Ukraine Import Data of Ferritin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ferritin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ferritin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ferritin imports.

Ferritin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ferritin

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/201738220000001.Vyroby medical - laboratory reagents on a backing or without neyidlya medical use. Sets of laboratory reagents for klinichnoyibiohimiyi 17-ketosteroids 40 tests, 2 pcs., A-amylase - EPS 1 x 150 mL, 10pc., A-Amylase - pancreatic 1 x 50 mL-5pcs., Alanine aminotransferase (ALT / GPT) 1 x200 mL -10sht., alanine aminotransferase (ALT / GPT) 1 x 500 mL, 10pc., alkaline phosphatase (ALP) -AMP 1x200mL-3pc., Test system for the detection of antibodies to the M2 antigen-96tests 1pc., antistreptolysin O (ASO) 1 x 20 mL-5pcs., aspartate aminotransferase (AST / GOT) 1 x 200 mL-10pc., aspartate aminotransferase (AST / GOT) 1 x 500 mL-10pc., bilirubin (total) 1 x 600 mL-8 pieces., Biochemical control serum (Human)) and 5 x 5 mL-2 pcs., Biochemical control serum (Human)) And 5 x 5 mL-5pcs., Cholesterol 1 x 1000 mL-10pc., HDL Cholesterol direct 1 x 80 mL-9sht., HolesterynHDL osadzhuyuchyy reagent 1 x 50 mL-50sht., CK-MB Control Serum 1x0.5mL-5pcs ., C-reactive protein (CRP) 2x200mL-5pcs., Creatinine 4 x 50 mL-15sht., ferritin standard 1 x 3 mL-1 pc., d- glutamyltransferase (g -GT) 1 x 250 mL-5pcs., g -Hlutamiltransferaza (g -GT) 1 x 50 mL-5pcs., Glucose 1 x 1000 mL-80sht., Glucose 1x 500 mL-10pc., Hemoglobin A1C tests-100 5pcs., Hemoglobin A1C tests-20 10pcs., Hemoglobin A1c control (Enhanced) 1 x 0.5 mL-4pcs., Hemoglobin A1c control (normal) 1 x 0.5 mL-10pc., Hemoglobin A1C-DIRECT (HbA1s-DIR) 1 x 60ml, 10pcs., homocysteine ​​1 x 50 ml 8 pieces. , Control of Goma ysteyinu and 1 x 1 ml 5pcs., homocysteine ​​Control II 1 x 1 ml -1sht., iron-resolution 50tests 3pc., iron-Ferrozyn 4 x 50 mL-5pcs., Control Serum Lipid II 3 x 1 mL- 1pc., Magnesium 1 x 100 mL-2 pcs., Phosphorus 1 x 170 mL-10pc., prothrombin time (PT) 1 x 40mL-10pc., Triglycerides 4 x 50 mL-21sht., Triglycerides 2 x 250 mL-10pc. , urea / urea nitrogen (UV method) 4 x 50 mL-30sht., urea / urea nitrogen (UV method) 2 x 250 mL, 10pc., Uric acid 1 x 500 mL, 5pcs., Uric acid 1 x200 mL -8sht., Zinc 1 x 50 mL-8 pieces.SPAIN0UA125100228.0520218.02417 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/201730021099001.Reahenty for use in medical practice. Reagents to laboratory analyzers Cobas series. Modular system f I Cobas 8000 (for in vitrodiahnostyky). Free of drugs, substances psyhotro pnyh iprekusoriv: -art.04388780190 test system for the detection of antibodies to the TSH receptor Anti-TSHRElecsys cobas e 100 2up. art.06437281190-test system for the determination of free thyroxine FT4 2 heneratsiyaG2 Elecsys cobas e 200 25up .-art.11731459122 Test system for determining TSH TSH Elecsys cobas e 200 40up. art.06437206190-test system for the determination of free triiodothyronine FT3 3heneratsiya Elecsys G3 cobas e 200 10up. art.12017709122-test system for the determination of thyroxine T4 Elecsys cobas e 200 V22up. art.11731360122-test system for the determination of triiodothyronine T3 Elecsys cobas e200 2up.-art.11731629322 the test cobas e system for determining RЭA 6up.-art.04687787190 Test system for determining surface antigen of hepatitis Vhen.2 HBsAg G2 Elecsys cobas e 100 1up.-art.06368921190 Hepatitis C, II generation 100 Tests 7up.-art.05390095190 the test system for determining HIV combi PT HIV combi PT Elecsyscobas e-art.03000087122 2up. 100 Test system for determining DHEAS DHEA-S Elecsys cobas e-1005up. art.12145383122 test system for the determination of progesterone progesterone G2Elecsys cobas e 100 10up.- art.03203093190 Test system for determination of prolactin prolactin G2 Elecsyscobas e-100 V2.1 15up. art.11775863122 Test system for determining FSH FSH Elecsys cobas e 100 4up.-art.04481798190 Test system cobas e for determination of alpha-fetoprotein 100testiv 6up. art.04827031190-test system for the determination of immunoglobulin E hen.2 IgE G2Elecsys cobas e 100 6up.-art.04745736190 Test system for determining vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 Elecsyscobas e 100 V2 2up.- art.03737551190 system cobas test is to determine the ferritin-2up. art.04476433190 test system to determine folate folate G3 Elecsys cobas e100 2up.-art.06331076190 Test system for determining antymyullerovoho hormone AMH Elecsyscobas e 100 1up. art. 03052001190 Test system for determining binding globulin statevihormony SHBG Elecsys cobas e 100 1up. art.11930427122-IgE calibrator 1up.-art.04874072190 Kalibo Folate rator hen.3 1up.-art.06368603190 Calibrator Anti-Tg-1up. art.06437290190 FT4 Calibrator hen.2 1up.-art.11776215122 CA 19-9 Calibrator 1up.-art.04738551190 TSH Calibrator 1up. art. Vitamin B12 Calibrator 04572459190 1up.-art.11731416190 Control Universal 2up.-art.03038866322 Test system for determining LDL LDL-C hen.2 175 tests, cobasc, Integra 11up.-art.20764930322 Test system for determining C- reactive protein CRP LX, 300testiv, cobas c, Integra 2up.-art.05336163190 Test system for determining glycosylated hemoglobin HbA1cTQ hen.3 150 tests, cobas c 501 16up.-art.20764574322 Test system for determination of rheumatoid factor II RFII , 100testiv, cobas c, Integra 2up.-art.04489403190 Test system for determining antistreptolizina O ASLO TQ, 150testiv, cobas c 4up. art.20764949322-test system for aGERMANY0UA1000202011838.11746
06/Apr/201730021095001.Syrovatky immune, blood fractions, modified immunological products of human origin, including those produced using biotechnology or other processes intended by the manufacturer for use for in vitro studies of samples obtained from the human body only in clinical laboratories to obtain information on the physiological or pathological condition, hepatitis C, 100 second-generation test (kit for the qualitative detection of antibodies to the virus hepatitis C (HCV)) art. 06368921190-8sht. AFP Calibrator art. 04487761190-1sht. Calibrator Anti CCP art. 5031664190-11sht. Anti-TPO Calibrator art. 06472931190-17sht. CA 15-3 Calibrator art. 03045846122-1sht. Cortisol Calibrator art. 11875124122-1sht. Cyfra 21-1 Calibrator art. 11820974322-1sht. Calibrator DHEAS art. 03000095122-1sht. Ferritin Calibrator art. 03737586190-1sht. RBC Folate Calibrator art. 05944309190-1sht. Calibrator 3x1 ml Fructosamin art. 11098993122-1sht. Calibrator HCG + beta art. 03302652190-2sht. LH Calibrator hen.2 art. 03 561097190-2sht. Calibrator PTH art. 11972219122-1sht. Progesterone Calibrator hen.2 art. 12145391122-4sht. RF calibrator art. 12172828322-4sht. T3 Calibrator art. 11731548122-1sht. Testosterone Calibrator hen.2 art. 05202230190-2sht. Total PSA Calibrator hen.2 art. 04485220190-3sht. Troponin I Calibrator art. 05094828190-1sht. Vitamin D Calibrator art. 05894921190-1sht. Free PSA Calibrator art. 03289796190-1sht. Calibrator homotsisteyin 2x3ml art. 05385504190-3sht. Calibrator for automated systems PUC art. 03121305122-1sht. Calibrator for automated systems PAC 3x1 mL art. 03555941190-2sht. Calibrator for automated systems lipids 3x1 mL art. 12172623122-4sht. Automatic calibrator of proteins art. 11355279216-3sht. Kalibratsionnyy set of D-Dimer hen.2 art. 05050901190-10sht. Calibration set for a test to determine estradiol III art. 06656048190-1sht. Calibration test kit to determine cortisol II art. 06687750190-1sht. Calibration test kit to determine the level of vitamin B12 II art. 07212780190-1sht. Control rate of NH3 / ETH / CO2 art. 20752401190-3sht. Control of Anti-HAV IgM art. 11876368122-3sht. Control of Anti-HCV art. 03290379190-7sht. Control of CMV IgG art. 04784600190-1sht. Control of CMV IgG Avidity art. 05942322190-8sht. Control of CMV IgM art. 04784626190-2sht. Control Cardias art. 4917049190-10sht. ClinChem Multi Control 1, 20X5 ml of art. 05117003190-3sht. Control ClinChem Multi 20X5 2 ml of art. 05117216190-3sht. Control of D-Dimer I / II gene. 2 Art. 05050936190-17sht. Control HBsAg art. 04687876190-3sht. Control LPA hen.2 art. 05852650190-9sht. Control PRECICHROM I / II art. 11012002122-2sht. Control PreciControl ClinChem Multi 1, 4x5 mL art. 05947626190-10sht. PreciControl ClinChem Multi Control 2, 4x5 mL art. 05947774190-1sht. Control Precinorm Fructosamine art. 11098985122-9sht. Control Precipath Fructosamine art. 11174118122-10sht. Control RF II art. 03005496122-12sht. Roche Cardiac Monitoring creatine kinase MB art. 4890426190-3sht. Roche Control CardGERMANY0UA12510054.9823955.9861
06/Apr/20173002109900"1. Reagents IN VITRO laboratory for diagnosis of human blood serum and dolaboratornyh analyzers, applicable for the study of samples obtained fromorganism person to obtain information on the physiological state abopatolohichnoho containing antibodies and syvorotkovyy globulin and albumintvar Ying packaged in disposable containers, boxed in stock (notcontains on rkotychni drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) .- art. L2KTO2, IML. 2000 ANTI-TPO KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPW2, IML. 2000 Progesteron 200T - 1am; -art. L2KDS2 , IML2000 DHEA-SO4 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KE22, IML2000 Os tradiol 200T- 5pcs; -art. L2KFS2, IML2000 FSH 200T - 5pcs; -art. L2KPC2, IML2000 PAPP-A 200T -1sht; -art. L2KAP2, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 200T- 3pc; -art. L2KPR2, IML. 2000 Prolaktin 200T- 3pc; -art. L2KTW2, IML. Testosteron 200T- 1pc 2000; -art. LPCCM, IMMULITE PAPP-A CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. PECM, C-PEPTIDE CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. LACCM, IMMULITE ACTH CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg - 1am; -art. L2KE22, IML2000 Ostradiol 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KOP2, IML.2000 OM-MA KIT 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KBR2, IMMULITE 2000 BR-MA KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KFT46, IML. 2000 FREE T4 KIT 600T PIN - 4 pieces; -art. L2KFS2, IML2000 FSH 200T - 1am; -art. L2KCL2, IMMULITE 2000 C ALCITONIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPC2, IML2000 PAPP-A 200T - 1am; -art. L2KCVG2, IML. 2000 CMV IGG KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KAP2, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KTZ2, IML.2000 TOXO.IGM (U-CAP) KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KRT6, IML.2000 RAPID TSH KIT 600T - 10pc; -art. L2KTI2, IML.2000 TROPONIN I KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KPF2, IML. 2000 FREE PSA KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KTW2, IML. 2000 Testosteron 200T - 1am; -art. L2KFE2, IMMULITE 2000 FERRITIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPP2, IML. 2000 PTH (M / P) KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPR2, IML. 2000 Prolaktin 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KTO2, IML. 2000 ANTI-TPO KIT 200T - 7sht; -art. L2KPS2, IML. 2000 PSA KIT 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KT42, IML. 2000 TOTAL T4 KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPW2, IML. 2000 Progesteron 200T - 3pc; -art. L2KVA2, IML.2000 VALPROIC ACID KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 1am; -art. L2KDD2, IML. 2000 D-DIMER KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KTXP2, IML. 2000 TOXO. QUANT. IGG KIT 200T - 1am; -art. LGCOCM, IMMULITE IGF CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. L2KCG2, IMMULITE 2000 HCG und? -HCG - 1am; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg- 6 pieces; -art. L2KAP6, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 600T - 5pcs; -art. L2KPEP2, IML.2000 C-PEPTIDE KIT 200T - 22sht; -art. L2KCL2, IMMULITE 2000 CALCITONIN KIT 200T - 16sht; -art. L2KGRH2, IML.2000 GROWTH HORMONE 98/574 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KPC2, IML 2000 PAPP-A 200T- 9sht; -art. L2KEO2, IMMULITE 2000 ECP Kit 200T - 1am; -art.L2KAO2, IML2000 Androstendion 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 1am; -art. L2KON2, IML. 2000 OSTEOCALCIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPA2, IML.2000 PAP KIT 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KEPN2, EPO - 1am; -art. L2KUE36, Unconjugated Estriol- 6 pieces; -art. L2KAC2, IMMULITE 2000 "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10011075.26817526.81011
05/Apr/20173002109500"1. Kits of reagents diagnostic laboratory based on human blood fractions, in the form of liquid or lyophilisates in vials not containing test strips: A set of reagents for the determination of biochemical parameters: HDL, art.LV120K-4nab., Kit study states hemostasis by klottinhovym : fibrinogen, art.FH200 - 40nab., set of reagents for the determination of biochemical parameters: Ferritin, art.FR50K - 2nab.Markuvannya available and corresponds to the legislation standartam.Vyrobnyk: Private enterprise "" Dyasens "" Trademark "" Dyasens "" Country production: BY.. "BELARUS0UA12510016.382419.907214
04/Apr/20173002109900"1.Medychnyy diagnostic product for in vitro (Clinical Laboratory) to study samples of blood and urine laboratory. Immunological products to Siemens analyzers for clinical and laboratory chemical and immunological research, modified or unmodified, including those produced using biotechnological processes that do not contain animal blood, drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, reagents protein in the urine (uRINE TOTAL pROTEIN 2) art.5000171-10sht, reagents TTH (ultrachutlyvyy) 500T (TSH3 ULTRA 500T) art.6491080-24sht, reagents FT3 V2 250T (FT3 V2 250T) art.3154228-17sht, reagents DHEA-SO4 50T (DHEA-SO4 50T) art.6489701-31sht, reagents LH 300T ( LH 300T) art.2212941-6sht, reagents FSH 500T (FSH 500T) art.1360521-2sht, reagents FSH 100T (FSH 100T) art.4912924-4sht, prolactin reagents 250T (PRL 250T) art. 9505871-20sht, reagents progesterone 250T (PRGE 250T) art.1586287-11sht, reagents free estradiol 500T (ENHANCED eSTRADIOL 500T) art.10491445-4sht, reagents CEA 100T (CEA 100T) art.937450-5sht ; reagents SA15-3 100T (CA 15-3 100T) art.8126338-4sh ; Reagents SA125 100T (CA 125 II 100T) art.9427226-13sht, reagents CA 19-9 50T (Centaur CA 19-9 50T) art.4612750-1sht, reagents IGE 50T (IGE 50T) art .6843687-18sht, reagents 250t cortisol (COR 250T) art.4610138-4sht, reagents vit.B12 100t (VB12 100T) art.7847260-7sht, reagents 250t ferritin (FER 50T) art.7875728- 16sht, reagents creatine kinase MB-100T (CKMB 100T) art.481201-2sht, reagents troponin-1 100t (HS TNI 100T) art.2789602-1sht; reagents for detection of antibodies to HBS 2pokolinnya (AHBS 2) art. 4670661-1sht, reagents HBSAG 200T second-generation (HBSAG II 200T) art.10492138-14sht; Reagent for additional pidtvrdzhennya HBSAG 100T (HBSAG CONF 100T) art.3393818-3sht, reagents AHBC IGM 100T (AHBC IGM 100T) art.504619-2sht; reagents for detection of antibodies to HCV 200t ( AHCV 200T KIT) art.3438099-15sht, reagents HAV IGM 100T (HAV IGM 100T) art.5004126-2sht; reagents for determination of total HAV antibodies to 100t (HAV TOTAL 100T) art.5498862-2sht; reagents for detection of antibodies to HBe (AHBE) art.3150214-1sht, reagents HBEAG (HBEAG) art.1512127-2sht; Reagent for Tumor breast 50T (BR (ROW) 50T) art.3204829-2sht; reagents for detection of antibodies to CHIV ( CHIV) art.6520528-23sht; reagents for defined PSA total spare 500T (PSA 500T) art.2676506-3sht; Reagent for the determination of free PSA 100T (FPSA 50T) art.6862518-14sht; reagents for detection of antibodies to syfylisu 100T (SYPH 200T) art.10492493-4sht; reagents prokaltsytoninu 100T (PCT 100 T) art.10378883-1sht; Calibrator B, 2 pairs in packing. (Centaur / ACS: 180 Kalibrator B, 2Pk.) Art.650577-1sht; Calibrator C (upak.2 pas "UNITED STATES0UA125100524.77867786.0955
01/Apr/201730021099001.1. Medical products, intended by the manufacturer for use for in vitro studies in the laboratory to obtain information concerning a physiological or pathological condition, sophisticated laboratory reagents combined immunological origin, produced using biotechnological processes: Reagents complex (analytical) intended to carry out blood tests using imuno- enzyme analyzer Cobas E411: Test system for determining ferritin FER R hen.4 250 cobas test clot: 18752101- 1 pcs. Test system for determining tsytoninu cal / Calcitonin lot: 214130 01 - 1sh t., Test system for determining syphilis cobas e 100 Lot: 21203402 - 1 pc., Test s ystem for determining TSH TSH Elecsys c obas e 200 Lot: 21513105 - 8 pcs. Test sy tems to determine CA 19-9 CA 19-9 Ele csys cobas e 100 lot: 19394103 -1 pieces. The test system for detection of antibodies to hepatitis B antigen turf I VAnti-HBc Ele csys cobas e 100 lot: 20880501 - 1 pc., Vitamin Calibrator Dlot: 20953201 - 1 pc., Test system for determination of surface antyhenuhepatytu th in hen.2 HBsAg G2 E lecsys cobas e 100 lot: 20640103 - 173 pcs. Test system for the detection of antibodies of hepatitis C d hen.2 Anti- HCV G2 Elecsyscobas e 200 lot: 22043801 - lot 87: a test system for determining syfil sa lot cobas e100: 21203402 - 173 pcs. Control Syp hilis Lot: 21204101 - 3 pieces.GERMANY0UA12510087.62986493.74901
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Ferritin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ferritin Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Медігран Україна"""
Importer Address
01032, м. Київ бульвар Тараса Шевченка, 36, оф. 6
Exporter Name BioSystems S.A.
Product Description
1.Vyroby medical - laboratory reagents on a backin.........
HS Code 3822000000Value 20218.02417
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 228.05
Origin Country SPAIN

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