Ukraine Import Data of Fiber Resin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fiber Resin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of fiber resin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of fiber resin imports.

Fiber Resin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Fiber Resin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of fiber resin. Get Ukraine trade data of Fiber Resin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739172900901. Pipes seamless, non-pressure, sewage from complex polyester resins, reinforced with fiberglass: HOBAS DN1600 mm (DA1638) PN1 tube, ring stiffness SN5000 N / m2, pipe diameter 1638 mm, plastic sleeve, length of pipe - 8.99 pog.m, pipe HOBAS DN1600 mm (DA1638) PN1, ring stiffness SN5000 N / m2, pipe diameter 1638 mm, steel fittings, length of pipe - 3.00 rpm .POLAND0UA2091404210.5311798.51777 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201739172900901. seamless pipes, free-flow, sewer complex with polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass, pipes HOBAS DN1600 mm (DA1638) PN1, ring stiffness SN5000 N / m2, the pipe diameter 1638 mm, with plastic coupling, pipe length - 12.00 running meters .POLAND0UA2091404214.0411670.9948
28/Apr/20177019319000"1.Vyroby (have) a glass fiber rolls. They consist of randomly nyhsklovolokon A seat are impregnated called" "yazuval Noah matter. Poliefir- used dlyavyrobiv of these resins as a reinforcing material.."CHINA0UA2091801735523779.65003
28/Apr/20174411149000"1.Paneli floor made of laminated fiberboard serednoyihustyny ​​HDF (on the" "dry mode" ") that contain resistant film doznoshuvannya high density arm of Old paper layer (prosochenohomelaminovoyu resin) coated onhim pattern, with rectangular formyobrobleni usihbokiv with grooves for mounting tashpuntom (system-lock). Class 32. Collection EXGUISITE durability conversation. 1285 * 186 * 9mm.: art.3070-3589 EXQU 03,589 LIMED OAK- 93,692m2, art.3070-3013 EXQU 03013 HONEY OAK - 93,692m2, art. 3070-3732 EXQU03732 MEDITERRANEAN PINE - 93,692m2, art. EXQU 62,000,091 03,354 TULIP OAK- 93,692m2.Torhivelna mark - BERRYALLOC.Vyrobnyk - BERRYALLOC.Krayina production - BE.. "BELGIUM3744UA20502031363102.932634
28/Apr/20174411139000"1.Paneli floor made of laminated fiberboard serednoyihustyny ​​HDF (on the" "dry mode" ") that contain resistant film doznoshuvannya high-density reinforcing layer paper (prosochenohomelaminovoyu resin) coated with it a pattern, rectangular treated zusih sides, and by tongue with grooves for mounting (system-lock). Klasznosostiykosti 32. Collection CHIC, swing. 1288 * 152.4 * 8mm CHIC 03298CINNAMON art.62000212 .: OAK- 105,997m2, art.62000205 CHIC 03360 CRETE OAK- 105,997 m2 art.62000208 CHIC 03315 LEMON OAK- 105,997m2, Collection TRENDLINE GROOVY, swing. 1285 * 186 * 8mm .: art. 62000480 TRGR06001 VERDI OAK- 240,922m2, art. TRGR 62000481 06009 CAMBRIDGE OAK- 361,383m2, art. TRGR 06010 62000482 LONDON OAK- 120,461m2, art. TRGR 62,000,498 06,018 PUCCINI OAK- 120,461m2, art. TRGR 62000495 06015 CORSICA OAK- 361,383m2, art . TRGR 62000475 06008 POPPY OAK- 120,461m2, art. TRGR 62000474 06007 ROSE OAK- 120,461m2, Collection CHAT, conversation. 504 * 84 * 8mm art.62000584 CHAT A .: 03 362CHESTNUT WHITE- 97,542m2, art.62000589 CHAT B 03362 CHESTNUT WHITE- 97,542m2, art.62000330 CHAT B 03,636 TEAK- 48,771m2, art.62000285 CHAT A 03,636 TEAK- 48,771m2.Torhivelna mark - BERRYALLOC.Vyrobnyk - BERRYALLOC.Krayina production - BE. "BELGIUM18089UA20502014385.614536.79013
27/Apr/20176815990000"1.Vohnetryvki nevypaleni of products made of ki-called" "related polyester resins, glasses -ekzotermychni: OBG 4 + cap - 1296sht, OBG 5 + cap - 600sht, OBG 6 + cap - 340sht, OBG 7 + cap - 125sht, OBG 8 + cover - 270sht, BGK 0 + cover -2800sht (him.sklad: Fenolformaldehydna resin -1- 6% Al, 10-30% fiber-Alyumosylikatnesklo 10-30% potassium fluoride alyuminiya- <= 3% Dioxide marhantsa- <= 4%, aluminum silicate, 20-30% Hematite <= 4%) - ekzotermychni glasses: KBG 11 / 14- 330sht (him.sklad: Al, 10-30%, 10-30% Alyumosylikatnesklo volokno- , potassium fluoride alyuminiya- <= 3% marhantsa- dioxide <= 15%, 20-30% Alyumosylikat-) Manufacturer Sukurova Kimya Endustrisi AS country whirlpool bnytstva - TRTorhovelna mark - SukurovaKimya. "TURKEY0UA11208040289217.161342
26/Apr/20173917290090"1.Truby plastics, seamless, hard, manufactured by centrifugal casting of unsaturated polyester resins reinforced with continuous glass fibers and chips with the addition of quartz sand, for water system (sewer): GRP fiberglass pipes with sleeve DN800, PN6, SN10000, L = 6 m - 108m (18 pcs.) trademark SUPERLIT; The manufacturer SUPERLIT BORU SANAYI .AS.; Country of TR.. "TURKEY0UA1001101094410822.86378
26/Apr/20173921905590"1 sheet puff glass fiber produced based on epoxy resins, pressed, multi-layered, without images, without pressure, without polishing. Used for electric insulation. Civil destination. -sloyistyy mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.0.5mm 300kg-puff sheet brand glass fiber-3240-2 t.1.0mm 403kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.1.5mm 202kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.2.0mm 502kh glass fiber sheet puff-mark 3240-2 t.3.0 296kh-mm-glass fiber sheet puff brand-3240-2 t.4.0mm 199kh-puff letter ovyy brand glass fiber-3240-2 t.5.0mm 507kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.6.0mm 256kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.15.0mm 375kh glass fiber sheet puff-mark 3240-2 t. 20.0mm 593kh-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-2 t.50.0mm 2954kh-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-3 250 kg t.0.5mm-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-3 250 kg t.1.0mm-puff-th sheet brand glass fiber-3240-3 t.1.5mm 223kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-3 t.2.0mm 302kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-3 t.3.0mm 262khVyrobnyk: SHANDONG AOXING INSULAT ING MATERIALS CO., Ltd; trade mark: no data "CHINA0UA110120787417170.44813
26/Apr/20173909100000"1. The resin karbamidoformaldehidna brand KF-MH2.TU 2223-287-05800142-2011 with zm.1. Party №22.Yavlyaye a product of polycondensation of urea with formaldehyde. Looks like a homogeneous suspension white without impurities. Quality indicators: mass fraction solids - 67.4%, mass fraction of free formaldehyde - 0,21%, index of activity of hydrogen ions - 8.3 pH gelatinization time at 100 ° C - within 60 s.Vykorystovuyetsya for the manufacture of glass fiber, mineral insulation materials. ".RUSSIA0UA7020202000010683.16216
26/Apr/201739219041001. Paperosharuvatyy plastic coating (lamination) Particle boards, wood-fiber boards produced from cellulose fibers (bezvmistu mechanical fibers) impregnated melamino- and urea-formaldehyde resins with dekorovanoyupoverhneyu, form of production in the letters without stamping, bending cracks and breaks thick 0,20mm, Size, color: 2820x2080 mm - 'White' - 5000sht. 5pl. 29328.00m2. Article - 60215.2820x2080 mm - 'Oxide Vintage Oak' - 600sht. 1pl. 3519.36m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Marabella Cherry' - 500sht. 1pl. 2932.80m2. Article - 60215.2820x2080 mm - 'Ribera Walnut' - 600sht. 1pl. 3519.36m2. Article - 60215.2820x2080 mm - 'Oxide Vintage Oak' - 830sht. 1pl. 4868.45m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Stone Oak' - 2100sht. 2PL. 12317.76m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Royal Blue' - 1800sht. 2PL. 10558.08m2. Article - 60298.2820x2080 mm - 'Stirling Oak' - 800sht. 1pl. 4692.48m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Fineline Mocca' - 360sht. 1pl. 2111.62m2. Reference - 66101..POLAND0UA2091601573029509.12089
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Fiber Resin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Fiber Resin Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЮНІФАЙ ТРЕКІНГ"""
Importer Address
01021, м.Київ, вул.Мечникова, буд.16 оф.5-12
Exporter Name HOBAS System Polska Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
1. Pipes seamless, non-pressure, sewage from compl.........
HS Code 3917290090Value 11798.51777
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 4210.53
Origin Country POLAND

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