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Eucalyptus Log Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Eucalyptus Log

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
06/Apr/20172309909690"1.Kormovaya additive for cattle.In the initial package 10426 Formate (40x25kg.) - 1000kg. Party number 74665. End date of use: March 2019. The cream supplement has the general properties of organic acids and f ormaldehyde, exhibits bacteriostatic action relative to Salmonella, E. coli, Camphile of bacteria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus), with the microflora of the digestive tract tabulating. 10283NOVIBAC LIQUID (32x25kg.) - 800kg Part number 74663. End date of use: March 2019 10283 NOVIBAC LIQUID (2x1000kg.) - 2000kg. Party number 74662. End use: March 2019. Applied as a physio Logicaloxidation of feed and water, in the capacity of preservative of feed and feedstuff 10105ESCENT NX (40X25kg.) - 1000kg Part No. 74852. End date of use: March 2019 100 g of additive contains: bentonite montmorillonite, inactivated yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) (E320), butylhydroxytoluene (E321), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), Eucalyptus monohydrate (E250), Eucalyptus eucalyptus ) (E385); Silicic acid precipitated and dried (E551a); propylene glycol. Form of release. Cream powder from ocher-colored color. Pharmacological properties The additive possesses bactericidal and fungicidal properties, used for the preparation of feeds and feed materials. Components that are part of its composition are biotransformed by non-polar myco toxins. Extracts of medicinal herbs improve livelihoods of the liver, kidneys, and villages, stimulate regeneration of hepatocytes. 10059 NOVYRATES (600x25kg.) - 15000kg.Party number 74664. End date of use: March 2019.100g supplements contains: butyrate sodium, propionic acid, inorganic acid sorbent, vegetable fatty acids.Improvement of digestive processes by creating favorable conditions for the development of useful intestinal microflora. Aschuye hihiyenupidstylky cut, purity and integrity of shell eggs. "BELGIUM0UA1101101980068127.90429 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
05/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Art. OCTOGONO BAMBOO 14,8x14,8-26,41m2. Art. PAVIMENTO OCTOGONO EUCALYPTUS 15x15 -8m2. Art. LISO SILVER SAND14,8x14,8 -13,7m2. Art. PAVIMENTO OCTOGONO BISCUIT 15x15 -16m2. Art. ARABESCOBISELADO BAMBOO 15x15 -4,49m2. Art. SAMPLES DECS -12,83m2. Art. ROMBO ACOLCHADOTEXTIL NACAR 10x20 -3,24m2. Art. BISELADO BISCUIT 7,5x15 -5,68m2. Art. LISO SNOWCAP 7,3x14,8 -2,9m2. Art. LISO SAND DOLLAR 7,5x15 -5,11m2.Torhovelna Brand: AdexKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Adex, SL art. RIALTO 44,2x44,2 -35,62m2. Art. RIALTO DECOR44,2x44,2 -4,11m2. Art. SEVRES AZUL 33x28,5 -14,48m2. Art. 33x28,5-9,22m2.Torhovelna SEVRES MARRON brand: Realonda CeramicaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Absolut Keramika, SL Realonda Ceramica art. PORC.RECT.ORIGINGRAFITO 60x120 -8,64m2.Torhovelna Brand: CicogresKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Cicogres, SA Art. G.COVER ACERO 60x60 -7,2m2. Art. G.COVER ACERO30x60 -10,08m2. Art. G.PIE TRA GRAFITO 32x48 -3,75m2. Art. G.CEMENTO NEGRO30,3x61,3 -9,1m2.Torhovelna mark: Geologica TileKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Geologica Tile, SLU art. DENNISE CENEFA 50x5 -7,5m2. Art. MELVILLEGREY DECOR 20x50 -1,6m2. Art. POLIFORM ACERO DECOR 20x50 -1,4m2.Torhovelna Brand: ArgentaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Argenta Ceramica, SL art. FURA 31,6x60 -1,33m2. Art. DEC.ALAVA MARFIL63,2x60 -1,9m2. Art. MALL WALD MICA 30x30 -44m2. Art. TISSU ESMERAL 15x31,6-7,6m2. Art. ALAVA MARFIL 7,5x60-3,24m2. Art. STACIA MARFIL 5x70-1,12m2. Art. MALL WALD OXIDO 30x30-22m2. Art. PIETRA MARFIL 31,6x60-9,12m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES-9,3m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS -28m2.Torhovelna Brand: PamKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Pam, SA Art. ZOE IVORY 20x20 -1m2. Art. ZOE IVORY ORNATO 20x20-1m2. Art. TREND MARFIL 20x20 -6,72m2. Art. STEAM BEIGE 20x59,2 -9,63m2. art.STEAM IVORY 20x59,2 -19,26m2. Art. STATUARIO BLANCO 25,1x75,6 -1,33m2. Art. TOWNIVORY 25,1x75,6 -17,29m2. Art. SOLID WHITE FOCUS 25,1x75,6 -7,98m2. Art. SKYLINEWHITE 25,1x75,6 -1,33m2. Art. ELEGY CREMA 31,6x59,2 -45,12m2. Art. STEAM ORNATO20x59,2 -1,07m2. Art. TAVIRA WENGUE 31,6x59,2 -1,88m2. Art. TIDE IVORY 42,6x42,6-19,44m2. Art. STEAM BEIGE GRES 49,1x49,1 -4,32m2. Art. STEAM IVORY GRES49,1x49,1 -2,88m2. Art. VISION AMBAR 20x59,2 -4,28m2. Art. PRIMARY RED NATURAL29,5x29,5 -4,87m2. Art. PRIMARY BLACK NATURAL 29,5x29,5-18,1m2. Art. PRIMARY WHITE NATURAL 29,5x29,5 -6,96m2. Art. CARPET VESTIGENATURAL 50x100 -81m2. Art. KILIM SINGLE NATURAL 59,55x59,55 -7,09m2. Art. MOVINGMIX NATURAL 29,75x29,75 -3,45m2. Art. VANGUARD MIX NATURAL 29,75x29,75-1,15m2. Art. SAMPLES DECS -13,69m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -26,47m2.Torhovelna mark: Ceramicas ApariciKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Ceramicas Aparici, SASPAIN64598UA100020122275050.97376
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Eucalyptus Log Importer Sample

Date 06/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ фірма ""Триплекс"""
Importer Address
49101, м.Дніпро, вул.Троїцька, 21-а
Exporter Name INNOV AD NV/SA
Product Description
"1.Kormovaya additive for cattle.In the initial pa.........
HS Code 2309909690Value 68127.90429
Quantity 0Unit UA110110
Net Weight 19800
Origin Country BELGIUM

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