Ukraine Import Data of Face Massage Cream | Ukraine Import Statistics of Face Massage Cream

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of face massage cream collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of face massage cream imports.

Face Massage Cream Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Face Massage Cream

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of face massage cream. Get Ukraine trade data of Face Massage Cream imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni care shki-swarm of hands, face and body without aerozolnoyiupakovky" "Anna Lotan" "(not containing, ethanol, narkotychnychnyh, psychotropic substances and precursors notcontains ODS): probe: Delicate cream Barbados 4mlart.mal078 -50sht.Mirtova mask 8ml art. mal099 -50sht.Nichnyy cream White Sea 4 ml of art. mal193-50sht.Zolote oil, 4 ml of art. mlg142 -50sht. Golden cream butter massage, 4 ml art.mlg154 -50sht. Gold day cream, 4 ml of art. mlg218-50sht. Camellia moisturizing day cream with SPF30, 4 mL art. mal425 -50sht. Renovabalzam, 4 mL art. mal057 -50sht. contour and gel, 4 ml of art. mal048 -50sht. Papayyafermentnyy concentrate 10g art. -70sht 136MT. Touch Gold beauty mask 10 ml art.100MT -48sht.. "ISRAEL0UA1251003167.817549 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/201733049900001. Means for skin care VIVAcityTovary not in aerosol upakovtsi.Hryazova Mask 100ml / Facial Mud Mask 100ml -140sht. Dennyykrem 50g / Day Cream 50g -144sht. Nichnyykrem face 50g / Night Cream 50g-144sht. Cream Wrinkle 30g / Anti-Wrinkle Cream 30g -144sht.Mineralnyy facial scrub 100ml / Facial Scrub 100ml -140sht. Hryazovamaska ​​Body 400g / Body Mud Mask 400g-132sht. Mineral Hand Cream 100ml / Hand Cream 100ml -140sht. Mineralnyykrem foot 150ml / Foot Cream 150ml-135sht. Mineral Body Lotion 200ml / Body Lotion 200ml -135sht.Mineralnyy lavender body scrub 300g / Body Scrub salt Lavander 300g -132sht.Mineralnyy mango body lotion 250ml / Body Butter Mango 250ml -132sht.Mineralnyy Body Cream 250ml strawberry / Body Butter Strawberry 250ml -132sht.Anty-cellulite gel 200ml / Anti-cellulite gel 200ml -135sht. Konturuochey Gel 30ml / Eye Contour Gel 30ml -144sht. Facial Moisturizer 50ml / Face Moisturizer 50ml-144sht. Cream to Look for problem skin 100ml / Ance Care Cream 100ml-140sht. Facial Serum 50ml / Facial Beauty Serum 50ml -125sht.Antytselyulitna Body Mud Mask 400g / Anti-Cellulite Body Mud 400g-132sht. Massage Oil 150ml / Massage Oil 150ml -136sht. Ochyschayuchemolochko Soothing 200ml / Cleansing Milk 200ml-126sht. Gel for deep cleansing 200ml / Deep Cleansing Gel 200ml -126sht.Osvizhayuchyy toner 200ml / Facial Toner 200ml -126sht. Mud maskadlya body 5kg / Body Mud 5kg -30sht. Anti-cellulite body mud mask 5kg / Anti-Cellulite Mud 5kg -20sht. Mineral Body Scrub Lavender 5kg / BodyScrub Lavander 5kg -30sht. Moisturizing cream 1L / Face MoisturizingCream 1L -4sht.Vyrobnyk: Jordanian Egyptian Company, Ltd, Jordan.JORDAN0UA1251001048.12211795.79993
19/Apr/20173304990000"1. Cosmetics packaged for retail sale, not aerozolniyupakovtsi: - Intensive Balm 150ml Hand brown, art.01BM150K17-336sht.- water for cleaning face brown, 200ml, art.01ED200K15-80sht.- Body Lotion 75ml Brown, art.01LC075K15-364sht.- lotion for hands and body 300ml, art.01LT300K12-100sht.- Brown hand Cream, 150ml, art.01MA150K16-210sht.- body Lotion 75ml Organic Lavender, art.15LC075L15-112sht.- Lotion body 250ml Lavender, art.15LC250L14-130sht.- body Milk Citrus Verbena, 250ml, art.15LC250VA5-132sht.- Verbena hand Lotion 300ml, art.15LH300VB3-100sht.- Lavender hand Lotion 300 ml art.15LM300L11-100sht.- Salt Body Scrub 400g Verbena, art.15SE400VB5-120sht.- relaxing oil massage Aromakolohiya, 100ml, art.17HM100R14-72sht.- Revitalizing Lotion Hand & Body, 240ml, art.17LH240T15 -196sht.- Purifying mask Aromakolohiya, 75ml, art.17MV075D15-87sht.- Night Recovery concentrate Aromakolohiya 100 ml art.17OC100G17- 200sht.- moisturizing and protecting Juniper cream, 30ml, art.20FP030H14-72sht.- Gel for global facial Lemon, 50 ml, art.20GH050CD15-140sht.- Cleansing facial means lemon, 150ml, art.20NV150CD15-192sht.- Cream 50ml Juniper men, art.20SC050H12-72 t.- refreshing facial veil Cherry Blossom, 50 ml, art.24BR050CB6-159sht.- veil for the face and body and Roses Queen, 50ml, Body Lotion art.24BR050R14-159sht.- Cherry blossom 75ml, art.24LC075CB5-224sht .- Facial beauty peony flower, 75ml, art.24LC075P15A-224sht.- Facial Beauty Rose and Queen, 75ml, art.24LC075R15-196sht.- Milk body Arlezyen, 75ml, body Lotion art.24LC075S6-196sht.- Cherry blossom 250ml, art.24LC250CB4-252sht.- Facial beauty peony flower, 250ml, art.24LC250P15A-225sht.- hand Cream 30ml Cherry blossom, art.24MA030CB4-200sht.- hand Cream 30ml peony flower, art.24MA030P15-200sht. - Rose hand Cream and Queen , 30 ml, art.24MA030R14-140sht.- Arlezyen Hand Cream, 30ml, art.24MA030S6-140sht.- Cream Mask 125ml everlasting, art.27AA125MQ-90sht.- tool for face BB cream Precious everlasting, tint 1 , 40 mL, art.27BBF040I15-117sht.- tool for face BB cream Precious everlasting, hue 2,40ml, art.27BBL040I15-117sht.- Balm eye 15ml, Very Precious cream art.27BY015I14-135sht.- 50 ml Helichrysum, Helichrysum art.27CN050I14-324sht.- Precious Cream SPF20, 50ml, art.27CPS050I16-126sht.- Divine Cream SPF20, 50ml, art.27DCS050I16-96sht.- Divine serum eye contour, 15 mL, art.27DE015I13US-144sht .- Bozhes Venn everlasting Serum, 30ml, art.27DS030I13US-90sht.- Water Face 200ml, art.27EV200I14-72sht.- replacement unit Harmony Cream, 50ml, oil facial art.27HCR050I16-75sht.- everlasting, 200ml, art.27HD200I15- 96sht.- serum replacement unit Harmony, 30ml, Cleansing Foam art.27HSR030I16-60sht.- for shining face (spare wheel) 300ml, art.27RM300I14-60sht.- velvet body balm Almond "" young flesh "," 200 ml, art. 29BV200A "FRANCE0UA1001201923.3259361.21676
18/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care, not aerosol packaging does not include drugs or precursors, based on natural herbal remedies: Alginate Mask CollagenRecharging Mask 1kg = 4 pieces; Alginate Mask AloeEssential Soothing Mask 1kg = 1pc; alginate mask More ThanWhite mask 1kg = 2 pcs, alginate mask ClearingT-care mask 1kg = 1pc; toner Collagen RechargingToner 120ml = 10 pieces; concentrate facial Collagen Synergy Ampoule 2,5ml * 20ea = 1pc; facial Serum Collagen Recharging Serum 250ml = 3pc, facial Serum Collagen Recharging Serum 40ml = 24sht, facial cream Col lagen Recharging Cream 200ml = 1pc; facial cream Collagen Recharging Cream 50ml = 30sht, Cosmetic set for face (toner, serum, cream, capsules) CollagenRecharging Set = 90sht, Cream-Mask Collagen Recharging Pack 100 ml = 60sht; Tissue Mask facial Collagen Recharging Velvet Mask 30g * 5ea = 1pc; Serum for face Al oe Essential Soothing Serum 250ml = 1pc; Serum for face Aloe Essential Soothing Serum 40ml = 3pc; Massage Body Cream Aloe Essential Seed Massage 1000ml = 2 pcs; Face cream Aloe Essential Soothing Cream 200ml = 1pc; Face Balm Aloe Essential Soothing Balm 5ml = 50sht; Cream-Mask Aloe Essential Soothing Pack 100ml = 20pcs; Tissue Mask Aloe Essential Soothing Velvet Mask 30g * 5ea = 1pc; Cosmetic set for face (toner, serum, cream, capsules) Aloe Essential Soothing Set = 20pcs; Toner More Than White Toner 120ml = 10 pieces; Toner More Than White Toner 1000ml = 12p; Concentrate Facial White Synergy Ampoule 2,5ml * 20ea = 1pc; Serum Face More Than White Serum 250ml = 3pc, Serum Face More Than White Serum 35ml = 8 pieces; Face cream More Than White Cream 200ml = 1pc; Face cream More Than White Cream 50ml = 5pcs, Cosmetic set for face (toner, serum, cream, capsules) More Than White Set = 50sht; Cream-Mask More Than White Pack 100ml = 40sht; Tissue Mask More Than White Velvet Mask 30g * 5ea = 1pc; Toner Clearing T-care Toner 120ml = 40sht; Concentrate for Face T-care Synergy Ampoule 2,5ml * 20ea = 1pc; facial cream Clearing T-care Cream 200ml = 1pc; Face cream Clearing T-care Cream 50ml = 40sht; Remedy Facial Amed 10g = 10 pieces; Cream-Mask Clearing T-care Pack 100ml = 70sht, Facial Concentrate Gold Synergy Ampoule 2,5ml * 20ea = 1pc; Face cream Precious Gold Cream 50m = 5pcs; Face cream Wrinkle Feeltox Cream 2ml = 100 pieces, toner La'perle Clearing Toner 120ml = 10 pieces; Cream for the care shiroyu eye La'perle Wrinkle awayeye cream 20ml = 10 pieces; Serum for face La'perle Lighting Serum 30ml = 10 pieces; Face cream La'perle Day Cream 60ml = 10 pieces; Face cream La'perle Night Cream 50ml = 10pc, Serum for face Natural Snail Mucin Ampoule 30ml = 4 pieces; Face cream Natural Snail Mucin Gel 50ml = 10pc, facial cream Natural Snail Mucin Crea "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125220258.33880.905151
14/Apr/201733049900001. Cosmetic preparations for skin dohlyaduza not in aerosol packaging: (not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) -art.421011 Hyaluronic syvorotkaHyalogy P-effect essence / 30ml = 96sht.-art.421035 shadow mask with 8par / Hyalogy P-effect sheet 8P = 36sht.-art.421059 Moisturizing gel HyalogyP-effect reliance gel / 50g = 36sht.-art.421080 Moisturizing lotion HyalogyP-effect refining lotion / 150ml = 120sht. art.421097-cream base Hyalogy P- effect basing emulsion / 100ml = 48sht.-art.421103 Nourishing cream Hyalogy P-effect nourishing cream / 40gr = 12sht.-art.421134 eye cream Hyalogy daily and nighly cream for eyes / 20hr = 48sht.-art.421141 cream lip Hyalogy protective cream for lips / 9hr 60sht. st = t.421172 Body Cream Hyalogy body treatment cream / 200g = 12sht.-art.421196 Platinum lotion Hyalogy platinum lotion / 120ml = 96sht.-art.426016 Hyaluronic serum Hyalogy P-effect essence / 50ml = 18sht.-art.426030 Moisturizer lotion Hyalogy P-effect refining lotion / 250ml = 36sht. art.42604 7-cream base Hyalogy P-effect basing emulsion / 250ml = 36sht.-art.426061 eye Cream Hyalogy daily and nighly cream for eyes / 30hr = 24sht. -art.426085 Moisturizing gel Hyalogy P-effect reliance gel / 150g = 12sht.-art.426115 Hyaluronic serum Biopure HA100 essence / 50ml = 6sht.-art.426207 Multysyrovotka, keratin, elastin Biopure EG100 essense / 50ml = 6sht. art .427068 serum Canon Dr. Alpha Hyalogy Dr.Kanon a / = 30 mL serum art.427075 24sht.-K ktor Canon Betta Hyalogy Dr.Kanon in / 30hr = 36sht. art.298221 Platinum-cream shadow Hyalogy platinum eye cream / 20hr = 96sht. art.298245 Platinum-cream Hyalogy platinum face cream / 50g = 120sht. art. 298252 Platinum cream Hyalogy platinum face cream / 150g = 12sht. art.298276 Oxygen-gel mask Hyalogy Oxygenic gel pack / 25g x = 10paketykiv 12sht.-art.298283 Dry Whey powder Hyalogy essence powder / 1.5 g x 10paketykiv = 20sht. art.298290-lift mask Hyalogy lift mask / 33ml x = 5paketykiv 10sht.-art.298306 massage cream Hyalogy RF treatment cream / 180hr = 18sht.-art.298337 Lotion for oily and combination skin Hyalogy AC clearlotion / 120ml = 96sht.-art.298344 serum for oily seborehulyuyucha and combination skin Hyalogy ACclear essence / 30ml = 96sht.-art.298351 Cream for oily and combination skin Hyalogy AC clear cream / 50ml = 96sht. Probe: -Probnyk hyaluronic Whey P-effect essence pouch sample / 0.5 ml = 300sht.-probe moisturizing gel Hyalogy reliance gel pouch sample / 1gr = 400sht.-probe moisturizing lotion Hyalogy P-effect refining lotion pouch sample / 1.5 ml = 400sht.-probe eye cream Hyalogy daily and nightly cream for eyes pouchsample / = 0.6 g 300sht.-probe lotion platinum Platinum lotion pouch sample / 1 mL = 200sht.-probe light cream day or night for all skin types Hyalogy VCIP cream pouchsample / 0,6hr = 300sht. Set-probe hyaluronic Whey / 0.5 ml and probe eye cream / 0,6hr P-effect essence & eye cream pouch set = Set 100sht.-platinum probe lotion / 1ml and trial for platinumJAPAN0UA125100253.415141.9999
13/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni skin care products packaged for retail sale, not vaerozolniy package: 50 ml -Malavyt hygiene product (lotion) -300sht; -Malavyt 30 ml hygienic means (lotion) -300sht, and sanitary means of spray 15ml- Malavyt Reno 40sht; -Krem gel Malavyt 75 ml 150sht; -Krem Malavyt cellulite gel 200ml- 60sht; -Polish-body scrub 200ml Malavyt-60sht; -Krem for tired feet Malavyt 125ml- 60sht; -Krem for joint Malavyt 100 ml -60sht; -Krem for the bust 100ml Malavyt-80sht; -Krem gel and moisturizing facial Power 50 ml 80sht; -Liftynh mask Malavyt №2-72sht; -Skrab f I face Malavyt 100 ml 80sht; -Krem children Malavyt 75 ml 80sht; -Hel-lubricant Malavyt 50 ml 20pcs, lip balms for Malavyt with olive oil, cocoa butter, shea and almond 6h- 48sht, trademark, Malavyt .Vyrobnyk-LTD "" Malavyt "" .- facial cream day "" Sylapant "" 50ml-80sht; -Krem rejuvenating facial with lifting effect "" Sylapant "" 75 ml 84sht; -Krem gel for cosmetic eye "" Sylapant "" 30 ml 72sht; -M ytsellyarnyy tonic Anti-Age "" Sylapant "" 1500 ml-54sht; -Krem face night "" Sylapant "" 50ml-80sht, cosmetic means Phytogel massage in the joints and muscles "" Aktyvays "" 125ml, 20pcs, -Ritanat massage gel body joints 150 ml 42sht, balms massage joints and muscles Tired putnyk 150 ml 35 pcs, balms oil cosmetic Altai 7ml- 102sht; -Hel Foot "" Sylaven "" 125 ml 70sht; -Fitohel cosmetic foot "" Venokrepyn "" 125 ml 42sht; -Krem bust for butter and walnut extract cabbage Mastonon75ml-70sht; -Krem-balm SOS resin with Taiga shield 50 ml 42shtTorhivelna mark - "" RED LINE "." Vyrobnyyk-ing "" FSC "" RED LINE "" .- Natural cosmetic cream for eyelids and lips "" Sashel goji "" 25 ml 48sht; -Krem natural beauty day "," Reishi Sashel 25 ml 48sht; -Krem natural beauty night "" Sashel brine shrimp "" 25 ml 72sht; -Krem-filler "" Sashel "" Biobalans tube 50ml-20pcs-natural organic cream pantovyy in micellar form "" Dobrodeya "" 100 ml 48sht; -Krem natural beauty ginseng " "Dobrodeya" "25 ml 48sht; -Krem cosmetic natural pine" "Dobrodeya" "25 ml 48sht; -Krem spruce natural beauty" "Dobrodeya" "25 ml 48sht; -Krem cosmetic Mr. aturalnyy chahovyy "" Dobrodeya "" 25 ml 48sht; -Krem natural beauty pantovyy "" Dobrodeya "" 25 ml 48sht; Trademark - "" Sashera, honey. ' "Brand-ing" "Sashera, honey.'" Country production-RU. "RUSSIA0UA807170266.036920.212336
12/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars: (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / body slimming chocolate (1000g BODY) - 2 pcs .; (Home interior) Face Cream SPF 15 (50ml ) - 32sht .; (Home interior) absolute cream for the face, neck and décolleté (50 ml) - 32sht .; (Home interior) exfoliant cream for the face, neck and décolleté (50 ml) - 32sht .; (Home interior) Tonic -balansyr face, neck, chest (150ml) - 16sht .; (Multykysl. peeling) Cream make up remover for face predpilinhovi 300ml PL - 5pcs .; BEAUTY SHOP 45+ Cosmetic set - 8 pieces ALHINA .; MASK T-cellulite Body (PL Body 650 g) - 2 pcs .; alginate mask lypomodelyuyucha Body (PL Body 650 g) - 2 pcs .; Active Serum for face (100ml tube submarine Expert White) - 3pc against the fissures Balm .; 100ml foot (tuba) FC - 300sht .; BB Cream Cleanser (30ml tube Belita Young) - 5400sht .; BB Cream facial complex 1 day 7 to 01 tons SPF 15 (30ml tube BB cream) - 1530sht BB K .; REM face complex 1 day 7 tons 02 SPF 15 (30ml tube BB cream) - 480sht .; Gel concentrate vysokomol. hialur. sour. 2% biorevit. skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; Gel 100ml fatigue feet (tuba) FC - 150sht .; Tanning gel (145ml Solaris) - 60sht .; Gel-balm for cooling foot that '' burn '' 100ml (tuba) FC - 75sht .; Cream day Hidrobalansyr d / Face SPF 15 d / oily and combo. Optim skin. moisturize. (50ml tube hydro) - 960sht .; Make up remover for face and eyelids (150 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 16sht .; Makeup remover biphasic with Q10 Face 150ml - 32sht .; Massage creams for feet (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 6 pcs .; Softening cream for dry and rough skin stop (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 12p .; Cream for smoothing "" crow's feet "" around the eyes (30 ml tuba Royal Care) - 180sht .; Cream for hands and body (tube 200ml Royal Care) - 315sht .; Body cream BeautyBody elastic abdomen, thighs, buttocks (tuba 200ml Body Sculptor) - 150sht .; Day cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 320sht .; Night cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 112sht .; Cream-masks "" 7 natural oils "" for foot care (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 18sht .; Apricot Scrub-creams for feet (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 18sht .; Cream-FACTOR of stem cells for the face, neck, chest (200ml tube TL Cell Intense) - 15sht .; Biokrem that corrects, Eye (20ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 120sht .; Biokrem that adjusts to face AGENDA SPF 10 (50ml GOLDEN AGE) - 80sht .; Biokrem that adjusts to the face night (50 ml GOLDEN AGE) - 112sht .; Cream-SOM BIOFACTOR act. with hialur. sour. d / face (200ml tube ACT. HYALF hardware) - 15sht .; Cream d / person Classic oils from avocado and sesame d / all skin types (tube 50ml OIL) - 168sht .; Rejuvenating cream shadow that pulls (50 mL TL FC) - 32sht .; Eye cream with sea buckthorn oil (sea buckthorn 30ml tube) - 780sht .; Face Cream Perfect skin (50ml tube Belita Young) - 378sht .; Daily facial cream SPF 10 for all t "BELARUS0UA1250103498.1731547.5345
12/Apr/20173304990000"1. Preparations for skin care. Product not in aerosol upakovkah.- pomegranate intensive serum - lifting po30ml 144sht.- iris-night care cream for face-po30ml 144sht.- Pink light cream-po30ml 216sht.- Garnet night cream - lifting po30ml-144sht. - Pomegranate day cream - 30ml-lifting on 144sht.- Children cream "" Calendula "" po75ml-720sht.- Massage oil Arnica po100ml 84sht.--iris day cream for face care po30ml-144sht. - Oliyka of abdominal swelling in infants po50ml-96sht.- of diaper rash cream and diaper rash "" Kalundula "" po75m Seabuckthorn oil massage -1440sht.- po100ml-42sht.- Pomegranate Cream - Lifting Eye po10ml-120sht.- Cream "Skin Food" po30ml-720sht.- Rose Smoothing Day Cream, Facial Care po30ml-144sht.- Oliyka Baby "" Calendula "" po10ml-720sht.- Almond delicate cleansing milk for face-po75ml 36sht.- Rose Smoothing night cream facial care po30ml-72sht.- Child care "" Marshmallow "" for hypersensitive skin: cream Althea to face with hypersensitive skin po50ml-120sht.- hand Cream with sea buckthorn po50ml-120sht.Vyrobnyk - WELEDA AG, Nimechch ina. "GERMANY0UA125030408.91223266.80867
11/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: art.0001683000 Racine massage oil 100 ml amount - 60 Aloe Vera Baby Lotion 200ml, quantity - 25 pieces. art.0020602001 Aloe Vera cream with propolis 100 ml amount - 54 Termolosyon Aloe Vera 100 ml amount - 54 Aloe Vera MSM body gel 200 ml amount - 35 Aloe Vera hand cream 75ml Extra, the number - 216 Aloe Vera Gentle cream 100 ml amount - 90 Aloe Vera body Balm 200 ml amount - 24 Aloe Vera cleans Th 200 ml of milk, amount - 35 Aloe Vera Facial Peeling 75 ml amount - 108 Hidratuyuchyy Aloe Vera Gel Cream 50ml, the number - 54 Set Aloe Vera Basic Care skin care 4pr., quantity - 10 Racine Smoothing facial lotion 200 ml number - 120 Racine Moisturizing cream 50 ml amount - 60 Aloe Vera Sun cream -hel after Sun 200 ml amount - 35 Aloe Vera Sun lotion SPF 30 Sunscreen 100 ml amount - 70 Zeitgard Nanogold Day cream 50 ml amount - 40 Zeitgard H chna Mask 50 ml amount - 224 Aloe Vera Baby Set 7pr. (0020310001 Children Aloe Vera Baby Face Cream 50ml, 0020312001 Aloe Vera Baby Protection Cream 100ml; 0020314001 Aloe Vera Baby Lotion 200ml; Aloe Vera Mum 0020316001 Body Balm 200ml mothers; 0020315001 Aloe Vera Baby Shampoo 250ml; 0020311001 Aloe Vera Baby Foam Bath 200ml; 0020313001 Aloe Vera Baby Washing Cream 250ml) number - 5 Aloe Vera Set for hair care and body 3pr. (0020639001 Aloe Vera Body Balm 200 ml 0020645001 Aloe Vera Shampoo 200 ml 0020630001 Aloe Vera Gel per 250 ml), the amount - 5 Aloe Vera cleansing kit 4pr. (0020670001 Aloe Vera cleansing milk 200 ml 0020671001 Aloe Vera facial toner 200 ml 0020672001 Aloe Vera Soft facial cleaning 75 ml 0020673001 Aloe Vera facial Peeling 75 ml), the number - 10 Racine Q10 Series 3pr. (0022020001 Racine Q10 Intensive day cream 50 ml 0022022001 Racine Q10 Intensive night cream 50 ml 0001682000 Raci ne Q10 Intensive Eye Cream 15 ml), the number - 24 Zeitgard Beauty Diamonds Set 3 pr. (0028303000 Zeitgard Beauty Diamonds Day Cream 50 ml 00283040000 Zeitgard Beauty Diamonds Night Cream 50 ml 0028306000 Zeitgard Beauty Diamonds Cream Eye 30 ml), the number - 24 Racine Q10 Intensive Eye cream 15 ml amount - 60 Racine Collagen 30 ml amount - 30 Racine liposomes 30 ml amount - 20 LR Colours Cream tone base "Peace Light"GERMANY0UA125200276.2453415.784235
06/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin (not aerosol packaging in plastic and glass containers): Art. FTR22703 cream gel per Palmolive Olive and Milk / Naturel intensive moisturizing oils and moisturizing lotion, 750 ml - 231kor., Art. FTR22739 Gel-cream for the soul Palmolive Black Orchid / Natyurel luxurious softness of orchid extract and moisturizing milk, 750 ml - 921kor., art. FTR22745 shower Gel 3 in 1 for body, face and hair Palmolive men Sport (Palmolive for men Sport ) 750 ml - 40kor., art. FTR22814 Liquid soap for intimate care Palmolive friendship Necheral Kea 300ml - 37kor., art. TR01454A Liquid soap for hands Palmolive M & H / Naturel Power and honey moisturizing lotion, 750 ml - 96kor., Art. TR01632A Heldlya Palmolive Shower Massage Your Aromonastriy 250 ml. - 934kor .. (1Cor. = 12p.). Manufacturer: Colgate-Palmolive Temizlik Urunleri San.Ve Ticaret ASTorhovelna mark PALMOLIVEKrayina production TR. "TURKEY0UA10021015002.3520187.67162
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Face Massage Cream Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Face Massage Cream Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПРОФКОСМО БІО"""
Importer Address
м.Київ в. Круглоуніверситетська,14 01024
Exporter Name Anna Lotan Ltd
Product Description
"1.Kosmetychni care shki-swarm of hands, face and .........
HS Code 3304990000Value 167.817549
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3
Origin Country ISRAEL

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