Ukraine Import Data of Flat Cable Connector | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flat Cable Connector

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of flat cable connector collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of flat cable connector imports.

Flat Cable Connector Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Flat Cable Connector

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of flat cable connector. Get Ukraine trade data of Flat Cable Connector imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785444290911.kabel connector input-output connectors for connecting (10V) 4 meter flat grey Ethernet cable for Touch 10 - Spare art. CAB-DV10-4M = -8sht. Manufacturer Cisco Systems, Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand CISCO.CHINA0UA1000800.9699.02960866 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178536611090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for joining electrical circuits or electrical circuits (for example, Lamp holders and other connectors), for a voltage not exceeding 1 000 V; connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic harnesses or cables: -patrony for incandescent lamps: -other: chuck E27-1200sht lamp, the lamp socket to E14 flat-600sht.patron to E27 lamp flat-1800sht.Vyrobnyk: FAR ELEKTRIK TEKNOLOJILERI SAN.VE TIC.LTD .STI.TM "" FAR "". "TURKEY0UA110150114.96930.0000671
25/Apr/20178536901000"1.Producers and contact elements for conductors and cables for use in telecommunication networks with a voltage not exceeding 220V: Connector: BNC-M-RCA-F-1000; BNC (M) -clock under video clip, OEM Q100-10000; BNC -M with a spring under the cable and a wint for fixing the central core, OEM Q100-5000; BNC-M-corner, plastic casing and screw for locking cable -400pcs; Single channel passive extension of HDMI signal over UTP cable, 720P-cat5e, 1080R-cat6e -50pcs; Converter: HDMI (daddy) to VGA (mother) 30cm; Black; Package -400p; HDMI (daddy) to VGA (motherboard) 30cm; White; Package -400pcs; HDMI (daddy) to VGA (motherboard) 30cm; White, Package + AUDIO -100pcs; HDMI (Daddy) to VGA (Mom) 30cm, B Lacking, Package + AUDIO -100pcs; VGA adapter (mother) / DVI 24 + 5 (daddy); Gray Q50-1000pcs; VGA M / F (daddy-mom) -100pcs; Connector: SC / UPC-D for quick mounting, for flat Cable with no latch, price for 1 pc, Q100 -500pcs; Active HDMI splitter: 1 * 2 ports-5pcs; 1 * 4 ports-5pcs; 1 * 8 ports-3pcs; splitter: 2хRCA (mom) / 2хRCA (mom); Black, plastic -100pcs; RCA (mom) / RCA (mother); Black; plastic - 100pcs; 3xRCA (mom) / 3xRCA (mom); Black; plastic -100pcs; Closure of "crocodile" testers: black 27mm-1000sht ; Red 27mm-1000s; middle black 27mm-1000s; middle red 27mm-1000s; large black 27mm-1000s; large red 27mm-1000sht; battery clip "crocodile": red-500pcs;Black-500pcs; Closer tester "crocodile": AC-001.37mm: white-200pc; yellow-200pc; green-200pc; red-200pc; black-200pc; AC-002.45mm: green-200pc; red- 200pcs; yellow-200pcs; black-200pcs; white-200pcs; AC-003.58mm: red-200pcs; green-200pcs; black-200pcs; white-200pcs; yellow; 200pcs; Storage cord "crocodile": 100A; 90mm: white-100pcs; black-100pcs; 100A; 95mm; black-100pcs; red; 100pcs; black; 100pc; red; 100pcs; Optical SC / UPC-SC / UPC SIMPLEX adapter; 25 pcs Q25 -1000pcs; The coupling is horizontal optical, waterproof-100pcs; extension VGA 60m twisted pair through RJ-45, Black, BOX -20pcs; converter: 3 x3RCA / 1x3RCA with switch EM-15pcs; 2x3RCA / 1x3RCA with switch-19pcs; USB 2.0 AF / Micro-B OTG adapter.OEM-100pcs; Merchandise brand is MERLION BATTERY CO., LTD. The manufacturer of CN "CHINA0UA100010452.611723.031869
24/Apr/20178302415090"1.Z'ednuvachy and contact elements dlyaprovodiv and cables for use with a voltage networks vtelekomunikatsiynyh notmore as 220: Razъem: BNC-M-RCA-F-1000pcs; BNC (M) -klema during video clip, OEM Q100-10000sht; BNC -M-under with a spring and cable Vint for fixing the central zhylы, OEM Q100-5000sht; BNC-M-corner, a plastic cover and screw fiksatsiyikabelya -400sht; Single channel passive extender HDMI signals over UTP cable, 720P-cat5e, 1080p-cat6e -50sht; Converter: HDMI (Pope) for VGA (mother) 30cm, Black, Pack -400sht; HDMI (Pope) for VGA (mother) 30cm, White, Pack -400sht; HDMI (Pope) for VGA (mother) 30cm, White, Pack + AUDIO -100sht; HDMI (Pope) for VGA (mother) 30cm, Bl ack, Packet + AUDIO -100sht; Adapter VGA (mother) / DVI 24 + 5 (Pope) Grey Q50-1000sht; VGA M / F (dad-mom) -100sht; Connector: SC / UPC-D bshvydkoho mounting to flat zaschelky without cable, price for 1 piece, Q100 -500sht, Active HDMI DSL filter: 1 * 5pcs 2-port, 1 * 4-port 5pcs, 1 * 8 -3sht port, splitter, 2hRCA (mom) / 2hRCA (mother) black, plastic -100sht, RCA (mom) / RCA (mom), black, plastic - 100 pieces; 3hRCA (mom) / 3hRCA (mom), black, -100sht plastic, clip testernyy "" crocodile "": black-27mm 1000pcs ; red-1000pcs 27mm, 27mm black middle-1000pcs, the average red-1000pcs 27mm, 27mm, big black 1000pcs, a large red-1000pcs 27mm, clip Accumulators "" crocodile " ': red-500sht; 500sht-arable, clip testernyy "" Crocodile "": AC-001,37mm: 200sht-white, yellow-200sht; 200sht-green, red-200sht, black-200sht; AS-002,45mm: green-200sht; chervonyy- 200sht; 200sht-yellow, black-200sht, white-200sht; AS-003,58mm: red-200sht; 200sht-green, black-200sht; 200sht-white, yellow-200sht; clip Accumulators "" crocodile "": 100A, 90mm, white, 100 pieces, 100 pieces, black, 100A, 95mm, black, 100 pieces, 100 pieces, red, black, 100 pieces, 100 pieces, red, optical adapter SC / UPC-SC / UPC SIMPLEX, in packs of 25 pieces -1000sht Q25; horizontal optical coupling, waterproof, 100 pieces; VGA extension cable 60m for twisted Pare via RJ-45, Black, BOX -20sht, converter 3 x3RCA / 1x3RCA with switch m 15sht; 2x3RCA / 1x3RCA c switch-19sht; Adapter USB 2.0 AF / Micro-B OTG. OEM-100 pieces, trademark vitsutnyaVyrobnyk MERLION BATTERY CO., LTDKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA1252201.5625.24728068
21/Apr/20178536901000"1 connectors and contact elements for wires and cables: - 3670.11.00.9 -2300 units; Flat; during clamping, for wires, bare. Inproduction used telecommunications equipment, civilian purposes. No yeustatkuvannyam or protective systems for use in vybuhonebezpechnomuseredovyschi. Do not have a membership transmitters or transmitters and a means pryymachiv.Ne spetspryznachennya.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - IMPVyrobnyk - IMP. "ITALY0UA1002004.1482.22341337
21/Apr/20178536901000"1 connectors and contact elements for wires and cables: - 141878-2 - 25 pieces; Flat; Type: dad, Pryhvynchuvannya, Corner. Used in vyrobnytstvitelekomunikatsiynoho equipment for civil use. It is not abozahysnymy equipment systems for use in explosive atmospheres . not mistyatv composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters. It is not zasobomspetspryznachennya.Krayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - ConnectivityVyrobnyk TE - TE Connectivity. "FRANCE0UA1002000.033.445861517
21/Apr/20178536901000"1.Z'yednuvachi and contact elements for cables and Mr rovodiv: nakonechnykkiltsevyy without isolation (ECT fo 100 pieces.), Art .: 500771 DJ431 3A-50k-ing; 500772DJ431 3V- 50k-ing, 500,774 DJ431 4A-100K-ing ; 500,778 DJ431 5B-100K-ing; konektorplaskyy without isolation '' mother '' (co mplekt 100 pieces.), art .: 500815 DJ2212,3V-50k-ing, 500,873 DJ623 E4,8A-100K-ing, 500,874 DJ623 E4, 8B-200k-t s; 500876DJ623 A6,3A-200k-ing, DJ 500 878 623 A6,3C-400k-ing, 500,881 DJ622 A6,3B-40 0k-ing, flat-panel connector without insulation "" mother "" (co mplekt 5000sht.), art .: 500887 DJ623chain A6,3A tape-1k-t; 500,888 DJ623 chain A6,3B tape-1k-t; klemnakolodka, art .: 502 851 TB-2512-2000sht., 502,859 TB-4506-50 pieces .; 502863TB-6004-50sht., 502870 TC-603- 50sht., 502871 TC-604-30sht., 502875 TC-1504-30sh .; 502 877 TC-clamp 2004-80sht .; electric, Art .: 505 620 150A-200A 120mmblack XL2-10-600sh t., 505621 150A-200A 120mm red XL2-10-600 pcs., 505618 100A 100mmblack XL2-15- 600sht., 505619 100A 100mm red XL2-15-600sht., 50 5610 10A 50mmblack-3500sht., 10A 505611 5 0mm red-3500sht., 505608 20A 50mm black XL2-19-6000sht., 505609 20A 50mm red XL2-19 - 6000sht., 45mm blackXL2-26-1000sht 505,604. ; 505,605 45mm red XL2-26-1000sht., 505,600 blackXL2-28-5000sht 27mm., 27mm 505601 XL2-28-5000sht re d., 505616 50A 90mm black-3000sht., 505617 50A 90mm red-3000sht.Torhivelna Brand: TAKELVyrobnyk : YUEQING FEILIN TRADING CO., LTDKrayina production: CN "CHINA0UA807170722.92669.397884
20/Apr/20178701903900"1. Wheel Tractor for agricultural works notcontains composed peredavachiabo transmitters and receivers, brand John Deere: Model 8345R 345HP TRACTOR. Novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomershasi 1RW8345RCHS116583. Engine: 6-cylinder diesel engine Turbocharged nominal power 254kVt / 345k.s., volume 9000 sm.3.Nomer engine RG6090G025510.Kalendarnyy year 2017rik.Modelnyy year 2017rik.Komplektatsiya: Ukraine-0166, 0433-instruction in Russian; 0500-without package, 1493- PowerShift transmission e23, 1827 color display GS3, 1834 without electric power steering; 1835 -Bez receiver; 1851-activated Command Center AutoTrac; 188Q-test version JDLink Access to 1 year 1945 4100 processor, 2057-cabin CommandViev III; 2660-FM player, 2701-reverse switch lever to the right, 3034 PowerTech engine-about `9.0 liters in volume, Tier II; 3260-hydraulic pump capacity - 227 l / min., 3341-4-section hydraulic unit, 3820-45 GDP 1000 mm / min (20 slots) supporting GDP 35mm 5 40ob / min; 4040-back 3-point oh weights (Cat-4), 4321-drawbar 4N3; 5072-R.AX (120MM) 100.4IN D FLATS; 5352-The rear wheels size 710 / 75R425999-unbranded tires; 6064-ILS6310 front axle, front tires size 650 / 60R347204-standard lighting package (16 bulbs), 8011-bolo tnyky for the front wheels; 8023-expanding Lockers rear arches; 8060-automation system, 8063-connector under the cable Ezerent, 8242 Radar speed; 8288-accelerator, 8301 kits start engine "" cold weather ""; 8306-Fuel separator strengthened; 832G-auxiliary hydraulic connection (for seeders precision drilling) flashing beacon-8726, 8751-brake twins; 878Z-CU LEGAL REQTS; 8955 front-bracket balances of counterweights 20 pieces of 50 kg, 8977- inside ballasts for the rear wheels; 8978-ballasts for exterior rear kolis.Vyrobnyk: JOHN DEERE WATERLOO WORKSTorhovelna brand: JOHN DEEREKrayin Production: US "UNITED STATES1UA20401013662205030.2
18/Apr/20179018902000"1.Vyroby medical devices. System for endoscopic urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, orthopedics, hirurhiyi- 1 set. 85261,501 RIWO lens with a blocking mechanism and c-mount connector, soak and avtoklavuyetsya - 1. 8061.453 Fibrovolokonnyy fiber hnuchkyydiametr 4.5 mm, 2300 mm - 1 pc. 4171.121 Hygiene filter for aspiration - 5pcs. 8170.401 Vacuum tube from the pump to trap secretions for 2215 - 1 sht.8170,981 container harvesting 3 l avtoklavuyetsya - 1 pcs. 2233.001 Insuflyator, laparo CO2 pneu- 1 pc. 8170.101 for insufflation tube diameter of 5 mm, m dovzhyna2,5 - 1 sht.4171,111 Hygienic filters, sterile, 10 pieces in a package - 1 pkg. 74021,03Naporna tube CO2, 2.5 m 1 pc. 8,302.12 cannula Veresha, calibrated, with 120mmskladayetsya 886.00 - 1. 8934.432 The endoscope, Panoview Plus, telescope vilnevykryvlennya 30 hrad.- 1 pc. 8921,023 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD diam5,5 mm 100 mm - 2 pcs. 8921,113Troakar with tapered tip diameter of 5.5 mm, 100 mm RD - 2 pc. 8923, 013RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, metallic - 1. 8923.113 Trocar with tapered, diameter 10 mm, 100 mm RD - 1. 8924,016 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD 150 mm, diam12,5mm - 1. 8924.125 Trocar tip of the pyramid, dia. 12.5 mm RD214 mm - 1 pc. 89.02 spare sealing caps for telescopes, 10 pcs in packing for telescopes diameter of 4.0 mm - 2 pack. 89.08 Rubber seals (spare caps) - 10pc. in packing., red, diameter 10 mm - 2 pack. 8385.50 Instrumentalnatrubka and extractor - 1. 8923,802 VARIO-PORT gear for zmenshennyadiametru hole from 12.5 mm to 5.5 mm, aba diameter 10 mm to 5.5 mm or 7.0 mm to 5,5mm - 1 pkg. 8383.732 suction-irrihatsiyna, RD 290 mm, 5 mm - 1 pc. 8395,2042Rozbirnyy clip, 2/3 wave, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8393.2922 Atravmatychnyyzatyskach -1 units. 8393.1814 atraumatic clip, perforated, unipolar, 5 mm, with horizontal cutting, RD 310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.2814 Dyssektor / clip "" Mary land dissector "", curved, horizontal cutting ztonkymy on the work surface, 5 mm unipolar, RD310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.487 Box clamp monopolyarna- 1 pc. 8393.0413 scissors, monopolar, folding, curved left, both lezadiyut, "" Metzenbaum "", 5 mm - 1 pc. 8383.423 Hachkopodibnyy electrode RD 340mm, 5mm, monopolar - 1. 8383.428 Shpatelepodibnyy electrode 5mm, 340mm RD, monopolar - 1. 8389.911 Clip applicator for open laparoskopiyiholetsystektomiyi, RD 340 mm, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8389.915 Lihuyuchi klipsyEthicon, sterile - 1 pack. 8383.65 John yektsiyna cannula 5 mm diameter nakonechnyka1.8 mm, 345 mm RD - 1. 8393.512 Holkoutrymuvach, curved left - 1 sht.8393,501 Holkoutrymuvach direct, direct needle diameter. 5 mm - 1 pc. 8106.033 VChmonopolyarnyy of yednuvalnyy cable from Wolf-tools to aparativBovie / Valleylab / Erbe Int. - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: RichardKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Richard Wolf GmbH "GERMANY0UA10001062.624385.22026
14/Apr/20179018908400"1 medical devices. EMED electrosurgical SYSTEM: Electric machine ATOM -1komp. Each kit consists of: electrosurgical unit ATOM -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch, with 5 meter cable, 6-pin -1sht. Azov neutral cable singl electrode dovzhyna5 m, flat connector -1sht. dnorazovyy Mr. eytralnyy electrode EMED SAFE, hydrogel, split, for adults and children, 17, 6 x 122 mm, 110 cm2, 10 x 5pcs. -1sht. Gn uchkyy ground cable length 5 m 1am. argon regulator P300-P40EMED, DIN 477/6 (Europe) -1sht. hose argon, -1sht length of 3 meters. Argon bacterial filter, 0,33 mm, 0,45 um, sterile, 1 pc. -5sht. endoscopic monopolar cable length 3 m Connector m3 mm, SDS connector -1sht. monopolar cable argonovyh flexible probes, flat connector, length 3.5 m connector S DSA -1sht. argon flexible tube, many fold, GIT, diameter 2.3 mm, length 2 2m. -1sht .; Elektrohirurhichnyyaparat ES 350 -1komp. Each co mplekt includes: Electric aparatES350 -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch, with 5 meter cable, 6-kontaktnymroz'yemom 1am. Flexible ground cable length of 5 m -1sht. Neutral elektrodsylikonovyy, multiple, Adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug-1am. Pen-holder electrode 4 mm high, dvohklavishna cable 4 m, 3-pin connector -1sht. Bipolar cable length 5 m, straight connector, 2-pin connector 29mm-1pc. Brush for manual cleaning electrodes, multiple -1sht. Knife elektrodpryamyy, 25 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Lancet electrode straight handle 4 mm -1sht. Holkaelektrod, straight, 0.5 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Wire loop electrode, 5 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Ball electrode straight, 2 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Ball electrode straight, 4 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Bipolar forceps, straight, 2 mm length 220 mm -1sht.Bipolyarnyy forceps, angular 1 mm, length 195mm -1sht. Monopolyarnyylaporoskopichnyy cable length of 5 meters and 4 mm connector, 3-kontaktnyyroz'yem -1sht. Bipolar WOLF laparoscopy cable length 3 m, 2-29mm kontaktnyykonektor -1sht .; Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1komp. Each of komplektskladayetsya: -sht. Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1sht. Flexible dlyazazemlennya cable length 3 m -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch with metrovymkabelem 5, 6-pin, 1 pc. Neutral electrode silicone, reusable, adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug -1sht. Endoscopic monopolar cable length 3 m Connector 3 mm 3-pin connector -1sht. Holder for endoscopic loop dlyaE-17, E-18 -1sht loops. Endoscopic polypectomy loop, 20 mm small, hexagonal, 2.3 mm-channel 1pc .; Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 - 1komp. Each kit consists of: -sht. Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch with 5metrovym cable, 6-pin, 1 pc. Flexible ground cable length of 5 m -1sht. Neutral elektrodsylikonovyy, multiple, Adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug-1sh "POLAND0UA100010155.369861.42268
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Flat Cable Connector Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Flat Cable Connector Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Іноземне підприємство ""Логін"""
Importer Address
03113, проспект Перемоги 62-Бм. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name Cisco Systems INT BV
Product Description
1.kabel connector input-output connectors for conn.........
HS Code 8544429091Value 99.02960866
Quantity 0Unit UA100080
Net Weight 0.96
Origin Country CHINA

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