Ukraine Import Data of Fish Sauce | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fish Sauce

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fish sauce collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fish sauce imports.

Fish Sauce Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fish Sauce

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201721039090001.Stolovi sauce, which is a ready sauces containing chips of vegetables, fruit flavoring and food additives for meat dishes, fish, not retailtrade: - Kimchee paste Ingredients: water, salt, rice vinegar, garlic, salt sugar, carrot, pepper, apple juice, lemon slot pocket: 1.8 liters * 6 pieces of korobi- 50 cards. korobiv300 pieces. The term prydatnosti- 18 misyatsivTorhivelna Brand: HOSHIVyrobnyk: QINGDAO SUN-GROWING TRADE CO., LTDKrayina vyrobnytstva- CN, China.CHINA0UA1000106481380.240095 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20172103909000"1. Hot chili sauce," "Hot Chilli Sauce" "Ingredients: water, chilli, sugar, salt, Ro zfasovanyy in 250ml glass bottles, Matt Ro-art.224689-50up (6 pcs / pack) sauce hostro- sweet chili, "" Hot sweet Chilli Sauce "" (Yellow Chilli) Ingredients: sugar, chili zhovtyyper ets, water, garlic, salt, packaged in 250 ml glass bottles, Metro art. 224 689-50up (6 pcs / pack); The sauce in the form of pastes, "" brown, "" green "" GreenCurry paste "" rozfa Sovana in plastic packs of 50g, composition: chili, lemongrass, salt, gave the prizes Islands oil, garlic, shallot, coriander, sugar, Metro art. 224698-50up (48sht / up), sweet chili sauce, "" Sweet Chilli sauce "", packed in the UK lyani bottles of 200 ml composition: chili, sugar, salt, water, garlic, vinegar Metro art. 224697-200up (12pcs / pack), sweet chili sauce, "" Sweet ChilliSauce "" packaged in 455ml glass bottles, Ingredients: chili, sugar, salt, water, garlic, vinegar, Metro art.224696-100 pack (12pcs / pack), pasta sauce in a "" TOMI holes "", "" Tom Yum paste "", packed ietylenovu a half packs of 50g, composition: Lemma ng races, chili paste, soy oil, chili, shallot, sugar, salt, Metro art.224 699-50up (48sht / up); Sauce as a paste "" brown, "" yellow, "" YellowCurry Paste "", Rose packed in plastic packs of 50 grams composition: tsybulyashalot, chili, salt, soybean oil, garlic, lemongrass, Metro art. 224698-50up (48sht / up); Fish sauce "" Fish Sauce "", packaged in 250 ml glass bottles, composition: anchovies, salt, water, sugar, Metro art.224689-50up (6 pcs / pack); Mango, "" Mango Sauce "", sklya packaged in either bottles of 250 ml composition: chili, sugar, salt, water, garlic, vinegar, mango, Metro art. 242108-300up (6 pcs / pack); Pineapple mango, "" Pineapple Mango Sauce "" packaged in glass bottles of 250 ml, composition: sugar, pineapple-mango juice, PA yes, mangoes, salt, Metro art.224689-100up (6 pcs / pack) .Termin suitability 01-02 / 2018r. Prospect for Exotic Food Public CompanyLimitedTorhivelna mark Exotic FoodKrayina production TH "THAILAND0UA10012027408693.499817
25/Apr/20172103100000"1. Thai Thai" Pad Thai "" composition: water, sugar, soy sauce (wheat, soy, water, salt), fish sauce, garlic, juice tamarin yes, tomatoes, packed in glass bottles for 250ml, Metro-art. 224689-50p (6 pcs / yp) Thai Teriyaki Sauce sauce "200ml bottled plastic, composition: soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, pineapple juice, Metro-art.224694-150u (12 pcs / ); SupremeOyster Sauce "," SupremeOyster Sauce "" packed in 250ml glass bottles, composition: water, sugar, salt, soy sauce (wheat, soy, water, salt), Metro Art 224689-150 up (6 pcs / ); "Th ai Teriyaki Sauce" "Sourced", 455 ml bottles, warehouse : Soy sauce, water, sugar vinegar, pineapple juice, Metro art 224695-49 up (12 pcs / unit); Souprym soybean with "Supreme Soy Sauce" "packed in glass bottles for 250ml, composition: soy sauce, water , Salt, sugar, Metro-art.111111 (224,709) -50pcs (6pcs / yy). Expiry date 01-03 / 2018. Exotic Food Public CompanyLimited Exotic Food brand "TH."THAILAND0UA1001201129.44649.950099
19/Apr/20172103909000"1. Products for cooking sauces and prepared sauces: sweet sauce for chicken Chile 3 x 5400 pcs 800 d- yaschPasta Tom Yam of 24 x 400 d- 60 yaschPasta Tom Yam 12 pcs x 1000 d- Sweet 32 ​​yaschSous Chile for 12 pieces of chicken 60 x 920 d- yaschSous Chile for sweet Spring rolls of 24 x 240 d- 80 yaschSous sweet and sour of 24 x 215 d- 40 yaschSous Chile Shriracha of 24 x 230 d- 40 yaschTorhovelna mark: Aroy-D Shriracha acute Chile sauce 12 pcs x 815 d- 80 yaschSous Chile Shriracha sharp 12 pieces 180 x 475 d- yaschTorhovelna mark: UNI-EAGLESous Pad Thai of 24 x 270 d- 30 yaschSous Pad Thai 12 pcs x 1000 20 d- yaschSous fish pieces 4 x 5400 g - yaschSous 100 fish of 24 x 240 d- 10 yaschSo os fish 12 pcs x 840 d- 10 yaschPasta An instant sharply sour "" Tom Yam "" of 24 x 454 d- 10 yaschPasta An instant sharply sour "" Tom Yam "" of 24 x 227 d- yaschPasta Tom Kha 10 of 24 40 x 400 d- yaschPasta Tom Kha 12 pcs x 1000 10 d- yaschPasta Chile in soybean oil of 24 x 520 d- 10 yaschPasta An instant sharply sour "" Tom Yam "" 48 pcs x 114 d- 2 yaschPasta Chile with leaves solo dkoho basil 48 units x 114 d- yaschPasta 5 of Tamarind of 24 x 454 d- 20 shtData manufacture: January-February production 2017Krayina: TH trade mark: Aroy-D Manufacturer: THAI AGRI FOODS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED "THAILAND0UA10001021080.06432462.86761
18/Apr/20177323990000"1. CONTRIBUTION TO AUTHORIZED CAPITAL: Articles dining, kitchen or other household articles and parts thereof, of iron or steel, industrial, receipt of materials for future installation completely disassembled state: equipment for restaurants" "McDonalds" ": Basket pies, covering - Teflon art.718.383.814 - 2 pcs. basket of French fries, black handle 145h335h145mm art.718.384.800 - 16sht. Basket chicken 1/2 75h300h145mm art.718.383.970 - 6 pcs. Basket MkNahhets, 460h240h40mm art.718.385 .104 - 2sht.Koshyk for MakNahhets, 160h150h320mm art.718.387.765 - 3pc. Basket art.718.384.147 fish fillets - 2 pcs. oshyk for makchiken, black plastic handle art.718.384.805 - 2sht.Vidro, n / w, 18.9 liters, with lid art.265203 - 2sht.Hratka a vessel 1/2 194h43h556 art.718.388.426 mm - 4 pieces .Koshyk, handle gray to LVE fryer, chicken, 380h710h310mm art.270.263.81 - 2sht.Hratka a vessel 1/3 mm 127h47h552 art.718.388.425 - 20sht.Konteyner for Topping, n / art .036.574 - 2sht.Shuhlyada retractable double for obhortalnoho paper 313h386h84 / 100 mm art.725.112.881 - 1pc. Cocoa vessel complete with strainer, d = 70 mm art.718.384.637 - 2sht.Dyspenser for the sauce, 1/3 oz, red ergonomic handle (10 mL) art.400.609.4 - 5sht.Dyspenser for sauce, 1 oz , green ergonomic handle (30 mL) art. 400.609.6 - 2sht.Dyspenser for the sauce, 1/2 oz, white ergonomic handle (15 mL) art.400.609.3 - 2sht.Dyspenser for the sauce, 2/3 oz, black ergonomic handle (20 mL) art.400.609. 5 - 2sht.Dyspenser for the sauce, 2/3 oz, blue ergonomic handle (20 mL) art.400.904.8 - 2sht.Sitka 1/3 124h43h556mm art.27800405 - 3sht.Hratka tray for 1018-1, 220h415h10mm art. 718,382,383 - 4sht.Krayina production CNVyrobnyk Franke Foodservice SystemsTorhivelna brand Franke Foodservice Systems "CHINA0UA10001088.981910.645576
18/Apr/201716041390901.Hotova, canned fish, konservyrybni w / w, several (lat. Sprattus sprattus spp.) Fried in tomato sauce on key 240hr. net weight - 3110.4kh, the number - 12,960 cans. Date of manufacture: 03/2017. Trading marka- no data. Producer AS 'Ventspils zivju konservu kombinats'. Country of-LV. .LATVIA0UA1250403110.42501.919099
03/Apr/201716041390901.Hotova, canned fish, konservyrybni w / w, several (lat. Sprattus sprattus spp.) Fried in tomato sauce on key 240hr. net weight - 1244,16kh, number - 5184 cans. Date of manufacture: 11/2016. Trading marka- no data. Producer AS 'Ventspils zivju konservu kombinats'. Country of-LV. .LATVIA0UA1250401244.161006.510497
03/Apr/20171604151110"1.Hotova, canned fish, canned fish w / w in the range: mackerel fillets (scomber scombrus), a tomato. Sauce key to 170hr, net weight 1126,08kh, kilkist- 6624 banok.Data manufacture 12 / 2016. brand SIA 'KARAVELA'. Trademark "" Ventspils "". Country of-LV.. "LATVIA0UA1250401126.081663.381843
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Fish Sauce Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fish Sauce Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТАМАРІН"""
Importer Address
65011, Одеська обл.м.Одеса, вул.Рішельєвська буд.38, оф.503
Product Description
1.Stolovi sauce, which is a ready sauces containin.........
HS Code 2103909000Value 1380.240095
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 648
Origin Country CHINA

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