Ukraine Import Data of Finishing Chemical | Ukraine Import Statistics of Finishing Chemical

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of finishing chemical collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of finishing chemical imports.

Finishing Chemical Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Finishing Chemical

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20176104430000"1. Two-component COVERAGE:" "HELIOS 2K primers E-ZP SIVI" "- 1980,00L (132 MET. YEMN.MISTK.PO 15L each), ART.№41853606. IS a two-component coating, used in the system refinishing AS primers When painting steel structures, surfaces vEHICLES AND UNITS OF MACHINES and components that require high corrosion protection, chemical and mechanical durability of the coating. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: PLIVKOUTVORYUVACH based on epoxy resin (10-25%), xylene (10- 25%), butanol (2.5-10%), salt POLIAMINAMIDNA (over 0.5%), talc (10-20%), pigments (in OSU INCLUDING zinc oxide (2.5-10%), TRYTSYNKOVYY bis (orthophosphate) (2.5-10%)) and fillers (25-50%), other additives / impurities. JOINT PRODUCTION: Liquid. (NOT in aerosol PACKAGING FOR MEDICAL DEVICES NOT). PRODUCER: "" HELIOS TOVARNA BARV, LAKOV IN UMETNIH SMOL KOLICEVO DOO "", Slovenia. TRADEMARK "" HELIOS "". Country of origin, SI.. "TURKEY52UA10011010.97190.1482001 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20176211329000"1" "E hardeners" "- 496,80L (108 MET. YEMN. UPAK.V 36 cards. Boxes), ART.№40919004. IS THE BASIS FOR hardeners POLIAMINOAMIDNYH matrix and organic solvents. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: POLIAMIONAMID (40-50%), xylene (25-50%), butanol (10-25%), other additives / impurities. FUNCTION: hardeners in two-component system refinishing. (NOT in aerosol packaging, not for medical purposes). "" hardener 2K PUR "" - 496,80L (108 MET.YEMN. UPAK.V 27 cards. boxes), ART.№40974504. is a solution of isocyanate resin in organic solvents. used HOW hardeners in two-component system refinishing. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: ALYFATYCHNYY polyisocyanate (25-50%), 3-METOKSIBUTYL acetate (2.5-10%), 2-methoxy-1 methylethyl acetate (10-25%), 2 BUTOKSIETYL acetate (10-25%), N-butyl acetate (25-50%), solvent-NAFTA, light aromatic (2.5-10%), xylene (2.5-10%). (NOT in aerosol packaging, not FOR MEDICAL DEVICES) .VYROBNYK Product: "" HELIOS TOVARNA BARV, LAKOV IN UMET NIH SMOL KOLICEVO DOO ""., Slovenia. TRADEMARK "" HELIOS "". Country of SLOVENIA, SI. "CHINA0UA1001201.1997.27682643
21/Apr/201732141090901.Shpaklivka designed for use in refinishing cars neaerozolna packaging: -art.2-120-1800 2K polyester putty Soft 1,8 kg, complete with 360-hardener composition unit hazardous substances washing ln10-25% barite (sulfate bars) 5-15% -art.2-140-1800 2K polyester putty steklovoloknystaya Glas 1,8 kg of hardener vkomplekti 360-piece composition hazardous substances, styrene 10-25% barite (sulfate bars) 5-25% -art.2-170-1000 2K polyester putty with glass fiber Glas & Soft (1 kg) with hardener vkomplekti-38 unit structure ebezpechnyh Mr. substances: Styrene 10-25% barite (barium sulfate) 5-25 % -art.2-200-1800 2K polyester putty for zincked. and alu. Multi 1,8kh surfaces, complete with hardener 60-piece composition hazardous substances styrol12,5-20% barite (sulfate bars) 5-25% Trademark: CAR FitVyrobnyk: Chemical Alliance Polska Sp.zooKrayina production: PL.POLAND0UA1001101587.253948.577954
20/Apr/20173906909000"1. The aqueous emulsion polymers based on acrylic acid, do not form IONITIVTA used in the process neutralization and DODUBLENNYA SKIN: -BINDER AP 300 (2 P / ET barrels H60KH = = 120kg). CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Dry AKRYLOVYHPOLIMERIV, polyacrylamide and salts of acrylic acid WITHOUT CONTENT INSCHYH HIMICHNYHHRUP - 40% demineralized Water - 55% butyl glycol - 5%. company manufacturers "" OZOMKIMYA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI "", (TR). TRADEMARK "" ARCENCIELFINISHING "".. "TURKEY0UA504070120402.0385647
19/Apr/20173403910000"1 mixtures, which are used as industrial raw materials, auxiliary materials for the chemical fiber industry, trade name FASAVIN CF 64 - 2100,0kh. Zhovtovatoho color liquid does not contain aliphatic hydrocarbons (oil). It is used as a finishing textiles. Not aerosol packaging. A brief description of the use of, information ( "" Yzvesten klassycheskyy method of obtaining polypropylenovыh nytey IZ melt (Brief hymycheskaya Encyclopedia. M .: Sovetskaya Encyclopedia, 1965 V.4, s.202) According Kotor IZ polypropylene hopper podayut a cylinder extruder, where the screw on transportyruetsya for Exit. At this at the expense of external obohreva hranulы plavyatsya, and melt homohenyzyruetsya. podayut melt screw for fyleram, kotoryya ymeyut otverstyya diameter 0 , 25-0,50 mm. Struyky melt, vыhodyaschye IZ fyler, ohlazhdayutsya vozdushnoy in the mine or in the bath with water. in svezhesformovannыe whining nanosyat el zamaslyvat in the amount of 1% of the mass. and namatыvayut s bobynu to co skorostyu 100-1000 m / min. Zatem svezhesformovannыe whining podverhayut oryentatsyonnomu vыtyahyvanyyu at 100-140 ° C in air environment, water vapor or burning on the surface with multiplicity vыtyahyvanyya from 3 to 10. Vыtyanutыe whining termofyksyruyut at 100-110 ° C. In hotovыe whining nanosyat zamaslyvatel in the amount of 0.5% mass. and namatыvayut s on bobynu. "" "GERMANY0UA11015021006000.621569
18/Apr/201734029010001.Poverhnevo-active agents intended for finishing textiles after dyeing: LOCANIT S - 2420khsklad: anionoaktyvni polyacrylic acid in an aqueous solution free of auxiliary components and abrasive powders. Liquid yellowish-brown mark koloru.Torhovelna LocanitVyrobnyk Pulcra Chemicals GmbH / DEnadhodyt not in aerosol containers.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA40301024204501.805121
11/Apr/20173906909000"1. The aqueous emulsion polymers based on acrylic acid, do not form IONITIVTA used in the process neutralization and DODUBLENNYA SKIN: -BINDER AP 2077 (1 P / ET BARREL H120KH = = 120kg). CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Dry AKRYLOVYHPOLIMERIV, polyacrylamide and salts of acrylic acid WITHOUT CONTENT INSCHYH HIMICHNYHHRUP - 16% demineralized Water - 77% butyl glycol - 7%. company manufacturers "" OZOMKIMYA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI "", (TR). TRADEMARK "" ARCENCIELFINISHING "".. "TURKEY0UA504070120345.7615814
11/Apr/20173204120090"1. Water-soluble Acid dyes used for dyeing leather, TANADHODYAT not in aerosol packaging: -BETANIL BLACK R (2 P / ET barrels H30KH = = 60kg), LIQUID. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: SUMISHMETALOKOMPLEKSNYH DYES bipolar solvent soluble NOT MISTYATPOLIMERIV . acid dyes: from 15% to 20% solvent -ORHANICHNYY: from 50% to 75% -water: from 25% to 50%. company manufacturers "" OZOM KIMYA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITEDSIRKETI "", (TR). TRADEMARK "" ARCENCIEL FINISHING "".. "TURKEY0UA50407060434.9517386
07/Apr/201748025620001. HP Office CHP110 Paper, HP Printing CHP210 for office equipment, non-cryogenised, used for writing, printing or other graphic purposes, without the contents of fibers obtained by mechanical or chemical-mechanical means, not calendered, not supercooled, not felted, without the same finishing, Without watermark, not multilayer, bleached cellulose, without patterns and colors, not embossed, without embossing, without embossed and printed drawings, uncorreated surface, with density: HP Office CHP110, HP Printing CHP210 - 80g / m.v., with a thickness of 106,108 microns respectively Rum In sheets A4 format, the size of 239 * 297 mm. .POLAND0UA2091402250018782.37295
06/Apr/201734039100001.Produktsiya chemical industry. Lubricants: --zasoby for maslyanoyiabo fat Textile finishing Leomin LS-N lig 0120 - a special tool forobtaining and processing of fibers containing component and zamaslyuyuchyy polihlikolevyyefir fatty acid product 16352214129, party 2601NP5104, 240 kg net weight 2 n / edizhky wrapping neaerozolna . .FRANCE0UA1251802401063.528756
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Finishing Chemical Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Finishing Chemical Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕМА МОДА ЮКРЕЙН"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Антоновича, буд.176, офіс 101. Україна.
Exporter Name LC Waikiki Magazacilik Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S.
Product Description
"1. Two-component COVERAGE:" "HELIOS 2K primers E-.........
HS Code 6104430000Value 190.1482001
Quantity 52Unit UA100110
Net Weight 10.97
Origin Country TURKEY

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