / size 8-10 mm tsamak color .; coupling rear wall 14h19.6mm galvanized steel, profile holder 833.74.835 stainless steel, color: silver, door handles kit PC 8 with stainless tal stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; WC Set of door handles stainless steel 8 stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; Handle-aluminum bracket Color: silver 400 mm; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 204h32 mm; Metalboks 350mm H 86mm steel color: white RAL9010; Holder glasses 100h400 mm stainless steel mat; Plugs for pipes tsamak color chrome 25 mm; Rip groove ball under 310mm (0.8mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 19h21h2500mm corner milk; Set LDH 2171 PC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; 8-12mm glass holder brass polished chrome rounded; Handle-button zinc polished chrome / plastic color green 40h28 mm; Leg corner for trym. folding wooden lid; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 215h30 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color .; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color stainless steel. steel; ; Console flap white 60 kg 430h410mm; Console without fastening 250mm white aluminum; Retractable swivel frame for shoes with steel shelves 800h1680h365mm color: gray; Bus perforated 1st row. 17x12x1495 mm steel, white aluminum; Handle-button D15h22 mm aluminum. anodov. silvery; Handle polished brass mortise 38h99h14mm; Rod dressing for tapes LED 2013/2015 aluminum color: silver 2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 lock aluminum color: silver 18h8.5h2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 14h28h2500mm corner; Polytsetrymach glass, steel, galvanized, d7 mm hole d = 5 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" size is 4-23mm zinc, color: white aluminum RAL 9006; Console 200h150h36 mm, load 50 kg / pair Ćorić .; Elbow external doors for STARTEC 30 IF galvanized steel; Rip groove ball under 182mm (1.0mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Mounting plate stainless steel (to Item 833.74.812); "CHINA0UA209140543.144196.710464
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Folding Doors Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Folding Doors Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВЕЙКАП ФІНАНС"""
Importer Address
03035, м. Київ, вул. Льва Толстого, б. 63, оф. 4/1
Product Description
1.Mebli plastic, folding table for use outdoors (t.........
HS Code 9403700000Value 6234.199971
Quantity 0Unit UA500060
Net Weight 3848
Origin Country CHINA

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