Ukraine Import Data of Extruded | Ukraine Import Statistics of Extruded

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of extruded collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of extruded imports.

Extruded Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Extruded

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201754023400001.Nytky complex, textured, not put up for retail sale iz100% polypropylene, painted neprosocheni, extruded weave, bezpokryttya, round, linear density detsyteksiv 2200: -3844sht.Torhovelna thread Brand: KulhaliKrayina production: TR.TURKEY0UA1251802211.913459.600121 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177608208900"1.Truby round aluminum alloy extruded without treatment: Trubaalyuminiyeva round 30 x 2 mm, grade EN AW-6060-T66 - 153kh;."POLAND0UA209180153546.3787613
28/Apr/201774072110001. Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, dia. 26 mm PR, ND - 3732KH., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, PR, dia. 3000 +/- 30.5MM LENGTH 100mm - 11288KH., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, PR, dia. 3000 +/- 30.5MM LENGTH 100mm - 1048KH., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, dia. 20mm ND - 500kg., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, dia. 50mm ND - 208KH., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, dia. 50mm ND - 1854KH., Brass rods, Mark LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21-356-2010, dia. 60mm ND - 588KH.PRUTKY DIRECT, extruded, round cross section, diameter 26 mm, 30,5MM, 20mm, 50mm AND 60mm random (various) in length made of brass MARK LMTSSKA 58-2-2-1-1, TU 48-21 -356-2010, Batch numbers: 268, 702, 700, 284, 243, 277, 2154, the chemical composition: Cu-57,79-59,03%, Mn-1,85-2,22%, Ni- 0,050-0,15%, Pb-1,55-1,96%, Al-0,71-0,97%, Si-0,66-0,9 2%, Fe-0,21-0,42 %, Sn-0,057-0,14%, Sb-0,0020-0,0028%, Bi-0,0010%, P-0,0021-0,0030%, Zn-balance. MANUFACTURER: JSC "Kamensk-Ural Plant of handling ferrous metals' Country of origin: RU. MARKING FOR THE PRESENCE trademarks for goods missing.RUSSIA0UA90101019218120561.1433
28/Apr/201790278017001 devices for physical analizu.Plastometr XNR400B (new) -1sht.Prylad designed to automatically measure the viscosity of thermoplastics. Determining the value of the melt thermoplastics based on polymer extrusion melt under pressure through a calibrated diameter dies at the beginning of a given value temperatury.Z tested material in the cylinder is heated to a high temperature melting and then extruded (extruded) of dies under load of a clipped through vahy.Ekstrudat at regular intervals. The result of the test is extruded mass per unit chasu.Plastometr consists of extrusion camera unit with a thermostat, thermostat actuator and piston. 1. Specifications: Year-20171.1. Extrusion and loading part: capillary diameter (outlet) 2.095 +/- 0.005 mmDovzhyna capillary (outlet) 8.000 +/- 0.025 +/- 9.550 mmDiametr cylinder length 0.025 mmVnutrishnya cylinder 152 +/- 0.1 mmDiametr head guide piston 9 .475 + / - 0.015 mmDovzhyna guide the piston head 6.350 +/- 0.100 mm1.2. Freight vyprobuvanNavantazhennya for testing kit can be combined with cargo attached and weight of the piston. There are eight combinations of goods for vyprobuvan.1.3. Temperature control, adjustable temperature range from room temperature to + 400STochnist temperature control no more than +/- 0.1SStalist temperature for 8 hours not more 0.1STemperaturnyy gradient of no more 0.5SDozvil thermocouple 0.1STemperaturna correction: Two-point temperature korektsiyaChas restoration to the original level no more 4minNapruha supply: 220 V, 60 Hz frequency, current 5 amps,RUSSIA0UA70004059.83461.268579
27/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): extruded aluminum profile aluminum art.AYPC.150.0102-1728 mProfil extruded L = 3,3 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-3362,7 mProfil aluminum extruded L = 4,5 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-891 mprofil portal art.PRD125-56 mprofil auxiliary art.AYPC.F50 .0721-34 mprofil leveling art.AYPC.C48.0614-104 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0601-744 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0603-446,4 mprofil guide art.AYPC.1 15.0011-12 mprofil threshold art.AYPC.C48.0805-104 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0605-223,2 mprofil clip clip art.AYPC.110.0605-1711,2 mProfil clamping plates art.AYPC.F50.0601-3128 clamping mProfil mprofil lattice strips art.AYPC.F50.1612-13,6 art.AEG56-119 mprofil lattice art.AEG56-1400 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44F 20 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.C48.0612 -156 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC .VC65.0604-45,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1053 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-240 mTorhovelna mark Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY "BELARUS0UA1252207100.32522304.70329
27/Apr/20173921110000"1.Plyty XPS Extruded polystyrene porous, without images, not polished on the edge: art.XPGKTOPTB 180, Austrotherm XPS TOP P TB GK 18 CM, rozm.1250h600h180mm-7.020m3 (52sht.) Art.XPGKTOP 160, Austrotherm XPS TOP P GK 16 CM, rozm.1250h600h160mm - 5.400m3 (45sht.) art.XPGKTOP 050, Austrotherm XPS TOP P GK 5 CM, rozm.1250h600h50mm - 1.500m3, (40sht.) art.XPGKTOP 030, Austrotherm XPS TOP P GK 3 CM, rozm.1250h600h30mm - 1.575m3 (70sht.) art.XPGKTOP 020, Austrotherm UNIVERSALPLATTE 2 CM, rozm.1250h600h20mm - 2.400m3 (160sht.) Manufacturer - Austrotherm GmbH, trademark - Austrotherm, country of production - AT .. "AUSTRIA0UA100010563.341782.599987
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. pressed extruded profile without anodic coating series :," "W" "," "B" "," "A" "," "Z" ", aluminum alloy, for protecting building structures. ISO B B.2.6 -3-95. Art-W3683, length 7000 mm - 54 pcs, brand 1314kh.- alloy anode without covering 6060 ,, - W3871, length 6000 mm - 28 pcs 834 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating , -A8407, length 2700 mm - 140 pieces, 548 kh.- alloy grade 6060 with anodic coating ,, - Z5352, length 6020 mm - 36 pcs, 1340 brands kh.- alloy anode without covering 6060 ,, - Z8351, 6020mm length - 35 pcs 875 kh.- alloy grade 6063 without anodic coating ,, - W0199, 6020mm length - 4 pieces, 142 mA alloy kh.- ing 6063 without anodic coating ,, - W5727, 8200mm length - 8 units, 486 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating ,, - W3532, 6000mm length - of 24, 922 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating , Total - 329 pieces, weight -6461 kg.. "POLAND0UA125130646118246.3099
27/Apr/20174411121000"1 panel boards extruded panels in a door-way embossing, imitating the structure of wood. Not subjected to machining without lining impregnated with chemicals for more physicalproperties," "dry" "mode of production, presovani.Mayut rectangular, figured shape. obrobky.Vykorystovuyutsya require further for revet door, 3mm thick, the range, the total number-4080sht. Packaging - wooden pallets.. "ROMANIA19265UA508070196708348.048635
27/Apr/20177604210000"1.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): extruded aluminum profile art.AYPC.150.0110-360 mprofil castle art.KPU45 / R-60 mprofil end art.ES9x45 / eco-90 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0807-18,6 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-208 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0104-286 mprofil pins art.AYPC.F50.0204 -353.6 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44m / S-3360 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-338 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0205-286 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0205-143 mprofil rack art .AYPC.110.0301-409,2 mprofil rack art.AYPC.F50 .0101-27,2 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0102-340 mprofil rack rack art.AYPC.F50.0104-326,4 mprofil amplifier art.AYPC.C48.0706-13 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-792 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-guide 540 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-mark mTorhovelna 360 Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA1252206401.15922823.41683
27/Apr/20177608208100"1. Pipes drawn, extruded aluminum alloy" "6063" "without further processing and with additional coverage: -FI 10X1mm L 6000 -1194 pieces. Kh.marky 531" "6060" "without anodic coating; -FI 25X2mm L 6020 -209 pieces. kh.marky 496 "" 6063 "" without anode pokryttyaZahalna number: 1403 pcs., weight - 1027 kg.. "POLAND0UA12513010272829.560129
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІНСАЙД ТРАСТ"""
Importer Address
04119, м. Київ, вулиця Зоологічна, будинок 4-А
Product Description
1.Nytky complex, textured, not put up for retail s.........
HS Code 5402340000Value 3459.600121
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 2211.91
Origin Country TURKEY

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