Ukraine Import Data of Fluorescent Pigment | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fluorescent Pigment

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fluorescent pigment collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fluorescent pigment imports.

Fluorescent Pigment Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fluorescent Pigment

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of fluorescent pigment. Get Ukraine trade data of Fluorescent Pigment imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201732151900001. Paint color printing without protective s properties (composition - 80% -mineral oil and 20% - pigments and additives, prek ursoriv contains): 41PP250PRIME PLUS Yellow - 240kh, 10A0030 ALCHEMY Silver Varnish - 26kh, 41AP508 ALPHAfoil Yellow - 70kg , 43HIT9915 Conc. Violet - 19,7kh, Grandal 801 084 - 300kg, 42PP250 PRIME PLUS Magenta - 240kh, 43PP250 PRIME PLUS Cyan - 240kh, 41RS250RESISTA Yellow - 720kh, 46A0871 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 871 - 30kg, 46A0877 AlchemySilver Pantone 877 - 20kg, 41S0803 Fluorescent PANTONE Yellow 803 C + U - 10 kg, 42S0806 PANTONE fluorescent Red 806 C + U- 10kg, 41AP362 ALPHA fresh Yellow - 240kh, 42AP362 ALPHA fresh Magenta - 240kh, 43AP362 ALPHA fresh Cyan - 240kh, 40Q7550 CRS MAX transparent white - 200kg, 41QX7702 CRSmax Yellow - 100kg, 43QX7720 CRSmax Blue - 100kg, 44QX7722 CRSmaxGreen - 54kh, 41RL250 REFLECTA Yellow - 50kg, 42RS250 RESISTA Magenta - 240kh, 43RS250 RESISTA Cyan - 240kh, 46A0872 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 872 - 15kg, 46A0873ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 873 - 15kg, 4 6A0874 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 874 - 15kg, 46A0875 ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 875 - 15kg, 46A0876 ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 876 -15kh, 43P0080 PANTONE Reflex Blue - 150kg, 43P1072 PANTONE Blue 072 - 40kg, 42P0032 PANTONE Red 032 - 40kg, 42P0040 PANTONE RUBINE RED - 30kg, 41P0010PANTONE YELLOW - 40kg, 43P0070 PANTONE Violet - 20kg, 47P0000 PANTONE MIX WHITEOD / FB - 200kg, 43P0090 PANTONE PROCESS BLUE C + U - 40kg, 42P0030 PANTONE Warm RedC + U - 50 kg, 43AP363 ALPHA intense Cyan - 240kh, 42AP363 ALPHA intense Magenta -240kh, 41AP363 ALPHA intense Yellow - 240kh, 41AP362 ALPHA fresh Yellow - 480kh, 42AP362 ALPHA fresh Magenta - 240kh, 43AP362 ALPHA fresh Cyan - 240kh, 46A3050ALCHEMY Silver paste - 14kg, 801,950 METALPRINT RotoLUX - 80kh.Vyrobnyk - Hubergroup.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna mark - HUBER.GERMANY0UA1002106088.753470.92747 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20174810921000"1) Printing foil for flexographic printing high-pigmented paste-colored, not black: Printing ink FLEXIPRINT MV WHITE HP LEC = 1 barrel packed 200 kg art. WC13-0EHF-01MM Printing ink FLEXIPRINT MV WHITE HP LEC = 4 barrels packed in 200 kg Art. WC13-0EHF-01MMPrint paint FLEXIPRINT MV WHITE HP LEC = 1 barrel packed 200 kg art. WC13-0EHF-01MMPrint paint FLEXIPRINT MV WHITE HP LEC = 4 barrels packed 200 kg art WC13-0EHF-01MM, universal paint , Organo-soluble, highly pigmented white paint, based on nitrocellulose. The remaining residue-50%, intended for printing on a wide range of films, has no protective properties, does not change the color, not m have fluorescent properties under UV radiation, not suitable for painting operations, not in aerosol packaging.. "POLAND0UA2091202047022630.18549
24/Apr/201784213100001.Farba acrylic-based polymers dlyamalyunkiv graffiti in aerosol packaging: Paint Montana GOLD Series volume 400 ml typpolimeru - akrylovova resin solvent content 73%, content of fillers and pigments 27% art.283819 Montana GOLD F1000 lightning yellow 400ml -24shtart.283642 Montana Gold CL5200 light denim 400ml -18shtart.283659 Montana Gold CL5210 denim -18shtart.283666 400 Montana Gold GL5220 worn denim -18shtart.283826 400ml Montana GOLD F2000 fluorescent orange 400ml Montana GOLD F3000 -24shtart.283833 fiery red -24shtart.283840 400ml Montana GOLD F4000 hlemovyy -24shtart.283864 pink 400ml Montana GOLD F5000 flaming blue 400ml -24 tart.283888 Montana GOLD F6000 acid green 400ml -24 shtart.283895 Montana GOLD GL1000, vanilla, 400ml -18shtart.283925 Montana Gold Citrine G1020 -18shtart.283932 400ml Montana GOLD GL1030, banana, 400ml Montana GOLD GL1030 -18shtart.283949 banana, 400ml -18shtart.283956 Montana Gold G1050 curry 400 ml -18shtart.283 987 1100 Montana Gold 400ml oil -18shtart.283994 1110 sulfur Montana Gold 400 ml Montana Gold -18shtart.284007 1120 banana Joe 400ml -18shtart.284014 Montana Gold GL1130 peppermint 400 ml -18shtart.284021 Montana Gold 1140 Hot 400 ml -18shtart.284069 Joe Montana Gold 1200 -18 400 pudding shtart.284076 Montana Gold GL1210 yellow submarine 400 ml -18shtart.284083 Montana Gold 1220 yellow taxi 400 ml -18shtart.284090 1230 Montana Gold yolk 400 m -18shtart.284106 Montana Gold GL1240 Gold Yellow 400 ml -18shtart.284113 1250 terra Montana Gold 400 ml -18shtart.284137 Montana Gold GL1400 bone -18shtart.284144 400 ml Montana Gold GL1410 latte 400ml -18shtart.284151 Montana Gold GL1420 cappuccino 400 ml -18shtart.284168 Montana Gold GL1430 meykap 400 ml -18shtart.284175 Montana Gold GL1440 Toffee 400 ml -18shtart.284205 Montana Gold 2000 ranzhevyy white 400 ml -18shtart.284212 2010 Montana Gold 400 ml orange Ice -18shtart.284267 Montana Gold 2060 Capri 400 ml -18shtart.284298 Montana Gold G2090 red-orange 400 ml -18shtart.284304 Montana Gold GL2095 orange red -18shtart.284359 400 Montana Gold G3040 ketchup 400ml -18shtart.284366 Montana Gold GL3050 brick 400 ml -18shtart.284373 Montana Gold GL3060 orolivskyy Red 400 ml -18shtart.284397 Montana Gold GL3080 black and red 400 ml -18shtart.284502 Montana Gold 4,100 lilacs White 400 ml Montana Gold -18shtart.284519 4110 light lilac 400ml -18 shtart.284618 Montana Gold G4200 crocus 400 ml - 18shtart.284670 Montana Gold G4240 Lakers 400 ml -18shtart.284687 Montana Gold GL4250 deep purple 400 ml -18shtart.284700 Montana Gold 4260 black and purple 400 ml -18shtart.284717 5000 Montana Gold 400 ml flipper -18shtart.284731 Montana Gold GL5010 fresh blue 400 ml -18shtart.284830 Montana Gold GL5030 Bermuda 400 -18shtart.284854 Montana Gold GL5050 blue sky 400ml -18 shtart.284861 Montana Gold 5060 magic blue 400 ml Montana Gold -18shtart.284878 5075 signal blue 400m l -18shtart.284892 Montana GUNITED STATES0UA50014052620.5037411
18/Apr/201732151900001. Paint color printing without protective s properties (composition - 80% -mineral oil and 20% - pigments and additives, prek ursoriv contains): 46G1990Rich Pale Gold 1-component ink - 90kg, 41PP250 PRIME PLUS Yellow - 240kh, 41RS250 RESISTA Yellow - 240kh, 42RS250 RESISTA Magenta - 240kh, 43RS250 RESISTACyan - 240kh, 46A3000 ALCHEMY Silver - 20kg, 46A0877 Alchemy Silver Pantone 877- 20kg, 42P0040 PANTONE RUBINE RED - 70kg, 47P0000 PANTONE MIX WHITE OD / FB -100kh, 44S0802 Fluorescent PANTONE 802 Green C + U - 5kg, 42P0050 PANTONERhodamine Red - 15kg, 47N0240 Cover White - 30kg, 47N0217 Cover White tinted -30kh, 42P0030 PANTONE Warm Red C + U - 50 kg, 43AP508 ALPHA foil Cyan - 30kg, 42AP508 ALPHA foil Magenta - 30kg , 41AP362 ALPHA fresh Yellow - 240kh, 42AP362ALPHA fresh Magenta - 240kh, 43AP362 ALPHA fresh Cyan - 240kh, 41RP250 RAPIDAYellow - 240kh.Vy obnyk - Hubergroup.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna mark - HUBER. .GERMANY0UA100210241012849.33612
14/Apr/20173215900000"1. Products of the chemical industry: - art. THI0001005 black water-based ink (black pigment suspension inwater with addition of other substances used in the ceramic industry) -45 l - art. THI0007020 bezkolorovi fluorescent ink (liquid - optychnyyaktyvant used to determine tile defects (cracks) dlyaobladnannya ceramic industry) - 10 l.Krayina production: IT.Vyrobnyk: WorldJet srlTorhovelna mark: "" WorldJet "".. "ITALY0UA80717055369.0854996
12/Apr/20173206500000"1. Granular preparations, which are complex mixtures of inorganic dyes taorhanichnyh adding phosphors that are dispersed in polimernomumateriali (polyethylene): -" "ME51400S FLUORESCENT GREEN MB / Super FLUORYSTSENTNYY GREEN", "ukilkosti 38 kg. Looks like granules green. Chemical composition: polimernosiy - linear low density polyethylene (60.5 wt.%) aktyvnirechovyny - diazokondensovani pigments (0.5 wt.%) monoazobarvnyk 2.6 (30mas.%) phthalocyanine pigments (1 wt.%) titanium dioxide (8 wt.%). used for coloring with lit and products and extrusion for various typivpolietylenu and polipropilenu.Torhivelna mark: "" TOSAF "". The manufacturer: "" TOSAF COMPOUNDS LTD. "". Country of origin: IL (Israel). ".ISRAEL0UA10011038530.2574554
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Fluorescent Pigment Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fluorescent Pigment Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
04074 м.Київ, вул.Шахтарська, 9 Г
Exporter Name hubergroup Deutschland GmbH
Product Description
1. Paint color printing without protective s prope.........
HS Code 3215190000Value 53470.92747
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 6088.7
Origin Country GERMANY

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