Ukraine Import Data of Epoxy | Ukraine Import Statistics of Epoxy

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of epoxy collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of epoxy imports.

Epoxy Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Epoxy

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201732141090901.Remontnyy solution. Not aerosol woo kovtsi. Two-component water dyspersiyaepok Sydney resin, which permanently was zastosavuyetsya as well impregnation or wash them dlyabeton and mineral bases, wall coverings indoors. Notcontains solvent without vaerozolniy package. Sikarepair / floor EC Modul: (komp.Vvododispersionnyy modified polyamine 1-5%) 5500 Canister cont. 28.6kh-43sht (komp.A modified epoxy resin) 5499 Canister cont. 11.4kh -43sht, Repair solution. Not aerosol woo kovtsi. Sikadur-31 CF Normal Component A + B482449 System cont. 1.2kg -264sht. two-component epoxy resin without rozchynnykayaka vach used as fill joints and cracks, as well as remontnohorozchynu for bonding. (Includes: full and modified epoksydnasmola component A reaction pro duct: bisphenol-A- (epichlorhydrin) and epoxyresin (number average molecular wei ght <= 700) 5-25%, oxirane.mono (C12-14alkyloxy) methyl) derivs 1- 2.5%) and a mixture of amines komp.B zatverzhuvach dlyae poksydnyh resin benzyl alcohol <25% 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5- trimethylcyclohexylamine 1-5%, 3,6-diazaoctanethylene diamin 1-5%, not containing solvent ) The manufacturer Sika Schweiz AGKrayina production - CH.Torhovelna brand Sika.SWITZERLAND0UA1001302036.88173.089058 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201772107080001.Prokat flat coils of carbon, alloy steel, cold rolled, galvanized, coated by immersion in molten zinc, steel hladkyy.Konstruktsiyna S280GD Z275 M-VEN10346: 2015, chemical passivation, coating PURAL 0300 G40,50UM / EPOXY4211G35, I2UM, color 029 red color inside of the protective film siryypokryta 018, EN 10204 / 2.21.0h1250mm-2476 sq.m. .FINLAND0UA8060101937023573.68653
28/Apr/20173208901998"1. Two-component epoxy paint for floors not in aerosol packaging: NEOPOXFLOOR A GREY RAL 7047 10KG- 100kg (10kg for 10metal.kanistr). NEOPOX FLOOR AWHITE RAL9003 10KG- 100kg (10kg for 10metal.kanistr). NEOPOX FLOOR A TERRACOTTARAL 3009 10KG - 100 kg. (10metal.kanistr to 10kg) NEOPOX FLOOR B 2,7KG- 81kg. (30metal.kanistr on 2,7kh) Vyrobnyk- "" NEOTEX SA "". Country vyrobnytstva- GR.Torhivelna marka- "" NEOTEX "" .. "GREECE0UA1001203811754.702841
28/Apr/20173214109090"1.Sumishi to prepare the surface not in aerosol packaging: dvokomponentnahruntovka epoxy free of solvents EPOXOL PRIMER A 3,5KG- 87,5kh. (25metal.kanistr on 3,5kh) two-component epoxy primer without vmisturozchynnykiv EPOXOL PRIMER B 1,5KG- 37 , 5kg. (25metal.kanistr on 1,5kh) polyurethane primer NEOTEX PU pRIMER 1KG- 112kh. (112metal.banok to 1kg) Vyrobnyk- "" NEOTEX SA "". Country vyrobnytstva- GR.Torhivelna marka- "" NEOTEX "" .. "GREECE0UA1001202371115.280584
28/Apr/20173208209090"1.Lak ski, acrylic, Opaque" "in yazka substance with a sharp smell contains specific incorporates epoxy resin bisphenol-A - 25-50%, 1-methoxy-2-propanol - 15-25%, n-Butanol - 5-15%, 2-methoxy-1-metyletylatsetat - 2.5-5%, solvent oil - 2.5% xylene - 2.5% pigment and other special material. (in cans in not the primary aerosol packaging). "AUSTRIA0UA30520020137.9709803
27/Apr/20178413504000"1.USTANOVKA PRODUCTION DEVICE MODEL binary PINY.DOZUYUCHYY:" "IZOLER II" ". SERIAL NUMBER: VIDSUTNIY.KOLYSHNIY in EKSPLUATATSIYI.RIK 2009PRYZNACHENYY ISSUE FOR A TWO-COMPONENT MIXING AND RELEASE foam polyurethane systems, coating systems, as well as some EPOXY SYSTEMS .PRYSTRIY are two dosing pump in which suction BY UNIT COMPONENTS injected foam With capacity have for components and presents them in a mixing RASPYLYUVACH, in a PROPORTSIYAH.KILKIST 1 SHTUKA.SFERA APPLICATION - Har OVA PROMYSLOVIST.Torhovelna mark - "" IZOLER "" Brand - "" IZOLER "" Country of Poland-PL. "POLAND1UA100110859234.05713
27/Apr/201742023210001.Vyroby which is usually worn in pockets or handbags with outer surface of sheet plastics COVER female. art.2782 / 857 size M - 2 pcs. Composition: 70% 28% thermoplastic epoxy POLIVINILHLORYDCHOHOL 2% female. art.2793 / 857 size M - 2 pcs. Composition: 60% polycarbonate TERMOPLASTCHOHOL 40% female. art.2795 / 919 size M - 4 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIURETANCHOHOL female. art.2800 / 858 size M - 2 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIKARBONATCHOHOL female. art.2800 / 860 size M - 8 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIKARBONATHAMANETS female. art.4409 / 877 size M - 4 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIURETANHAMANETS female. art.4416 / 877 size M - 54 pieces. Composition: 100% POLIURETANHAMANETS people. art.4884 / 877 size M - 8 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIURETANCHOHOL people. art.4948 / 857 size M - 2 pcs. Composition: 100% SYLIKONCHOHOL female. art.9841 / 857 size M - 6 pieces. Composition: 100% POLIKARBONATCHOHOL female. art.9841 / 859 size M - 2 pcs. Composition: 100% POLIKARBONATCHOHOL female. art.9842 / 857 size M - 6 pieces. Composition: 100% POLIKARBONATCHOHOL female. art.9842 / 858 size M - 4 pcs. Composition: 100% brand POLIKARBONATT orhovelna BERSHKAVyrobnyk BERSHKA BSK ESPANA SAKrayina manufacture CNCHINA0UA20502011.368281.3557851
27/Apr/20178310000000"1.Medal with zinc alloy with epoxy enamel, size: shoe 43mmh34mm, thickness 2.5 mm., Part A) 55mmh50mm thick 7mm in detail) 14mmh11,8mm, tovschynoyu2,5mm technology of manufacture Cast. Mounting: bespechna pin. Kolirpokryttya: golden -32sht., color coating, gold and nickel at -22sht.Zamovlennya NOC-00998, NOC-00921, icon, with zinc alloy with soft enamel, 25mmh21,3mm size, thickness 2.5 mm. manufacturing technology: lyttya.Kriplennya: yevrozastybka. Color coating: nickel under -107sht. 01000.Vyrobnyk NOC-order: Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., LtdKrayina production: CN.Torhivelna ma pKa: No data. ".CHINA0UA8072103.2599.3100272
26/Apr/201732149000901.Nevohnetryvki mixture to prepare surfaces for floors. Not aerozolniyupakovtsi. Two-component epoxy resin coating for floor screeds, notcontains solvent. Kompon.A modified epoxy resin 35-50% filler 10% Sikafloor- 161/264/264 Thixo: (komp.B) 464625 (bucket 6,3kh) -63sht. Komp.V benzylalcohol 35-50%, 3-aminomet hyl-3,5,5- trimethylcyclohexylamine 10- 25%, m-phenylenebis (methylamine) 10-20%, modyfikov.epoksyd.smola 5-25%, solventnaphtha 5- 10%, dodecylphenol branched2.5-5%, 2,4,6-tris (dimethylaminomethyl) phenol 3-5% dlyapolu epoxy material does not contain rozchynnyk.Modyfikovana epoxy resin 35-50% .Zastosovuyetsya vtorhovyh prymische nnyah, underground parking, hangars, warehouses ing areas and etc. Not in aerosol packaging. Sikafloor 264 (komp.A) 157 423 RAL 7035 (vidro23,7kh) -63sht, manufacturer Sika Deutschland GmbHKrayina production - DE.Torhovelna brand Sika. .GERMANY0UA10013018905606.406649
26/Apr/20173921905590"1 sheet puff glass fiber produced based on epoxy resins, pressed, multi-layered, without images, without pressure, without polishing. Used for electric insulation. Civil destination. -sloyistyy mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.0.5mm 300kg-puff sheet brand glass fiber-3240-2 t.1.0mm 403kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.1.5mm 202kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.2.0mm 502kh glass fiber sheet puff-mark 3240-2 t.3.0 296kh-mm-glass fiber sheet puff brand-3240-2 t.4.0mm 199kh-puff letter ovyy brand glass fiber-3240-2 t.5.0mm 507kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.6.0mm 256kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-2 t.15.0mm 375kh glass fiber sheet puff-mark 3240-2 t. 20.0mm 593kh-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-2 t.50.0mm 2954kh-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-3 250 kg t.0.5mm-puff-brand glass fiber sheet 3240-3 250 kg t.1.0mm-puff-th sheet brand glass fiber-3240-3 t.1.5mm 223kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-3 t.2.0mm 302kh-puff mark sheet glass fiber-3240-3 t.3.0mm 262khVyrobnyk: SHANDONG AOXING INSULAT ING MATERIALS CO., Ltd; trade mark: no data "CHINA0UA110120787417170.44813
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""Сіка Україна"""
Importer Address
м.Київ,вул.Смольна буд,9-Б
Exporter Name Sika Schweiz AG
Product Description
1.Remontnyy solution. Not aerosol woo kovtsi. Tw.........
HS Code 3214109090Value 8173.089058
Quantity 0Unit UA100130
Net Weight 2036.8
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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