Ukraine Import Data of Extension Cord | Ukraine Import Statistics of Extension Cord

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of extension cord collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of extension cord imports.

Extension Cord Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Extension Cord

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of extension cord. Get Ukraine trade data of Extension Cord imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - SUBARU model - WRX 2.5L ZhidnoVysnovoku expert №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r. Brand, modifications -SubaruWRX STi number body / VIN - JF1VA2V64G9802221 number of the engine - no data typdvyhuna - petrol engine power - 221kVt, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, working on the "" volume cylinder - 2457 cm3, number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2015; rikvyhotovlennya model - 2016, axle 4x4. Color - red. Products for zova - sedan.KTZ damaged. According to expert opinion №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r., Poshkodzhenita be replaced: front bumper, front bumper grating, napravlyayuchabampera left and right, cover the left and right front bumper, kronshteynvnutrishniy left and right front bumper, bracket front bumper, front bumper lower bracket, front bumper damper assemblies ґratkaradiato Dr. bracket lattice radiator, front bumper protection, hood, hood and right sharnirlivyy, insulation of the engine compartment, hood lock, lock lord ikapota, flexible thrust forward, seal the top lattice radiator uschilnyuvachkapota, facing wing front left and right, hood air intake, air channel central, lamp left and right wing of the front left and right wing front left bottom, cover the upper wing left, pidkrylok perednoholivoho and right wings, facing left front wing, power paneliperedu, front panel assembly, wheel arch left and right, locking panelkolisnoyi arches front left and right, front beam left and right collection, cover spar front left and right panel fairing left, windscreen washer assembly panel front door front left, extension porohalivoho sensor airbags front left and right, airbag vodiyata knees of the driver, the control unit airbags, airbag systems, pasbezpeky left and right, front left drive wheels, radiator cooling vzbori of mounted parts, expansion tank, shroud, krylchatkaventylyatora, engine fan, facing the engine crankshaft pulley shaft wedge belt generator casing toothed belt assembly element povitryanohofiltra, block the front and rear air filter, rubber cushion left andlegal engine, lower engine protection, curtain front engine compartment, zahysnyykozhuh top front, Bank, facing the battery, the alarm high tanyzkoho tone fuse box. Skewed front spars, broken otvirperednoyi left door. In the area of ​​possible damage to hidden defects. Povnyyperelik spare parts, repair work and painting are given in Appendix №1 to conclusion №t490 / 17.Torhovelna Brand: SUBARU.Vyrobnyk: Fuji Heavy Industries.Krayina production: JP. Unloaded from container CAIU8295872. "JAPAN1UA8071901632.938329.999869 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20178536901000"1.Producers and contact elements for conductors and cables for use in telecommunication networks with a voltage not exceeding 220V: Connector: BNC-M-RCA-F-1000; BNC (M) -clock under video clip, OEM Q100-10000; BNC -M with a spring under the cable and a wint for fixing the central core, OEM Q100-5000; BNC-M-corner, plastic casing and screw for locking cable -400pcs; Single channel passive extension of HDMI signal over UTP cable, 720P-cat5e, 1080R-cat6e -50pcs; Converter: HDMI (daddy) to VGA (mother) 30cm; Black; Package -400p; HDMI (daddy) to VGA (motherboard) 30cm; White; Package -400pcs; HDMI (daddy) to VGA (motherboard) 30cm; White, Package + AUDIO -100pcs; HDMI (Daddy) to VGA (Mom) 30cm, B Lacking, Package + AUDIO -100pcs; VGA adapter (mother) / DVI 24 + 5 (daddy); Gray Q50-1000pcs; VGA M / F (daddy-mom) -100pcs; Connector: SC / UPC-D for quick mounting, for flat Cable with no latch, price for 1 pc, Q100 -500pcs; Active HDMI splitter: 1 * 2 ports-5pcs; 1 * 4 ports-5pcs; 1 * 8 ports-3pcs; splitter: 2хRCA (mom) / 2хRCA (mom); Black, plastic -100pcs; RCA (mom) / RCA (mother); Black; plastic - 100pcs; 3xRCA (mom) / 3xRCA (mom); Black; plastic -100pcs; Closure of "crocodile" testers: black 27mm-1000sht ; Red 27mm-1000s; middle black 27mm-1000s; middle red 27mm-1000s; large black 27mm-1000s; large red 27mm-1000sht; battery clip "crocodile": red-500pcs;Black-500pcs; Closer tester "crocodile": AC-001.37mm: white-200pc; yellow-200pc; green-200pc; red-200pc; black-200pc; AC-002.45mm: green-200pc; red- 200pcs; yellow-200pcs; black-200pcs; white-200pcs; AC-003.58mm: red-200pcs; green-200pcs; black-200pcs; white-200pcs; yellow; 200pcs; Storage cord "crocodile": 100A; 90mm: white-100pcs; black-100pcs; 100A; 95mm; black-100pcs; red; 100pcs; black; 100pc; red; 100pcs; Optical SC / UPC-SC / UPC SIMPLEX adapter; 25 pcs Q25 -1000pcs; The coupling is horizontal optical, waterproof-100pcs; extension VGA 60m twisted pair through RJ-45, Black, BOX -20pcs; converter: 3 x3RCA / 1x3RCA with switch EM-15pcs; 2x3RCA / 1x3RCA with switch-19pcs; USB 2.0 AF / Micro-B OTG adapter.OEM-100pcs; Merchandise brand is MERLION BATTERY CO., LTD. The manufacturer of CN "CHINA0UA100010452.611723.031869
20/Apr/20178204200000"1.Holovky, drives, adapters, extension cables for hand wrenches: 627941032-34, Head End 3/4" "34 mm - 2 pcs., 20 6196710-ITU-3 tortsevyhholovok set 1/4" "36 pc in hex -tx-itx (with adapters, extension cords drive), vfutlyari - 1pc., 6,280,340 32-EMU-2 set of socket heads 3/4 '' hex 14 pcs 22-50mm (with adapters, extension cords, drive) in case - 2 pcs., 6151960D-19-TMU-10> set of socket heads 1/2 'with podavzhuvachamy, Conv dnykamy, treschitkoyu in futlyari25 pieces 10-32 mm - 2 pcs., 2088 6170240 Extension flexible 1/4 "" 120 mm - 2 pcs ., 6136220 D-19-3 / 8AF, End head 1/2 '' 3/8 '' - 2 pcs., 1729071S-2032-05, set of adapters, 5 pcs in foot lyari - 2 pcs., 1990 6225590-KR-7 Extension drive 1/2 "" 180 mm - 2 pcs., 19 2545853-EMU-3 tortsevyhholivok set with accessories 1/2 "", 23 pcs 8-32 mm hex ( extension cords, adapters, drive) - 2 pcs., 2,190,214 D-19-L-015 set of socket heads 1/2 '' UD 15 subjects 10-32 mm- 2 pcs., 6142620 1993-U-10-T, with a ratchet mechanism switch (drive) 1/2 "" 270 mm - 1 pc., 6,671,530 KB-3221, Adapter 3/4 '' 1 '' - 4pcs., Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - GedoreVyrobnyk - GEDORE Polska Sp.zoo "GERMANY0UA10001066.7541880.612453
19/Apr/20178544429098"1. Power cord (an extension cord with power outlets) for the voltage of 250V connecting parts: Podovzhevach 3m power outlets 19" "2U 6xSCHUKO of vymyk. Art.DP-RP-06-SCHUSP -90 sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - CONTEGVyrobnyk - CONTEG, spol.. "CHINA0UA1000101081780.771578
19/Apr/201785444290981.Providnyky voltage 220V, with connecting devices - Electric household extension cord 5 sockets :: SPM5-G-6G (5 outlets) - 7000sht. SPM5-G-6B (5 outlets) - 6000sht. Trademark MaxxterVyrobnyk Gembird Electronics LtdKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA100050491014459.85148
19/Apr/201782055980901.Mastylnytsya for lubricating bearings 1077600 / SET-2komplekta (komplektupakovan in the case, The kit includes 3 extension cord, rubber hnuchkyyshlanh) Trademark - SKFVyrobnyk - SKF.GERMANY0UA8071705142.284069
18/Apr/201782042000001. head for hand wrenches with handles or without them, parts of base metal. Art.0713111106 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 4IN-SHORT-HEX-WS6 - number - 1 sht.Art.0713111108 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 4IN-SHORT-HEX-WS8 - number - 1. Art.0713111110 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 4IN-SHORT-HEX-WS10 - number - 1 sht.Art.0713112110 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 4IN-LONG-HEX-WS10 - number - 1. Art.0715137061 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 2IN-INHEX-WS6-L90MM - number - 1 sht.Art.0715137101 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 2IN-INHEX-WS10-L90MM - number - 1. Art.0715137052 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 2IN-INHEX-WS5-L180MM - number - 1 071 sht.Art.071413 head nut / Marking: SK TWRNCHIMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS16 - number - 1 sht.Art.0715137062 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 2IN-INHEX-WS6-L140MM - number - 2 09 sht.Art.071413 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH IMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS19 - number - 2 sht.Art.0715137052 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCH-1 / 2IN-INHEX-WS5-L180MM - number - 2 08 sht.Art.071413 head wrenches, impact / Marking : SKTWRNCHIMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS17 - number - 2 11 sht.Art.071413 head wrenches, impact / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS24 - number - 2 01 sht.Art.071414 head nut / Marking : SKTWRNCHIMP-3 / 4IN-SHORT-WS17 - number - 1 30 sht.Art.071413 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS30 - number - 2 09 t.Art.071413 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1 / 2IN-SHORT-WS19 - number - 4 41 sht.Art.071415 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-SHORT-WS41 - number - 1 sht.Art. 071415124 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-LONG-WS24 - number - 1 sht.Art.071415130 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-LONG-WS30 - number - 1 46 sht.Art.071415 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP -1IN-SHORT-WS46 - number - 1 sht.Art.071415127 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-LONG-WS27 - number - 1 sht.Art.071415132 head wrenches shock / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-LONG-WS32 - number - 1 sht.Art.071415136 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-LO NG-WS36 - number - 1 50 sht.Art.071415 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-SHORT-WS50 - number - 1 sht.Art.096511 32 Sets of Turnscrew, complete bits trischotka, screwdriver, kardalni with ' connectors, extension cords, adapters, 33 units / Marking: SKTWRNCH-SET-1 / 4IN-33PCS - number - 1 55 sht.Art.071415 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-SHORT-WS55 - number - 1 sht.Art. 16 071 414 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-3 / 4IN-LONG-WS36 - number - 2 60 sht.Art.071415 head nut / Marking: SKTWRNCHIMP-1IN-SHORT-WS60 - number - 1 sht.Art.0965900901 Sets of Turnscrew , complete bits trischotka, screwdriver, card ni connectors, extension cords, adapters, 56 units / Marking: SKTWRNCH-SET-1 / 4-1 / 2IN-FOAM-56PCS - number - 1 sht.TorhoTAIWAN0UA10001021.13330.4654943
18/Apr/20178544429098"1.Elektrychni cables equipped with connecting devices for voltage over 80V but not exceeding 1000V: - extension MULTISOCKET 3P 2 * 0,75 MM2 3M NO SWITCH NO BABY SAFE WHITE, art.62003 - 1600sht - extension CABLE REEL BRICOLAGE 4P 3 * 2.5MM2 25M RNF, art.49045 - 100 pieces - extension eXTENSION CORD 2X0,75 20M ORANGE, art.01613 - 500sht.Torhivelna brand: ElectralineKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: ELECTRALINE 3pMark SpA. "CHINA0UA1000801800.117497.263358
18/Apr/201790318038001.Obladnannya electronic diagnosis and repair technology YAMAHA.-YDIS Kit / electronic device for the diagnosis of outboard motors (set Adapter, plug adapter, wire USB, wire bus CAN, tire cord K-LINE, power cord, the trigger button extension button , wires doatkovyhprystroiv) -3kompl.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN0UA1002603.871872.10247
18/Apr/201785444290981. Leaders voltage is not white like sh 1000V with swarms z'yednuvalnipryst: electric extension cord with 6 slots, isolated, osnaschenyyz'yednuvalnymy ementamy E-1 sht.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - AVOLUXVyrobnyk - MURAT AYDINLATMA SAN VE TIC STI. .TURKEY0UA1001200.857.48010839
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Extension Cord Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Extension Cord Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ТК ""ЮГТОРГ"""
Importer Address
68430, Одеська область, Арцизький район, с.Нова Іванівка, провулок Зарічний, будинок 8
Exporter Name Shenzhen Ritar Power Co. Ltd
Product Description
"1.Producers and contact elements for conductors a.........
HS Code 8536901000Value 1723.031869
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 452.61
Origin Country CHINA

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