Ukraine Import Data of Flower Tray | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flower Tray

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flower tray collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flower tray imports.

Flower Tray Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flower Tray

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flower tray. Get Ukraine trade data of Flower Tray imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177020008000"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting of acrylic tray, door glass, acrylic roof mounted loudspeaker lamp hood (fan), the rear wall of glass with built jets irozvodkoyu pipes to supply water from the normal water supply, dushovyhaksesuariv (drain tube siphon tray), decorative panels bill, el.panel management functions (the ability to connect the phone and CD) metalevyhnizhok floor standing, fasteners box, cardboard packaging, in rozibr nomu state): WH -263 (ZQ-263) (1000X1000X2150) CHROME TRIPLE STRIPEGLASS 3pc .; Cabs shower for bathing without hydromassage system without electric pump (consisting of acrylic tray with glass doors, shower accessories: zlyvnatrubka, siphon, pallet), metal legs for installation on the floor, kartonnepakuvannya in disassembled state): WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 200sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME GREY 129sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME TEA 130sht.; WH-August 16 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 82sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME GREY120sht. WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY ROOUND FLOWER 270sht.; WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY SQUARE FLOWER 270sht .; WH-913 (LP-913) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY 99sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 22sht.; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 65sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME TEA120sht .; WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROME PEAR 170sht. WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROMEGREY 130sht. WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 30sht .; WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME PEAR 199sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME GREY 145sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME TEA 139sht .; Plumbing glass. Parts dokabin and shower boxes: glass shower doors: WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR40sht .; WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME MAT 40sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR50sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME MAT 50sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME MAT44sht .; WKA-5002 (1000 * 1850) CHROMECLEAR 30sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR45sht..Vyrobnyk: HANGZHOU KINGSUN IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD.Krayina production CN.Torhivelna mark WATER HOUSE. "CHINA0UA12525080289151218 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20173924100000"1. Dishes and utensils or kitchen table made of plastic: art.VC Corolla-1383 silicone with metal handle 20cm - 1728sht; art.VC-1384 silicone brush 20cm - 2448sht; art.VC-1385 silicone blade 22 6cm - 3312sht; art.VC-1468 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6sht.7,0x7,0x3,0sm - 2736sht; art.VC-1469 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6 pieces. 6,5x6,5x3, 2cm - 2736sht; art.VC Form 1387-A / chocolate silicone 21x10.8x1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1388-A / chocolate silicone 21h10.8h1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1470-d / baking muffins on 18sht. pryamokut silicone. 28,5x16,5x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1471-A / baking cakes on 6 pcs. of silica Well 28,5x17,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1472-A / baking cookies at 12p. 21,5x16,0x2,5sm silicone - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1473-d / silicone baking cake D = 25,5x4,0sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1474-d / silicone baking bread pryamokut.25,0x13,5x7,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1475-A / baking a cake Sunflower silicone 24,5x24,5x6 , 0sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1390 Rocking chair of force stake 39.5sm d = 5.5sm - 1800sht; art.VC Form 1476-d / silicone baking cakes with D = 22,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1382 pastry bag (for 6 pieces) - 1008sht, art. Samples of kitchen utensils made of silicone (cup holder for eggs, ashtray, chairs, a strainer for tea, clip, bottle, shovel, molds for cookies, brush, juicer lemon form of ice, a cup, a set of shapes for cake 6 pieces, form cake, a stopper, a bag of ice, glove, pad holder for caps, syringes, loop, cover, sieve) - 137sht, Country of origin: CN; trademark - TM Vincent; Manufacturer: NTS PROJECT LIMITED, Hong Kongna production areas " "Kitchenette CO., LTD" "China / PRC"CHINA0UA1101502500.8356002.003952
17/Apr/20176029099001.Dekoratyvni plants for greenhouses, not flowering potted zhruntom dimensions 25-250sm aged over 2 years: aeonium Aeonium -4sht. ahlaonemaAglaonema -20sht mix. Aloe Aloe Vera-48sht. asparagus ASPAR MIX -48sht. Asplenioum Asplenium -12sht. Bonsai Bonsai piece Mixed -7sht. Cactus Cactus mix-1370sht. Croton COD GR PETRA -48sht. Krasulya Crassula mix -130sht. tsykas Cycasrevoluta 14 cm pot extra -14sht. dieffenbachia DIEFF COMPACTA -40sht. dioneya DIONAEAMUSCIPULA -36sht. dracaena Dracaena mixtray -150sht. dracaena DRACENA LUCKY BAMBOOSPIRAL -290sht. eheveriya Echeveria mix -240sht. eheveriya Echeveria mix -9sht.ehinokaktus ECHINOCACTUS GRUSONI -60sht. Ficus FICUS MIX -140sht. ficus FIC MIOVERIG -12sht. Fitton Fittonia mixtray -72sht. Hedera Hedera-32sht. Hedera Hedera mix -170sht. Laurel LAURUS NOBILIS -33sht. Maranta Maranta-10pc. Monstera Monstera deliciosa-16sht. Mirt Myrtus Communis stem -30sht. nefrolepis NEPHR GREEN MOMENT -48sht.travy Other herbs mix -40sht. Peleus Pellaea Rotundifolia -16sht. peperom iyaPeperomia -32sht mix. philodendron PHIL SCANDENS groen -18sht. ripsalis Rhipsalismix -100sht. sanseveriya SANSEV LAURENTII-4 pieces. sanseveriya Sansevieria mix -110sht. soleyroliya Solei Gem -10sht. sukulentSucculenten -430sht mix. varens VARENS GEMENGD -54sht. Yucca YUCCA -26sht.zamiakulkas ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL -88sht.Torhovelna Brand: No dannyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: No dataNETHERLANDS0UA1252202540906.7800954
14/Apr/201739241000001. Dishes and utensils with plastic cutlery, art. 10001208001. / ALICIA tray 21X14X2 CM PINK composition (plastic) 10001298001. / 0 21X14X2 CM PINK tray warehouse (plastic) 10001414001. / ANDREA elevates 21X14X2 CM YELLOW composition (plastic) 10001640001. / ARIANA tray 39,5X27,5X4,5 CM BLUE composition (plastic) 10002180001. / 0 Tray 33X33 CM PINK composition (plastic) 10003337001. / CASEY tray 39,5X27,5X4,5 CM PINK composition (plastic) 10004208002. / DAISY tray 38,5x16,5x2,0 cm GREEN composition (plastic) 10011498001. / ROSES trays 33X33 CM PINK composition (plastic) 10014141001. / CAMELLIA holder 11x11x2 cm PINK composition (plastic) 10014295001. / holder 11x11x2 cm PINK composition (plastic) 10014304001. / FLOWER GARDEN holder 11x11x2 cm BLUE composition (plastic) -5sht.Vyrobnyk: MINQING BIG FORTUNE ARTS AND CRAFTS CO LTD, BRIVOGUE INTERNATIONALTorhovelna mark: ENGLI SH HOMEKrayina production: CNCHINA0UA12519013.4345128.1779784
11/Apr/201720019020001. Fruits of the genus Capsicum, sweet red pepper, canned with added vinegar - the primary packaging (plastykoh trays) to 2kg: -art. FG92219 sweet red pepper stuffed with feta cheese in sunflower oil - 1528sht.Sklad: sweet red pepper 44%, 30.23% sunflower oil, vinegar, water, feta cheese 13.9%, 11.3% Mizitra cheese powder, garlic, dried basil stabilizers. The total net weight - 3285,2kh weight of dry matter - 2292kh. Trademark: Nefeli.Vyrobnyk: Bretas Ltd commissioned production Medbest SA Country: Greece (GR.).GREECE0UA1252203285.220393.17548
03/Apr/20173924100000"1. Kitchen Utensils made of plastic: The" "peas" "1l.z cover. (White and red) (up.20) -120sht, banks'" Dolce Vita "" 0,7l.z cover. (Zel.- white.) (up18) -144sht, banks ' "Dolce Vita" "0,7l.z cover. (dis-white) (up.24) -126sht, banks'" Dolce Vita "" 0.7. with a lid. (Fiol-white) (up.24) -126sht, banks ' "Dolce Vita" "1L. with cover. (green-white) (up.24) -240sht, banks'" Dolce Vita "" 1l.z cover. (dis-white) (up.24) -168sht, banks' "Dolce Vita" "1L. with cover. (fyol Bel) (up.24) -168sht, Dish" "Tenderness" "with lid (up.4 ) -280sht, Capacity, "" Assorted "" 0.7. (sugar) (up.12) -108sht, Capacity, "" Assorted "" 0.7. (salt) (up.12) -36sht, Capacity, "" Baroque "" 1,5l. PET (up.12) -36sht; Capacity "" Nez abudka "" Spice. (up.35) -350sht, lemon tank (up.18) -900sht, tank lemon №2 (up.25) -800sht, tank bow (up.20) -420sht; Capacity garlic (up.25) -250sht, capacity to handle 1,5l. PET (up.12) -360sht, capacity to handle 1L. PET (up.12) -120sht, universal capacity rectangular 3L. PET (up.10 ) -30sht, Dipper "" Pletёnыy "" 1,7l. (white) (up.27) -81sht; Dipper "" P letёnыy "" 1,7l. (Blue) (up.27) -81sht; Dipper "" Pletёnыy "" 1,7l. (Sl.kost) (up.27) -54sht; Bucket with plums "" Lotus "" 1,5l. (Up.25) -100sht; Dr. Bin \ kovbasnыh products. (250h70h70) Prose-cr (up16) -112sht; Container cheese (up.20) -1400sht; Mug "" taste leta "" 0,35l (up.25) -600sht; Mug "" Horoshek "" 0,35l (white-red.) (Up.30) -240sht; Mug "" Horoshek "" 0,35l (white-Jun.) (Up.30) -300sht, Buttermilk "" Horoshek "" (white-green.) (Up.15) -180sht, Buttermilk "" Horoshek "" ( white-Jun.) (up.15) -300sht; Buttermilk "" Horoshek "" (white-son.) (Up.15) -210sht; Buttermilk "" Horoshek "" (cherv. Bel.) (Up.15) -150sht; Set d \ spice "" Mosaic "" (maki) on podst. (Up.9) -117sht; Set volume "" Assorted "" 0.7. shelf (up.9) -90sht; Set volume "" Assorted "" 1l. shelf (up.9) -63sht; Tray "" Horoshek "" (470h325h30) (bil.-Jun.) (Up.10) -10sht; Tray "" Desertnыy "" (up.20) -40sht; Tray "" good morning "" (up.20) -40sht; Tray '' Prestige '' (White) (up.16) -32sht; Tray '' Romance '' (up.20) -60sht; Tray "" Frantsuzskyy zavtrak "" (Black) (up.16) -48sht; Tray "" Chaynaya ceremony "" (up.20) -40sht; Tray for freezing dumplings (360h250h30) (up.20) -40sht; Stand spices '' Daisy '' (White) (up.12) -120sht; Stand spices '' Daisy '' (yellow) (up.12) -108sht; Stand spices '' Daisy '' (green) (up.12) -120sht; Stand for centuries. Arr "" Dolce Vita "" (green-white) (up16) -352sht; Stand for centuries. Arr "" Dolce Vita "" (dis-white) (up16) -160sht; Stand for centuries. pr. "" Dolce Vita "" (fyol Bel) (up16) -288sht; Stand stolov.pryb. "" Flower Blues "" (up20) -180sht; Stand pod cutlery "" Alёnushka "" (up.20) -500sht; Stand pod cutlery "" macs "" (up.20) -460sht; Stand pod cutlery "" Florela "" (up.20) -120sht; Salad "" Valentino "" 1l. (Strawberry) (up.20) -20sht; Salad "" Horoshek "" 0.5. (White-green) (up.20) -80sht, salad bowl "" Horoshek "" 0.5. (White-Jun) (up.20) -280sht; Salad "" Horoshek "" 0.5. (White-blue) (up.20) -240sht; Salad "" Horoshek "" 0.5. (Jun-white) (up.20) -140sht; Salad "" Horoshek "" 1,45l. (White-red) (up.24) -240sht; Salad "" Horoshek "" 1,45l. (White-blue) (up.24) -144sht; "RUSSIA0UA8071702820.83617020.63727
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Flower Tray Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Flower Tray Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕПІЦЕНТР К"""
Importer Address
02139, м.Київ, вул.Братиславська,11
Product Description
"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting o.........
HS Code 7020008000Value 151218
Quantity 0Unit UA125250
Net Weight 80289
Origin Country CHINA

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