Ukraine Import Data of F11 | Ukraine Import Statistics of F11

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of f11 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of f11 imports.

F11 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of F11

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of f11. Get Ukraine trade data of F11 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178412298100Engines 1 Power-piston axial fans for bunker agricultural seeding machines, hydraulic F11-010-HU-CV-K-000-0000-00 art.3707310 - 5sht.robochyy 9.8sm3 volume / volume, maximum working pressure of 350bar, maximum operating speed 10200ob / min.SWEDEN0UA110150353365.882086 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201785319085001.Chastyny ​​extinguishing devices for fire protection, do not contain some kind of transmitter and / or receiver and does not perform control functions: Device I / O address FDCIO222 to fire the device art. A5Q00002369-60sht. FDCI222 address input device to fire the device art. A5Q00001984-80sht. Fire detector base DB721 art. S54319-F11-A1-1070sht. FDAI91 indicator alarm - installation of door frame art. S54370-F9-A1-360sht. Producer SIEMENS AGKrayina production CNTorhovelna brand SIEMENS.CHINA0UA125100121.08711515.20847
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Tone cream ease Series Color Trend, LIGHT, 30 ml art.F0141200-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream ease series ColorTrend, Light Medium, 30 ml art.F0194400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream dlyaoblychchya ease Series Color Trend, Tan, 30 ml art.F0201900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Double elixir facial rejuvenation. The advantage serum and oil AVONAnew Series, 40 ml art.F0270200-375sht. (10kor.) SPA hand Recovery cream argan oil zmarokkanskoyu desert Treasures series AVON Planet Spa, 30 ml art.F0630800-130sht. (1 Cor.) cream A body, face and hands with an extract nasinnyachia velvet softness and moisture series AVON Nutra Effects, 400 ml art.F0677100-286sht. (13kor.) Toning mousse for feet with a cooling effect zsokom aloe series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml, art .F1159600-48sht. (1 Cor.) dlyashkiry cream under the eyes Echinacea and white tea series Naturals, 25 ml art.F1209200-130sht. (1 Cor.) Toning Perfection BB Cream SPF 15, AVON TrueNutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1674200-297sht. (3kor.) Toning matuyuchyykrem BB SPF 15 Perfection series AVON True Nutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1688600-495sht. (5kor.) SPA mask film for the face with flickering effect zaromatom tree iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVON Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-170sht. (1 Cor.) Day Cream series Anew Platinum SPF 25, 50 ml art.F2237600-600sht. (15kor.) Day cream SPF25 UVAUVB charge enerhiyi.Doskonalist series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362800-800sht. (20kor.) Syvoratka corrective facial tone and strengthen the Equal series AVON Anew, like, 2 ml art.F2489800-2376sht. (3kor.) Night cream update series Anew Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522700-1193sht. (30kor.) Day Cream SPF25 dlyaoblychchya updates, series Anew Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522800-1000sht. (25kor.) Water Cleansing Facial Cleansing 3-in-1 series Anew, 50 ml art.F2620500-900sht. (5kor.) Velvet Facial tone series ColorTrend, Nearly Nude, 30 ml art.F2749900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Velvet tone for oblychchyaseriyi ColorTrend, Natural, 30 ml art.F2751400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Zvolozhuvalnyykrem Toning effect of Radiance series AVON True, 75 ml art.F2791300-170sht. (1 Cor.) Professional daily scrub clean the face Clearskin series, 125 ml, art.F2873300-68sht. (1 Cor.) Intensively moisturizing lotion for face Itil oats and chamomile series AVON Car, 750 ml art.F2940200-300sht. (25kor.) Zasib3-to-1 against the black dots with white clay and 2 salicylic acid series AVONClearskin, 75 ml art.F3061200-280sht. (4kor.) Thermo-active antytselyulitnyyhel of L-carnitine complex series AVON Solutions, 150 ml art.F3278200-54sht. (1 Cor.) Day Cream for the face rejuvenation. Multi-Care SPF 25 series AVONAnew, 50 ml art.F3437300-1600sht. (40kor.) Moisturizer for znyattyamakiyazhu series Avon Colour, 150 ml art.F3473900-3168sht. (72kor.) Hommazhdlya face mask with Dead Sea minerals ideal cleaning series "POLAND0UA1002103661.7322109.46375
27/Apr/201784148051001.Kompresor MCH14-ET CNG TRIF with a crank mechanism with a working pressure of 200-250 bar and a capacity of 14m3 / h (serial number: F105, F110, F101, F109) with three-phase electric motor 5,5kVt - 4 shtuky.Pryznachenyy for refueling vehicles with natural gas stystnutym. No military pryznachennya.Torhovelna mark: COLTRI COMPRESSORS.Vyrobnyk: Aerotecnica Coltri Spa.Krayina production: IT. .ITALY4UA40101081018474.52822
27/Apr/20178414802298"1.Kompresory Air volume, Reciprocating, piston, over-working of pressures up to 15bar, produktynistyu do60m3 / hod.dlya prmyslovyh purposes: SB4 / C-50.LB30A-5pcs, SB4 / C-50.LB30 -4sht, SB4 / C 100.LB30A-5pcs, SB4 / C 100.LB30-4sht, SB4 / C 50.LB40-2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB40-4sht, SB4 / C 200.LB40 -2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB50-2sht, SB4 / F-270.LB50-2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB75-1sht; SB4-24, F114 1pc; SB4-24, GMS150 1pc; SB4-50 .VS204 1pc, SB4 / C-24.GSM193 5pcs, SB4 / C-50.GM193 6 pieces. country of trademark BY AIRCAST, REMEZAVyrobnyk CJSC Remez. "BELARUS45UA807170366812256.57828
26/Apr/20178207403000"1. alternating tools with working part of high speed steel (without vmistualmaziv) for use in machine tools with the aim of carving narizannyazovnishnoyi Features: - Die: art. - F108M16 - 2 pcs. Art. - F108M12 - 2 pcs. Art. - F110M20X1. 5 - 2sht.Torhovelna mark: "" DORMER & PRAMET "" Country of origin: DEVyrobnyk: Pramet Tools sro. "GERMANY0UA8072100.71363.3347492
26/Apr/20178413308000"1.Nasosy for coolant, dlyaavtomobiliv vnutrishnohozhorannya engines, water pump Art.A152-2sht. Art.A158-5sht. Art.A159-4sht. Art.A161-2sht .art.A164-5sht. art.A171-3sht. art.A174-2sht. art.A179-2sht. art.A186-6sht. art.A187-7sht. art .A189-3sht. art.A199-1sht. art.A200-2sht. art.A212-3sht. art.A213-2sht. art. A222-4sht. art.A224 -30sht. art.A224-3sht. rt.A229-4sht well. art.A233-6sht. art.A233-2sht. art.A249-31sht. art.A251-6sht. art.A258-7sh v. art.A280 -9sht. art.A300-6sht. art. A341ST-4 pieces. art.B120-2sht. art.B214-1sht. art.B215-5sht. art.B216-9sht. art. B219-4sht. art.B226-1sht . art.B320-3sht. t.C110-6sht al. art.C113-2sht. art. C114-7sht. Art.C120-6sht. Art.C122-4sht. Art.C129-11sh v. Art.C149-1sht. Art.D210-88sht. Art. F115-3sht. Art.F127-7sht. Art.F129 -2sht. t.F132-1sht al. art.F133-6sht. art.F133-8sht. art.F138-10sht. art.F141-1sht. art.F150-11 pieces. art.F155-2sht. art.F166 -6sht. art. F196-4sht. art.F201-2sht. art.F203-7sht. t.F233-11sht al. art.H129-5sht. art.H133-1sht. art.H138-1sht. art.H203-2sht. art.H204-4sht. art.H215-5sht. art.H216-3sht. Art. H221-1sht. art.H222-3sht. art.H224-1sht. t.H227-7sht al. art.H228-2sht. art.H230-4sht. art.H237-5sht. art.K101-3sht. art.K102-2sht. art.K105-2sht. art.L121-110sht. Art. L123-10sht. art.L123-20sht. art.L125-52sht. art.L126-5sht. art.M153-1sht. Art. M174-4sht. art.M193-4sht. art.M206-3sht. t.M213-4sht al. art.M214-1sht. art.M216-6sht. art.M219-1sht. art.M219-2sht. art.M220-3sht. art.M224-1sht. art.M225-3sht. Art. M229-5sht. art.M230-2sht. art.M232-22sht. and rt.M237-1sht. art.M248-4sht. art.M248-1sht. art.M251-2sht. art.M463-2sht. art.M465-2sht. art.M467-8sht. art.N110-3sht. Art. N119-4sht. art.N123-3sht. art.N148-8sht. t.N150-4sht al. art.N151-4sht. art.N206-3sht. art.N207-9sht. art.N208-9sht. art.N405-1sht. art.O100-2sht. art.O105-3sht. Art. O117-19sht. art.O123-2sht. art.O136-7sht. and rt.O137-13sht. art.O138-37sht. Art. O142-6sht. art.O142-1sht. art.O143-3sht. t.O146-2sht al. art.O181-5sht. art.O261-3sht. art.O264-3sht. art.O267-1sht. art.O270-4sht. art.P500-7sht. art.R135-7sht. Art. R179-5sht. art.R179-4sht. art.R196-1sht. t.R212-11sht al. art.R214-4sht. art.R216-5sht. art.R217-11sht. art.R220-3sht. art.R221-1sh v. art.R227-2sht. art.R228-4sht. Art. R229-3sht. art.R230-2sht. art.R233-2sht. t.R301-2sht al. art.R304-3sht. art.S161-4sht. art.S192-3sht. art.S216-1sht. art.S233-14sh v. art.S236-2sht. art.S236-1sht. Art. S261-6sht. art.S292-5sht. art.S320-1sht. t.T184-4sht al. art.T205-3sht. art.T212-1sht. art.T212-6sht. art.T215-4sht. art.T218-2sht. art.T221-3sht. art.T224-6sht. Art. T225-9sht. art.T235-16sht. art.T242-3sht. and rt.T250-3sht. art.T254-1sht.krayina production of ES; Brand "" Industrias Dolz SA ""; Trade mark "" DOLZ ""; "SPAIN1179UA110190127016379.51268
26/Apr/201784199085001.Chastyna dryers Card 40S -zahruzchyk pellets VacuJet L F11693 - 6 pieces: serial number, 3744-25-1517, 3744-26-1517,3744-29-1517,3744-30-1517,3744-37-1517, 3744-38-1517, cylindrical plastic casing without mounted units serve for feeding pellets drying apparatus termoplastavtomata.Tehnichni characteristics: volume reservoir - 3.1 l., max. supply - 120 kg / hr., the consumption of compressed air -26 Hm3 / h consumption voltage - 24V DC. Trademark Farrag Tech.Firma manufacturer Farrag Tech.Krayina production SI. .SLOVENIA0UA125020725682.857642
26/Apr/20179404219000"1 Mattresses made of polymeric materials without pruzhynMatrats to bed composition: 100% polyester cover, filling with foam effect" "Memory", "quality Goldart.3236957-GOLD F85, size 140 * 200cm-1sht.Matrats to bed Ingredients: cover 55% polyester / 45% bamboo fiber, filling: polyester / foam to the effect of "" memory "," quality Goldart.3233678-GOLD F30, size 160 * 200cm-bed for 2sht.Matrats quality Goldart.3237178 -GOLD F110, size 160 * 200cm-1sht.Namatratsnyky (thin overlay on mattress stuffed with filling), without pruzhynNamatratsnyk (top mattress), composition: cover 55% polyester / 45% bamboo fiber, filling the air pin and the effect of "" memory "," quality Goldart.3416657-GOLD T30, size 140 * T30, size 160 * 200cm brand-1sht.Torhovelna WellPurVyrobnyk CN WellPurKrayina production in China. "CHINA0UA209140104.517553.2401977
25/Apr/201784839081001. Products from ferrous metals for industrial use: Valve Plate LH / Left distribution plate for HPV135 pump, material: steel-3pcs .; Valve Plate M / Distributor plate for motor pump for HMF105, material: steel-1pc; Swash Plate RH / Swivel right plate for pump A10VO71, material: stainless steel 1; Retainer Plate / Mounting plate for pump ETN6423, material: steel-1; Shoe Plate / Plate for bearing for ETN6423 pump, material: steel-1; Valve Plate LH / Distributor plate left for pump ETN6423, material: stainless steel 1; Valve Plate RH / Distributor plate right for pump ETN6423, material: steel-1; Valve Plate M / Distributor plate m Thor for pump ETN6423, material: steel-1; Bearing Plate for ETN6423 pump, material: steel-1; Valve Plate RH / Distributor plate for right for pump A4VG71, materials: steel-1; Retainer Plate / Mounting plate for pump A4VG71, material: steel-1p.; Ball Guide for A4VG71 pump, material: steel-1; Valve Plat e M / Distributor plate for motor for F11-005, material: steel- 1 st .;Valve Plate M / Distributor plate motor for pump ETN4623, material: steel-1 st .;Retainer Plate / Mounting plate for pump ETN4623, material: steel-1pc .; Valve Plate M / Distributor plate motor for pump ETN5423, material: steel-1 st .; Retainer Plate / Mounting plate for pump ETN5423, material: steel-1pc .; Valve Plate M / Distributor plate motor for pump ETN6423, material: steel-1 st .; Retainer Plate / Mounting plate for pump ETN6423, material: steel-1pc .; Valve Plate M / Distributor plate motor for pump HMF105, material: steel-1pc .; (Field of application: components for hydraulic equipment for the civil engineering industry) Trademark of Wuxi Halies Hydraulic Pump Inc. Manufacturer of Wuxi Halies Hydraulic Pump Inc. Country of manufacture CN "UNITED STATES0UA1001207.056401.5768793
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F11 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

F11 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СОЮЗ-СПЕЦТЕХНІКА"""
Importer Address
52005 Дніпропетровська обл., Дніпровський р-н, смт.Слобожанське, вул.Нижньодніпровська,1
Product Description
Engines 1 Power-piston axial fans for bunker agric.........
HS Code 8412298100Value 3365.882086
Quantity 0Unit UA110150
Net Weight 35
Origin Country SWEDEN

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