Ukraine Import Data of Erp | Ukraine Import Statistics of Erp

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of erp collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of erp imports.

Erp Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Erp

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201732141010901.Butylovyy sealant for insulating Butyl 7,4 kg - 29.6kh, the number - 4 in cardboard barrels 7,4kh designed for primary hemetyzatsiyi sklopaketiv.Ne in aerosol packaging does not contain rozchynnykiv.Vyrobnyk Erpasan Kalip Plastik Kimya Insaat Nak. San.Tic. Ltd. Sti., TurechchynaKrayina production TRTorhovelna mark Erpasan.TURKEY0UA12511029.6108.6023428 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173925908000"1.Budivelni plastic products for installation in windows: PVC Elbow standard 7,5mm - 10000sht, Elbow PVC standard 8,5mm - 9000sht, Elbow PVC standard 9,5mm - 54000sht, Elbow PVC standard 11,5 mm closing dimension - 21000sht, PVC Elbow standard 13,5mm - 20000sht, Elbow PVC standard 14,5mm - 10000sht, Elbow PVC standard 15,5mm - 200000sht, Elbow soft PVC standard 7,5mm - 10000sht, Elbow soft PVC standard 8,5mm - 18000sht; standard soft PVC Corner 9 , 5mm - 99000sht; standard soft PVC Elbow 11,5 mm closing dimension - 49000sht, Elbow PVC standard software 13,5mm - 70000sht, Elbow PVC standard software 15,5mm - 200000sht, with an aperture angle 5,5mm - 1000pcs, angle of aperture 7 , 5mm - 10000sht, Corner with a hole 14,5mm - 5000sht, Corner with a hole 19,5mm - 5000sht; angle without holes 5,5mm - 1000pcs; angle without holes 7,5mm - 5000sht; angle without holes 14,5mm - 2500sht; Corner without a hole 19,5mm - 5000sht; angle Plug for 5,5mm - 7,5mm - 11000sht, stubs angle 10,5mm - 19,5mm - 10000sht.Vyrobnyk Erpasan Kalip Plastik Kimya Insaat Nak. San.Tic. Ltd. Sti ., Turechch ynaKrayina production TRTorhovelna mark Erpasan "TURKEY0UA1251101569.43360.234937
28/Apr/201739191019001.Strichka self-adhesive rolls of a width not exceeding 20 cm covered with a sticky layer of synthetic rubber (butyl): Butyl Tape 4mm 50m, number - 625sht.Vyrobnyk Erpasan Kalip Plastik Kimya Insaat Nak. San.Tic. Ltd. Sti., TurechchynaKrayina production TRTorhovelna mark Erpasan.TURKEY0UA12511031583.8275593
21/Apr/201785014080901.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs appliances TM DE'LONGHI: art.AT5165733010-MOTOR 2733/9 NO ERP 2200Vt-motor vacuum cleaner 1pc., AC, single phase, Producer DE'LONGHI APPLIANCES srlKrayina manufacturer CNTorhivelna DE'LONGHI mark.CHINA1UA8072101.39.186846197
20/Apr/201739269097901.CHASTYNY INSTALLATIONS milking, products from PLASMASY: SCREW 08.07.000-15SHTVTULKA ADS ADS ADS 08.02.000-25SHTHAYKA 08.00.005-30SHTHAYKA 09.02.004-10SHTDATCHYK ADS ADS ADS 09.01.410-5SHTDVYZHOK 07.01.005-500SHTZAHLUSHKA ADS 11A. 01.005-120SHTKORPUS 04B.00.07-50SHTKORPUS MM MM MM 04V.00.01-10SHTNAKONECHNYK 08.06.000-100SHTNASADKA 04B.00.12-20SHTOBOYMA ADS ADS ADS 08.01.001-30SHTOBOLOCHKA 07.01.002-3000SHTPATRUBOK UYD 07A.002-50SHTPATRUBOK UYD 07A.004- 75SHTPEREHIDNYK 09.02.001-10SHTPEREHIDNYK ADS ADS ADS 09.02.009-10SHTPYZHEULOVLYUVACH 00.00.031-20SHTPOLUSFERA 08.01.002-60SHTPRYYMACH ADS ADS ADS 11A.01.008-150SHTROZPODILYUVACH 11A.01.001-01-150SHTRUKOYATKA MM04.00.20-30SHTRUCHKA ADS 11.00.001-200SHTSTO ERP MM 04.00.023-40SHTTROYNYK 00.00.036-20SHTKORPUS ADS ADS ADS 09.01.303-2SHTROZDILYUVACH 01A.00.000-100SHTROZPODILYUVACH MM 04.00.18-10SHT.BELARUS0UA8060201131737.123513
19/Apr/20173004200000"1. A registered medicinal product for human therapeutic use containing antibiotics (other than penicillins or streptomycins), in dosage form for retail sale. INVANZ®, lyophilisate for preparation of a solution for injection of 1 g, 1 Glass bottle in a cardboard box, series M039964 - 400 packs Active ingredient - erpatenemom.Components included in the List, established by the TCPM 770 dated May 6, 2000 (edited from 18.01.2013) does not contain. Not in aerosol packaging. Law of Ukraine "" On Medicines "" Manufacturer: Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Control and Issue Series - Laboratories Merck Sharp and Downe Shibre, France. "FRANCE0UA12503013.3314799.99988
18/Apr/20178517620000"1.Obladnannya for telecommunications networks, networking schovykorystovuyetsya for transmitting data on dopomohoyuinterfeysiv Ethernet: Network card: -art. OCE14101-NX NET CARD PCIE 10GB SINGLE PORT - 1 pc. - Art. BCM95719A1904ACBLK NET CARD PCIE 1GB QUAD PORT - 4 pcs. - art. BCM95720A2003ACBLK NET CARD PCIE 1GBE DUAL PORT - 4 pcs., Manufacturer: BROADCOM trade mark: BROADCOM injector power a device schoperedaye IP-cameras, IP-phones, wireless access points and merezhevymmarshrutyzatoram data together with current through the cable Standard "" twisted pair "" innetwork Ethernet: -art. POE-24-24W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - ap t. POE-15-12W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-24-12W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-54V-80W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-48-24W NET POE INJECTOR FE - 50 pcs .; Networking (sensorpervynnoyi signal processing): - art. MFI-MSCN NET HOME AUTOM. MPORT SENSOR - 50 pcs. - art. MFI-MSWN NET HOME AUTOM. MPORT SENSOR - 50 pcs .; adapter (SFP- module): - art. UF-MM-1G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-10G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-MM-10G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-10G-S NET TRANSCEIVER LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-1G-S NET TRANSCEIVER LC - 30 pcs .; Network adapter (current sensor): - art. MFI-CSN NET HOME AUTOM. CURRENT SENSOR-100 pieces .; Network routing of kommutatorEthernet: -art. ERLITE-3 NET ROUTER 1000M 3PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ER-X NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ER-X-SFP NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT 1SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. ERPOE-5 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ERPRO-8 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT 2SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. ER-8 NET ROUTER 1000M 8PORT - 7 pcs .; Network switch: -art. EP-R6 NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT 1SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. EP-R8 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-12F NET SWITCH 12PORT SFP 10G 4 - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-16-XG NET SWITCH 12PORT SFP + 10G 4 - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-16-150W NET SWITCH 16PORT 1000M 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. EP-S16 NET SWITCH 16PORT 2SFP + - 4 pcs. - Art. US-24 NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 1SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-24-250W NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-24-LITE NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 2SFP - 3 pcs. - Art. ES-48-500W NET SWITCH 48PORT 1000M 2SFP + - 2 pcs. - Art. US-48 NET SWITCH 48PORT 1000M 2SFP + - 4 pcs. - Art. TS-8-PRO NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M - 16 pcs. - Art. ES-8-150W NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M 2SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. US-8-60W NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M POE - 9 pcs .; Portatyvnыy controller (device for switching and routing (Ethernet): - art. UC-CK NET CONTROLLER UNIFI CLO UD KEY-30sht .; access point: -art. UAP-AC-PRO-5 WRL ACCESS POINT 1300MBPS - 2 pcs .; -art. UAP-AC-LR-5 WRL ACCESS POINT 867MBPS 5PACK - 2 pcs., Manufacturer: UBIQUITI Trademarks: UBIQUITIKrayina production: CN "CHINA0UA100210525.18142295.20017
18/Apr/20178508110000"1.Pylososy motors with built-: VC 2 Premium (white) ERP * KAP Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, 750 W 2L bin art.1.198-111.0-120sht; VC 2 Premium (white) ERP * KAP Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, 750 W 2 L bin art.1.198-111.0-90sht; Producer: Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG. Trade mark - Karcher. Country of origin - CN.. "CHINA210UA10011016389108.32283
12/Apr/201790321089001.TERMOSTAT to boilers RTS + R300 ErP 20Alev art.8738713037-10sht.Vyrobnyk Tesy Ltd.Torhovelna mark BoschKrayina production IT.ITALY10UA1251101.1119.4904325
10/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group Renault, new art.285374701R - krepizh plast.-1am. art.285374701R - krepizh - krepizh plast.-1am. art.8201577970 - stickers TO ERP subformations - stickers TO ERP subformations C-1am. art.8201577970 - stickers TO-ERP SPODSV 1am. art.7711419551 - PROTECTION 6 pcs. art.7711425922 - PROTECTION 1sht.Krayina origin - NimechchynaKrayina production - DETorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.GERMANY0UA12519012.17327.414608
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Erp Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Erp Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Вінстайл"""
Importer Address
74800, Херсонська обл., м. Каховка, вул. Кірова, буд. 15, кв. 69
Exporter Name Erpasan Kalip Plastik Kimya Insaat Nak. San.Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Product Description
1.Butylovyy sealant for insulating Butyl 7,4 kg - .........
HS Code 3214101090Value 108.6023428
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 29.6
Origin Country TURKEY

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