Ukraine Import Data of Electric Wire And Cable | Ukraine Import Statistics of Electric Wire And Cable

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of electric wire and cable collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of electric wire and cable imports.

Electric Wire And Cable Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Electric Wire And Cable

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of electric wire and cable. Get Ukraine trade data of Electric Wire And Cable imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739263000101.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy skladannyamotornyh for industrial vehicles to the a / m ZAZKorpus mounting pads 96651096-9sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to mount on its pads and wiring harness installed on the body avtomobilya.Plastyna 085222-1-350sht blocking plate blocking dev'yatyhnizdovaAK39194-155sht, blocking p'yatyhnizdova AK39196-925sht Plate, Plate blokuyuchadev'yatyhnizdova AK39203-200sht, granulated plastic material . The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykiv.Skoba 368121-1-419sht, staples AK8758-200sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding, designed for installation on the harness pad for further consolidation of the wiring harness pads in seats or on the bracket body avtomobilyaZamok 085223-1-350sht contacts, contacts 174355-7-422sht Castle, Castle MG630695-3-100sht contacts, Castle contacts ing AK39179-140sht three-lane, single-row Zamokkontaktiv AK39180-200sht Castle MG630788-7-1600sht contacts, Zamokkontaktiv PH815-06120-400sht, method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to secure the electrical contacts in kolodkah.Zamok 15344855-900sht cables, wires MG630334-7-230sht Castle, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykivHomut AK63085-350sht - Material plastics hranulyrovannaya. Production Method Under pressure casting, prednaznachenы for installation on Primary shaft zhhuta wires or ego bends to posleduyuscheho zakreplenyya barrel zhhuta wires ego or bends in the landing place on the bracket or block the jumpers Body avtomobylya.Kryshka AK39169-179sht - granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for installation in power relays and fuses to protect kontaktiv.Krayina production KRVyrobnyk- no data.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1120807.7447.8621189 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177312104100"1. twisted wire ropes, cables, nonferrous metals, without electric isolation, with a maximum cross-sectional rozmirompoperechnoho no more than 3 mm, plated coating (latunovanyy) materialvyhotovlennya - steel 80K mark, steel cord and 2L30NT; St.80K (Constr. 2x0 30 and NT) diameter 0,60mm, net weight 17083kh with changes. 1-5, with brass coating THAT BY 400074854.004-2006, no winding, flexible outer shell, fastening elements, for their own production needs for the tire industry .Krayina production BY. marka- vidsutnya.Vyrobnytstva Trading JSC "" BMZ - management companies I Holding "" BMK ".". "BELARUS0UA1252501708322085.72766
29/Apr/20178536700000"1. Connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic wires or cables for voltages not exceeding 1000 V ;: Fiber optic couplings and boxes in the assembled state. FTTH, PON, telecommunication, local area networks, for air lines, for laying in the ground , Gaskets in cableconnalization, connection and switching of fiber optic cables, as well as formechanical protection of welded joints. They do not contain electrical components, boards and chips. The GJS-5002 design features: one 037 # wall mounting tray, SC adapter - 40 pcs. GJS-6005 constructive person T-shirt: two 034 # tray 48 fiber reinforcements on a bench - 40 pcs. GJS-5006 design features: single 023 # tray 12 fiberboard SC adapter panel for 12 ports mounting on a bar -60 pcs. GJS-6006 design features: two 023 # tray GJS-6007 design features: two 024 # mounting tray on a bench, with grounding - 20 pieces. GJS-9001 design features: two 037 # tray 48wool fixing on a stand - 60 pcs. GJS-7001 design features: two 032 # tray 48 fibers, a heat shrink tube - 60 pcs. GP-B distribution box 12volokon-200pcs.GP-A distribution box 24 fibers-100pcs. GP-C Distribution box 8filter adapter SC-20pcs. GP-D Distribution box 24 fiber adapters boardSC-20pcs.Shipped from the container TGBU5150502. Producer-Ningbo Zhantong Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.Ningbo Brand Name Zhantong Telecom Eguipment. "CHINA0UA500040837.35418.433409
28/Apr/20178544609090"1.Kabeli Electric: Cable APvЭhaPu 1h400 / 70-11 (6015 m) and TU 16.K180-014-2009 TTZ with XLPE insulation, with a screen of copper wires and copper zkriplenyh strichkoyu.Na voltage 11 kV with aluminum conductors, without precious metal content without connecting devices for transmission of electricity in stationary power ustanovkah.Typ. not suitable for work on the ground at a depth of 35m., is not designed not modified using mechanical, electrical or electronic means to detect nesanktsionovannoho access the lines of communication. Producer: Ltd. "" Kama cable "." Trade mark: Kamkabel.Krayina production - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA5000601469453385.82864
28/Apr/201785366990901.Elektrychna equipment for switching, protection and connection of electrical circuits, for a voltage not exceeding 1000V, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles contain RECs and RIP. Connectors and shtyrovi contact elements for wires and cables for telecommunication lines: -Roz'yednuvalnyy module (plinth) model KD-TM002, the disconnect contacts with 10 pairs, numbered 1 ... 0: -3000sht.Torhivelna mark: KINGDA .Vyrobnyk: NINGBO KINGDA ELECTRONICS CO. LTDKrayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA8071701442461.82949
28/Apr/201785444290981.Providnyky electric, electric wires insulated with connecting prystroyemdlya voltage not exceeding 1000V, power cord with plug (voltage 240V, dovzhyna1m) art. L07G Power cable 1m -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: ERVANKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Shenzhen Ruizi Light Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. Use-vtsyvilniy ARE electrical engineering. .CHINA0UA1002000.26.363870181
28/Apr/201785369010001. Splicing Unit for wires and cables XZCC12FDM40B - 10 pieces for use in the electrical system smittyeprybyralnyh avtomobiliv.Krayina production truck HU trademark Telemecanigue Manufacturer Telemecanigue.HUNGARY0UA1250200.850.69488458
28/Apr/20178544499393"1.Kabel (wire) with mineral insulation voltage to 80V without the" "yednuvalnyhdetaley: -kabel Thermoelectric 1 * K, kl.1; diam.4,5mm, Inconel 600-425m.p. - Cable Thermoelectric 1 * K kl.1; diam.4,5mm, Inconel 601-176m.p. - thermoelectric cable 2 * K, kl.1; diam.4,5mm, Inconel 601-175m.p.; (Inconel-alloy steel, nickel-chrome, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures) Total: 776 m.p.Pryznachenyy as components for vyhot.termoperetvoryuvachiv.. "GERMANY0UA20910066.68796.309189
28/Apr/20178525600000"1. transmitting equipment, which includes equipment selection, isa electronic equipment that is built based on a flexible modular platform: Wired: IPTV station TELESTO LUMINATO -1kompl., Consists of: PodviynyyDVB LRM-S / S2 / S2X receiver 2 RF exit 2 CI slots, MSD, EIT demuks 2 outputs IP-X-XBSFX-KXXLRM-B-ECONOMY-15sht. LSFP Electric CAT5 (100m) 10/100/1000 Base-TX SFP module, RJ-45konektor-XLSFP- A -3sht. LPS power supply (2x GigE SFP slots, 2x FE, USB, GPIO), includes: 110 ... 240 VAC, power: 120W XXX-XXXLPS-E-AC -3sht. LCH Luminato shasivklyuchaye: mounting rails USB cable, 19 "" 1RU, 6 modules, 2 SFP slots-X-XXXX-XXXLCH-DX-XXXX-XXX-3pc. Purpose - for pho rmuvannya digital signal into IP format zvideosyhnaliv obtained from various sources and transfer them to telekomunikatsiynuIPTV network and to convert the signal into MPEG format analohovyyvysokochastotnyy module of Old TV signal to broadcast it in analohovukoaksialnu TV network. zastosuvuyetsya not in vybuhonebezpe chnomu environment. Non-special purpose. Not military. Contains in its skladiradioelektronnyh facilities and emitters prystroyiv.Torhivelna mark - TELESTE.Vyrobnyk - TELESTE CORPORATION.Krayina production - FI. "FINLAND1UA12502034.989236.075706
28/Apr/201785443000911.Komplekty wires for industrial assembly of motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II), copper with PVC insulation from the connecting element to transfer electrical current from the source to customers with current and disconnecting electric devices of the vehicle during a working napruhu24V: zhhut wires 264354620155-8sht engine, engine 264354620155-8sht zhhut cables, wires zhhut 264354620155-8sht engine, engine 264354620155-8sht zhhut cables, wires zhhut 264354620153-8sht rear lights, rear zhhut wires 264354620153-8sht lights, w Gut wires 264354620153-8sht rear lights, rear lights zhhut 264354620153-8sht cables, wires zhhut primary pump 280854620110-8sht, zhhut primary pump 280854620110-8sht cables, wires zhhut primary pump 280854620110-8sht, zhhutprovodiv 280854620110-8sht primary pump, heater wires zhhut 264354620140-8sht, zhhut 264354620140-8sht heater cables, wires zhhut 26435462 0140-8sht heater, heater 264354620140-8sht zhhut cables, wires zhhut 264354620151-8sht dashboard, instrument panel zhhut 264354620151-8sht wires, cables zhhut panel pryladiv264354620151-8sht, zhhut wires panel ryladiv 264354620151-8sht, zhhut bezpeky264354620141-8sht wire belt, belt zhhutprovodiv 264354620141-8sht, zhhut 264354620141-8sht wire belt, belt bezpeky264354620141-8sht zhhut wires, cables zhhuty hand brake and belt bezpeky264354620177-8sht, zhhuty handbrake cables and belt security 264354620177-8shtzhhuty wires handbrake and seat belt 264354620177-8sht, zhhuty wires handbrake and seat belt 264354620177-8sht.Vyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN.INDIA0UA112080142.6242858.321162
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Electric Wire And Cable Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Electric Wire And Cable Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Запорізький Автомобілебудівний Завод"""
Importer Address
69600 Україна м.Запоріжжя пр.Соборний 8
Exporter Name ZEM w ELK Sp z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy sklad.........
HS Code 3926300010Value 447.8621189
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 7.7

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