Ukraine Import Data of Ecc | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ecc

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ecc collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ecc imports.

Ecc Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ecc

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles, metals znedorohotsinnyh., Art.B45A52240 - BRACKET WINGS left-1pc., Art.B63B501C0A - plate grille, 1pc., Art.B63B50B31 - Planck-RESHITKYRADIATORA 1pc., Art.B63C50B51 - grille slats, 1pc., art.B63D50B51 -PLANKA grille, 1pc., art.BHN150153 - BRACKET front bumper (R) -2sht., art.BHN1502H1A - BRACKET rear bumper (R) -3sht., art.BHR250251A - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA rear (R) -2sht., art.BP4K28473A - eccentric-3pc., art.D46158210A - PETLYADVERI, 2 pcs., art.D46159210A - door-hinges 2 pcs., art.D65150361B - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA-1pc., art.G18K51SJ3 - GDC Lenny lining thresholds, 10pc., Art.G46L501C0A -PLASTYNA grille-3pc., Art.G46L50712A - power RESHITKYRADIATORA, 2 pcs., Art.G46L50717A - BRACKET grille (L) -2sht., Art.G46L51694 - lights BRACKET P / T (L) -1sht., art.GHK1513HXA - BRACKET back-1pc., art.GHP950070 - power front bumper, 2 pcs., art.GHP950EB1A -KRIPLENNYA-1pc., art.GHP952240D - K RONSHTEYN wing before (L) - 1 pc., art.GHP95315X -KRONSHTEYN WINGS TOP (R) -1sht., art.GHP973762 - MOUNT-3pc., art.GS1E502J1C -KRONSHTEYN rear bumper (L) -1sht., art.KD4550EA1 - Clamps, 2 pcs., art .KD4551W24 -KRIPLENNYA-25sht., art.KD5151W24 - MOUNT-4 pieces., art.KD5350251 - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA back of it STR-3pc., art.L20656652A - Lock-1pc., art.NA0156145 -KRIPLENNYA Lockers-30sht., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA20502030.891553.3459883 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201784839081001. Portions peredatochnyhmehanizmiv, steel for tsyvilnohopryznachennya not for promyslovohoskladannya to combine harvesters: 87316081 Eccentric Disc-1sht.9820504 push-2sht.125990A1 Star-1sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA5041705.366375.4412235
30/Apr/201784833080901. bearings for shaft, dlyatsyvilnoho, not forindustrial :, dosilskohospodarskoyi assembly techniques: 86518393 Eccentric-20sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA5041700.4646.52626732
28/Apr/20177318220090"1.Shayby of iron or steel to a / m" "BMW" ": Washer eccentric, art.33306760592-10sht; trademark -" "BMW", "Manufacturer - Concern" "BMW" "."FRANCE0UA1002100.11415.13813402
28/Apr/20176403999800"1.Vzuttya footwear soles of rubber or plastics and uppers of leather, with insoles length of more than 24cm, female shoes. Soft 4 White / Black Droidart.21803351227 - 216 pairs, female shoes. Soft 4 White / Black Droid art .21803351227- 12 pairs, female shoes. Soft 4 Alusilver / White Lyra Me art.21803350521- 24 pairs; female shoes. Soft 4 Alusilver / White Lyra Me art.21803350521- 6 pairs, female shoes. Soft 8 Ladies Alusil ver Lyra M art.44050301708 - 36 pairs; li tuff female. Soft 4 Alusilver / White Lyra Me and rt.21803350521 - 90 pairs, shoes zhin.Soft 4 Alusilver / White Lyra Me art.2180335052 1 - 54 pairs, Country of origin - PT Comm ovelna mark - EccoVyrobnyk - ECCO Sko A / S. "PORTUGAL438UA125120314.59914196.00539
28/Apr/20178483102990"1.Valy to the a / m" "BMW" ": eccentric shaft, art.11377589883-1sht; trademark -" "BMW", "Manufacturer - Concern" "BMW" "."GERMANY0UA1002101.523374.6038654
28/Apr/20176403999600"1.Vzuttya footwear soles of rubber or plastics and uppers to natural, with a length of more than 24cm insoles, shoe people. Kallum Black / BlackBukhara / San art.53660451052 - 264 pairs, shoes people. Kallum White Luxeart.53661401007 - 99 couples, shoes people. Indianapolis Black Santiago art.63076401001- 6 pairs, shoes people. Indianapolis Navy / Navy Super S art.63075451705 - 99 pairs, shoes people. Ind ianapolis Dark Clay / Tarmac art.630754558 70 - 36 pairs; male shoes .Indianapolis Dar k Clay / Tarmac art.63075455870 - 78 pairs, shoes people. IndianapolisDark Clay / Tarmac art.63075455870 - 12 pairs, shoes people. Ind ianapolis DarkClay / Tarmac art.630754558 70 - 18 pairs, shoes people. Indianapolis Dar k Clay / Tarmacart.63075455870 - 6 pairs; K Raina production - PTTorhovelna marka- Ec coVyrobnyk - ECCO Sko A / S. "PORTUGAL618UA125120559.82122828.65348
27/Apr/20178473302000"1.Zapasni parts for personal computers and laptops, electronic modulipam'yati: 32GB DDR3-1600E11 ECC Kit, part.№KTM-SX316EK4 / 32G -2kompl. (Komplektskladayetsya of 4 modules for 8GB); 8G D4- 2133E15 2Rx8 UDIMM, part.№KVR21E15D8 / 8-1sht .; 16G D3-1600R11 ECC 2Rx4 R, part.№KTD-PE316 / 16G -3sht .; 48G D3-1600R11 2Rx4Kit / 3 part.№KVR16R11D4K3 / 48 -4kompl . (The set consists of 3 modules po16GB); 8G D3-1600R11 ECC 1Rx4 RD, part.№KTH-PL316S / 8G -4sht .; 4GB D3-1600E11 1Rx8ECC U, part.№KTH-PL316ES / 4G -8sht. , Country of -CNTorhovelna mark -Kingston TechnologyVyrobnyk -Kingston Technology Company, Inc.. "CHINA0UA1002901.333079.499863
27/Apr/201783024900901.Krepizhnyy metal element for switches P33036-1sht. P33033-10sht. Hnuchkyyvazhil-eccentric KXAM1-10sht. P33032-10sht rope clamp. Dlyarukoyatky metal rod GAX7300-5sht switch. GEX7536N-1sht.Krayina origin - ItaliyaTorhovelna mark - LovatoVyrobnyk - Lovato Electric S.R.A. .ITALY0UA1000106.62179.4077343
27/Apr/201739174000901.Chastyny ​​modular plastic ventilation. Fittings: 612KVP, vertical plastic Elbow 90 deg., 60h120mm-360 sht.612KHP, Knee horizontal plastic 90 deg., 60h120mm sht.612SK10KP-336, 90 ° corner connector. Flat duct with a round plastic 60h120 / D100mm-300 sht.612SKP, connectors, plastic 60h120mm 330 sht.612SKPO, with the return valve connector plastic 60h120mm-120 sht.612SP10KP, eccentric connector with flat round duct plastic 60h120 / D100-320 sht.612TPP, Tee T-shaped plastic 60h120-36 sht.612TF10P Connector T-op. Duct 60h120 plastic flat with access to the flange vozduhorozpodilnyky D100mm 20 sht.12,5KKP 45 deg., round plastic knees 45 degrees. D125mm-96 sht.12,5KKP plastic knee 90 deg., 396-sht.12,5SKP D125mm, D125mm plastic connector sht.12,5SKPO-216, with the return valve connector plastic D125mm-72 sht.12 , 5TP, Tee T-shaped plastic D125mm sht.1012,5RЭP-42, the eccentric circular connector with a round plastic duct D100 / 125mm-252 sht.10KKP 45 deg., round plastic knees 45 degrees. D100mm-120 sht.10KKP, round plastic knees 90 degrees. 640 sht.10SKP D100mm, D100mm plastic connector sht.10SKPO-336, with the return valve connector plastic D100mm-336 sht.10TP, Tee T-shaped plastic D100mm 100 sht.620SK12,5KP, Connector corner of 90 degrees. Flat duct with a round plastic 60h204 / D125mm-24 sht.620SKP, connectors, plastic 60h204mm sht.PU15.12.10.8-56, the central connector, universal circular delivery pipe, plastic D150 / 125/100 / 80mm-576 pcs.RUSSIA0UA125180518.7642859.024955
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, пр.Московський, 22А
Product Description
1.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles,.........
HS Code 8302300090Value 553.3459883
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 30.891
Origin Country JAPAN

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