Ukraine Import Data of Dym | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dym

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Dym Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dym

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784145980901.Avtomatychna hot dip galvanizing line trub.Systema suction and discharge of white smoke emissions (poz.10) Dymossos galvanizing fumes suction kit, power mod.FQ711N1 20000m / min, speed obertannya2238 Equi / min with asynchronous three-phase electric motor 30kVt (400V / 50Hz ) .Dymossos fumes suction galvanizing is a fan driven asynchronous three-phase electric motor, in order to suction air at the outlet of the filter, creating a vacuum in the area of ​​cleaning. .ITALY1UA11018060019991.43587 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177304399390"1.Avtomatychna hot dip galvanizing line trub.Systema suction and discharge of white smoke emissions (poz.10) Dymovidvidni truby- 2shtTruby steel tubes with a diameter of 8", "length of 5m, 20 steel grade filter is designed to connect with smoke exhausts.."ITALY0UA1101802001844.456874
28/Apr/20173402209000"1. Preparations trademark" "ANIOS" "The packaging of aerosol: Tool DDM EKOdlya disinfection and cleaning of surfaces. Ingredients: dydetsyldymetylamoniy hloryd3,19-3,86% Excipients: amphoteric surfactants, detergents, and other helatoahent water to 100% . art. 1783039 canister 5 kg. x 4-105up.420sht. washing and cleaning of medical devices tapoverhon. VIP`ANIOS Napkins PREMIUM 100servetok per pack x 6 art.2088655C5-200up 1200sht. Surfa`seyf impregnated tool, which is a bezkoloru clear solution and odor containing N, N-N--dydetsyl dymetylamoniyu chloride 0,119-0,161 % Poliheksametylen biguanide hidrohlorydu0,0816-0,1104% (active ingredient) and excipients takationni amphoteric surfactants helatoahent, pH regulators and other auxiliaries, water to 100% .Pryznacheni for disinfection and cleaning poverhon.Vyrobnyk "" Laboratoires ANIOS "" Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA1001103058.148147.441121
28/Apr/20173808941000"1. Preparations trademark" "ANIOS" "The packaging of aerosol: a means of transport crude plastic container volume 200 l. To produce dezinfektsiynyhzasobiv FORMULA 2,086,000 is a liquid concentrate containing the active substance itsof N- (3aminopropil) -N- dodetsylpropan-1,3 dyamin 4,59-5,61%; N, N-dymetylamoniyu chloride 2,25-2,75% tadopomizhni substance art.2086005UZ -20dizhok.Torhivelna mark: "" ANIOS "" Manufacturer: "" Laboratoires ANIOS "". "FRANCE0UA100110412612562.23078
28/Apr/20178302300090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in cars, made of base metal, window., Trademark: DYM.Vyrobnyk: not vyznacheno.Krayina production: Korea Republic.".KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001101.19670.23419773
28/Apr/20172707999900"1.PRODUKT (trade name" "resin FENOL- to '') as a viscous liquid dark brown. Is a mixture of aromatics ((IZOBUTYLBENZOL (synonym: (2 METYLPROPYL) benzene) phenol, acetophenone ( synonym: FENILETANON 1), O (A, A-DYMETYLBENZYL) phenol), 4- (1-methyl-1-FENILETYL) phenol, 1-phenyl-1-propanone (synonym: PROPIOFENON), 2-phenyl-1 -PROPA- nol, 2,3-dihydro-1,1,3-trimethyl-3-phenyl-1H indene, 2,4-diphenyl-4-methyl-1-PENTEN, 2,4-diphenyl-4-methyl 2 (E) -PENTEN). According 91051486-002-2011 stations, used as raw material in the production of resins and technical FENOLOFORMALDEHIDNYH GO CARBON AND AS binding in coke production. Technical indicators UNDER quality certificate and a letter SELLER: -temperature flash, VYZNACHAYEMA in closed crucible, ° C: 98; -V'YAZKIST conventionally at 80 ° C: 2; -VMIST free water, stand the test; -MASOVA SHARE phenol,%: 3; -MASOVA SHARE alkali,%: 0.2; -ZOLNIST,%: 0.3; -MASOVA SHARE distillation at 250 ° C, OB% - 52.89 .. "RUSSIA0UA700140558747355.551502
28/Apr/20179027101000"1.Hazo- or dymoanalizatory, email: Carbon analyzer / sirkySC art.SC832-832-MC-1pc, serial number 16538, a partially disassembled staniz touch screen monitor, new, complete with accessories and auxiliary accessories for installation. 230Vzminnoho AC Power (+ 10% / -15% max.), 50/60 Hz, single phase, 15 a max. what is used for the determination of carbon and sulfur gases released during the combustion of a wide range of samples, in coal, coke, cement, soil, fuel oils and other organic materialah.Torhovelna mark LECO Manufacturer LECO production CorporationKrayina US. "UNITED STATES1UA125100105.23324914.01318
28/Apr/20173808914010"1. Plant protection products: insecticides:" "DANADIM STABILIZED EC" ", (DanadymStabilnyy k.e.) - 6720 liters. Active ingredient: Dymetoat 400 g / l. Total: 336kartonnyh boxes on (2h10l) plastic containers in each box , 672plastykovyh cans. The product is not in aerosol packaging and not mistytozonoruynivnyh rechovyn.Vyrobnyk - Cheminova a / S.Krayina production - DK.Torhova mark - DANADIM.. "DENMARK0UA125200709038975.99992
27/Apr/20173808923090"1.Funhitsyd" "ACROBAT MZ 90 / 600WG" "- 3000 kg (" "Acrobat MC VG", "active ingredient: dyme tomorf relating to morpholino, 90 g / kg + mankotseb relating dodytio karbomativ , 600 g / kg). not in aerosol packaging. 300 cartons po10h1kh. 7 bags on wooden pallets.. "ITALY0UA125260300033420.00015
27/Apr/201729333999001. Omeprazole (200 mg.) Kat.№1478505-6sht., A standard sample of omeprazole is an individual substance 5-methoxy-2 - [[(4-methoxy-3,5-dyme-rear-pyrydyl 2) methyl ] sulfynyl] benzymydazol (CAS №73590-58-6), used to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the substance during laboratory tests. Not included in the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors by CMU №770 from 06.05.2000r. Standards are stored in sealed Vial to avoid the influence of the environment on the purity reaktyvu.Vyrobnyk: The United States Pharmacopeial ConventionTorhovelna Brand: USPKrayina production: IN. .IRELAND0UA1002000.091388.810494
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
53201 Дніпропетровська обл. м. Нікополь пр-т Трубників, 56
Product Description
1.Avtomatychna hot dip galvanizing line trub.Syste.........
HS Code 8414598090Value 19991.43587
Quantity 1Unit UA110180
Net Weight 600
Origin Country ITALY

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