Ukraine Import Data of Endodontic Instruments | Ukraine Import Statistics of Endodontic Instruments

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of endodontic instruments collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of endodontic instruments imports.

Endodontic Instruments Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Endodontic Instruments

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201790184990001. Stomatological equipment (accessories): dental instruments: curettes, probes, nozzles, scalers, polish-densifiers, mirrors, cassettes for sterilization of the stomatology of the instrumental instruments, endodontic hair follicles. .UNITED STATES0UA2091403.8111065.034114 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
04/Apr/201790184990001. Dental endodontic instruments of invoice According №150140065-66-67-51-5 2 / 150138634-35-37-38-39-44-45-46 13 / 12/2016: 6 pcs in pack on: A000923000112 drill LARGO 28mm 1-6sht, in packs of 4 pieces: A002222500 112Kanalonapovnyuvach LENTULO 25mm 001-46 units, in packs of 6 pieces: A011N22502512 K file PROFILE .04 25mm 025-6sht, A035000000200 Inst rument search channels MICRO-OPENER0 10 .04 -1sht, A012D02500604 K-File 25mm READYSTE EL 006-17sht, A012D02500804K file-R EADYSTEEL 25 mm 008-41sht, A012D02501004 K-File 25mm READYSTEEL 010-72sht, A012D025 01,504 K-FILE READYSTEEL 25MM 015 / K-File READYSTEEL 25 mm 015-113sht, A012D02502004 K-FILE READYSTEEL 25MM 020 / K-File READY STEEL 25mm 020-50sht, A012D02502504 K-25 Faye l READYSTEEL mm025-26sht, A012D0250300 4 K-File 25mm READYSTEEL 030-14sht, A012D 02503504 K-FaylREADYS TEEL 25mm 035-2sht, A012D02504004 K-File 25mm READYSTEEL 040-1sht, A012D02590004 K-File READYSTEEL May 2 mm 015-040-24sht, A012D03101004 K-FaylR EADYSTEEL 31 mm 010-6sht, A012D03101504 File READYSTEEL K-31 mm015 -7sht, A012D03102 004 K-file READYSTEEL 31 mm 020-6sht, A012 D03102504-K FaylREADYSTEEL 31 mm 025-6sh t, A012D03190004 K-File READYSTEEL 31 mm015-040-12sht, A012D03190104 K-File READYS TEEL 31 mm 045-080 -6sht, B yn by 3pc: A092 322500103 Tools to expand Korea nevoho channel PROGLIDER, 25 mm, 3pc / blist er-18sht, A080322500103 Proteyper NEXT End odontychni files X1 25MM, 3-5sht, A0803 22500203 Proteyper NEXT endodontic X2 25MM F yly , 3-5sht, A080322500303 Proteus lane NEXT endodontic files X3 25MM, 3-5sht, A08032259A003 Proteyper NEXT endodo ntychni files X1 -X3 25MM, 3-25sht, in packs of 6 pieces: A040922500212 Proteyper UNIVERSAL basic set 25mm-20pcs, A040922590112Pr oteyper UNIVERSAL files to the root ca 25mm left SX-F3-10sht, AA041022510112 Pr oteyper UNIVERSAL 25mm S1-10sht molding files, A141220090012 UNIVERSAL Proteyper files for root canal D1-D3-10sht, VUP of 10 pieces: A000200000100 Pulpoekstrakt Miller XXF-op 20pcs, in packs of 6 pieces: A000824000112 drill 32mm 1-6sht GATES, GATES A00082400 0212 32mm2-12sht drill, drill 12 A0008240003 GATES 32mm 3-18sht, A000824000412 drill GATES 32mm4-6sht, A000824090112 DRI eh GATES 32mm 1-6-6sht, A000923000112 drill b LARGO 28mm1-24sht, A000923000212 LARGO drill 28mm 2-24sht, A000923000312 LA RGO 28mm3-12sht drill, drill A000923090112 LARG O 28mm 1-6-24sht, A000924000112 Drill LARG O 32mm1-24sht, A000924000212 LARGO drill 32mm 2-60sht, A000924000312 LARGO 32 mm3-24sht Drill, Drill A000924000412 LARGO 4-6sht 32mm, 32mm A000924090112 drill LARGO 1-6-36sht, GA A001522501300 files 013- 6 pieces of 25 mm, A001522501600 Pas files mm016-6sh 25 tons, pack of 4 units: A002222500112 Kanalonapov nyuvach LENTULO 25mm 001-480sht, VUP w t 6: A011N22501512 K file PROFILE .04 25mm 015-24sht, A011N22502012 K-4 .0 faylPROFILE 25mm 020-12sht, A011N22502512 K file fILE PRO .04 25mm025-12sht, A011N22503012 K f Isle PROFILE .04 25mm 030-12sht, A011N22590 012 K faylPROFILE .04 25mm 015-040-60sht, A012C02500804 K-2 Fleksofayl READYSTEEL 5 mm008-12sht, A012C02501004 K-Fleksofayl READYSTEEL 25 mm 010-24sht, A012C02501504K-Fleksofayl READYSTEELSWITZERLAND0UA80717040.228348.63437
04/Apr/201790184990001. Dental equipment. Dental instruments: - 659,700 Palodent Plus introductory set of 10 pieces. State Registration Certificate №11498 / 2012 from 08.06.2012r.Vyrobnyk - Dentsply Caulk. Dental endodontic: - A016602504012 THERMAFIL obturator 040, 5. Certificate Derzhavnureyestratsiyu number of 16.08.2013r.Vyrobnyk 13020/2013 - Dentsply Tusla Dental Specialties for for Maillefer InstrumentsHolding Sarl (Dentsply Maillefer) .Krayina production - US.Torhovelna mark - Dentsply Maillefer. .UNITED STATES0UA10013011840.417184
04/Apr/201790184990001. Dental equipment. Tools and kits instrumentivstomatolohichnyh: - C021320010800 Calibration UNIMETRIC 0.8 mm drill 108, 2 pcs., - C021320020800 Calibration UNIMETRIC 0.8 mm drill 208, 2 pcs. OnState registration certificate number 13613/2014 from 14.02.2014r.- A016602502012 obturator THERM AFIL 020, 10 pcs. Certificate Derzhavnureyestratsiyu number 13019/2013 from 16.08.2013r. Dental instruments: - A001522501300 files Paz 25 013 mm, 5 pcs., - A001522590000 Pas files set 25 mm, 5 pcs. State Certificate of 07.11.2014r reyestratsiyu№ 14371/2014. Dental endodontic: - A041602510212 Proteyper hand molding files UNIVERSAL 25mm S2, 3 pcs., - A041802590112 Proteyper UNIVERSAL manual files for root canal 25mmSX-F3, 5 pcs., - A000824000212 drill 32mm GATES 2,6sht., - A000824000312 drill 32mm GATES 3,6sht., - A000824090112 drill 32mm GATES 1-6, 6 pcs., - A000924000112 drill LARGO 32mm1,12sht., - A000924000212 drill LARGO 32mm2,12sht., - A002222500112 Kanalonapovnyuvach LENTULO 25mm 001.60 pcs., - A011N22501512 File 015 PROFILE.04 25mm, 24 pcs., - A011N22502012 PROFILE.04 File 020 25mm, 24 pcs., - A011N22502512 PROFILE.04 File 025 25mm, 12 pcs., - A017502502000 verification tool 020 25mm, 3 pcs., - A017502502500 Tools for verification 25mm 025, 3 pcs., - A017502590000 Ying strument for verification 25mm 20-45, 3 pcs., - A020602590000 spreader FINGER SPREADER POINTED 010-040 25mm, 5 pcs., - A034522501512 PROFILE.06 File 015 25mm, 6 pcs., - A034522502012 File PROFILE.06 25mm 020 6 pcs., - A034522502512 PROFILE.06 File 025 25mm, 5 pcs., - A034522590012 File PROFILE.06 015-040 25mm, 6 pcs., - A035921990000 File PROFILE OS 1.6 19mm, 3 pcs., - A040922500212 Proteyper UNIVERSAL base set 25mm, 12p, - A041021910112 Proteyper UNIVERSAL molding files 19mm SX, 24 pcs., - A A041022510112 Proteyper UNIVERSAL molding files 25mm S1, 12 pcs., - A041022510212 Proteyper UNIVERSAL molding files 25mm S2, 12 pcs., - A080322500103 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X1 25MM, 3, 8 pcs., - A080322500303 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X3 25MM, 3, 3 pcs., - A0803225 00403 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X4 25MM, 3, 2 pcs., - A080322500503 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X5 25MM, 3, 2 pcs., - A08032259A003 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X1-X3 25MM, 3, 5 pcs., - A08032319A003 Proteyper NEXT endodontic files X1-X3 31MM, 3, 3 pcs., - A140900090000 Hand adapters NITI 1-7, 5 pcs., - A141220090012 Proteyper UNIVERSAL files for root canal D1-D3, 12 pcs., - C060100000100 Precision drill EASYPOST №1, 1 pc., - C060100000200 Precision drill EASYPOST №2, 1 pc., - C060100000300 Precision drill EASYPOST №3, 1 pc. Certificate Derzhavnureyestratsiyu number 13020/2013 from 16.08.2013r. Tools stomatolohvchni: - A012D02501504 K-File READYSTEEL 25 mm 015, 8 pcs., - A012X02500604 File C + READYSTEEL 25 mm 006, 16 pcs., - A012X02500804 File C + READYSTEEL 25 mm 008, 3 pcs., - A016D03103004 Hedstrom file READYSTEEL 31 030 mm, 4 pcs. Certificate Derzhavnureyestratsiyu number 14684/2015 from 07.04.2015r. InstrumeSWITZERLAND0UA100130118080.483517
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Endodontic Instruments Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Endodontic Instruments Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
м.Львів 79018 вул. Братів Міхновських 42, Україна
Exporter Name """Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC"""
Product Description
1. Stomatological equipment (accessories): dental .........
HS Code 9018499000Value 1065.034114
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 3.811
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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