Ukraine Import Data of Eco | Ukraine Import Statistics of Eco

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of eco collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of eco imports.

Eco Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Eco

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178419310000"1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number №092017 - 1pc., New, year 2017, in the unassembled for easy transportation on 3 t / a. Acquisition: remote code EC477Z pipe 1 pc, code VEC0041 1 fan pcs, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 pc, code EC121-L800 drive for regulation GXI 1 pc, code EC306 Tsyllindrichnyy caliper regulator 1 pc, code EC477Z distance pipe 1 pc, code VEC0042 fan 1 pc, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 piece ; code EC338 conical conductor 1950 ALUZINC 3 pieces, conical code EC408DX 1/2 conductor 1950 25 pcs, code EC408SX 1/2 conical conductor 1 950 25 pcs, code EC007 parallel conductors 1950 6 pcs, code ECB233 basis of grain-drying installation 1 pc, code ECI409 Metal. Panel 500 * 2050 * 2mm lateral Konycheskyy conductor Fire 2 pcs, code BMG60 burner (VD60) 1 pc, code BMG180 burner ( VD180) 1 unit; electrical control BR1 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC338I conical conductor 1950 INOX 24 pcs, electrical panel BR2 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC421 Power "" U "" to the drying column 324 pcs, code ECA421 Power "" U "" truncated to 24 columns of the drying unit, code EC135 Explorer to exit kondesata 1 pc, code EC243 Closing 90 * 330 * 2 mm lateral to the distributor 1 pc, code ECA033 Closing 430 * 4000 * 2mm with holes 1 pc ; Code EC022 part in a '' T '' for closing 12 units; ECA076 code Amplifier "" L "" 0.5 m 114 pcs, code EC037Z Metal. Panel lifting and connecting pieces 28, VLINGUETTA language code to the distributor 1 pc, code F302 Motoreduktor 1 pc, code EC262 internal amplifier for distributor 1 pc, code EC261Z connector motor reducer 1 pc, code VPARASTRAPPI protection gaps with orange Vulkolana 2 pcs, code EC260Z plate to slide on motororeduktora 1 pc, code VSUPP oval caliper diameter 40 mm SKF 2 pcs, code EC-SC4 joints ladder 12 pcs, code EC-SC5DX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC- SC5SX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC142 hinge stairs 9 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for Insul yatsiynoho cover 300 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for insulation coating 300 pcs, code VTE0816 screws 8 * 16mm 13000 pcs, code VDF0800 nut M8 13000 pcs, code VTE0830 screws 8 * 30mm 200 pcs, code VTE1030 screw TE M10 * 30mm galvanized 300 pcs, code VDM1000 average nut M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VRP1000 flat ring M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VBARRA20 axle with threaded M20 * 1 of 6 pcs, code VDM2000 average nut M20 galvanized 32 pc; code VRP2000 flat ring M20 galvanized 16 pcs, code EC209 Gasket support bases 60 pcs, code VSILICGR silicone 6 pcs, code VTASCHI Chemical anchor 4 pcs, code VPISTOLA device Loy silicone 1 pc, code ST0001 temperature sensor 5 pc; co EC040 caliper for temperature sensors 5 pcs, code VSUPPNEU caliper to the pneumatic device 1 pc, code IMP1000 pneumatic unit 1 pc, code IMP2000 pneumatic tank unit 1 pc, code VRYLSAN RYLSAN blue tube D.10 mm 50 pc; RACC01Z Fitting code 270 * D. 270mm to 200 mm 1 pc, code RACC02Z Fitting 300 * 300mm to 200mm D. 2 pieces, Metallic letter code ECO215 500 * 3900 * 2mm 25 pcs, code ECN215 Met "ITALY0UA40003025810151975.7894 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20176807900090"1.Hnuchka glass tiles based on petroleum bitumen, on applying fine-grained nude napoverh a stone granules used to oblashtuvannyapokrivel houses: -Hnuchka tile RoofShield R-M-17 Premi um-Modern- Copper -324 m2, 108 Patsch - shingles RoofShield FI-S-49 Femy Lee Eco Light Brown Standard zvidtin ennyam -756 m2, 252 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-50 Femy Lee Green Eco Light Standard zvidtinenn pits -378 m2, 126 Patsch; tile -Hnuchka RoofShield FI-S-51 Femy Lee Eco Red Light Standard zvidtinen tion -378 m2, 126 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-32- Almonds tion - 237.6 2 -36 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-1- Midnyy- 118.8 m2 -18 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-16- sandals tion - 118.8 m2 -18 pach.Torhivelna Brand: RoofShieldVyrobnyk by "" IPC "" HRH "". "RUSSIA0UA805080155445488.018302
30/Apr/20176807100021"1.Rulonnyy material ruberoid from Mr oliestera impregnated on both storinnafto lev bitumen: -Neoizol Eco - 1500 m2, 100 rul.Krayina origin: RUTorhivelna Brand: RoofShieldVyrobnyk by" "IPC" "HRH" "."RUSSIA1500UA80508035001349.939681
30/Apr/20176807900090"1.Hnuchka glass tiles based on petroleum bitumen, on applying fine-grained nude napoverh a stone granules used to oblashtuvannyapokrivel houses: -Hnuchka tile RoofShield C-M-16 Classic -Modern- Brown-shadowing of 432 m2, 144 Patsch; -Hnuchka tile RoofShield R-M-17 Premium Modern- Copper -324 m2, 108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield PM-28 Premium Modern -Barhitno- Chornyy- 324m2-108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield PM-44 PREMIUM Modern -Kashtan - 324m2 -108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-49 standard Femyli Eco Light Brown zvidtinennyam -378 m2, 126 Patsch, including -Hnuchka repytsya RoofShield FI-S-50 Femyli Eco Light Green Standard zvidtinennyam -126 m2, 42 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-51 Femy Lee Eco Red Light Standard zvidtinen tion -378 m2, 126 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR- 15- brown tion of shadowing - 79.2 m2 -12 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-21 Barhitno-Black - 52.8 m2 -8 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-1- Midnyy- 52.8 m2 - Patsch 8; -to nky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-2- brown tion - 52.8 m2 -8 pach.Torhivelna brand: RoofShieldVyrobnyk by "" IPC "" HRH "" "RUSSIA0UA805080200806839.947705
29/Apr/20178481809900"1.Prystriy bottling PEGAS (Beer): Evolution-1000 pieces. Evolution DUO-100 sht.Ecojet 400 pcs 400 Ecojet next-pieces. The material of the case - ABS plastic. For use in the food industry. Torh.marka: no data .Krayina production: RU.Vyrobnyk LLC PA "" Novosybyrskprodmash ".". "RUSSIA0UA807170101062497.65766
29/Apr/20174811419000"1.Papir stick coils, bezmalyunku, layer, layer prosochenyytermochutlyvym, giving chornezobrazhennya not corrugated, nekalandrovyy, the fiber otrymanyhmehanichnym way 60% density 73h / m2: - AA2760100 RADIANT PINK S2000N-BG40BR- 994,5m2; - AA2760019 RADIANT PINK S2000N-BG40BR- 2830,5m2 density 71h / m2: - AF0980073 THERMAL 200LL FSC S2000N-BG40BR- 4994,72m2; - AF0980057 THERMAL 200LL FSC S2000N-BG40BR- 23019,36m2 density 74h / m2: - BD4090011 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3939,375m2; - BD4090066 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 2139,2m2; - BD4090006 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4181,632m2; - BD4090002 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4231,205m2; - BD4090003 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 14509,929m2, Manufacturer: AVERY DENNISON; brand: Fasson; Country production: LU.. "LUXEMBOURG0UA1001108941.422970.28754
29/Apr/201749029000001.Periodychni druk.vydannyaZhurnaly (1 per week) in 177 pcs pachkah.The Economist.GERMANY0UA12510016.2385.1875828
29/Apr/20173605000000"1.Sirnyky safe GOST 1820-2001: 2794.000 tys.sht.korobkiv, filling 40sht. Rebuke., Packed in film. For economic pryznachennya.Torhivelna Brand: FЭSKO. Logo: Hvozdyka.Vyrobnyk: OAO" "Cherepovetskaya spychechnaya factory "" FЭSKO "" Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071201955817594.3132
29/Apr/20174819500000"1. Other packaging of paper or cardboard. Dlyapakuvannya disposable paper containers of food at retail stores and food zakladahhromadskoho: Container: ECO OpSalad -6000sht 400g. ECO-10200sht OpSalad 500g. ECO OpSalad -3000sht 800g. ECO OpSalad -1500sht 1200g. Bake 600-1260sht.Torhovelna ECO mark - DOECOVyrobnyk - the company "" Dzhydypro "" Karain Cave manufacture - RU. "RUSSIA0UA100110405.411686.103205
29/Apr/201784501111001.Mashyny automatic laundry, household, new auto-washing, rinsing and spinning capacity front-loading 6kh.z, rozmiry85h59,5h42sm no content of its transmitters or skladiperedavachiv tapryymachiv model IWSC 61253 C ECO EU, art.F085553-69sht .Torhivelna Marco Indesit.Vyrobnyk-Whirlpool EMEA SpAKrayina vyrobnytstva- PL. .POLAND69UA1251104153.88297.662655
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Eco Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""УКРАЇНСЬКО -РОСІЙСЬКЕ ПІДПРИЄМСТВО ""БОЕЗ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
49000, Дніпропетровська обл., м.Дніпропетровськ, пропект Героїв, буд.46, кв.415
Exporter Name IM.AG.IN. solutions srl
Product Description
"1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number .........
HS Code 8419310000Value 151975.7894
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 25810
Origin Country ITALY

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