Ukraine Import Data of Eye Powder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Eye Powder

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of eye powder collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of eye powder imports.

Eye Powder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Eye Powder

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of eye powder. Get Ukraine trade data of Eye Powder imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201730049000001.Nezareyestrovani drugs for people who are exclusively for clinical trial, clinical trial protocols AB12005: Gemcitabine Accord 2g (2000mg), powder for injections lot number PT00750 Valid until 11 / 2018- 40 upakovok.Za clinical trial protocol AB12008: Gemcitabine Accord 2g (2000mg), powder for injections lot number PT00750 Valid until 11 / 2018- 30 upakovok.Ne contain material of human origin, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, alkaloids or their derivatives, narcotic and psychotropic substances, precursors and iodine compounds iodine. For clinical trials, not for sale. Packaging - plastic bottle in a cardboard box. Not in aerosol packaging. .INDIA0UA1251003.543.84694126 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179616200000"1.Dental and cosmetic tools: Dolce & Gabbana Make Up BrushAngled 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana BrushKouth) Art.30200000452-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush BigBlending 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush). Art. Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Blusher 1psc (Dolce & Gabbana Penzel / Rose) Art.30200000454-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Eyes Blending 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush) .30200000455-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Eyes Shading 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brilliant Dye / Shadow) Art.30200000456-1; Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Brush Foundation 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush Base / Foundation) Art.30200000457-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Lipliner Rect 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush D / Foil) art.30200000458-1 Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Pencil 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush Pencil / Powder Coating) Art.30200000459-1; Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Brush Powder 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush D / Powder) Art.302000 00460- 1 piece; Brand Dolce & Gabbana Producer Beaute Prestige International "CHINA0UA1000700.29577.8334052
28/Apr/20179603309000"1.Penzlyky for the application of cosmetics: art.BE2180 / 1 Beauty UK brush powder 1 -120sht .; art.BE2180 / 10 Beauty UK small shadow brush 10 - 120sht., Art.BE2180 / 11 Beauty UK flat eyeliner brush 11 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 12Beauty UK brush for eyeliner 12 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 2 Beauty UK brush dlyarum'yan 2 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 3 Beauty UK brush konturinhu 3 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 4 UK Beauty brush tone from 4 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 5Beauty UK konturinhu brush / powder 5 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 6 Beauty UKpenzlyk for konturinhu / Blanding 6 - 120sht .; art. BE2180 / 7 Beauty UK brush dlyatiney 7 - 120sht .; art.BE2180 / 8 Beauty UK shadow brush flat 8 - 120sht., Art.BE2180 / 9 Beauty UK shadow brush and flat roztushuvannya 9 - 120sht.VSOHO 1440sht.Torhovelna mark: Beauty UKKrayina production: TWVyrobnyk: Soho Cosmetic Accessories Co., Ltd. "TAIWAN1440UA10011033.64177.885105
27/Apr/20172309909690"1. Preparation (koktsydiostat)" "Sakoks 120" "(" "Sacox 120" ") - mikrohranulovanyy powder yellow-brown color for oral use in poultry and livestock (premix). Party: 17030587127, 17030587128. Date of manufacture: March 2017 year. Expiration date: March 2019. Ingredients: 1 kg of the drug containing the active ingredient, sodium salinomitsyn - 120 g excipients: calcium carbonate, sucrose, carmellose. purpose: mixing with foods to prevent all types of coccidia, which are parasitic in poultry to reduce the number of pathogenic mikroorhan isms - causative agents of dysentery and klostrydiozu in pigs. Dosage per 1000 kg of feed, chicken Broilers - 420 g Laying hens - 333 g, pigs - 125-500 g Producer: "" Biovet, DzheyEsSi "," Bulgaria. ".BULGARIA0UA9020402000040086.24058
27/Apr/20172933310000"1.Zareyestrovanyy drug zasibETHYLMETHYLHYDROXYPYRIDINE / ETYLMETYLHIDROKSYPIRYDYNU succinate, CAS№ 12746-44-31, chemical formulaC8H11NO2C4H6O4: -ser. / N. (Batch No.): 2,211,216, number-100kg. Powder (substance) upodviynyh for production of sterile plastic bags and nesterylnyhlikarskyh form.Diyucha substance-succinate etylmetylhidroksypirydynu not menshe99,0% and not more than 101.0% in terms of dry matter. Reyestratsiyneposvidchennya: number UA / 12684/01/01 of 14.01.2013r., 14.01.2018r valid for. notcontains in his composition of materials and substances included in the list narkotych- nyhzasobiv, psyhotro pnyh substances and prekursoriv.Vyrobnyk: "" BION "" LLC (RU) Trademark: BION.. "RUSSIA0UA125100100481099.9999
26/Apr/20176115210000"1. Tights, knitted, of synthetic fibers, with a linear density of a single thread less than 67 decitexes: - art.40024 / Fdpoudre TI (Tampons, Powder, 10den / 65% polyamide, 35% elastane) - 123 pcs. - art. 40027 / Shelina TI (Tights, Shelina, 12den / 60% polyamide, 40% polyurethane) - 160 pcs. - Art.40028 / Lunelle TI (Tights, Shelina, 12den / 66% polyamide, 34% elastane) - 117 pcs. Art.40029 / Shel.Toeless TI (Tights, Shelina, 12den / 63% polyamide, 37% polyurethane) - 147pcs; - Art.40120 / Pure Matt 20 TI (Tights, Pue Matt, 20den / 89% polyamide, 11% Elastane) - 159pcs; - Art.40445 / Pure Shine 20 TI (Pantyhose, Pew Shine, 15den / 89% polyamide, 11% elastane) - 54pcs; - Art.40510 / Shap.Panty 15TI (Pantyhose, ShEyebrow hips, 15den / 72% polyamide, 28% elastane) - 36 pcs. - Art.40512 / Shap.Panty 20TI (Pantyhose, Sheep hips, 20den / 64% polyamide, 36% elastane) - 36 pcs. - Art.40583 / Leg Energ.30 TI (Tights, Energeis, 30den / 72% polyamide, 28% elastane) - 6 pcs .; - Art.40620 / Matt Deluxe TI (Pantyhose, Mat deluxe, 20den / 76% polyamide, 24% elastane) - 78pcs. Producer: FALKE KGaA. Trademark: FALKE.Crain Production: RS. "SERBIA916UA20502023.935874.45092
26/Apr/201719011000001.Produkty baby food, produce ted from the components of milk or flour, packaged for retail torhivli.- art. 609,993 dairy-free porridge multyzla Cova Milupa - 2093 cards. cases (9 * 170hr). The size of the components at 100g. dry powder, corn flour (wheat BC, rice, oat, barley, corn, rye, millet) 99.5%, minerals, vitam ins. Contains hlyuten. art. 611241 Buckwheat porridge Milupa - 734 cards. cases (9 * 210hr) Quantitative skladkomponentiv per 100g. dry powder, corn flour (buckwheat, rice) 40.9% skimmed milk powder 22.9% demineralized whey and suha11,2% blend of vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed, palm, sunflower), sugar, harchovivolokna (halakto- oligosaccharides, fruit-oligosaccharides) vitamins mineraly. art. 611235 dry milk porridge oats shvydkoroz current Milupa- 54 kart.korobiv (210hr 9 *). The size of the components at 100g. dry powder, oat muka43,0% eye ml skimmed 22.9%, sugar, whey demineralizovanasuha 11 2% blend of vegetable oils (coconut, canola, PA lmova, sunflower), minerals, vitamins, sschyevyy lecithin (emulsifier) . Contains hlyu ten.POLAND0UA209140469215397.47998
25/Apr/201733049900001.Kosmetychni drugs and medications for dog lyadu skin contain narkotychnyhz asobiv, psychotropic substances and prekurso ditch, toner Ageless TotalA100N 170ml -32sht. Serum anti-aging Ageless Total A101N Cream 50ml -32sht.Vidnovlyuyuchyy Ageless Total A102N 56,7h -30sht. Revitalizing Mask AgelessTotal A103N -12sht 57h. Eye Cream pidtyazhchky Ageless Total A104N-40sht 15ml. Cream retinol-A Ageless Total A105N 28,4h -33sht. Net hialuronovyynapovnyuvach Ageless Total A106N-30sht 30ml. Serum Cage The MAX Stem M101N 30ml -15sht. Cage The MAXStem M102N cream 48 g -18sht. Cage neck lift The MAX Stem M105N Mask 59ml -10sht.Klitkova The MAX Stem M104N 59ml, 10pcs. Cage Eye Cream The MAX Stem M103N 14,8ml -13sht. Pom'yakshuyuchyytonik Iluma Intense IL100N 118 ml -5sht. Exfoliating Face Powder IlumaIntense IL106N -13sht 43h. Soothing Serum 30ml Iluma Intense IL102N-8 pieces. Whitening Serum 30ml Iluma Intense IL103N -5sht. Shining cream under ochiIluma Intense IL 107N 15ml -10sht. Smoothing Hand Cream SPF 15 Iluma IntenseIL105N -5sht 57h. Hidratuyuchyy Cleanser Facial 177ml Vital C-V100N 13sht. Hidratuyucha serum anti-aging Vital C. 50ml -33sht V101N. Hidratuyuchyyyntensyvnyy Moisturizer 50ml Vital C V102N -33sht. Hidratuyucha Eye Oil 30ml Vital CV107N -10sht. Hidratuyucha mask with enzymes Vital C V104N 57h-23sht. Hidratuyuchyy Cream Vital C V103N 56,7h -30sht. Hidratuyuchyyvidnovlyuyuchyy Gel Eye Vital C V105N 15ml -30sht. Hidratuyucha Serum 15ml ASEVital C V106N -10sht. Balanced Facial Cleanser 177ml Ormedic O100N-20pcs. Balanced antyoksydalna Serum 30ml Ormedic O101N -20sht.Zbalansovanyy cream with bio peptides Ormedic O102N 56,7h -20sht. Zbalansovanyyhel Mask 59ml Ormedic O103N -20sht. Balanced Gel Eye Lift 15ml OrmedicO104N -23sht. Salicylic Cleansing Gel 177ml Clear Cell CC100N-10pc. The treated acne scrub 118ml Clear Cell CC103N -10sht. Matting zvolozhuvachClear Cell CC107N -10sht 57h. Treated Acne Lotion 50ml Clear Cell CC101N-30sht. Treated Acne Mask Clear Cell CC102N -30sht 57h. Salicylic ochyschuyuchyytonik Clear Cell CC104N 118ml -20sht. Hidratuyuchyy Day Moisturizer SPF 30Prevention + PP102N 91h-30sht. Matting Daily Moisturizer SPF 32 Prevention + PP100N -30sht 91h. Dennyyzabarvlenyy Moisturizer SPF 30 PP101N 91h-30sht. Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 zahychtu maximum Prevention + PP103N 91h-50sht. Ultra clean spray SPF 45 Prevention + PP104N 118ml -10sht. Zmolozhuyuchyyloson Body Body Spa BS101N 170g -10sht. Exfoliating Body Scrub Body SpaBS103N 113,4h -20sht. Primary perfect cream against spots I Beauty IB102 26h-13sht. Perfect Natural base I Conceal IC101 20pcs, 28 g. Perfect beige foundation I Conceal IC102 28 g -20sht. Perfect zamshevaosnova I Conceal IC103 28 g -10sht. Lifting attending 276-02 O2 set-5pcs cream. Lifting O2 Oxygen Mask 30ml -5sht 270-02. Ormedychnyy pidtyahuyuchyyrozchyn I Peel IP100N 118ml -10sht. Lifting signature solution I Peel IP103N118ml -10sht. Pom'yakUNITED STATES0UA125100218.7462032.429925
25/Apr/201739269092901. plastic products made of sheet materials (promotional products): BOX STAND IN glosses Lip Gloss Interdit single empty (plastic) [P588374] -5SHT, BOX STAND IN JELLY Lip Gloss Interdit single empty (plastic) [P588481] -6SHT, insertion of collection SEZONS empty (UE. 2 pieces) (plastic) [P587373] -52SHT, inserts powder compact LE sINGLE SEASON empty (plastic) [P590233] -3SHT, BOX STAND FOR TESTER Givenchy Collection of PRODUKTIVDLYA eyebrows DOUBLE empty (plastic) [P582035] -6SHT, insert the STAND EQUIPMENT MAKE DLYAZNYATTYA single empty (plastic) [P588402] -6ShT.Krayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - GIVENCHYVyrobnyk - LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS PARFUMS GIVENCHY.FRANCE0UA10001035.13077.288836
25/Apr/201733049900001. cosmetic products for skin care and decorative BODY FIRE (NOT VAEROZOLNIY pack) (not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances TAPREKURSORY) (promotional products): SAMPLE BASIS tonal velvet Matisse 0.5 Matisse G + Velvet Powder compact 0.5 SASHET L [P581963] -5500SHT, BASE MODEL MATISSIMVELVET tonal T04 5 ml [P581964] -400SHT, Matisse VELVETTONALNA BASE MODEL T05 5 ml [P581965] -400SHT, miniature Couture Deluxe Tent TONALNAOSNOVA T4 5ml NEW [P589092] -250SHT, miniature Tent Couture Balma tonal OSNOVAT4 5 ml NEW [P590036] -250SHT, miniature tonal A BASIS FOTOPERFEKSHN T4 5 MLNOVA [P580014] -750SHT testers BASE makeup AKTIMAYN awakening T SKIN 315ML [P580243] -8SHT testers BASE makeup radiant MR 30 ml [P590201] -12SHT testers BASE makeup MR strip 30 ML [ P580941] -10SHT testers SITISKIN Solution DYMKA- vaccine spray for face protection STP 30 50 ML [P556161] -144SHT testers SUA le Noir Cream Rejuvenating Eye 15ml [P551802] -2SHT, T Esther MR radiant blush GEL 20 ml [P590202] -52SHT testers tonal OSNOVATEN Couture SUSTAINABLE SZF20 T3 10 ml [P580893] -10SHT testers tonal BASE TEN KUTYURSTIYKA SZF20 T3.5 25ml [P590813] -10SHT, tests R tonal BASIS Tent Couture KUSHN10H T1 [P590251] -24SHT testers tonal BASIS Tent Couture KUSHN 10G T2 [P590252] -24SHT testers tonal BASIS Tent Couture KUSHN 10G T3 [P590253] -24SHT testers tonal BASIS Tent Couture KUSHN 10G T4 [ P590254] -24ShT.Krayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - GIVENCHYVyrobnyk - LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS PARFUMS GIVENCHYFRANCE0UA100010192.919771.04674
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Eye Powder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Eye Powder Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МЕДІКОР, ЛТД"""
Importer Address
04655, м. Київ, проспект Московський, 28-А літера Г, Україна.
Exporter Name LC 2
Product Description
1.Nezareyestrovani drugs for people who are exclus.........
HS Code 3004900000Value 43.84694126
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3.5
Origin Country INDIA

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