Ukraine Import Data of Electrostatic | Ukraine Import Statistics of Electrostatic

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of electrostatic collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of electrostatic imports.

Electrostatic Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Electrostatic

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of electrostatic. Get Ukraine trade data of Electrostatic imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178443999010"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.4021572002-Separatortoneru-3pc; Art.4034301401-sealing pressure plate sheet of paper, 6 pieces; Art.14GE45470-Lever release sheet of paper-1am; Art.16EA40200-Plastynaochyshennya video transfer toner 1pc ; Art.55VA41411-Guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.55VA88041-unit temperature control f'yuzera-1am; Art.55VA88061-Bloktermorehulyuvannya f'yuzera-1am; Art.A03UR70300-block korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-1am; Art.A0ED568400-Guide sheet of paper, 2 pcs; Art.A0ED569100-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0ED569200-sheet paper Plastynapryzhymu-1am; Art.A0ED579100-plate sealing pressure and kushu paper-1am; Art.A0ED579200-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0XX373000-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX373100-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX374000-Zatvir-2 pcs; Art.A0XXPP6E01-Plastynaochyschennya-2 pcs; Art. A161N10N01-block transfer korotronu elektrostatychnohozaryadu-2 pcs; Art.A1DU736000-Block photosensitive strap / removable cartridge-1am; Art.A1DUR70300-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A1DUR71300 B-lok korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-20pcs; Art.A1DUR72000-controller controls podachitonera-1am; Art.A1RFR70300- lid / cap-1am; Art.A1UDR71022-Blokf'yuzera-1am; Art.A1UDR73000-block display of images, 2 pcs; Art.A1XUR70011 Blokproyavlennya-picture-4 pieces; Art.A4EU390800-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A4EUR70G00 sealing pressure-plate-1pc sheet of paper; Art.A4EUR70H00-Zatvir-1am; Art.A4EUR70U00-holder rollers feeding sheets / copies, 2 pcs; Art.A50UR70300 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-8 pieces; Art.A5AW721700 display unit-holder-1pc; Art.A5AW744900 blokaeksponuvannya-holder, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70400-strap photosensitive unit / cartridges, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70B11-purification unit-1am; Art.A5AWR70F00-control unit yakostizobrazhennya-1am; Art.A5AWR70G00- holder / guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.A5AWR70M00 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-1am; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., CN "CHINA0UA10020032.351277.755684 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201773089059001. panels of galvanized steel by electrolysis from tehnolohichnymyotvoramy with curved edges, covered with a layer of electrostatic powder zaryadzhenohopoliyefirnoho for installation in ceiling constructions: Micr8600x600 Rg2516 mrg 150mm fleece GW art. BPMAS021405 -864m2.Torhovelna mark - ArmstrongKrayina production - GBVyrobnyk - Armstrong Building Products.UNITED KINGDOM0UA100010340514724.47779
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-665 printer TASKalfa 620/820 art. 1T02KP0NL0-4sht. Cartridge TK-825K printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZ0EU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825Y printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZAEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825M printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZBEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-825S printer KM-2520 / C3225 / C3232 / C2525E / C3232E / C4035E art. 1T02FZCEU0-2sht. cartridge TK-8305Y for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKANL0-2sht. cartridge TK-8305M for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKBNL0-2sht . Cartridge TK-8305C for MFP TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci art. 1T02LKCNL0-2sht. Electrostatic unit DK-320 Art. 302J393033-7sht. Art cleaning device. 2A020330-1sht. Bottom roller cleaning art. 2FB20450-1sht. Electrostatic unit DK -670 art. 302H093013-1sht. Elec trostatychnyy unit 320 DK-art. 302J393033-7sht. Coupling supply CLUTCH FEED art. 302HN44111-1sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production JPTorhovelna brand Kyocera "JAPAN0UA10008047.2372564.736853
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-895K printer FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP art. 1T02K00NL0-10sht . cartridge LC-895M printer FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP art. 1T02K0BNL0-2sht. MK-360 repair kit for printer FS-4020DN, 300 thousand. p. (includes: separation roller ; supply unit assembly, DC brush assembly, transfer shaft assembly; FK-350E fixing unit; electrostatic units DK-320 and DV-360E) art. 1702J28EU0-2sht. MK-340 repair kit for printer FS-2020D, 300 thousand. hundred g. (includes: unit supply assembly, roller feeding assembly, DC brush assembly, shaft transfer assembly, electrostatic blocks DK-320 and DV-340E, FK-340E unit consolidation) MK-340 / MAINTENANCE KIT Art. 1702J08EU0-1sht. MK-410 repair kit for MFP KM-1620/1635/1650 / 2020/2035/2050 150 thousand. p. (is the electrostatic unit assembly) SE T MK-410 art. 2C982010-2sht. Cartridge TK-3130 printer FS-4200DN art. 1T02LV0NL0-15sht. Cartridge TK-4105 printer TASKALFA 1800 art. 1T02NG0NL0-15sht. Cartridge TK-475 to MFP FS-6025MFP art. 1T02K30NL0-8sht. Cartridge TK-590C printer FS-C5250DN art. 1T02KVCNL0-2sht. Cartridge TK-3100 for printers FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN, FS-4300DN, FS-2100D, FS-2100DN art. 1T02MS0NL0-30sht. Block fixing FK-350 (E) art. 302J193056-7sht. Duplex Socket art. 302F944040-3sht. The electrostatic unit DK-5140 art. 302NR93012-1sht. Electrostatic block 170 DK-art. 302LZ93061-6sht. Lock clip art. 3V2LV09310-2sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand Kyocera "CHINA0UA100080105.9737119.742562
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-5140K printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NR0NL0-4sht. Cartridge TK-5140C printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRCNL0-1sht. cartridge TK-5140M printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRBNL0-5sht. cartridge TK-5140C printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRCNL0-6sht. cartridge TK-5140K printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NR0NL0-8sht. MK-1110 repair kit for FS-1040, FS -1060DN, FS-1020BFP, FS-1120BFP, FS-1025BFP, FS-1125BFP 100 thousand. p. (includes: electrostatic units DK-1110, WT-1110 and DV-1110, transfer shaft assembly, paper feed shaft , Lower Frame plystyny ​​paper feed) Art. 1702M75NXV-2 pcs. cartridge TK-1110 for the FS-1040DN, 1020MFP, 1120MFP TK-1110 art. 1T02M50NXV-2 pcs. cartridge TK-1120 for the FS-1060DN, 1025MFP, 1125MFP art. 1T02M70NXV-24sht. cartridge TK-1150 MFP for M2135dn, M2635dn, M2735dw, P2235dn, P2235dw art. 1T02RV0NL0-5sht. cartridge TK-1160 printer ECOSYS P204 0dn, P2040dw art. 1T02RY0NL0-5sht. Cartridge TK-1170 for ECOSYS M2040dn, ECOSYS M2540dn, ECOSYS M2640idw art. 1T02S50NL0-10sht. Cartridge TK-3160 Printer P3045dn, P3050dn, P3055dn, P3060dn TK-3160 art. 1T02T90NL0-10sht. Cartridge TK-3190 Printer P3055dn, P3060dn art. 1T02T60NL0-5sht. TK-5140Y ink cartridge for the printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRANL0-5sht. The electrostatic unit DK-1110 art. 302M293012-2sht. The electrostatic unit DK-3130 (E) art. 302LV93044-3sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production VNTorhovelna brand Kyocera "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA10008045.3025817.213092
27/Apr/20178443318000"1 Multifunctional devices (laser monochrome printer, copier and scanner, fax, A4) to print out a copy by not electrostatic printing devices without device radio that can print 38 pages per minute, complete with cartridge, power supply, power cable, drivers and documentation on the installation CD-ROM: Product F6W19A HP LaserJet Pro M426m-600shtTorhovelna brand: Hewlett Packard.Firma manufacturer: "" Canon Business Machines (Philippines) Inc. "" Philippines (PH) .Krayina production: Philippines (PH) .Krayina origin: Philippines (PH).. "PHILIPPINES600UA3051608673.68129648.0002
27/Apr/20178421990000"1.Chastyny ​​air filter elektrostatystychnoho T-Series: -elektrostatychna electrostatic air cell for T-Series, Model A25-004S - 4 pieces; represents a rectangular section of ionizing and collector part. Removes smoke and vapors from welding, oil steam and aerosols, smoke from the production of plastic, rubber, plastic, tobacco smoke and other atmospheric pollutants.. "CHINA0UA204040782417.618932
27/Apr/20177616999000"1.Vyroby of aluminum -pered Air filter precipitator T-series article 16-040002S - 10 pieces, designed for installation to the electrostatic precipitators air cell T-Series for filtering air pollutants large.."CHINA0UA2040403221.9507135
27/Apr/201784213920001.Obladnannya for filtering and purifying the air - stationary industrial TRION electrostatic air filters, namely electrostatic -povitryanyy Series 120, Model SE1N2-A003, performance 680-1360m3 / h - 3sht.Pryznacheni to remove smoke and vapors from welding and diesel fuel, oil aerosols, smoke from the production of plastic, rubber, plastic, smoke and atmospheric pollutants. .CHINA0UA2040401081922.74807
27/Apr/201784433120001.Mashyny that function as the original copy scan i print out copies by electrostatic printing devices contain some kind of radio equipment, laser multifunctional device A4, b / w, 38 pages / min HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn Prod-Exchange M426fdn 220V EMEA art . F6W14-69002-1sht. Manufacturer HPKrayina production PHTorhovelna brand HP.PHILIPPINES1UA10020012.86405.6200044
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Electrostatic Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Electrostatic Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""Коніка Мінолта Україна"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Смольна, 9, Україна.
Exporter Name NYK Logistics
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.4.........
HS Code 8443999010Value 1277.755684
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 32.35
Origin Country CHINA

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