Ukraine Import Data of Etch Gel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Etch Gel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of etch gel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of etch gel imports.

Etch Gel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Etch Gel

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.685 Gel 35% ortofosfornoyikysloty Ultra-Etch® in pre-dyspenseriIndiSpense® 30 ml 30 pcs.,."UNITED STATES0UA12510031001.522674 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations and preparations for skin care (not aerosol packaging) Cream of stretch marks with organic shea butter and avocado (200 ml, IL) art.491030-120sht of organic sunscreen cream for children from birth (SPF -15, 60 ml, IL) art.491122-48sht, diaper cream with aloe vera and organic calendula (120 ml, IL) art.491146-300sht; Firming lotion postpartum organic shea butter and avocado (200 ml, IL ) art.491214-48sht, Baby Moisturizing lotion with organic chamomile (120 MLL, IL) art.491337-24sht, Cream of stretch marks with organic shea butter and avocado (100 mL ENG) art.952010-288sht; Firming Lotion postpartum organic shea butter and avocado (100 ml, ENG) art.952034-48sht of organic sunscreen baby cream for daily use (SPF-15 100ml, IL) art.952188-36sht; Natural cooling gel after insect bites (70 ml, ENG) art.952584-80sht, organic mineral sunscreen lotion spray for children (SPF-30, UAV / UVB, 70 ml, IL) art.952867-24sht, Miner tial organic sunscreen roller children Lotion (SPF-30, UAV / UVB, 70 ml, IL) art.952966-176sht, Producer "" Mommy Care Ltd. ""; trademark "" MOMMY CARE ""; "ISRAEL0UA110150137.865098.806446
15/Apr/20173304200000"1.Zasoby eye makeup, put up for retail sale (not aerosol packaging) art.TPEE133 / 010-10 P2 gel eyebrows LIGHT 010 - 400sht; art.TPEP008 / 030-19 P2 Eyebrow Pencil EXPRESS 030 - 400sht ; art.TPEE031 / 108-11 P2 Eyeliner PERFECT LOOK Kajal Waterproof 108 - 400sht; art.TPEE170 / 020-10 P2 Eyeliner 12H LONG-WEAR MAG 020 - 400sht; art.TPEE107 / 020-10 P2 Liner eye LUXUR 020 - 400sht; art.TPEE079 / 010-10 P2 Eyeliner Beauty Insider Waterproof 010 - 400sht; art.TPEM017 / 030-20 P2 Mascara BEAUTY INSIDER VOL 030 - 400sht; art.TPEE160 / 010-10 P2 Mascara HIGHIMPACT LENGTH + LIFT 010 - 400sht; art.TPEE161 / 010-10 P2 Mascara HIGHIMPACT MULTI + CURL 010 - 400sht; art.TPEE162 / 010-10 P2 Mascara HIGHIMPACT VOL COL W / P 010 - 400sht; art.TPEE088 / 010-10 P2 Mascara SOPHIST VOLUME + STRETCH 010 - 400sht; art.TPEE078 / 010-10 P2 Mascara LIFT-UP LASH 010 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 010- 10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 010 - 300sht; art.TTEE131 / 400-10 P2 Eye for prostitutes COLOR UP! 400 - 400sht; art.TPEE172 / 010-10 Eyeliner 12H LONG-WEAR GRA 010 - 600sht; art.TPEE170 / 010-10 Eyeliner 12H LONG-WEAR MAG 010 - 750sht; art.TPEE170 / 020-10 Eyeliner 12H LONG-WEAR MAG 020 - 750sht; art.TPEM017 / 010-20 mascara for eyelashes BEAUTY INSIDER VOL 010 - 2160sht; art.TPEE131 / 010-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 010 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 020-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 020 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 030-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 030 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 110-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 110 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 180-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 180 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 320-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 320 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 360-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 360 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 390-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 390 - 198sht; art.TPEE131 / 400-10 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 400 - 198sht; art.TPEE160 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT LENGTH + LIFT 010 - 1380sht; art.TPEE161 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT MULTI + CURL 010 - 1380sht; art.TPEE163 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT VOL COLLAG 010 - 4140sht; art.TPEE162 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT VOL COL W / P 010 - 966sht; art.TPEM012 / 010-19 Mascara LIFT-UP LASH 010 - 2400sht; art.TPEE169 / 010-10 Eyeliner LONG-WEAR GEL - 405sht; art.TTEE131 / 010-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 010 - 100 pieces; art.TTEE131 / 020-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 020 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 030-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 030 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 110-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 110 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 170-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 170 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 180-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 180 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 360-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 360 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 370-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 370 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 380-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 380 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 390-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 390 - 400sht; art.TTEE131 / 400-10 P2 Eyeshadow COLOR UP! 400 - 400sht; art.TPEE160 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT LENGTH + LIFT 010 - 1104sht; art.TPEE161 / 010-10 Mascara HIGHIMPACT MULTI + CURL 010 - 1932sht; art "GERMANY0UA2050201484.4874715.29647
14/Apr/201733049900001.Cosmetic preparations for skin care (not in aerosol packaging, contain no drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) BODY & SOUL HAMMAMBODY MILK ROSE 400ML / Body Milk - 1632 pcs. BODY & SOUL BODY LOTIONBERGAMOT & ORANGE BLOSSOM 300ML / Body Lotion - 2784pcs. BODY & SOUL FACE CREAM100ML COLLAGEN FORMULA / Face Cream - 6600pcs. BODY & SOUL PEELING GEL 150MLRUB CLEANSER / Cleansing Facial Gel - 5640pcs. BODY & SOUL MUD MASK 125ML / Face mask - 5784pcs. BODY & SOUL CLEANSING GEL 150ML / Cleansing Gel BODY & SOUL - 10224pcs. BODY & SOUL ANTI-CELLULITE GEL 200ML / Anti-cellulite gelBODY & SOUL- 6072pcs. BODY & SOUL ANTI-STRETCH MARK SLIMMING CREAM 250 ML / Cream for weight lossBODY & SOUL - 5832pcs. BODY & SOUL 3IN1 MASK & SCRUB & WASH 100ML / Face Care - 10656pcs. BODY & SOUL BODY POLISH 250ML / Body scrub BODY & SOUL - 5232pcs. BODY & SOUL DAILY CREAM 100ML / Face Cream BODY & SOUL -4320p. BODY & SOUL MICELLAR WATER 250ML / Mycelium water B ODY & SOUL - 7584pcs. Trademark - BODY & SOUL Producer - BFF GLOBAL DIS TIC. ASTURKEY0UA10001014452.2251320.56671
14/Apr/201738101000001.Zasoby for metal etching, flux in helovomu state from isopropyl alcohol with the addition of rosin used in wave soldering machines for degreasing and removal of oxide films with electrical components in plastic jars (capacity 0.02 L). Used to own production potreb.Flyusovyy gel.NETHERLANDS0UA3052000.3143.5050628
13/Apr/20173304990000"1. Cosmetics for skin dohlyaduza in neaerozolniy upakovtsinemedychnoho purpose: Sanissim fluid SPF3040ml-art.L0036-108sht; Sanissim flyuyidSPF50-art.L0037-108sht 40ml, 150ml Sanissimmolochko-art.L0038-70sht; Sanissimmolochko vidnovlyuyuche150ml-art.L0042-60sht ; Rozilozhi krem40ml-art.L0062-264sht; Sebolozhihel-fluid-art.L0065-264sht 40ml, 50ml cream Derydium-art.L0006-72sht; Derydium nourishing cream 50ml-art.L0007-72sht; Arkeskin + cream 50ml-art.L0008 -144sht; Mezolift serum 30ml art.L0028-48sht-; Mezolift cream-art.L0010-72sht 50ml, 10ml, Dioptyfatih means art.L0016-156sht; Fitolastyl gel 100ml-art.L911-90sht; Fitofilin ampu and against tselyulitu20 * 7,5ml-art.L1907-72sht; Hidrazhenist gel-cream 50ml art.L232-48sht; Premiumsyrovatka-art.L1556-32sht 30ml, 50ml Premium-cream art.L1566-24sht, Premium kremdlya eye contour 15ml -art.L0005-96sht; Koerans cream oblychchya50ml-art.L1088-24sht; Koerans serum 30ml-art.L2988-48sht, Body Slim-art.L624-21sht Hlobalzasib 200ml, 200ml Cleansing gel-art.L627-105sht; Tonizuyuchyylos 200ml-yon art.L647 -315sht; Comfort Hydrating Mask 50ml-art.L9294-66sht, Yecla Lifting Mask 50ml-art.L9494-264sht; Mask Pyurte ochyschuyucha50ml-art.L9394-66sht; Lierac ohm-purpose cleaning hel200ml art.L1275-147sht; Lierac Balm 75ml ohm-art.L1282-66sht; Lierac kremproty ohm-aging 50ml art.L1285-39sht; Lierac Gel 150ml ohm-art.L1292-480sht; Fitolastyl ampoules against stretch marks, 20 * 5ml art.L1901-72sht; Tester 40ml Sanissim flyuyidSPF30-art.L0036T-20pcs; Tester Sanissim fluid SPF50 40ml-10pcs art.L0037T-; tester Sanissim restoring lotion 150ml-art.L0042T-10pc; Tester Premium kremdlya eye contour 15ml-art.L0005T-15sht; Tester Lyumilozhi kontsentrat30ml double-art.L0001T-8 pieces; Tester 40 ml cream Rozilozhi-art.L0062T-15sht; Tester 40ml Sebolozhihel-fluid-art.L0065T-15sht; Probnik Manifisans night krem2ml-art.SL0004-1000sht; Premium Cream 50ml-art.L1566-144sht; Premium Eye Cream 15ml dlyakonturu-art.L0005-144sht; Premium light 50ml cream-art.L1567-144sht; Serum 30ml Premium-art.L1556-160sht; Premium Mask 75ml-art.L1565-140sht; Set: Mezolift Cream 50ml + 10ml Dioptyfatih-art.OPL1702-256sht; Tester Sanissimflyuyid SPF30 40ml-art.L0036T-15sht; Lierac Balm 75ml ohm-art.L1282-165sht; ByustLift cream 75ml-art.L1094-36sht; Mini Cream 30ml Premium model-art.OPL1741-288sht, Mini model light cream 30ml Premium-art.OPL1742-288sht; Set: Premium + krem15ml Premium Mask 10ml-art.OPL5034-504sht; Mini model Hidrazhenist maska10ml-art.EL0059-500sht; Mini model Hidrazhenist water-art.L50045-300sht 30 ml, 2 ml Probnik Rozilozhi cream-art.SL0062-3000sht; Probnik Sebolozhi gel-flyuyid2ml art.SL0065-3000sht; Mini Model Premium Mask 10ml-art.EL1565-400sht; ProbnikManifisans night cream, 2 ml art.SL0004-1000sht; Probnik Dioptyfatih zasib1ml-art.SL0016-1000sht; Probnik Premium 2 ml serum-art.SL1556-1000sht; 2 ml-cream ProbnikPremium art.SL1566-1000sht; vyr.Lierac company brand Lierackrayina vyr.FR "FRANCE0UA100010128853492.33029
11/Apr/20173006400000"1.Stomatolohichni materials - dental cements and other dental fillings teeth: Prime-Dent Chemical Cure Composite-1000up; Prime-Dent etchant gel-300sht; Prime-Dent Paste-180sht; Prime-Dent Porcelain Conditioner-30sht; RC- Cream-10up; Parafil Restorative Syringe Kit-4 20up; Parafil syringes 4.5g A1-12sht; Parafil syringes 4.5g A2-14sht; Parafil syringes 4.5g A3-14sht; Prime-Dent Light Cure Flowable Composite A2-50sht; Prime-Dent Light Cure Flowable Composite A3-80sht.. "UNITED STATES0UA1251002398095.000152
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Etch Gel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Etch Gel Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""СТАМІЛ"""
Importer Address
04116 Шевченківський р-н,м.Київвул.Бердичівська,1
Exporter Name """ULTRADENT Products, Inc."""
Product Description
"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and mat.........
HS Code 3006400000Value 1001.522674
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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