Ukraine Import Data of Fl 711 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fl 711

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fl 711 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fl 711 imports.

Fl 711 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fl 711

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201787085099981.Chastyny ​​driving axle, art.43402-79J02-000 - Hubs KOLESAZADNOHO-1am. art.43402-79J02-000 - rear-wheel hub - Reducer flange-1am. art.27110-66J02-000 - FLANETSREDUKTORA-1sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - SUZUKIVyrobnyk - Suzuki Motor Corporation. .JAPAN0UA2050207.84187.030819 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20172713200000"1.Bitum road mark 70/100 TU BY 400091131.009-2011 STB EN 12591-2010 (EN 12591: 2009) complies with ISO 4044-2001.Temperatura softening the ring and ball 47.8hrad.S; penetration index - 0.3, the temperature in Fraasu -21hrad.S brittleness, resistance to zatverdeninnya at 163hrad.S: -zalyshkova 69% penetration - increasing the softening temperature 5.1hrad.S; -change mass (absolute value) 0.06% dynamically 'viscosity at 60 ° c 283Pa.s, kinematic viscosity at 135 ° c 380 mm2 / s; flash point 297 ° c; solubility of 99.95%, crystallization temperature (ASTM D 938) - 80hrad.Tselsiya; density at temperature aturi 70 hrad.Tselsiya (EN ISO 12185) - 0,976h / cm3; penetration index (penetration) at 25 hrad.Tselsiya method (needles) (EN 1426) - 91.Vaha - 71150kh.Vyrobnyk: OAO "" Mozy'rskij neftepererabatыvayuschyyzavod " "Country of origin - BY.Torhivelna mark - Mozыrskyyneftepererabatыvayuschyy plant."BELARUS0UA1011207115019996.94066
29/Apr/20179405105000"1.Elektrychni lighting, yakipidvishuyutsya or are fixed on a wall or ceiling for home, office, lamps with glass shades processed designedto be used with halogen lamps rozzharyuvannyata, energy-efficient 35W-60W, operating voltage of 220V, (supplied without lamps complete with mount and instructions for installing Total = 127sht in t / h: Sculptured ice lampawiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.888-20; Fisherman lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.4301AB; Dragonfly lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.1289-16; Bijoux plafon 10 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.5541CC; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal Luce ra, glass, halogen, art.3408-8CC; Hanna plafon 4 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.3404-4CC; Waterfall lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.6134-4CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3chrom szklo chandelier glass, b / l art.3003-10CC; Blocs listwa 6 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9886CC; Blocs kinkiet 1 czarny chrom szklo lamps, glass, halogen, art.9881BC; Saturn listwa 3chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen art.8763CC; Bathroom lighting 2 chrom polweglan lamps, glass, b / l art.8293CC; Sigma kinkiet 2 chrom akryl lamps, glass, b / l art.6711-2CC; Flush plafon 2 patyna szklo 30cm chandelier, glass, b / l art.4370; Brahama plafon 3 patyna szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.6580AB; Sassari lampa wiszaca 5chrom krysztal krotka chandelier, crystal, halogen art.6555-5CC; LED bar lights lampa wiszaca 35 stal szklo mrozone chandeliers Glass, LED, art.3725-40SS; Cartwheel lampa wiszaca 5 czarny kute zelanj chandelier, glass, b / l art.2425-5BK; Trinity plafon 7 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.3017-7CC ; Orion plafon 9 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.4139-9CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2273CC; Indiana lampa kula wiszaca antyczny szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2020AM; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal 13kg chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9598-8CC; Downlighters oczko 1 mrozone szklo spot lamp, glass, halogen, art.8050R-1CC; "CHINA0UA209180321.216578.949182
28/Apr/20177229200000"1. kremniyevomarhantsevoyi wire of stainless steel coated copper, has pokryttyaabo flux filling material grade steel HTW-50, HTW-711 standard AWSA5.18) on plastic reel and in plastic drums diameter: HTW-50dyam.1,0mm - 5kgspool -2200kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam.0,8mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,2mm - 15 kgspool-10800kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 250 kg / Drum-2500kh., HTW-50dyam. 0.8 - 250 kg / Drum-3000kg., E71T-GSdyam. 0.8 - 1 kgspool-300kg., Comm. mark - "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO.LTD "" Country of -CN.Vyrobnyk: "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO. LTD "". "CHINA0UA1251102312022671.36002
28/Apr/20177014000000"1.Optychni elements of glass, not optically processed to the headlights of cars: 09.3711200-09 optical element (halo without illumination, without Reflector) -240sht. 061.3711200 optychnyy2103 element, -06 (dipped beam) -1000sht. 06.3711200Element optychnyy2103, -06 (main beam) -600sht.Torhovelna brand: FSKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Stekloservys "" 210303711119901 optical element, 240sht. 21030371120601 optical element TN140.0200-01 -400sht.Torhovelna brand: OATKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: AO " "OSVAR" "."RUSSIA0UA8071701343.24151.289705
28/Apr/20178512200090"1.Prylady lighting for cars: 21100371101090 headlight unit prava582.3711010 (B / N1) -30sht. 21080371101091 Block headlight 93.3711 BL-white. Fl. -20sht.21100371101091 Block 586.3711010 right headlight (B / N1) -6sht. 21140371117090 Ukazatelpovorota front -20sht. Pointer turns 21140371117190 -20sht.21100374301090 front headlight fog 201.3743010-01 (B / N3) -40sht. 21140-3716011-00lihtar left-back 10pc. 21213371601190 lamp left-back 26sht. 21100371601191 rear lamp outer 40.3776- 01 -10sht. 21100371601192lihtar exterior rear-T 40.3776 MN -10sht. 21100371601091 lantern zadniyzovnishniy 401.3776-01 -10sht. 21140371601090 rear lamp outer right-10pc. 21100371601092 Licht 401.3776 right rear outer-dark lantern -10sht.21050-3716010-90 right-back 20pcs. 21060371401000 lantern light plate 11.3717 -33sht.21060371401100 lantern light plate 11.3717 -83sht.Torhovelna Brand: OATKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: AO "" OSVAR "". "RUSSIA0UA807170233.742823.753169
28/Apr/20178708109098"1.Spare parts for cars, bumpers and parts thereof: art.HY9217 Shinbumper front HYUN ACCENT 06- (DK 027 0234 940) -100p; art.HY2017L Shinabamper front .HYUN IX35 (DK 027 0728 942) -5 pieces; Art .SB3113P Bumper forward SUBFORESTER 03-05 (DK 047 0523 900) -5 pieces; art.TY1624P Bumper grille middle TOYCOROLLA 10- (DK 049 0579 910) -5 pieces; Art.MB1025 Bumper spoiler front MB 210-99 (DK 035 0323 920) -40p; art.KA04131P-02 Bumper front KIA SORENTO 03-09 (DK 031 0278 900) -10pcs; Art.MU32132P Bumper forward MIT OUTLANDER 07-09 (DK 0360361 900) -5pcs; Art.VW61131B Bumper Front VW T4 91-03 (DK 051 0620 903) -7pcs; Art.VW61132B Bumper Front VW T4 91-03 (DK 051 0620 902) -10pc; art.RN0517 Shinambamer Front REN FLUENCE 10- (DK 041 2144 940) -2 pieces;Art.DA0124B Grille in bumper RENAULT LOGAN 09- (DK 041 0472 912) -50 pcs; Art.MB9014R Bumper bumper bumper MB SPRINTER 95-00 (DK 035 0333 960) -10 pcs .; Art.GM0517 Bumper tire CHEV AVEO T200 04-05 (DK 016 0105 941) -20p; art.MA3224B-02 Reset in bum.Average MAZDA 3 SDN 04- (DK 034 0300 912) -35pcs;Art.VW42241LB Grid in bum. Front Left VW JETTA III 06- (DK 051 0601 911) -10pcs; Art.VW4225B Spoiler bumper front. VW JETTA III 06- (DK 051 0601 922) -5 pcs;Art.FT4113B Bumper Pre. FIAT DOBLO 05-09 (DK 022 0152 900) -100pcs; Art.HY31131 Bumper forward. HYUN TUCSON (DK 027 0259 900) -15pcs; Art.SK2125B Bumper spoiler front. SKOCTAVIA 05-09 (DK 045 0517 920) -40pcs; Art.NA1213B Bumper forward. NIS ALMERA 06- (DK 037 0373 900) -112; Art.MU23131B-01 Bumper forward. MIT LANCER 9 (DK 0360358 900) -50 pcs;Art.BW3415RB bumper overlay front. Right BMW 5 E34 (DK 0140088 920) -20pcs; Art.FD8013B Bumper Front. F. TRANSIT 95-00 (DK 023 0201 900) -3; Art.MB9224B Front bumper trim. MB SPRINTER 06- (DK 035 0335 920) -20pcs; Art.VW22131B Bumper forward. VW GOLF V (DK 051 0598 900) -2 pieces; art.VW22241LB Grid in bump.Left VW GOLF V (DK 051 0598 911) -10; Art.VW22250B Bumper rear. Below VW GOLF V (DK 051 0598 950) -2 pieces; Art.VW62242L Grid in bump. Front Left Off VW T5. 03- (DK 051 0622913) -20pcs; Art.TY16131B Bumper Front. TOY COROLLA 06-09 (DK 049 0562 900) -30pcs;Art.BW3424RB Hook Hook per. Right BMW 5 E34 (DK 014 0088 930) -50 pcs; Art.MU2413 Bumper forward.MIT COLT 04-09 (DK 036 0346 900) -5 pieces; art.VW6317 Bumper tire per. VW T5 10- (DK 051 0755 940) -3; Art.HY7117 Shinambam. Per. HYUN SONATA 11- (DK 027 0754 940) -4pcs; Art.HY3118R Mounting bumper before. Right HYUN TUCSON (DK 027 0259 930) -15;Art.HY8318L Bracket bump.per. Left HYUN ELANTRA 11- (DK 027 1885 933) -5 pcs; Art.KA03131B Bumper forward. KIA CARENS 07- (DK 031 0268 900) -7;Art.MA3217-01 Bumper tire front. MAZDA3 04- (DK 034 0299 ​​941) -20pcs; Art.HY3118L Bumper fastening front.Left HYUNTUCSON (DK 027 0259 931) -30; Trademark - Tempest Producer - no data "TAIWAN0UA4010502324.813302.3408
28/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby rubber to the a / m" "BMW" ": attachment plug cap engine art.13717588499-1sht, shock damper, art.31336858241 -2sht, trunk lid damper, art.51312996980 -30sht, damper shield art. 46637691016 -1sht; Depfer shock absorber art.33506773629 -1sht, muffler suspension, art.18207811797 -1sht; pidviskyvyhlopnoyi loop pipe art.18207807132 -1sht; Pylnyk nuts art.31422314711 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" brand - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY0UA1002100.40379.44642994
28/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​to the a / m" "BMW" ": hydraulic oil tank, art.32416851217 -8sht, sliding bearing shaft art.11247548795 -16sht; Panel fuel tubes art.11537853849 -1sht, duct microfilter, art.64318379621 -1sht, Air, art.11618515638 -1sht, frame radiator cooling art.17111436251-1sht, frame radiator art.17117507970 -1sht, tube tank washer fluid, art.61667144396-1sht, lubrication tube turbine art.11427808757 -1sht ; obihrivusalonu tube system, art.11531705210 -8sht, tube cooling system art.11537502525 -3sht, pipeline, air conditioning, art.64539151734 -1sht, bearing cover shock absorber art.33506850926 -5sht; orhovelna mark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY0UA1002108.886980.4512663
28/Apr/20178302300090"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": attachment fittings and inshafurnitura base metal without radiopryymayuchoho / transmitting equipment cab damper art.A9408901119-1od. Art.A1668800027-2od.hilza guide baffle hood art.A0009922250 -2od. ring. Rings art.N000472090000-8od. stoporneart.A3529970032-1od ring. art.A2188200214-1od mounting kit. kriplennyadzerkala outer cover with two screws and gasket art.A0008112007 -2od.kronshteyn art.A0003270369-10od. art.A6020700195-1od. art.A2208801114-1o d. art.A2216920014-2od. art.A2208890195-1od. art.A2224210994-1od. art.A9064271141-1od. art.A4031420212-10od guide. dvereyart.A2217200116-1od limiter. art.A205720451139-1od door hinge. art.A4637200137-1od.relinh art.A6398400024-1od the roof. Lifters art.A2197201046-1od. fiksatorart.A0009941903-2od. art.A2208800030-2od. lock. art.A0089887678-2od. art.A2048800064-1od latch lock. homutart.N000000002775-1od. art.N000000000667-3od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG "GERMANY0UA10011019.9511325.096596
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Fl 711 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fl 711 Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073 м.Київ, Україна, пр-т Московський, буд. 22-А
Exporter Name Suzuki Deutschland GmbH
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​driving axle, art.43402-79J02-000.........
HS Code 8708509998Value 187.030819
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 7.84
Origin Country JAPAN

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