Ukraine Import Data of Film Roll | Ukraine Import Statistics of Film Roll

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of film roll collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of film roll imports.

Film Roll Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Film Roll

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of film roll. Get Ukraine trade data of Film Roll imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivka dvohosnooriyentovana polypropylene (biaksealnooriyentovana) BOPP, non-porous, not reinforced, nesharuvata clear, without images and inscriptions without substrate nor zyednana anolohichnym way with other materials, the thickness in mm: BOPP CH 0,020h1060 - 203.5 kg; BOPP CH 0,020h600 - 139.1 kg CH 0,020h700 BOPP - 298 kg CH BOPP 0,020h760 - 365.6 kg CH BOPP 0,020h800 - 548.4 kg CH BOPP 0,020h900 - 1958.3 kg CH BOPP 0,025h700 - 1400.8 kg CH BOPP 0,025h740 - 747.5 kg CH BOPP 0,025h880 - 306.2 kg BOPP 0,040h1000 CH - 3073 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1040 - 205.8 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1120 - 394.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1140 - 627.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h640 - 1876.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h700 - 291.6 kg B OPP CH 0,040h740 - 310.1 kg CH BOPP 0,040h760 - 316.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h840 - 789.2 kg BOPP 0,040h960 CH - 1548 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h1200 - 2061.2 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h600 - 500.2 kh.Sfera use: for food packaging and clothing and other light industrial products, and receiving combined plivochnyh materials. Pa forging, wooden pallets in obreshittsi, rolls, spool for winding a roll of film. Manufacturer: OAO "" Mogilevkhimvolokno "" Country of origin: BY. "BELARUS0UA10215017962.127469.23756 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739151000001.Vidhody film formed from own production of female sanitary pads, mixed (unsorted) supply of scrap sanitary pads: Film (upper wrapper) FORMED, roll width 168 mm, roll diameter 107 cm H31681.Zmishani not sorted. Resource number: 99090729. Weight 253.817 kg. Bulk. Country of origin: UA.Torhovelna Brand: Not available. .UKRAINE0UA125030253.817295.5107579
28/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivky propylene polymer thickness not exceeding 0,10mm, biaksealnooriyentova non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined and not poyednanipodibnym Method ohms with other materials in rolls, film thickness measured vmikronah width in mm.-Biaxplen HGPL TU 2245- 003-70378591-2015 35h830-1627,30kh.-Biaxplen HMIL.M TU 2245-002-70378591- 2016 20h1100-2591,40kh.-Biaxplen PGA TU 2245-003-70378591-2015 32x800-1984,60kh., 32x1200- 2965,00kh., 32x500-1569,00kh., 32x600-2955,20kh., 40x600-2245,30kh., 40x700-635,00kh., 40x500-2034,80kh. 120 rolls of film wound on a spool mounted on chipboard rozporkyiz packed in shrink production plivkuKrayina RU products. O OO "" BYAKSPLEN "" Trademark Biaxplen. "RUSSIA0UA10011018607.628964.28229
28/Apr/201784201030001. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is a roller (roller) machine for use in paper and printing promyslovostidlya coating paper (paper plastic lamination). Laminatsiyazdiysnyuyetsya paper and passing the heated film through laminuyuchoyi valy.Potuzhnist - 1400 watts. Warm-up time - 5.10 min. The temperature of the upper shaft - do60S. Shaft diameter - 110 mm. Includes: CD with drivers USBprovid, power cable, instruction manual and warranty lyst.Torhivelna Brand: MEFU.Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU MEFU CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1001103803572.050464
28/Apr/201772107080001.Prokat flat coils of carbon, alloy steel, cold rolled, galvanized, coated by immersion in molten zinc, steel hladkyy.Konstruktsiyna S280GD Z275 M-VEN10346: 2015, chemical passivation, coating PURAL 0300 G40,50UM / EPOXY4211G35, I2UM, color 029 red color inside of the protective film siryypokryta 018, EN 10204 / 2.21.0h1250mm-2476 sq.m. .FINLAND0UA8060101937023573.68653
28/Apr/201739204390901.Nearmovana waterproofing film (memb wound) nesharuvata unlined tanepoye dnana similar way with other mat-based Lama plastyfikovanohopolivi nilhlorydu content softener 27.32%. (Without drawing, stamping) 57390Sikaplan WP 1100-15HL (Sikaplan-9.6 yellow) Roll 2.20 x 20.00m -40sht (1760m2) Manufacturer SIKA SUPPLY CENTER AGKrayina production - CH.Torhovelna brand Sika. .SWITZERLAND0UA1001303423.28864.985656
28/Apr/201739191015001. Tape self-adhesive products of polyaddition-polypropylene rolls Roll width 2.5 cm. no image for pens: LOGO tape 25mm x 6,500 m - 0,066mm thick film (with adhesive coating nevulkanizovanoho synthetic rubber). .ISRAEL0UA20914015608118.68375
28/Apr/201739211900001.Plivka microporous polyethylene filled with calcium carbonate, without images, without pressure, without kleykohosharu in rolls for food packaging: FPO BF236 Film60mkmx960mm White-5687kh.FPO BF236 Film60mkmx1120mm White-2628kh.FPO BF236 Film60mkmx1040mm White-2489kh.FPO BF236 Film60mkmx1000mm White-4144kh.Torhivelna mark - FPO.Vyrob.- RKW SWEDEN AB Country of-SE. .SWEDEN0UA1000801796838654.13091
28/Apr/20179503004900"1.Ihrashky as animals or other creatures: Toy Mask Series '' Avengers '' in stock art.B9945-72sht, pony figurine series '' MLP My Little Pony," "a platter. Art.A8330-480sht; Toy-figure collectible pony "" Princess "," series "," MLP-My little pony: Keepers of Harmony "," a platter. art.B6327-30sht, figurine troll "series" Trolls "" a platter. art.B6554- 720sht, Toy mask Series "" Spider-Man "," plastic + fabric art.B9694-42sht; toy - a figure of the hero of the film '' Spider-Man '' series '' Titans '': Electronic art.C0701-24sht thief; Toy - Transformer series "" Turbo Chendzhers "" movie, "" Transformer and 5 "" Mini Titan art.C0882-1200sht, Producer "" Hasbro SA "(the factory" Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) trademark HASBRO, Country of origin CN;."CHINA0UA10012077.5325476.098803
28/Apr/20177019590000"1. fiberglass products, fiberglass mesh for use in civil engineering, as: Reinforcing materials for plastering and painting operations, in rolls measuring 1m * 50m. In coils wound on tubes, film wrapped, packed 1450 packages. Total 2,900 rolls. Manufacturer: SAN HE XING SHUO INDUSTRY LIMITED, trademark "" Fasaden Pro "", "" Fiberglass "", "" Flex "". Country of origin CN.. "CHINA0UA5000301847018470.00011
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ з ІІ ""БНХ Україна"""
Importer Address
02002, м. Київ, вул. Луначарського, 4 (літера А), Україна
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Могилевхимволокно"""
Product Description
"1.Plivka dvohosnooriyentovana polypropylene (biak.........
HS Code 3920202100Value 27469.23756
Quantity 0Unit UA102150
Net Weight 17962.1
Origin Country BELARUS

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