Ukraine Import Data of Feed Clutch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Feed Clutch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of feed clutch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of feed clutch imports.

Feed Clutch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Feed Clutch

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers, printer Repair kit (fixing unit image transfer roller charge roller 7 Paper Supply, 2 video capture paper) art.C9153A-1pc., Clutch printer (includes unit fixing the image set of rollers and shaft ) art.C9153-67907-1sht., feed rollers for laser printer art.RF5-3340-000-2sht., shaft sleeve pryzhymnoho printer art.JC66-10901A-1sht.Torhovelna brand Hewlett-Packard, Country of JP , manufacturer-Hewlett-Packard,. "JAPAN0UA10029010.2839.7498999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers: Host termozakriplennya to collect the printer art.LU1397001-1sht., Termozakriplennya printer unit assemblies art.LM6724001-2sht., Paper clip capture printer art.LM4300001-2sht., Node capture / paper supply complete with cassette art.LM5140001-2sht., Val paper exit to collect the printer art.LM4105001-2sht., Clutch capture / printer paper feed (commercials, brake pad and spring) art.LU2545001- 2sht.Torhovelna brand Brother, Country of JP, brand-Brother,. "JAPAN0UA1002904.34245.180179
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-665 printer TASKalfa 620/820 art. 1T02KP0NL0-4sht. Cartridge TK-825K printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZ0EU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825Y printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZAEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825M printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZBEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825S printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZCEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-8305Y for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKANL0-2sht. cartridge TK-8305M for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKBNL0-2sht . Cartridge TK-8305C for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKCNL0-2sht. Electrostatic unit DK-320 Art. 302J393033-7sht. Art cleaning device. 2A020330-1sht. Bottom roller cleaning art. 2FB20450-1sht. Electrostatic unit DK -670 art. 302H093013-1sht. Elec trostatychnyy unit 320 DK-art. 302J393033-7sht. Coupling supply CLUTCH FEED art. 302HN44111-1sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production JPTorhovelna brand Kyocera "JAPAN0UA10008047.2372564.736853
26/Apr/20178708939098"1.Zapasni parts for tractors, parts clutch, clutch disks - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-184429C2). The disc clutch friction clutches feeder - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-181579C1). The disc clutch (T80 .. , T8.3 .., MX255, MX285, Mag 310) - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-248409A2) .Vykorystovuyutsya for agricultural equipment. for own production needs Ltd. CPSU "" Imex Group ".". "UNITED STATES0UA110150159.92636.974805
24/Apr/20176104440000"1.Zapasni parts for tractors, parts clutch, clutch disks - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-184429C2). The disc clutch friction clutches feeder - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-181579C1). The disc clutch (T80 .. , T8.3 .., MX255, MX285, Mag 310) - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-248409A2) .Vykorystovuyutsya for agricultural equipment. for own production needs Ltd. CPSU "" Imex Group ".". "CHINA45UA10012012.6220.0500659
18/Apr/201784836020001. couplings for steel conveyor feed production lines: blokatorzvorotnoho go RSBF75 diam.70F8 of obhi nnoyu clutch and filling the groove 6885-1 zhidnoDIN art. UXN-50112-005 -3sht. It is a freewheel yamymovilnoho to prevent movement when disconnecting inclined conveyors elektrodvyhuniv.Torhovelna Brand: Bass GetriebeKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Bass Getriebe GmbH.GERMANY0UA12502032.41283.010055
13/Apr/20178483405100"1.Korobky gear and other speed variators: -variator pulse measurement T67.33.000A = 7sht.Diapazon peredatochnyhchysel 14.Maksymalnyy variator torque shaft navyhidnomu M cr. = 35Nm, maximum frequency obertannyabystrohodnoho shaft n = 248ob / hv.Yavlyayetsya part zakyduvacha izastosovuyetsya furnaces for rehulyuvannyavyrobnytstva (velocity) feeder main hub is obhonna variator clutch (material: steel, cast iron) does not apply to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for a specially designed e I develop any of the following items telecommunication transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and associated system.d) gearbox lightweight high capacity (K factor exceeding 300) rotating seals valivspetsialno designed or prepared vacuum seals installed on the side supply and output side to seal the shaft connecting the compressor rotor or blowers of Preferred idnym engine so that zabezpechytynadiynu sealing of air sinters I inner chamber of the compressor or blowers filled with UF6. Such seals are typically designed for speed sinters buffer gas is less than 1000 cm3 / min (60 dyuym3 / min) "RUSSIA0UA110050192.32040.10832
12/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers, printer service station (restored) art.C7769-60149-RFB-1pc., Brake pad with hand tray (Tray 1) art.RM1-2462-000-1sht., Clutch printer (node ​​fixing the image transfer roller charge roller 7 paper supply, 2 video capture paper) art.C9153A, 2 pcs., feed rollers for laser printer art.RF5-3340-000-1sht., left backstop printer, art .RC1-6636-000-1sht.Torhovelna brand Hewlett-Packard, Country of JP, manufacturer-Hewlett-Packard,. "JAPAN0UA10029012.57993.1699833
12/Apr/20178438809900"1. Machinery for preparing animal feed, pellet presses model M16MX (SZLH420MX) -1 pcs., Is used for mixing the pre-shredded waste processing vysushenyhta ahrosyrovyny (grain, straw, feed) and subsequent extrusion using matrix and extruding rolykivdo certain diameter in set: 90kW electric motor Siemens, pidshypnykySKF and clutch ESCO, matrix 6mm (grade steel X46Cr13), auger 3.0 kW Siemens, shell - 6 pcs., in a video zbori- 2 pcs .; Hammer crusher model HM65 * 38-1sht. used for grinding and dodribnen I waste feedstock (crops, straw) to the definition of smooth, complete with: electric 37kVt Siemens (3000 rev. / minute), bearings SKF, 6 mm sieve and knives for crushers, 48 ​​pcs., sieve-crusher to 6sht..Torhivelna MATADOR brand. brand MATADOR (JIANGSU) MACHINERY ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Country of China, CN.. "CHINA0UA500030430028876.5475
12/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized nonporous rubber: Ring art.R62070-10 pieces, rings, art.A5598R 4 pcs Ring art.R529673-10 pieces, rings, art.R89944-2 units, sealing ring, art. R222761-5 piece, O-ring, art.R75892-1 piece, O-ring, art.R516158-7 units, sealing ring, art.R47154-1 units, sealing ring, art.AN281241-10 units, fuel filter sealing ring, art.R113565-2 pieces, gaskets, art.R536310-5 pieces, gaskets, art.R505479-1 pcs Gasket fuel filter housing, art.PMMLS300ECG 3 pcs Gasket valve cover, art.R526607-1 units, regulating lining , art.R222253-2 units, Laying rod, art.R536311-5 units, P rokladka isolating, art.AH140044-6 units, Clutch cylinder, art.AHC16372-1 units, Clutch rings art.AT85197-12 pieces, gaskets, art.T53732-1 pieces, gaskets, art.B13294-10 pieces, gaskets, art.A85727-300 pieces, gaskets pump feeding the working solution art.PMLS150-G-10 pieces, sealing tape sieve, art.H155047-30 units, Seals, art.H102533-1 units, Seals, art.N305700-1 items , Seals, art.H154216-63 units, seal Crankshaft front, art.RE543639-1 pieces, seal, art.RE300797-1 pieces, seal, art.RE300797-3 units, sealing tape, art.H226878-30 units, Trade mark-John Deere .Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH.UNITED STATES0UA11019016.4894552.989845
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Feed Clutch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Feed Clutch Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02090 м.Київ,вул.Сновська 20
Exporter Name Group Logistic
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers, print.........
HS Code 8443999090Value 839.7498999
Quantity 0Unit UA100290
Net Weight 10.2
Origin Country JAPAN

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