Ukraine Import Data of Fish Aquarium | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fish Aquarium

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fish aquarium collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fish aquarium imports.

Fish Aquarium Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fish Aquarium

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of fish aquarium. Get Ukraine trade data of Fish Aquarium imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173011100001. Live freshwater decorative aquarium fish (aquaculture) are not suitable for food: Fighter male double tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -300 pcs.Silverarowana / Osteoglossum bicirrhosum (size 4) -30 pcs. Fighter female long-tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30pcs. Fighter female crown-tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30pcs. Fighter female double tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30p. Fighter male long-tail / Betta splendens (size 2+) -50 pcs.Fighter malecrown-tail / Betta splendens (size 2+) -50 pcs. Oranda, Red-Capped (Tanjo) / Carassius auratus (size 1.5) -150 pcs. Oranda, Red-Capped (Tanjo) / Carassiusauratus (size 2) -110pcs. Glass cat, ghost / Kryptopterus bicirrhis (size 1.5) -145 pcs. Silver half beak / Dermogenys pusillus (size L) -125 pcs.Bumble bee, doriae / Brachygobius doriae-220pcs. Rainbow threadfin / Iriatherina werneri (size ML) -250 pcs.Ballooncalico (Marble) / Poecilia latipinna (size L) -280pcs. Balloon orange (Gold) / Poecilia latipinna (size L) -280pcs. Balloon white / Po ecilia latipinna (sizeL) -140pcs. Balloon black / Poecilia plate-280pcs. Blue zebra angel / Pterophyllum scalare (size ML) -55pcs.Japanese Koi (A grade) / Cyprinus carpio (size 2.5) -110pcs. Japanese Koi (A grade) / Cyprinuscarpio (size 3) -40pcs. Oranda selected grade / Carassius auratus (size 1.5) -75 pcs.Total - 2780pcs. Net weight net fish: 3.13 kg. The load is packed in cardboard boxes, foam thermoblocks, double polyethylene bags, which are sealed from the upper and lower sides, contain an equal amount of liquid and air, the pressure in the middle of the package is atmospheric. Trademark - MISTER AQUA Producer - MISTER AQUA (THAILAND) CO., LTDThe production is - THTHAILAND0UA1251003.131596.249875 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20173926400000"1.Dekoratyvni plastic in a variety of animals, plants, and animals for aquariums, in the range: Toys for dogs Soft & Strong ball on a rope, o 6 cm / 26 cm, Orange, 33516, art.0033516- 48sht, dog toys 'Push to mute rugby ball, 12 cm / 27 cm, orange / blue, 33550, art.0033550-24sht, dog toys' Push to mute ball on a rope, o 7 cm / 22 cm, orange / blue, 33551, art.0033551-24sht, dog toys 'Push to mute stick on the rope 20 cm / 35 cm ,,, orange / blue, 33552, art.0033552-24sht, dog toys M' ball-hedgehog backlit Silent 5cm, 33640, art.0033640-96sht, dog toys hedgehog ball-Be Sound 8 cm, 33651, art.0033651-48sht, Toy Dog Ball-hedgehog Silent 12 cm, 33652, art.0033652-24sht, dog toys ball, o 22 cm, 33672, art.0033672- 8 pieces, dog toys set plastic balls with bells (4 pcs.), 4521, art.004521-96sht, cat toy Stick with bird feathers and 50 cm, 45289, art.0045289-48sht, Toys for cats A bird with feathers, plush, 8 cm, 45765, art.0045765-24sht, Toys for cats feather Wobble, o 5 x 14 cm, interactive, with feathers, 46013, art.0046013-24sht, bell Toy for birds plastic rings to 25 cm, 5235, art.005235-144sht, Beanbag Toy for birds, plastic 4 cm, 5335, art.005335-96sht, Ca. invillage for birds 10cm plastic 5355, art.005355-48sht, Plastic Ball bird 4, 5 cm, 5360, art.005360-72sht; Toy Drive for rodents racing, 17 cm, 60 811, art.0060811- 12p; Kolesodlya rodents plastic on metal stand 16 cm, 60822, art.0060822-24sht, Scenery aquarium Grotto stairs with 16? 12? 15 cm, 76194, art.0076194-6sht, Scenery aquarium Cave 16? 7? 11 cm, 76210, art .0076210-6sht, scenery aquarium Broken plane 35 cm, 8707, art.008707-4sht, scenery Coral reef aquarium 29 cm, 8708, art.008708-12sht, scenery aquarium crocodile skull is 14 cm, 8712, art.008712-12sht; scenery aquarium crocodile 26 cm, 8716, art.008716-16sht, scenery aquarium fish Nemo 12? 10 cm, 8717, art.008717-12sht, scenery aquarium Submarina 19 cm, 8740, art.008740-12sht, scenery aquarium Submarina 51 cm , 8742, AR .008742-6sht, Scenery aquarium broken ship 32 cm, 8743, art.008743-18sht, scenery Broken amphora aquarium 18 cm, 8745, art.008745-18sht, Scenery aquarium Roman Amphora 12 cm, 87800, art.0087800-16sht; scenery aquarium with treasure chest 17 cm, 87813, art.0087813-9sht, scenery aquarium broken ship 23 cm, 87816, art.0087816-6sht, aquarium scenery ship 15 cm, 87818, art.0087818-24sht, scenery aquarium fortress with towers 12 cm, 87820, art.0087820-8sht, scenery aquarium Skull 8-11 cm, 8793, art.008793-12sht, scenery Fortress aquarium 12 cm, 8801, art.008801-12sht, scenery aquarium Roman columns 16 cm, 8803, art.008803-6sht, scenery ruins aquarium 27 cm, 8804, art.008804-6sht, Scenery aquarium coral colored round (4 pieces), 8809, art.008809-30sht, Scenery for reptiles 21.5 Deck cm, 8828, art.008828-6sht, scenery Coral aquarium 12 cm, 8838, art.008838 "CHINA0UA807170270.501784.4530513
12/Apr/2017301110000"1.Ryba live freshwater ornamental aquarium (not suitable for food): - art.F1420 Brachy Danio / fish present (roz.2.5-3.0 Cm) -400sht, cargo and samye fish live in freshwater whichis kamatoznomu condition packed in cardboard boxes , Thermoboxes foam, double politylenovi packages sealed yakiz one side and the other tied to a node or sealed, containing 30% seawater and 70% oxygen. The pressure in the middle of the package meets at atmospheric ab nyzhche.Vyrobnyk: SILVER DOLLAR AQUARIUM ( PVT) LTD.. "SRI LANKA0UA1251000.4646.1675067
12/Apr/2017301190000"1.Ryba live tropical marine aquarium (not suitable for food): - art.SD70 Acanthurus leucosternon / surgeon fish (roz.XL) -3sht; -art.SD73 Acanthurus lineatus / surgeon fish (roz.XL) -1sht - art.SD77 Acanthurus pyroferus / surgeon fish (roz.L) -2sht; -art.SD97 zebrasoma veliferum / fish zebrasoma (roz.XL) -2sht; -art.SD100 Platax orbicularis / fish plataks (roz.M) -2sht; -art.SD137 Arothron melagris / dog fish (roz.L) -2sht; -art.SD147 Diodon histrix / fish PE (roz.L) -3sht; -art.SD151 Ostracion cubicus / fish cubes (roz.L) -1sht ; -art.SD153 Ostracion lentiginosus / fish cubes (roses. L) - 1 pc; -art.SD159 Anthias squamipinnis (female) / fish antyas (roz.M) -50sht; -art.SD175 Anthias kashiwa / fish antyas (roses. L) -30sht; -art.SD328 abudef saxatilis / fish abudef (roz.L) -80sht; -a t.SD338 Amiphiprion xanthurus / clarkii / clown fish (roz.M) -20sht; -art.SD363 Ptereleotris tricoloar / fish n teleotrys (roz.L) -40sht; -art.SD369 Plotoscus anguillaris / mustache Catfish (roz.M) -60 pieces; -art.SD374 Echidna nebulosa / fish moray (roz.L) -15sht, cargo and fish samye zhyvamorska as well znah odytsya kamatoznomu in a state packed in cardboard boxes, foam and Thermoboxes, double politylenovi packages from which niyeyi storonyzapayani, on the other head related to the node or sealed, containing 30% of the marine drive 70% oxygen. Pressure in the sulfur melons package meets or atmospheric nyzhche.Vyrobnyk: SILVER DOLLAR AQUARIUM (PVT) LTD. "SRI LANKA0UA1251001.2371539.290955
11/Apr/201739269097901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials not sheet Cast: art. 57921499 - DUNA FUN hamster cage for plastic 55h47h37,5sm -2 shtart. 57932599 - COMBI 2 House for rodents plastic 70h29,5h22,5sm -2 shtart. 60023099 - GEO EXTRA LARGE Aquarium layer. d / fish and amphibians 35,6h23,4h22,8sm (11l) -4 shtart. 60024099 - GEO MAXI Aquarium layer. d / fish and amphibians 35,6h23,4h22,8sm (11l) -4 shtart. 70202921 - SIESTA DELUXE 2 bed d / plastic animals. silver 49h36h17,5sm -4 shtart. 70206925 - SIESTA DELUXE sleeps 6 d / plastic animals. Son 70,5h52h23,5sm -10 shtart. 70208917 - SIESTA DELUXE 8 bed d / plastic animals. Bronze 82h59,5h25sm -10 shtart. 70208921 - SIESTA DELUXE 8 bed d / plastic animals. silver. 82h59,5h25sm -10 shtart. 70208925 - SIESTA DELUXE 8 bed d / plastic animals. blue 82h59,5h25sm -10 shtart. 73011021 - ATLAS 40 cell plastic. Animal 68h49h45,5sm -20 shtart. 73049021 - ATLAS CLASSIC 50 cell plastic stick. Animal 81h55,5h58sm -12 shtart. 73110021 - ATLAS CAR MAXI plastic cage. animal in the car 100h80h71sm shtart -1. 84840099 - FPI 4840 Tunnel for ferret plastic, transparent, d.10,5h29sm -6 shtart. 84898021 - FPI 4898 ferret Ladders for Plastic, gray, 38,5h14h1,6sm -8 shtart. 93245021 - L373 plastic corner shelf for ferret, gray, 38h38h3sm -5 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production ITITALY0UA101070244.721529.039153
11/Apr/20179507900000"1.Goods for pets: nets for fish: art 69003017 - BLU 9003 black sack for aquarium 3" "/ 7.5х32 cm -6 staff. 69005017 - BLU 9005 black sack for aquarium 5" "/ 12х38cm -6 pcs. Trademark Ferplast Producer of Ferplast SpA produced by CN. "CHINA0UA1010700.517.298787398
06/Apr/20179507900000"1.Sachky fish, plastic in stock: Net for aquariums, small, Tetra FN Fish-Net, 724440, art.00724440-432sht, Fish Net Tetra L, 724,464, art.00724464-144sht, Net algae, 268630, art.00268630-12sht, fish Net, 268647, art.00268647-12sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TETRAVyrobnyk Tetra GmbH. "CHINA0UA80717028.116218.7424248
06/Apr/20177013990000"1.Vyroby glass aquarium made of lead crystal not in stock Aquarium for gray rooster Tetra Betta Bowl, 193949, art.00193949-24sht, Aquarium cock for white Tetra Betta Bubble white, 206724, art.00206724- 24sht; Aquarium for cock, Tetra Betta Ring, 245624, art.00245624-48sht, rooster and Aquarium for goldfish Tetra Cascade Globe 6,8 liters, 211,827, art.00211827-36sht, Aquarium, white Tetra Cascade Globe Aquarium white, 238909 , art.00238909-30sht, Aquarium, white Tetra Cascade Globe Aquarium bordeaux, 259720, art.00259720-24sht, Aquarium, green Tetra Cascade Globe Aquarium, 256620, art.00256620-24sht, Aquarium Tetra Silhouette LED Tank, 246256, art. 00246256-12sht, Aquarium Tetra Starter Line Tank LED pm rnyy 54 l, 256,989, art.00256989-6sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TETRAVyrobnyk Tetra GmbH. "CHINA228UA807170344.964769.2695466
06/Apr/20173926909290"1.Vyroby plastic fish made of sheet material, in the range Aquarium Betta Projector White, 258938, art.00258938-72sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TETRAVyrobnyk Tetra GmbH."CHINA0UA80717043.2125.7119295
03/Apr/2017301110000"1.Zhyva ornamental freshwater aquarium fish: BT-0004 code BETTA SPLENDENS (LONG FIN ASSORTED FIGHTING FISH) Siamese size XL - 2300 pcs, code CB-3002 HYPOSTOMUS PLECOSTOMUS (ASSORTED SUCKING CATS) plekastomus assorted size 5.0 cm - 80 pcs ; code SH-0122 BALANTIOCHEILOS MELANOPTERUS (sILVER sHARK) silver shark ball, size 4.0 cm - 300 pcs, code CB-2002 PANGASIUS SUTCHI (PANGASIUS) shark catfish, size 3.5 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0002 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED FANTAIL gOLDFISH) goldfish red, size 4.0 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0822 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED & wHITE oRANDA) goldfish red and white oranda, size 7.5 cm - 40 pcs, code GG-0036 BETTA SPLENDENS ( bLACK MOOR) black wall, size 4.0 cm - 70 pcs, code CB-0023 KRYPTOPTERUS BICIRRHIS (THAILAND GLASS CATFISH) ayilandskyy glass catfish, size ML / 1.75 "" - 120 pieces; code OO-0641 GYRINOCHEILOS AYMONIERI (ALBINO GOLDEN ALGAE EATER- (SEA)) herinoherius (vodorostiyid) size SM / 1.7 "" - 500 pieces; code LK-0081 ACANTHOPTHALMUS MYSERI (THAI GIANT KUHLI LOACH) acanthus ftalmus minuscule size XL - 60 pieces; OO-code 1038 COLOSSOMA MACROPOMUM (PACU) pacu brown, size 4.5 cm - 90 pieces; code BR-0340 CARINOTETRAODON LORTERI (YELLOW PUFFER) karlikovyy tetradon yellow, size M - 600 pieces; LK-0718 code MYXOCYPRINUS ASIATICUS (HI FIN LOACH-SEASONAL) sailboat (miksotsypryn, catostomus Chinese), size 5.6 cm - 38 pieces; code BR-0004 TETRAODON NICROVIRIDIS (GREEN PUFFER) tetradon spotted green, size ML / 1.75-2 "" - 80 pc; Code SF-0585 PHRACTOCEPHALUS HEMILIOPTERUS (RED TAIL CATFISH) fraktotsefalus (chervonohvostyy catfish), size 3.5-4 cm - 50 pieces; Code CC-3630 CICHLA OCELLARIS (EMPEROR CICHLA OCELLARIS) cichlid strichechna otselyaris size SM - 13 pieces; RA-0390 code RASBORA ESPEI rasbora espeyi - 150 pieces; code SH-0062 EPALZEORHYNCHOS FRENATUS (ASSORTED RAINBOW SHARK) epaltseorhinchos frenatus (Rainbow assorted shark), measuring 4 cm - 100 pieces; OO-code 0704 CHANA MICROPELTES (RED SNAKE HEAD) zmiyiholov chervonoholovyy black with yellow stripes, size L / 7.5 "" - 40 pc; OO-code 1007 IRIATHERINA WERNERI (THREAD / LONG FIN CELEBE RAINBOW) iriaterina Werner, size M - 80 pieces; code BR-0052 MONODACTYLUS ARGENTEUS (SEA ANGEL / MONO) angelfish (silver swallow), size 4.0 cm - 60 pieces; Code AA-0629 PTEROPHYLLUM SCALARE (MIXED ANGEL) skalyariya normal size L - 25 pieces; OO-code 0181 BRACHYGOBIUS DORIAE (BUMBLE BEE GOBY) brahihobius (bull bee), the size SM - 400 pieces; OO-code 2122 CHANDA RANGA (COLOUR GLASS ANGEL (ASSORTED)) fabrovanyy glass perch, size L - 60 pieces; LK-0187 code BOTIA MODESTA (RED TAIL BOTIA) side Modest size M - 35 pieces; OO-code 1171 OSTEOGLOSSUM BICIRRHOSUM (SILVER AROWANA) Arovana black, size 7.5 cm - 15 pieces; Code SF-3026 POLYPTERUS SENEGALUS Senegalese polipterus size 2 '' - 90 units; OO-code 0310 DERMOGENYS PUSILLUS (ALBINO HALF BREAK) dermohenis Albino poluryl size M - 200 pieces; LK-0143 code ACANTHOPSIS CHOIRORHYNCHUS (LONG NOSE LOACH) Akantopsis loshadeholovyy size ML / 6.5 cm - 50 pieces; OO-code 0980 ATYOPSIS MOLUCCENSIS (MOUNTAIN SHRIMP / ROCK SHRIMP) Akantopsis lo "THAILAND0UA1251001.67833.1441955
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Fish Aquarium Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fish Aquarium Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Куліков Євген Георгійович
Importer Address
09443, Київ. обл., Ставищенський р-н, с. Розумниця, вул. Жовтнева, буд. 3
Product Description
1. Live freshwater decorative aquarium fish (aquac.........
HS Code 301110000Value 1596.249875
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3.13
Origin Country THAILAND

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