Ukraine Import Data of Flour | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flour

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flour collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flour imports.

Flour Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flour

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flour. Get Ukraine trade data of Flour imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174804395100"1.Kraft paper packing for bag production dlyatsukru, flour, bleached uniformly throughout the mass produced 100% chemical cellulose fiber coniferous wood sulphate obtained by way of computer processing, in rolls, stamps Swanwhite Ribbed, weighing 90g / m2, 432mm format. 21830kh- 35ruloniv, trade mark: Swanwhite RibbedVyrobnyk: f-ka Pietarsaari, Billerud Finland OY.kontsernu BILLERUDKORSNAS AB.Krayina production: FI.. "FINLAND0UA1001102183022243.87984 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20171902110000"1.Vyroby of pasta dough - Way or not, dried, and nevareni nepryhotovleni otherwise, contains wheat flour and eggs, trademark" "Makarony Babuni" ", intended for human consumption: Macaroni Krayanka grandmother (02) 250g \ 40- 5376up, Ron Mack Leon brick (183) 250g \ 20-1200up; Makaronperepilka-countryman (49) 250g \ 20- 1792up, quail Macaroni-spiral (34) 250g \ 18-1620up, Macaroni nest egg thin ribbon (199) 500 g / 20-448up, Makar chicken egg on the thread (190) 500 g / 8-448up;. "POLAND0UA20920029453326.128329
28/Apr/20171901909900"1.Harchova mixture based on flour, ystovuyetsya usage in food promyslovostidlya previous semi obsypky: Art. 702 20108048 DERABAT I (flour (wheat, rice), starch, dextrose, lactose, animal protein (mistytyaytsya), modified starch, thickener (E461 )) - 2175kh, 87mishkiv to 25kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001021752675.68483
28/Apr/20171905401000"1. Preparations of flour: - art. 6605 - Baked bread crumbs flavored" "Vegetable mix" "- 21 384 packs - art. 6601 - Baked bread crumbs tasteful" "A mixture of cheeses '' - 7776 packs - Art . 6602 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" mushrooms with sour cream '' - 11,664 packs - art. 6604 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" Pizza "" - 23,328 packs; Torhivlena mark: Maretti; Producer: ITALFOOD, SA / Bulgaria , origin: BG.. "BULGARIA0UA1101504490.6413861.71182
28/Apr/20174009410000"1.Flour hoses without fitting (rubber) for a / m - 0,3 m.Ar .: 99909487 / Fuel hoses / - 3 dm; SWAG trade mark Country of manufacture TR Manufacturer SWAG Autoteile GmbH.TURKEY0UA1001101.19123.68118988
28/Apr/201738220000001. Certified standard test specimens are intended for tuning the analytical device: NCS HC25651 (etalon carbon 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14612 (tantaloneferex silicon 60gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC37603 (tantalum of pheromolybdenum 50gr) - 1 pc, NCSHC19604 (etalon of ferrotitanum 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC15601 (etalon ferrotitanum 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC18606 (etalon feroniiobium 50gr) 1pc, NCS HC93607 (etalon feroniotyyu 50gr) -1 str, NCS HC91017 (titalal boksita 100gr) -1 str, NCS HC91018 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC91019 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14807 (etalon mullite 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14808 (multin etalon 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26801 (etalon powder non-continuous casting form 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26802 (Etalon of powder non-direct casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26803 (etalon of powder non-refractory molds of 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26804 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC26805 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14014a NCS DS14022 (tantalum of float spatula 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14023 (titalal flame spar 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14022 (tallon spatula 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC11001 (titanium of high purity iron100gr) -30šts, NCS HC26611b (etalon of manganese alloy flour 50gr) -1st, NCSHC28628 (titalal medium carbon ferment Manganese 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14606 (italongone silicon silicon 60g) -1 pcs, NCS HC14604 (titanium ferroalloys 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC93611 (titanium of high-carbon ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC25635 (titanolnizecarbonaceous ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs. Manufacturer: NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Production Zone: CN.CHINA0UA1120804.677902.5001
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20108042 DERAROM U250 (flavor, dextrose, flavor enhancer (E621, E635), salt) - 250 kg, 125up to 2kg, Art. 201 08050 PATEMIX UA 0202 (flour (wheat), glucose syrup, spices and extracts of spices, thickener (E412), antioxidants (E316, E330), dextrose, flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), sugar, flavor yzator) - 1002kh, 167up to 6kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001012523994.718858
28/Apr/20171101001500"1.Boroshno wheat bakery with wheat, packed: GOST R52189-2003: Flour sort of '' Extra '' trademark '' Frantsuzskaya thing '' to 2 kg -8.64tn; flour grade" "Extra", "trade mark "" Bella kings Island '' to 2 kg - 2.592tn, flour co RTU trademark "" white-Nezhnaya "", 2-kg 2.592tn; Boroshnovyschoho variety struction, trade, mark "" "" Starooskolskaya "" - blue mo tyv "" po2kh-3.456tn, flour sor that trademark "" Hlopotunya "" to 2kg-1.728tn, flour, 5kh- to 0.99 kg (trademark "" Starooskol skaya "") , (in primary packaging) (vahanetto in primary packaging, 20,156 kg) .Vyrobnyk by "" Kombinat hleboproduktov Starooskolskyy "" Russian FederatsiyaKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807170199987571.243276
28/Apr/20172309904300"1.Produkty used for animal feed, art.472306 - Prestarter piglet" "Marvel Delice" "(Marvel Delys) - 22000kh (880mish.), Batch number -0004081899; -04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date - 10.2017 p .; isa complete feed for piglets, sows subtract from age 14-28 days in granules, has a total pharmacological properties of the individual components (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, positively affect growth and development . Made of raw and processed cereal pair, flour a large meal of soya beans, heat treated neznezhyrenoyi soy, dairy products, biscuits, fiber, synthetic amino acids, minerals. Also includes: crude protein - 190h, crude fat - 90g lysine - 15,2h (1.52%), vitamins A - 18000, D3 - 2000, E - 150 mg, copper -150mh, phytase ES3.1.3.26-625FYT, endo-1,4-beta ksylaza -70od, hlyukonaza - 100m; Nutritional energy: 2840kkal; percentage of the content: Cro hmal -30%; dairy products 13%, "FRANCE0UA1101802200021490.3561
27/Apr/20172309103100"1.Hotovi dry granulated povnotsinnikormy" "PRONATURE HOLISTIC CAT" "dlyakotiv put up for retailtrade (mass fraction blyzko29% starch, dairy products do not contain)." "PRONATURE HOLISTIC CAT" "- suhyyhranulovanyy food for adult cats dlyashkiry and wool, Atlantic lososemta with brown rice, skladinhrydiyentnyy: fresh ocean bilaryba, dried chicken, wild rice, brown rice, barley grits, oatmeal, herring meal, rice, dried potatoes, natural flavor chicken, a mix of dried fruits (apples, blueberries pineapple), egg on oshok, dried (vyzhymky tomato pulp beets, chicory root, yucca, kelp, alfalfa, Japanese green tea, rosemary, parsley, mint leaves, turmeric, spinach, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), cellulose powder , chicken fat, rice bran, millet, whole flaxseed, Dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, dried yeast, shell of shrimp and crab, New Zealand green mussels, sea cucumber, olive oil, carob, m units, cinema, juniper berries, seeds anise, vitamins and minerals: Article VN30A3APH Ad S & C S & R, 16 pcs. X 340 g - 10 packages (NJU1818-01 serial number, bar code 065672552004) Article VN30C7PH1 Ad S & C S & R, 4 pcs. X 2.72 kg - 20 packs (NJU1818-01 serial number, bar code 065672552035) Article VN30F4APH Ad S & C S & R, 1 pc. X 5.44 kg - 196 packages (NJU1818-01 serial number, bar code 065672552066). "" PRONATURE HOLISTIC CAT "" - dry granular food for adult cats with duck and orange, no cereal composition inhrydiyentnyy: fresh meat ducks, dehydrated chicken, chicken fat, dried potatoes, herring meal, m ' yakot orange sweet potatoes, dried tomato pulp, dried beet pulp, hydrolyzed chicken liver mixture of dried fruit (apples, blueberries, pineapple), dehydrated egg, whole flax seeds, salt, yeast extract, dried chicory root sulphate glucosamine Yukky extract, chondroitin sulfate, New Zealand green mussels, trepan g, swans, chamomile, anise seeds, dried Sea algae, dried alfalfa, dried Japanese green tea, a mixture of spices (dried rosemary, dried parsley, dried mint leaves, turmeric), aloe vera, dried spinach, dried broccoli, dried cauliflower cabbage, vitamins and minerals: Article VH06A3APH Ad N / Gr D & L'Or, 16 pcs. X 340 g - 10 packages (XAL0818-01 serial number, bar code 065672555005) Article VH06C7PH1 Ad N / Gr D & L'Or, 4 pcs. X 2.72 kg - 10 packs (XAL0818-01 serial number, bar code 065672555036) Article VH06F4APH Ad N / Gr D & L'Or, 1 pc. X 5.44 kg - 42 package (XMA2018-01 serial number, bar code 065672555067). "" PRONATURE HOLISTIC CAT "" - dry granular food for adult cats from turkey with cranberries, composition inhrydiyentnyy: fresh turkey, dried chicken, brown rice, chicken fat, dried potatoes, barley grits, oatmeal, flour from herring, dried cranberries, chicken liver hydrolyzate, a mixture of dried fruit (apples, blueberries, pineapple), egg powder, dried beet pulp, rice bran, dried "CANADA0UA1252603715.5210840.72903
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name ТОВ Трейдекс Пак
Importer Address
ю/а.04201 м.Київ, вул.Дехтяренка, 35
Product Description
"1.Kraft paper packing for bag production dlyatsuk.........
HS Code 4804395100Value 22243.87984
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 21830
Origin Country FINLAND

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