Ukraine Import Data of Film Foam | Ukraine Import Statistics of Film Foam

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of film foam collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of film foam imports.

Film Foam Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Film Foam

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173921909000"1.Lysty from polymers of ethylene, as hnuchnoyi nesamokleynoyi translucent, colorless, porous (cellular) polymer film (sheet), single-layer, rectangular 10mm thick without reinforcing layers or other material used for packing and sealing during transportation of finished production for own production needs: 350 * 250 * 40mm, model ESD foam model 1410786 350 * 250 * 40mm (pink) -12sht, size 350 * 250 * 10mm, model ESD foam model 1410787 350 * 250 * 10mm (pink) - 12p, origin: Hungary. "HUNGARY0UA3051801.943.92038357 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173209100000"1. Products FS 10-634 SD PERLGLANZ FOLCO-AQUASCREEN FS 10 is designed for decorating the wallpaper in the form HOMOGENEOUS LIQUID opaque yellowish white with a pearly sheen. Composition is an aqueous dispersion VINILATSETATNOHO copolymers (film-forming pigments) AND finely ground mica, titanium dioxide (pearlescent pigments) dispersed in water using surface-active substances 584KH.PRODUKT FT 6070/1 GOLDGLIMMER FOLCO AQUAFLEX FT - INTENDED FOR DECORATION wallpaper, as a semi-transparent HOMOGENEOUS "" YAZKOYI LIQUID brilliantly golden color. composition M is an aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer (polymethacrylate) -10-60%, WHICH CONTAINS polyethylene glycol, cellulose ethers, special additives (defoamers, waxes, thickeners) -240KH. The product contains pearlescent pigments (titanium dioxide) .TORHIVELNA MARK "" FOLCO "" .FIRMA PRODUCER "" FOLLMANN GMBH & CO.KG "". Country of origin, Germany (DE).. "GERMANY0UA2060708345314.58795
27/Apr/201739011090001.POLIMER low density ethylene MARK BRALEN PLUS FB 2-16 in its original form as a colorless translucent granules are free of applications, density at 23HRAD.S TEMPERATURE IS 0.924 g / sm.kub., Used to produce packaging materials, film thickness TO 0.10MM are suitable for contact with food, can be used for foamed sheet. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA2060102200029434.49509
27/Apr/201739191012001.Plivky self-adhesive, in rolls of a width not exceeding 20 cm, with polivinilhloryduabo polyethylene. Film clerical self-adhesive double rolls: 10 mm * 12 yd art.580168-29kor. (4176sht) 10 * 18 mm yard art.580169-18kor. (1728sht) 10 * 38 mm yard art.770001-169kor. (8112sht) 10 * 48 mm yard art.770002-96kor. (3456sht) self-adhesive film clerical Foamed double coils: 10 * 12 yd mmart.770011-10kor. (576sht) 10 * 24 mm yard art.770010-10kor. ( 2880sht) Plivkakantselyarska Foamed double self-adhesive coils: 2 m * 18 mmart.770012-44kor. (4224sht) 2 m * 12 mm art.770013-4kor. (1008sht) 2 m * 24 mmart.770016-14kor. (1440sht) film clerical self-adhesive rolls 10 * 12mm art.770009-11kor yard. / 17280sht yard 10 * 12 mm art.580140-24kor. (7920sht) 20 * 12 mm yard art.580134-26kor. / 18720sht 25 * 12 mm yard art .770003-14kor.10080sht yard 30 * 12 mm art.580137-21kor. / 15120sht yard 10 * 18 mm art.580141-10kor. (7200sht) 20 * 18 mm yard art.580135-10kor. (4800sh t) 25 * 18 mm yard art.770004-13kor. (6240sht) 30yar f * 18mm art.580138-11kor. (5280sht) 10 * 24 mm yard art.580142-19kor. (6840sht) 20 * 24 mm yard art .580136-19kor. (6840sht) 30 * 24 yd mmart.580139-10kor. (3600sht) Trademark: LEOKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: TOP STATIONERY COMPANY LLPCHINA0UA10011027105257.409903
26/Apr/201734022090001.Syntetychni chystyachizasoby liquid detergents and packaged for retail sale for cars and vehicles inshyhtransportnyh not contain ozone-depleting substances in aerosol packaging: Carburetor cleaner (syntetychnaformula aerosol) to 510 ml / CARBCLEANER SYNTHETIC (132 pieces, 12 pieces. Rebuke .) Art.HG3121-11kart.kor.Ochyschuvach carburetor (aerosol) at 312 g / CARB CLEANER (144 pieces, 12 pieces. rebuke.) Art.HG3201-12kart.kor. Cleaner induction system for gasoline engines zupryskuvannyam fuel to 312 g / THROTTLE BODY CLEANER (132 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG3247-11kart.kor. Foam cleaner and stain remover (spray) at 340 g / SUPER STUFF FOAM CLEANER STAIN REMOVER (684 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG5200-57kart.kor. Foam cleaner and stain remover (spray) at 623 g / SUPER STUFF FOAM CLEANER STAIN REMOVER (228 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG5202-19kart.kor. Dry cleaning, aerosol 500 g / DRY CLEAN STANREMOVER ODOR ELIMINATOR (240 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG5204-20kart.kor.Ochyschuvach Conde tsioner for skin spray 500 g / LEATHER LUX LEATHER CLEANERCONDITIONER ( 504 pieces, 12 pieces. In corr.) Art.HG5217-42kart.kor. Cleaner engine idetaley (with tube extension) to 453 g / ENGINE & PARTS CLEANER CLASSIC (84sht, 12 pcs. In corr.) Art.HG5381-7kart.kor. Glass cleaner (aerosol) 500 g / CLEAR & CLEAN FILM REMOVER GLASS CLEANER (108 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG5622-9kart.kor. Cleaner body spray to 340 g / BUG BUSTER BUG & TARCLEANER (564 units, 12 units. In corr.) Art.HG5625-47kart.kor.Krayina production USVyrobnyk HI-GEAR PRODUCTS Inc.Torhovelna brand Hi-GearUNITED STATES0UA10011012042817.360067
18/Apr/20173919101500"1.Strichka samoskleyuvalna polypropylene, painting urulonah: Tape-sided * 770 * 48mmh5m on PP-film 48sht. Art.0310-700550, double-sided tape * 770 * 48mmh25m on PP film; Tape-based foam * 478 * 19mmh5m, Tape DUCT * 211 * 48mmh50m -24sht. art.0330-115048, Adhesive tape, 19mmh20m, black; Adhesive tape , 19mmh10m, blue -240sht. art.0360-271019, tape al.koliru * 542 * 48mm x 33m -24sht. art.0390-423348, tape corner, 50mmh30m with nakleyinymy strips al.koliru -24sht. art.0390 -443050, Country of CN trademark KAEM Manufacturer KAEM Sp.z oo. "CHINA0UA100010105.72531.976322
18/Apr/20173208201090"1 Defoamers free of silicone-based solvent or without solvent for paints systems: - BYK-052 N -20kh. (Bucket / 20kg) is a solution of acrylic polymer in organic solvents (uaytspirit-71% butilovyy hlykolevoyi acid ester 8 % butylhlikol 1%) free of fillers, dyes and pigments. Type of film forming polymer polyacrylate. used in industrial automotive, architectural coatings, as well as a standard antifoam for non-aqueous coatings. Manufacturer: BYK-Chemie GmbH; trade mark: BYK; Country of NL;. "NETHERLANDS0UA10007020141.8041092
15/Apr/201739219090001.Lysty from polymers of ethylene, as hnuchnoyi nesamokleynoyi translucent, colorless, porous (cellular) polymer film (sheet), single-layer, rectangular shape, with no images and / or print thickness 105mm without reinforcing layers or other material used for packaging and compaction during transport of finished products for their own production needs: size (660x695mm): PE foam GN-0262-1 -10sht .. Reference: PACK-0605Torhovelna mark: Harona. Manufacturer: Harona .sro. . Country of origin: Slovakia. Origin: Slovakia.SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA30518010171.7899083
14/Apr/201739211900001.Lysty from polymers of ethylene, in the form of flexible nesamokleynoyi, colorless, porous (cellular) polymer film (sheet) rectangular, thickness 2.5 mm without reinforcing layers or other material that vykorystovuyetsya to seal the finished products of telecommunication systems for its own production needs, size: 570h480mm: Product model H1018751 Pack-0296 ESD FOAM FOR PCBA-200sht.,. Country of origin: Hungary.HUNGARY0UA3051805.452.64662734
13/Apr/201739211200001. porous plates with foam PVC, white, without drawing and stamping, bezpoliruvannya covered with protective film on one side size: JT-PVC10 * 1220 * 3000mm -30lystivTorhivelna Brand: No danyhVyrobnyk: Jutu International LTDKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA500010549652.9299306
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Film Foam Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Film Foam Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Джейбіл Сьоркіт Юкрейн Лімітед"""
Importer Address
89424,Закарпат.обл.,Ужгород.р-н,с.Розівка,вул.Концівська,40 Україна
Exporter Name Jabil Hungary LP LLC
Product Description
"1.Lysty from polymers of ethylene, as hnuchnoyi n.........
HS Code 3921909000Value 43.92038357
Quantity 0Unit UA305180
Net Weight 1.9
Origin Country HUNGARY

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