Ukraine Import Data of Flooring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flooring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flooring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flooring imports.

Flooring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flooring

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flooring. Get Ukraine trade data of Flooring imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20179405209100"1.Elektrychni lighting, flooring for the home, lighting zplafonamy of ferrous metals, chrome, painted with spray for use lamps rozzharyuvannya35-60W working voltage of 220V, (supplied without lamps complete with mount and Installation instructions) Total = 2 pcs: FJALLBACKA Stolowa 1L Chrom -nastilna lamp art.104288; EKELUND Stolowa Czarny-table lamp, art.104345;. "CHINA0UA2091805.8887.35755441 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173918101090"1.Pokryttya laminated flooring, PVC Foamed - 116 ruloniv- 10448,8m2.Evolution- 610,5m2, Delta- 3365,05m2, Olympic- 570,25m2, Absolut- 2367m2, Activa- 900m2, Premium- 704m2, 1932m2 Force- .Vyrobnyk "" TARKETT "" doo Backa PalankaKrayina production-grade RS.Torhivelna-TARKETT.. "SERBIA104488UA12511020917.9325636.68135
29/Apr/20173918101090"1. Coverings for PVC flooring multi-layer foam-101 rolls 8597,3м2 Bonus1ккл-54 rolls 4868,7м2, Discovery 1кl-47 rolls 3728,6м2. Kraina -production-RU. Trademark -" Tarkett "." Tarkett "". "RUSSIA85973UA12511019302.33620639.7416
29/Apr/201769079080001. paving and tile flooring, stoves, fireplaces or walls keramichninehlazurovani: QR-598X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRES REKT. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1WZ 1,788,484 - 16,11m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NESP DUROTEQ NERO ST OPNICA PROSTA MAT.29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1,788,485 - 21.45 m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRESREKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1788484- 12,87 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWEST BIALYGRES SZ KL. MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 429 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWESTBIALY GRES SZKL. MAT. 19,8X19,8 G1 WZ 1788484 - 132 m2. S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-MINWESTA BIANCO SCI ANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 638.40 m2.S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-M INWESTA BIANCO SCIANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788487- 42,56m2. R-SOOX600-1-SONO.GR SONO GRYS GRES SZKL. MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 43,20 m2.MC-298X298-1-FLAS.GR-PF FLASH GRYS MOZAIKA c1eTA K.4,8X4,8 MAT.29,8X29,8 G1 WZ1788487- 100 pieces. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETTA BIANCO $ C IANA REKT.29,5X59,5 G1WZ 1788487- 19,36 m2. PR-325X325-1-PIUE.BI PIUME BIANCO PODlO GA REKT.32,5X32, 5 G1 WZ 1788486- 5,08 m2. RR-298X598-1-TIGU .BR TIGUA BROWN GRES SZKL.REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 1,25 m2. C-072X598-1-TIGU.BR TIGUA BROWNCOKOL MA T. 7,2X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 7 pcs. RN-298X598-1-TIGU.BRSP-M TIGUA BROWNSTOPNICA PROSTA NACINANA MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- sht.l 6-300X600-1-TESS.ZEA TESSITA ZEFIR INSERTO A 30X60 G1 G1 WZ 1788487- 1 sht.S-300X600-1-LATE. BI LATERIZIO BIANCO SCIANA 30X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 36,00 m2.Z-300X330-1-SEMl.BRKP SEMIR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1 WZ 1788489-26 pieces. 1-E-600X600-1-CORA.-TU CORALINE PANEL TULIPANY 30X60X2 G1 WZ 1788490- 2 pcs. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETIA BIANCO SCIANA REKT. 29,5X59,5 G1 WZ 1788490-5,28 m2. RN-0,3X1,2-1-TIGU.BESP-M TIGUA BEIGE STOPNICA PROSTA NACINANAMAT.29,8X119,8 G1 WZ 1788488- 1 pc. RS-600X600-1-PINl.BR PINI BROWN GRESSZKL.STRUKTURA MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788488- 14,40 m2.POLAND143104UA20502021101.798093.882094
29/Apr/20175702429000"1.Kylymy and carpeted flooring made of synthetic textiles in which textile material is the outer surface of the product during yohoekspluatatsiyi, pile treated with pile of" "Villeton '', woven, netaftynhovi, neflokovani, nevuzlykovi, machine manufacturing, without frame, ready. Kylymovivyroby formed from synthetic yarns and soil base. yarn, yakiutvoryuyut pile made of synthetic fibers, soil foundation made of jute bast fibers fromnatural, with the addition of synthetic fibers and glue - vor with 100% polypropylene, size and number: 50 * 80 CM., 175 pcs., 60 * 110CM., 155 pcs., 60 * 2500 CM., 7 pcs., 70 * 2500 CM., 19 pcs., 80 * 150 CM., 90 pcs., 80 * 2500 CM., 61 pcs., 90 * 2500 CM., 9 pcs., 100 * 200 CM., 100 pcs., 100 * 2500CM., 64 pcs., 110 * 2500 CM., 5 pcs., 120 * 2500 CM., 52 pcs., 130 * 2500 CM., 4pcs., 140 * 200 CM., 76 pcs., 150 * 220 CM., 111 pcs., 150 * 2500 CM ., 67 pcs., 160 * 230 CM., 46 pcs., 160 * 2500 CM., 1 pcs., 180 * 270 CM., 46 pcs. 180 2380 CM., 1 pcs., 180 * 2500 CM ., 14 pcs., 200 * 300 CM., 269 pcs., 200 * 400 CM., 40 pcs., 200 * 2500 CM., 18 pcs., 240 * 340 CM., 77 pcs., 240 * 400 CM ., 34 pcs., 240 * 500CM., 12 pcs., 300 * 400 CM., 94 pcs. 300 500 CM., 28 sht.Torhovelna mark: "" PRINCESS "". The total number of coils - 1675 pcs. Zahalnaploscha - 15445.80 m.kv.Vyrobnyk "" OKKIRAN TEKSTIL GIDA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. "", Turkey "TURKEY154458UA1000101901039927.39004
29/Apr/201744187900001.Vyroby construction wood floors for coatings ttya: flooring, a 2-CBW Kiv grooves and clips from pryhovanoy commits yey size: 2200 * 140 * 18mm-379kv.m, spakova or in cardboard boxes on paletah.Torhivelna Marco SinoVyrobnyk-Sinoresource IMP & EXP Co., LimitedKrayina production-CN.CHINA379UA50009076518569.120116
28/Apr/20174411139000"1.Vyroby carpentry of wood laminate flooring fiberboard having from 2 ends - grooves, and on the other 2-crest: CASA CLASSIC 4V VE48 ASTON OAK, art. 44791, size -1286x194x8mm - 3065,856m2; Total: 3065,856m2 (24,52685m3.) Manufacturer: Classen Holz Kontor GmbH.Torhovelna brand: Classen.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY2452685UA12511020890.7413688.16652
28/Apr/20174016910000"1.Vyroby Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber flooring, art.468 norament 115 636 926 satura Steptread rozm.1614h500h5mm -189sht .; art.468 norament 115 637 926 satura Steptread rozm.1614h500h5mm -189sht.Krayina production DETorhovelna brand Manufacturer norament nora systems GmbH, DE. "GERMANY0UA1251801055.83511263.61597
28/Apr/20174008211000"1.Pokryttya floor of vulkanizovanoyineporystoyi rubber. Rubber flooring in plates (square) painted on the surface: art.1880 norament 115 329 926 satura rozm.1004h1004h3,5mm -115m2., Art.1880 norament 115 333 926 saturarozm.1004h1004h3, 5mm -3m2.Krayina production DETorhovelna mark norament brand nora systems GmbH, DE. "GERMANY118UA1251806305409.822958
28/Apr/20174418908000"1.Vyroby wood, flooring, laminated, flooring Obraztsы 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Chalet Line, 2-3120-320000) -2shtObraztsы parquet 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Grey Metropolitan Line, 2-3120- 310000) -2shtObraztsы parquet 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Vintage Line, 2-3120-330000) -2shtTorhovelna mark BONNARDVyrobnyk Ynostrannoe unytarnoe Enterprise "" Kosvyk "" Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA100010339.17563382
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Flooring Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""Арт-Енерго"""
Importer Address
Сокільники вул. Скнилівська ,2181130 Пустомитівськийр-н Львівська обл.
Exporter Name MARKSLOJD Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Elektrychni lighting, flooring for the home, li.........
HS Code 9405209100Value 87.35755441
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 5.88
Origin Country CHINA

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