Ukraine Import Data of Flush Valve | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flush Valve

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flush valve collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flush valve imports.

Flush Valve Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flush Valve

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flush valve. Get Ukraine trade data of Flush Valve imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201739229000001. Sanitary-technical PLASTIC: 1012 - Siphon for sink - 150sht.1011 - Siphon for sink - 450sht.1033 - Siphon washing - 300sht.1047 - Siphon washing - 1520sht.1048 - Siphon for sink - 100 pieces. 1050 - siphon for sink - 5640sht.1060 - siphon washing - 900sht.1164 - siphon washing - 40sht.1191050 - siphon washing - 50sht.1195050 - siphon washing - 20sht.1200009 - corrugated to siphon - 150sht.1200010 - Bumps to siphon - 500sht.1200011 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1203006 - corrugated to siphon - 1500sht.1203007 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1203001 - corrugated to siphon - 1500sht.1203003 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1520 - siphon for bath - 100 sht.1521 - Siphon for bath - 900sht.1621 - Siphon for shower trays - 300sht.1622 - Siphon for shower trays - 1100sht.4080 - flushing tank - 20sht.4121 - flush cistern fittings - 600sht.4122 - flush cistern fittings - 1000sht.4130 - flush cistern fittings - 40sht.4140 - flush cistern fittings - 40sht.4263 - flush cistern fittings - 210sht.7000 - flush cistern fittings - 1500sht.7009 - Cork-release for siphon - 1000sht.7017 - Float valve - 1000sht.7023 - Float valve - 3850sht.1541 - Siphon for bath - 325sht.5056 - plumbing trap - 500sht.5057 - plumbing trap - 100sht.5066 - Trapp Plumbing and - 150sht.5067 - plumbing trap - 50sht.7012 - corrugated toilet - 600sht.7013 - corrugated toilet - 1620sht.7014 - pipe sewage - 300sht.7015 - pipe sewage - 360sht.7152 - Pid'yednuvach to the toilet - 140sht .VYROBNYK: DORA ITHALAT IHRACAT LTD STIKRAYINA production: Turkey (TR)TURKEY0UA206010722134872.0999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178481900000"1.Chastyny ​​filter settings for recycled water. Part of control valves, valve stem F / 4" "FLUSH GAL DOROT, art.730113-000220 - 1pc; Case about F / 2" "/ STRAIGHT FLOW RED BRASS DOROT, art.730113 -000 113 - 1am, valve stem F / 2 "" S / ST304 STRAIGHT FLOW S, art.730113-000114 - 1am, valve stem F / 3 "" S / ST303 BERMAD, art.730113-000513 - 1am, trademark Amaid . Manufacturer Amaid Water Systems Ltd. Country of IL.. "ISRAEL0UA1100303.132562.4925708
19/Apr/20174016930090"1.Chastyny ​​filter settings for recycled water. Nezatverdiloyi vulcanized products nonporous rubber: Mechanical discharge valve F / 4" "FLUSH GAL DOROT, art.730113-000214 - 2 pcs; Dyafrahma discharge valve F / 4" "ANGEL FLOW C / I DOROT, art.730113-000211 - 18sht, Ring PARKER, 2-227 NBR 70 SHORE, art.770102-000117 - 2 pcs; Seal valve F / 2 "" / STARIGHT FLOW NAT.RUBBER DOROT, art.730113-000535 - 2 pcs ; Aperture F / 2 "" / STARIGHTRED RUBBER DOROT, art.730113-000537 - 4 pieces; valve plate Sealing band F / 3 "" / STRAIGHT FLOW EPDM DOROT, art.730113-000373 - 2 pcs; Aperture F / 3 "" / STRAIGHT FLOW BERMAD, art.730113-000538 - 14sht; hidravl.kryshki Seals filter 2 "" -3 "" / HYDRAULIC SEAL 2 "" -3 "" EPDM, art.770104-000248 - 10 pieces, Seals GALAXY 50 / SEAL EPDM 50 SHORE GALAXY, art.770104-000049 - 8 pieces; Lining 2 "" EPDM / GASKET 2 "" EPDM 70 SHORE VICTAULIC CONNECTION, art.770104-000027 - 4 pieces; Gasket 3 "" EPDM / GASKET 3 "" EPDM 70 SHORE VICTAULIC CONNECTION, art. 770104-000028 - 10pc; 4 Gasket "" EPDM / GASKET 4 "" EPDM 70 SHORE VICTAULIC CONNECTION, art.770104-000029 - 20pcs, trade mark Amaid. Manufacturer Amaid Water Systems Ltd. Country of IL. "ISRAEL0UA1100309.3441575.125147
18/Apr/201783024110001. Fittings fasteners, hardware products from taanalohichni nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv used in buildings, for doors (with elements of mounting vkomplekti without zasobivta of electronic emitters that mozhutvykorystovuvatsya in Ukraine usmuhah frequencies public melts containing transmitters or transmitters tapryymachi): Armor plates, art .Protector B asic-AB - 1200 pcs. , Art.Protector Basic-CR - 1500 pcs. Armor plates for insert, art.APC-55/15 -AB - 600 pcs. , Art.APC-55/15-CR - 600 pcs. Emphasis door, art.DS-0002-AB - 1500 pcs. , Art.DS-0014-CR - 1500 pcs. , Art.DS-0015-AB - 1500 pcs. Pens separate, art.H-0826-A-CRM / CR (Sp indle 150) - 3520 pcs. Handles on the bar, art.HP-77.0323-S-CR - 204 pcs. Flush Valve, art.5300-WC-CR - 150 pcs. , Art.5300-WC-NI - 690 pcs. Turnovers, art.TT-0705-8 / 45-CR - 1600 w t. Lock WC, art.WC-2412-AN - 240 pcs. .CHINA0UA1251803724.5611732.36385
18/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby not rubber medical Alternating the flow filtration and washing dlyaklapaniv pom'kshennya water WS1 DLFC 075 (7,5 gpm) For 3/4" "art.V3162-075 -20sht. Alternating the flow valves for flushing filtration tapom'kshennya water WS1 DLFC 065 (6,5 gpm) for 3/4 "" art. V3162-065 -20sht. Zminnyyobmezhuvach flow flushing valves for water filtration and pom'kshennya WS1 DLFC053 (5,3 gpm) for 3/4 "" art. V3162-053 -20sht. Variable flow regulator valve promyvkydlya filtration and water pom'kshennya WS1 DLFC 042 (4,2 gpm) for 3/4 "" art.V3162-042 -20sht. Alternating the flow valves for flushing filtration tapom ' kshennya water WS1 DLFC 032 (3,2 gpm) For 3/4 "" Art. V3162-032 -20sht.Torhovelna Brand: ClackKrayina production: USVyrobnyk: Clack Corporation. "UNITED STATES0UA1001200.882.02652702
10/Apr/201739229000001. Sanitary-technical PLASTIC: - 1047 Siphon washing sht.- 720 1050 Siphon for sink siphon 4280sht.- 1051 1060 160sht.- washbasin Siphon for sink siphon 1148.152 300sht.- washing 150sht.- 1200 , 005 corrugations for corrugations siphon 500sht.- 1200.011 1203.001 200sht.- to siphon siphon 1500sht.- corrugations for corrugations to siphon 1203.006 1203.007 300sht.- corrugations to siphon 200sht.- 1261 Hofrosyfon 340sht.- 1262 Hofrosyfon 525sht.- 1263 1520 Hofrosyfon 300sht.- siphon bath siphon 100sht.- 1521 bath 1575sht.- 1621 Siphon for shower trays 1800sht.- 1622 Siphon for shower trays 1600sht.- 4121 flush tank fittings 350sht.- 4 130 flush tank fittings 100sht.- 4263 fittings flush tank fittings 510sht.- 4122 600sht.- flush tank flush tank 100sht.- 4080 4501 7000 10sht.- Installation sanitary fittings flush tank for 800sht.- 7008.002 Overflow siphon 1000sht.- 7009 Cork-release for siphon valve 500sht.- 7017 Poplasvkovyy 100sh t.- 7023 7312 Poplasvkovyy valve 1200sht.- button to install 40sht.- 7316 button to install 28sht.- 1541 siphon bath plumbing trap 200sht.- 5026 150sht 5036 .- ladder 150sht.- sanitary plumbing trap 150sht.- 5056 5066 5083 Gangway ladder 200sht.- sanitary plumbing 45sht.- May 5084 30sht.- 7011 sanitary toilet Gough Gough 1500sht.- 7012 to 7013 2580sht.- toilet toilet corrugated pipe 3600sht.- 7014 7015 144sht.- sewage pipe sewage 72sht.- Pid'yednuvach 7150 to 7151 200sht.- toilet Pid'yednuvach 200sht.- 7152 to the toilet to toilet Pid'yednuvach 200sht.- Pid'yednuvach 7153 to 8051 100sht.- toilet shower rack rack shower 32sht.- 48sht.- 8053 8055 8113 32sht.- stable Shower Heads 405sht soul.TURKEY0UA206010831137443.27008
10/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for print, copy machines, not mistyatelektrychnyh and electronic components printhead printer Epson THERMALPRINT HEAD ASS'Y art.-2130811, -1sht. Printhead printer Epson THERMALPRINT HEAD ASS'Y, AD art. -2141001, -2sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD SPRO7400 art.-F160010, -3sht. printhead printer Epson STPH1410 pRINT HEAD [F173090] [F173030] art.-F173050, -10sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD art.-F186000, -1sht. art.-F186010, -1sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD SPRO7880 art.-F187000, -3sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD, IA0220-11 [F191080] [F191140] art.-F191110, -1sht. printhead f I printer Epson PRINT HEADIA0220-12; ASP [F191151] art.-F191121, -1sht. printhead printer Epson PRINT HEAD, IA522V-9; ASP art.-FA06092, -1sht. Collection of waste ink printer Epson SPRO9600 POROUS PAD ASSY [1554898] art.-1091074, -2sht. The carriage printer Epson cARRIAGE, C, C593 art.-1298921, -1sht. There mnist ink printer Epson pRINTER SPRO7800 BOX ASSY, FLUSHING art.-1305746, -1sht. Node ink printer Epson PRINTER PUMP CAP ASSY, ESL art.-1408199, -1sht. Node ink printer Epson PRINTER VALVE ASSY., HEAD, CA01; ESL, ASP art.-1495821, -4sht. Switch-mode printer Epson SELECTOR, UNIT, C, [1523885] [1543056] [1705826] art.-1543056, -2sht. Node ink printer Epson PRINTER PUMP.CAP.ASSY.8C.ESL.ASP [1,705,586] [1,616,686] [1,546,054] [1,715,917] art.-1569556, -1sht. Node ink printer Epson PUMP, CAP, ASSY.A, E, ESL [1616684] [1715912] [1523796] art.-1705834, -1sht. Blade cleaning the print head (Felt) Epson SPRO9800 CLEANER HEAD ASP [1552099] [1614686] art.-1407807, -10sht. MFP scanning unit for Epson Optical Engine; AS art.-1546377, -1sht. MFP scanning unit for Epson OPTICAL ENGINE3; PH; AS art.-1651619, -1sht. MFP scanning unit for Epson OPT ENGINE ASSY; H707; PH; AS art.-1673124, -1sht. Brand-SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION; Trademark-Epson; vyrobnytstva- Country CN; "CHINA0UA20920013.214209.829875
10/Apr/201739229000001.Obladnennya sanitary supplies, plastic: 9370021 urinal flush valve with mounting plate Theseus TM 5 sht.Torhivelna mark TECE.Vyrobnyk TECE GmbH. Country of PL.POLAND0UA1000104.2989.0287108
06/Apr/20174016995290"1.Spare parts are for cars, rubber-metal: 71-37871-00Plaster of the graduation college ra-2sht; 71-53732-00 Gasket of inlet / outlet gokolektora-1; 71-54096-00 Lining of the graduation college ra-4sht 81-51127 -20Salnik-677pcs; 81-35723-00 Gaskets-8pcs; 12-37194-01 Valve flush set-1pcs; 81-15287-40 Gaskets-140sht; 61-37875-00 Gasket of the cylinder head-1pcs; 81-53441 Seal -00 Hyundai-1am; 12-33032-01 Seal valve, 3pc-set; 12-33447-01 Seal valve set-1am; 12-52906-01 Seal valve kit, 2 pcs; 12-53438-02 Seal valve , Комплект-1шт; 12-53678-01 Valve valve, set-1шт; 15-2 3251-02 Set of linings of valve cover-3pcs; 15-53967-01 Complete set of valve cover caps-2pcs; 61-34445-00 Lining of a head of a block of cylinders-2pcs; 61-36090-00 Lining of a head of a block of a cylinder-2pcs; 61-36105- 00Production of the head of the block of cylinder nests-3pcs; 61-36105-10 Lining of the head of the block of cylinders-1pcs; 61-36885-00 Lining of the head of the block of cylinder nests-1pc; 61-3 7250-00Instruction of the head of the block of cylinder nests-1pc;61-37365-00 Lining of a head of a block of cylinders-1 st; 61-37365-20 Lining of the head of the block of strike-6pcs; 61-37475-00Production of the head of the block of cylinder nests-4pcs; 61-37650-00 Lining of a head of a block of cylinders-1 st; 61-37955-00 Lining of the cylinder head head-2nd; 61-37960-00Production of the cylinder head head-2-pole; 61-53305-00 Lining of the head of the block of cylinders-12pcs; 61-54035-00 Lining of the cylinder head head 1-st; 61-54110-00Production of the cylinder head head-2-pole; 71-13063-00 Lining of the valve cover-2pcs; 71-31697-00 Lining of the valve cover-3pcs; 71-31699-00 Lining of the graduation college ra-3st; 71-33896-00 Lining of the valve cover-1 piece; 71-34328-00 Lining of the valve cover-2pcs; 71-35638-10 Lining of the valve cover-3pcs; 71-36076-00 Gasket of intake manifold a-8pcs; 71-53174-00 Padding the valve cover-1 piece; 71-53389-00 Gasket of inlet collector a-2pcs; 71-53739-00 Lining the valve cover-2pcs; 71-53748-00 Lining of the valve cover-3pcs; 81-15855-40 Seal-6pcs; 81-17404-50 Seal-10pcs; 81-18304-50Callet-6pcs; 81-19299-10 Gasket-60pcs; 81-23056-00 Seal-1pcs; 81-24908-10Callet-30pcs; 81-24909-10 Gasket-60pcs; 81-25452-10 Gasket-4pcs; 81-26244-10Callet-4pcs; 81-26248-00 Seal-8pcs; 81-26389-30 Seal-8pcs; 81-27294-10Callet-8pcs; 81-27373-00 Seal-2pcs; 81-31863-00 Seal-1pcs; 81-33581-00Callet-5pcs; 81-33869-00 Seal-6pcs; 81-34144-00 Seal-6pcs;81-35723-00Salnik-6pcs; 81-34417-00 Gasket-12pcs; 81-35881-00 Seal-3pcs; 81-36001-00Callet-4pcs; 81-36233-00 Seal-3pcs; 81-36558-00 Seal-2pcs; 81-36842-00Callet-8pcs; 81-36966-00 Seal-5pcs; 81-37609-00 Seal-1pcs; 81-40458-00Salnik-1 st;81-42449-00 Seal-2pcs; 81-53219-00 Seal-3pcs; 81-53234-00Callet-2pcs; 81-53236-00 Seal-8pcs; 81-53306-00 Seal-4pcs; 81-53311-00Callet-4pcs; 81-53346-00 Seal-1pcs; 81-53661-00 Seal-1pcs; 81-53979-00Callet-1 st; 81-54068-00 Gasket-2pcs; 81-54097-00 Seal-2pcs; 81-90027-00Callet-5pc Producer: "" VICTOR REINZ "" Country "TAIWAN0UA10021082.0282907.748051
03/Apr/20178421210000"1.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying liquids: - Filter AUTO FIL 808NLP FL BSTD 120MIC 110DC CON - 3 sht.Tehnichni characteristics: Maximum flow: 250 m3 / hod.Maksymalnyy working pressure of 10 bar. Minimum operating pressure: 2 bary.Ploscha filtration: 8410 cm2. The diameters of the entrance / exit 8 inches. The maximum operating temperature: 65 gr.S. type filtration: strainer. Materials: body: carbon steel with polyester or epoxy coating thickness of 150-200 microns, followed by heat treatment. filter element : mesh - stainless steel. Padding: rubber - Filter ARKAL 1 "" 80 mESH (short) flushing valve - 1 sht.Tehnichni characteristics: Maximum flow rate: 6 m3 / hod.Maksymalnyy working pressure of 10 bar. Minimum operating pressure: 1 bar. Filtering area 308 cm2. The diameters of the entrance / exit 1 inch. The maximum operating temperature: 70 gr.S. type filtration: strainer. Materials: Case: steel 3. filter element: mesh. Gaskets: huma.Obladnannya not intended and are not modified for the use of viyskovoh. Intended for use with / d, water filtration systems for drip irrigation of agricultural origin and departure kultur.Krayina - Israel. "ISRAEL0UA508010511.115959.95003
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Flush Valve Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Flush Valve Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
1. Sanitary-technical PLASTIC: 1012 - Siphon for s.........
HS Code 3922900000Value 34872.0999
Quantity 0Unit UA206010
Net Weight 7221
Origin Country TURKEY

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