Ukraine Import Data of Edge | Ukraine Import Statistics of Edge

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of edge collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of edge imports.

Edge Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Edge

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173920300090"1.Ctrichky of polymers of styrene, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined, not combined with other materials: Edge raukanteks décor 23/2, 2608w, embossing 08 material ABS art.84026241001, count-100m, Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, 3306W, stamping 147, ABS material 125 art.84033321001, count-100m; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2,0mm, dekor 2979W, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84022161001, count-400m .; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 13285, embossed material 14 ABS 125 art.84014481001, count-600m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Germany 3306W, stamping 147, ABS material 125 art.84033321001 , count-400m .; Edge Color raukanteks 23/2, decor 3316W, 33 stamping, mate Rial ABS art.84033331001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, dekor 3046W, ABS material 125 art.84022491001, count-300m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, Color 78,880 , 14 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84012271001, count-200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2,0mm, color 3120W, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84034461001 to-t- 400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, Decor 1629W, 33 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84005341001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Nimechchynakor 534E, stamping 08 125 ABS material, art.84034521001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23/2 mm, Dekor 1286W, 34 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84028131001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, dekor 1821E, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84002341001, count-200m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23 / 0.8, decor 3297W, 170 stamping, material ABS art.84030921001, count-600m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, decor 3297W, 170 stamping, material ABS art.84030931001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, decor 3367E, without stamping, material ABS 125 art.84030151001, count-600m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, decor 3367E, without stamping, material ABS art.84030161001, count-400m .; Edge decor raukanteks 22 / 0.4, 4226 decoration, embossing 06 material ABS 125 art.19591411113, count-1200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23/2 mm, 6056 decor, without stamping, material ABS 125 art.84029721001, count-200m .; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2mm, color 94591, 14 stamping material ABS 125 art.84015171001, count-200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 1,3mm, Color 62,693 without stamping material ABS 125 art.84017231001, count-200m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, 140500, without stamping, material ABS art.84035171001, count-400m .; Edge raukanteks décor 23/2, 3323W, 131 stamping, material ABS art.84035241001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 2954W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84030141001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 2980W, stamping 172, ABS material 125 art.84028931001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 3203W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84027031001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Dekor 3203W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84031741001, count-100m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 3376E, stamping 0.8 ABS material 125 art.84026601001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Dekor 3376E, etc. "GERMANY0UA100110686.4373843.770605 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201773269098901. Articles of iron metaliv.Veloparkovka Street STE-N110 - EDGETYPE (bicycle stand without roof, construction of stainless steel AISI 304, height 89 cm, with rubber gaskets EPDM) - 24 pcs. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1010701444480.261777
29/Apr/20173920300090"1.Mebel tape safe edge" "EGGER Edging ABS" "ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic, not reinforced, does not contain chlorine, non-porous, non-lacquer, without lining, and not combined in a similar way with other materials. Quantity - 2475.00 m., 56 , 94 m2, 0,057 m3. It is used for furniture production. "TURKEY0UA40815058.69428.503103
29/Apr/201763031900001.Polotno fabrics for curtains in a piece of 300 +/- 10 cm wide, colored fibers zbavovnyanyh 100% treated after weaving one edge of pryshytoyuvolanom so that just cutting into pieces of desired length ipodrubki converted into finished curtains. 36435.30 m2.-6194kh., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - there is danyhVyrobnyk - OZILHANLAR TEKSTIL IN S. TUR.OTO GIDA VE PETROL URUN SAN TIC L TD STI.TURKEY364353UA807190619412388.00001
29/Apr/2017201300000"1.M'yaso hudoby.Yalovychyna oholodzhenabez bovine bone (collapse), various cuts of meat parts: -Vyrizka-piece 1138,25kh. - Cut thick edge-1208,21kh. - Cut-thin edge 57, 72kg Currently. - Cut the inner part-203,2kh..Vsoho-2607,38kh (net weights) .Kartonnyh boxes 157sht.Termin-life-3misyatsya.Data production 22.03.2017-13.04.2017r.Bez-heat cooking - without conservation; -Each piece packed in a plastic bag; -Bez dobavok.Krayina manufacturer: AU.Vyrobnyk: '' JBS Swift Australia Pty Ltd ''. The trade-mark Swift.Zavod №170; №235; №203.. "AUSTRALIA0UA1251002607.3824838.01772
29/Apr/20173920300090"1.Mebleva tape safe edge" "EGGER Edging ABS" "ABS (AkrylnitrylButadiyenStyrol) thermoplastic, reinforced, does not contain chlorine, non-porous, nesharuvata, unlined and is not connected in this way with other materialamy.Kilkist - 5025.00 m., 116 10 m2 0.164 m3.. "TURKEY0UA408150170.92853.320532
29/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: Roofing Sealant for chimney taventylyatsiynyh d.102-178mm pipes, rubber EPDM, height 115mm, base 275h275mm, iznakleyenoyu the edges with aluminum tape for mounting, art.PGMF5 - 10 pieces, Seals for roof for chimneys and ventilation d.152-280mm pipes with humyEPDM, height 135 mm, base 365h365mm, stuck to the edges alyuminiyevoyustrichkoyu for installation, art.PGMF7 - 10sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW.. "TAIWAN0UA10011018295.4448482
28/Apr/201782013000001.Instrumenty Hand vykorystov.v sadivnytstviTyapky, hoes, rakes, kyrky1003464 leaves middle-M Solid 70sht.1014914-Rake leaves for seredniSolid -10sht.1000643 M-Hrabliuniversalni QuikFit-6sht.1000644-Hrablidlya cleaning leaves QuikFit (22zuba) - 36sht. 1000651-Rake for flower beds and bushes QuikFit-6 pieces. 1000656-Rake dlyaprybyrannya QuikFit 40-pc. 1000659-rake for cleaning leaves QuikFit, small-6sht.1000685-row pololschyk QuikFit- 6 pcs. 1000734-scraper QuikFit-6sht.1000735 double-hoe-QuikFit 6 pcs. 1016034 cultivator Solid-4 pieces. 1016035-SapaSolid-4 pieces. 1019604 Tyapka-lite for trimming grass on dorozhtsi Patio 8sht.1019607-Rake for flower beds and bushes, 4 pieces. 1019608 Rake for soil-lightweight, lightweight 8sht.1019610-Tyapka to remove weeds, 12p. 1000682 QuikFit z3-hoe-ma-sharpened edges 6 pcs. Tyapka QuikFit-1000690 for registration krayivhazonu-6 pieces. 1000728 cultivator Premium-4 pieces. 1019609 Light-hoe-4sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - FiskarsVyrobnyk - Fiskars.POLAND0UA100120132.9742005.432245
28/Apr/20176307901000"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse, 7 cm, set of 4 pcs., Polyester, plastic art. 20-7008 - 24 nabIhrashka d / cats, mice, 6 cm, set of 2 pieces, polyester, artificial fur art. 20-7009 - 6 nabIhrashka d \ cats, funny HARRY 33 cm, set 3 pcs., plush, polyester art. 20-7010 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on wheels, 11 cm, set of 2 pieces, plastic, polyester art. 20-7011 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat colored mouse, d = 4,5cm, in a set of 4 pieces., plush nylon art. 20-7029 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat pink bird, XL, 12cm , plush, long '' I art. 20-7030 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / cats MY HEART, 5h6cm in set 2 pcs., plush, polyester, feather art. 20-7050 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, mouse JAZZY, 7cm, a set 3pc. asort.koloriv plush and polyester, feather art. 20-7053 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on WHEELS 11 cm, plastic, polyester, plush art. 20-7411 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats GOOD mouse, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7422 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats, mice, gerbils, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7424 - 36 ShTIhrashka d / m cats "" yachyk ZEBRA BALL, a platter., d = 4cm, plush art. 20-7426 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cat, spotted mice, 5cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7440 - 12 ShTDrazhnylka d / cats, flying mouse with a bell assorted, 46 cm, plastic, plush art. 20-7506 - 60 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE1, angular, 52H27H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8002 - 20 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE2, angular, 80H28H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8003 - 12 ShTHamak for rodents "" Smooth & Relax "" S, 18h18sm, polyester, plush art. 20-9001 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats gray mouse with audio, 5 cm ,, polyester, rubber, plush art. 20-7415 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats Mouse MIX, in a set of 4 pcs., Plush art. 20-7005 - 12 pc "CHINA0UA10107031.73379.6022011
28/Apr/201782011000001.Instrumenty Hand-vykorystov.v sadivnytstvi1000620 Shovel telescopic zzakruhlenym blade, SmartFit-4sht.1001567 telescopic bayonet-blade, SmartFit 4sht.1003456-blade-edge zzakruhlenym, Solid-28sht.1003457-blade shovels, Solid-8sht.1003681- The blade with rounded blade Xact, high-4sht.1003683 Spade bayonet-Xact, high-20pcs. 1003688 Lopata Soviet-Xact, big-4 pieces. 1014809 Shovel-tourism, Solid-288sht. Spade bayonet-1019605, reduced-4 pieces. Scoop-1000727 for seedlings Premium-8sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - FiskarsVyrobnyk - Fiskars.POLAND372UA100120545.3683259.744768
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Edge Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РЕХАУ"""
Importer Address
03150, м.Київ, вул.Ковпака, 17, кв.3-4
Exporter Name REHAU AG + CO
Product Description
"1.Ctrichky of polymers of styrene, non-porous, re.........
HS Code 3920300090Value 3843.770605
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 686.437
Origin Country GERMANY

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