Ukraine Import Data of Foam Pads | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foam Pads

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of foam pads collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of foam pads imports.

Foam Pads Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Foam Pads

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20174807003000"1.Lysty flat multilayer composite material consisting of a single-layer and bilayer securities derived from waste paper or waste paper without watermarks and other protective properties, among which contains a porous polyurethane material. All layers are stitched together using called" "adhesion agent substances. bilayer paper: layer colored in mass blue paper containing fibers obtained by mechanical means 40.6 wt.% (the rest - chemical) and a layer of paper light brown color, containing fibers obtained fur night means 33.8 wt.% (rest are chemical). single-layer paper, paper light brown color, containing fibers obtained by mechanical means 43.3 wt.% (rest are chemical). polymeric material, porous polyurethane (foam). Paper is not kalandrovanyy one of the layers - colored in the mass, not coated, no pressure, not corrugated not krepovanyy not perforated, without drawings and inscriptions without impregnation. art: The 2.15 size 920h1100mm art: at 3.15 the size of th 920h1100mm used for manufacture of notebooks, notepads, diaries. "FRANCE0UA20918016202129.170861 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/201739259080001.TUALETNO-hygienic products PLASTYKOVIdlya Housewares nemedychnohopryznachennya (complete with elementamikriplennya for possible installation nastinu): A89601 A.896 liquid soap dispenser / l piny0.55, transparent / white, plastic-24shtA71401SAT A.714 liquid dispenser l myla0.55 transparent / satin, plastic-12shtA71411 A.714 liquid soap dispenser 0.55 lbilyy, plastyk- 96shtA70801 A.708 Holders of paper towels V-fold, shyr.128 mm, white, plastic-A75601 144sht A.756 Holder toilet paper Mini Jumbo, white, plastic-144shtA77511WIN A.775 liquid soap dispenser with a window 0.55 l, white plastic-120shtA61511WIN A.615 Liquid soap dispenser with a window 1 liter, white plastic, 96 pieces A72001A.720 Holders of paper towels Mini C, white plastyk- 10pcs A72100 A.721 Trymachpaperovyh towels Slim, transparent, plastic-A60101 10pcs A.601 holder paperovyhrushnykiv, white, plastic-72sht A69501 A.695 holder popes. towels in pachtsiMultipaper, w. 120 mm, white, plastic-60sht A59011SAT A.590 holder tualetnohopaperu satin sq astika-A59001 12p A.590 toilet paper holder, white plastic-A66201 108sht A.662 Holder sanitary pads Mini, white, plastic-120shtA74201 A.742 wall Basket 23 l, white plastic-A74101 24sht A.741 Korzynanastinna 43 liter white plastic-A58300 48sht A.583 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.17 / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A60500 A.605 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.25 / transparent , plastic, 12 pieces A60511WIN A.605 liquid soap dispenser zvikontsem 0.25 l, white plastic-A56200 36sht A.562 liquid soap dispenser 0.8 liters chrome / transparent plastic-12sh A63001 A.630 liquid soap dispenser Hospit al 0.8l, white / transparent, plastic-A56301 12p A563 liquid soap dispenser 1.1 liters, white / transparent, plastic-24sht A56311WIN A.563 liquid soap dispenser with a window 1.1l, white, plastyk- 24sht A73601SP A.736 liquid soap dispenser Hospital 1.2 liter white plastic -12sht A61801 A.618 toilet paper holder, white plastic-84shtA69301 A.693 toilet paper holder dia. 190 mm, white, plastic, 48 pieces A58401A.584 holder hygienic bags for bags, white, plastic-A55801 72sht A.558Trymach disposable cups Basso, white, plastic-9 unit A71401AR A.714Rozpodilnyk bat liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic , orange / transparent 12p A71401AZA.714 bat distributor of liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic, blue / transparent 12shtA71401MA A.714 liquid soap dispenser, 0.55 l, brown / transparent plastic-12shtA71401NE A.714 dispenser of liquid soap, 0.5 to 5 liters black / transparent, plastic-18shtA71601NE A.716 dispenser soap foam Foam 0.5 l, black / transparent, plastic-6shtA70610EAR A.706 toilet paper holder in the Z-fold 90 mm + hell apter Easy, orange / transparent plastic-12p A70610EAZ A.706 bat holder. paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, blue / transparent, plastic-12p A70610EMA A.706Trymach toilet paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, brown / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A70610EVE A.706 holder toilet paper in the Z-fold 90mm + adapter Easy, green / transparent, plastic-12p A61900NE A.619 Trymachtualetnoho paper, black / transparent, plastic-A6220 12pITALY0UA1000101094.76617608.51115
19/Apr/20178518900000"1.Chastyny ​​headphones and microphones: - foam ear pads to the PX 100 headphones, PMX 100 Earpads 1pair black PX 100 PMX 100 art.089331 - 30sht - ambyushury Earpads Headphone 1 pair, art.515255 - 6 pieces - for ambyushury headphone Earpads pair PXC 350 / HMEC 250 / HME95, art.523310 - 6 pieces - ambyushury headphone Earpads gray, 10pcs, art.523880 - 6 pieces - windscreen for microphones MZW 400 wINDSCREEN, art.502364 - 2sht.Torhivelna brand: SENNHEISERVyrobnyk : Sennheiser electronic GmbH & CO KGKrayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA1000800.562168.1559655
18/Apr/201740161000901.Vyroby Vulcanite, nezatverdiloyi foam rubber with PVC coating: Mouse pads Composition: PVC art: 8809191483836-2sht.,.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1251000.14.946654971
14/Apr/201739031100001 styrene polymers in primary forms (granules) for foaming CONTAINING pentane, as a foaming agent, Mark EPS 808P, in quantities of 3000 KH.VMIST polystyrene-93-94,5%, grain size, 0,3-0 , 5mm, pentane-5-6,5% moisture content, MAKS.0,5%-Class Grain size 0.3-0.5 MM.BEZ copolymer CONTENT WITHOUT ozone-depleting substances, free of additives and SPYRTU.VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA FOR-filling pads IHRASHOK.VYROBNYK: HUA JENG CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD., Country of origin: TW.MARKUVANNYA about the availability of trademarks on the packaging -VIDSUTNYE. .TAIWAN0UA90101030009080.36786
13/Apr/20179603409000"1.Valyky and pads for nanesennyafarby: art.1065 20 cm Velvet Roller-25sht, art.1068 10 cm Velvet SmallRoller-50sht, art.1069 15 cm Velvet SmallRoller-50sht, art.1075 25 cm Velvet Roller Spare-25sht; art.1076 20 cm Velvet Roller Spare-25sht, art.1080 20 cm Eksport Paint Roller-50sht, art.1081 25 cm Eksport Paint Roller-50sht, art.1112 20 cm Foam Roller -12sht, art.1116 20 cm Foam Carol Roller-12p; art.1118 20 cm Foam Roller With Nap -12sht, art.1221 25 cm Epoxy Hedgehog Roller Small Ratio-6 pieces, art.1226 10 cm Epoxy Hedgehog Roller-6 pieces, art.1340 20cm Big Grass Effect Roller-10pc ; 0 art.1550 Ringed Roller-2pcs; 0 art.1551 Brick Effect Roller-10pc, art.3001 10CM Velvet Roller Medium Spare-50sht, art.3003 15CM Velvet Roller Medium Spare-50sht, art.3011 10cm Export Roller (Medium ) Spare-50sht, art.3111 10cm Export Roller (Medium) -50sht, art.3113 15cm Export Roller (Medium) -50sht ; Art.13220 10 CM Small Roller for indoor paints (spare) -100sht; art.14140 20 CM Paint rollers for exterior paints (spare) -50sht; art.71140 20 CM Paint Roller for Indoor paints with frame-25sht, art. 71160 25 CM Paint Roller for Indoor paints with frame-25sht; art.72140 20 CM Paint Roller for exterior paints with frame-25sht; art.72160 25 CM Paint Roller for exterior paints with frame-25sht; "TURKEY845UA110120156.485744.8000089
06/Apr/20174016100090"1.Vyroby vulkanizovanoyi of rubber (foam rubber). Pads manipulator-type" "Mouse" ": GAMING MOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS M12 LOGO art.NPG-0658 -100sht. GAMINGMOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS M12 FIRE art.NPG-0732 - 20pcs. GAMING MOUSE PAD NATECGENESIS M12 STEEL art.NPG-0731 -50sht. GAMING MOUSE PAD GENESIS M12 MINIart.NPG-0657 -20sht. GAMING MOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS M12 MIDI art.NPG-0659 -40sht.GAMING MOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS M22 CONTROL art.NPG-0520 -10sht. GAMING MOUSE PADNATEC GENESIS M12 MAXI-art.NPG 0660 -30sht. GAMING MOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS M12MAXI LAVA art.NPG-0749 -20sht. GAMING MOUSE PAD NATEC GENESIS PROMO (I GENESISGAMING) art. NPG-0699 -370sht.Torhovelna mark - "" Natec Genesis "" Country of origin - CN.Vyrobnyk - "" Impakt Sp.z oo "". "CHINA0UA100130114.081028.485133
03/Apr/20173923900000"1.Laboratorni kits to collect samples of urine and blood, plastic products for transportation and vidpravlennyazrazkiv during the clinical trial protocol: M14-031. Laboratory Kits (Type 3i) -72sht.Laboratorni sets (type 4i) -124sht. Additional materials -612sht., including: plastic box for 25 microscope for steklyshek MS25-40sht. Envelope paper 10 "" h13 "" ENA4-40sht. Letter polyethylene foam 2.55 "" x4 "" 5pcs. in pack. FMST-40sht. Plastic pads for transporting 2 "" x 2 "" FOMP-40sht. The plastic container for urine 1000 ml. with lid MLUR-40sht. lenses for microscopes A blue MSPC-288sht. Funnel, polypropylene, 100ml FPHD-40sht. Measuring Cylinder, PP 2000ml GC2L-4 pieces. The plastic container for urine / stool volume of 0.8 l., no cover FCD1-40sht. container urine, plastic volume 4.55 l., with cover-U24H 40sht. Overview of products: product shape cylindrical-type product-tube, with lid, -tsylindrychna shape of the product, product-type pipette, without cover, form pla boo rectangular type of product-package without a lid. Manufacturer: Covance CLS Geneva S.ATorhovelna Brand: CovanceKrayina production: US "UNITED STATES0UA100200906173.581314
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Foam Pads Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Foam Pads Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Спільне українське-польське підприємство ""КОНДАР"" Лтд."""
Importer Address
79005 м.Львів пл.Петрушевича 3,к.219 Україна
Exporter Name PANTA Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Lysty flat multilayer composite material consis.........
HS Code 4807003000Value 2129.170861
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 1620
Origin Country FRANCE

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