Ukraine Import Data of Flexion | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flexion

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flexion collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flexion imports.

Flexion Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flexion

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flexion. Get Ukraine trade data of Flexion imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20179011109000"1. Medical Products mikrosko complex n-dimensional, schovykorycto adopts in dentistry, neinvazivnyy, 1k feed sweetly, unassembled nachas Transp rtuvannya, Flexion art. 102-000-0000 - 2k, and nastupniykomplektatsiyi: 1pc. 024-100- 0001 packaging system Flexion bearing levers, 1pc. 024-100-0002 packaging for the base Fle xion, 1pc. 102-100-0000 Korpusmikroskopa: ON / OFF, orange filter, aimed itlo St., control brightness, 1pc. 102-1000- 0000 was set sterylizuyemyh uchok, 2 pcs. 102-200-0000 WF 12,5x / 18Okulyar adjustable diopter + / - 5 1am. 102-300-0000 Rotary tube binokulyarom 0-200, 1sh . 102-400-0000 straight guide f = 170 APO, IPD 45-80 mm 1sht.102-500-0000 30 deg. Ergo optical beam divider, 1pc. 102-600-0000 Prystriyruhu MonoGlob e, 1pc. 103-1000 -0030 headstock electronics, HDMI, 24Volta, USB, 1pc. 103-1100-0000 Mobile base with 4 rollers and brake 1am. 103-1200-0000 Hanging on May ansportuvalnoyu lever latch, 1sht.103-4000-0010 Rose "" m is for power and daptera cameras Sony, 1pc. 202-000-0050 4Kport images for Flexion / Sony E-Mount, 1pc. 601-000-0035 Variofokus Flexion 200-350mm; Flexion art. 102-000-0000 - 1kt offensive or assembly, packaging 1sht.024-100-0002 Database Flexion, 1pc. 102-100-0000 Case microscope: ON / O FF, orange filter, directional light, brightness control, 1sht.102-1000-0000 set sterylizuyemyh handles, 2 pcs. 102-200-0000 WF 12,5x / 18 Okulyarz diopter adjustment + / - 5 1am. 102-300-0000 Rotary tube binokulyarom0-200, 1pc. 102-400-0000 straight guide f = 170 APO, IPD 45-80 mm 1sht.102-500-0000 30 degrees. Ergo optical beam distributor, 1pc. 102-600-0000Prystriy movement MonoGlobe, 1pc. 103-1000-0030 headstock electronics, HDMI, 24 volt, USB, 1pc. 103-1100-0000 Mobile base with 4 yhalmom promotion video, 1pc. 103-1200-0000 Suspension of Transport lever latch, 1sht.601-000-0035 Variofokus 200-350 mm Flexion.Vyrobnyk: CJ-Optik GmbH & Co. KG Trademark: CJ-Optik GmbH & Co. K G.Krayina production: DE "GERMANY3UA807190292.715424.55464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/201790119090001.Chastyny ​​and accessories intended exclusively or primarily at zmikro for use en masse Flexion: 103-1050-0010 holder I PAD Bracket for Monitor-2 pcs., 103-105 0-0020 monitor holder - 2sht.Vyrobnyk: CJ-Optik GmbH & Co. KG Trademark: CJ-Optik GmbH & Co. K G.Krayina production: DE.GERMANY0UA8071907.3480.6200989
19/Apr/201739201025001.Plivka plastic FLEXION CER 75N1zavtovshky 75 mm, roll width 420 MMP specific density of less than 0.94, unable to stretch art.84000273-33660,00 m.Krayina production: GR.Firma manufacturer: FLEXOPACK SOCIETE ANONYMECOMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PLASTICSTorhovelna Brand: FLEXOPACK.GREECE0UA1000101000.48718.533711
11/Apr/201761046200901.Overall children's clothing for girls knitted cotton in assortment: leggings: 5972994 height 98CM-1pcs. 5972996 height 110CM-2pcs. 5972997 height 116CM-2pcs.5973001 height 92CM-1pc. 5973073 height 134CM-1pc. 5973080 height 134CM-1 st.5992629 height 104CM-4pcs. 5992631 height 116CM-4pcs. 5992633 height 128CM-2pcs.5992640 height 128CM-2pcs. 5992645 height 116CM-1pc. 5992659 height 98CM-4p. 5992662 height 116CM-4pcs. 5992664 height 128CM-1pc. 5992681 height 140CM-2pcs.5992688 height 140CM-1pc. 5992692 height 164CM-1pc. 6001882 height 98CM-1ps.6001887 height 128CM-1pc. 6001905 height 152CM-3pcs. 6001906 height 158CM-2pc6001907 height 164CM-2pcs.6003318 height 92CM-18pcs. 6003336 height 92CM-17px6003342 height 92CM-2pcs. 6004096 height 104CM-1pc. 6004099 height 122CM-2pcs. Flexion 2CHT / UPAK .: 6011904 height 92CM-1upack. Sports pants: 5976453 height140CM-1pcs.5976457 height 164CM-1pc. 6001888 height 92CM-6pc. 6001889 height98CM-4pcs. 6001890 height 104CM-7pcs.6001891 height 110CM-4pcs. 6002153 height140CM-2pcs. 6002158 height 170CM-2pcs. 600368 4 height 92CM-2pcs. Shorts: 6011415 height122CM-2pcs. 6011433 height 104CM-1pc. 6011434 height 110CM-2pcs. 6011437 height128CM-1pc. 6011447 height 146CM-4pcs. 6011450 height 164CM-3pcs. 6011451 height170CM-4pcs. Production line - BD Trademark - COOL CLUB Producer - SMYK SABANGLADESH131UA10001013.65344.2500663
04/Apr/20179019109000"1.Aparatura for mechanical therapy equipment designed for rehabilitation - Fitness with variable mechanisms complication, new, made of composite materials, marks" "DAVID" ", model: - System G110M Lumb./Thorac. Extension DMS-EVE 2,5 / 100 kg., with a gradual RMA, RML, for lumbar / thoracic extension, serial number: 9G11796504D-16 292kh own weight., size 1390h1010h1520mm., in an amount of 1 pc. - system G120M Lumb./Thorac. Rotation DMS-EVE 2 5/100 kg., of RML, for lumbar / thoracic rotation, serial number: 9G12797504A-16 306kh own weight., size 1070x1010h1520mm., in an amount of 1 pc. - system G130M Lumb./Thorac. Flexion DMS-EV E 2,5 / 100 kg., With a gradual RMA, RML, for lumbar / thoracic extension, Serial Number: 9G13798504C-16 303kh own weight., Size 1390h1010h1520mm., In an amount of 1 pc. - System G140M Cerv. Extens./ Lat . Flexi DMS-EVE 1/25 kg. for cervical extension / flexion lateral, serial number: 9G14799501C-16 226kh own weight., size 1070h116 5h2025mm., in an amount of 1 pc. - system G150M Lumb./Thorac. Lat. Flex. DMS-EVE 2,5 / 100 kg., Of RML, for lumbar / thoracic lateral flexion, Serial Number: 9G15800504A-16 320kh own weight., Size 1070h1165h1520mm., In an amount of 1 pc. - System G160 Cervical Rotation DMS-EVE 1 / 25 kg., for the treatment of back pain, serial number: 9G16801501A-16 265kh own weight., size 1070h1165h1920mm., in an amount of 1 pc .; "FINLAND0UA209180171259702.15883
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Flexion Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Flexion Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДЕНТ ПРО"""
Importer Address
"62457,обл.Харк.,Харк.р-н,cмт.Бере- зівка,в""їзд Кооперативний,4,Україна"
Exporter Name CJ-Optik GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1. Medical Products mikrosko complex n-dimensiona.........
HS Code 9011109000Value 15424.55464
Quantity 3Unit UA807190
Net Weight 292.7
Origin Country GERMANY

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