Ukraine Import Data of Dust Cloth | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dust Cloth

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dust cloth collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dust cloth imports.

Dust Cloth Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dust Cloth

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176812930090"1 of asbestos dust-free cloth (450 ° C), in rolls. Dimensions: 1.5 mm * 1200mm * 30m, 3,0mm * 1200mm * 15m. Asbestos content: 70% CaCO3 content of 30%. Zasostosovuyetsya as insulation material boilers, piping and auxiliary air by power plants, factories, buildings and structures.. "CHINA0UA12522059087552.008924 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivka dvohosnooriyentovana polypropylene (biaksealnooriyentovana) BOPP, non-porous, not reinforced, nesharuvata clear, without images and inscriptions without substrate nor zyednana anolohichnym way with other materials, the thickness in mm: BOPP CH 0,020h1060 - 203.5 kg; BOPP CH 0,020h600 - 139.1 kg CH 0,020h700 BOPP - 298 kg CH BOPP 0,020h760 - 365.6 kg CH BOPP 0,020h800 - 548.4 kg CH BOPP 0,020h900 - 1958.3 kg CH BOPP 0,025h700 - 1400.8 kg CH BOPP 0,025h740 - 747.5 kg CH BOPP 0,025h880 - 306.2 kg BOPP 0,040h1000 CH - 3073 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1040 - 205.8 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1120 - 394.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1140 - 627.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h640 - 1876.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h700 - 291.6 kg B OPP CH 0,040h740 - 310.1 kg CH BOPP 0,040h760 - 316.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h840 - 789.2 kg BOPP 0,040h960 CH - 1548 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h1200 - 2061.2 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h600 - 500.2 kh.Sfera use: for food packaging and clothing and other light industrial products, and receiving combined plivochnyh materials. Pa forging, wooden pallets in obreshittsi, rolls, spool for winding a roll of film. Manufacturer: OAO "" Mogilevkhimvolokno "" Country of origin: BY. "BELARUS0UA10215017962.127469.23756
29/Apr/201784522100001.Mashyna clothing, second hand auto vykorytanni. dvoholkova of pruning nytkyVyrobnyk PFAFF Industrie Maschinen AG, trade mark, missing Country of origin: DE.GERMANY2UA805180136.11777.085043
29/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plates made of polymers of propylene, not more than 0,10 mm thick, non-porous, non-reinforced, non-laminated, not lined, and not combined in a similar manner with other materials, bi-axial oriented: polypropylene film biaxially orientated (BOPP): CH 0.020 x 1000 - 893 , 2 kg, CH 0.020 x 860 - 1974.9 kg, CH 0.020 x 920 - 1233.7 kg, CH 0.025 x 1200 - 1006.2 kg, CH 0.040 x 1040 - 980.5 kg, CH 0.040 x 1060 - 999 , 2 kg, CH 0.040 x 1080 - 1020.5 kg, CH 0.040 x 1140 - 1615.3 kg, CH 0.040 x 1180 - 835.3 kg, CH 0.040 x 1280 - 2544.6 kg, CH 0.040 x 720 - 984 , 9 kg, CH 0.040 x 840 - 769.5 kg, CH1 0.020 x 920 - 1238.1 kg, CH1 0.025 x 840 - 829.6 kg, CH1 0.025 x 940 - 607.7 kg, CH1 0.025 x 960 - 1458 , 9 kg. Applies to pa ents of food, clothing, light industry and receiving combined plivochnyh materialiv.Vyrobnyk: OAO "" Mogilevkhimvolokno. ' "trademark" "Mogilevkhimvolokno" ". Country of origin: BY.."BELARUS0UA10215018992.129066.97008
28/Apr/20179503002100"1.Lyalky depicting people from composite materials (partly zhyvlennyamvid batteries): - a doll in the set with 768 sets of dolls, doll, dolls in a set of 2 pieces of clothing and 576 sets aksesuaramy- Doll in a set of dolls in a stroller with accessories -576-doll sets in a set of clothing, footwear and accessories-576-doll sets in set doll, ponies and accessories-576-doll sets in a set of footwear and accessories, 360 sets, doll accessories, doll -480 units in a set of dog, stroller-480-doll sets in a set of 2 dolls, accessories, 576 sets doll The set of accessories in the bathroom -480 sets, doll accessories, doll-576 units from 480 units, accessories, doll accessories, 480 pcs Dolls 2 items with accessories-480-doll sets in a set of clothes and accessories-480 sets, doll accessories, 480 pcs doll "" School "" with accessories, 480 pcs dolls 2 items with accessories-540-doll sets in a set of shells, accessories -480 sets, doll accessories, 480 pcs doll " "doctor", "puppets ca with accessories and fittings -576 sets of dolls with accessories 2 units, 480 sets of dolls '' family '' of accessories and supplies 504-l-sets lka with dolls, accessories and accessory sets -624 -528 units Doll Doll '' doctor '', with accessories and supplies, dog-576 naborivTorhivelna mark - DEFAVyrobnyk- JIEYANG DEFA INDUSTRY CO., LTDKrayina production - CN in individual cardboard / polymer packing "CHINA0UA5000204345.1421812.64016
28/Apr/20176310900000"1.Hanchir'ya textile materials, schovykorystovuvalys. It is soboyutrykotazhni textile fabric and clothing that have been used, with znachnymyporizamy and injuries. Unsorted tasuttyevo heterogeneous zovnishnimvyhlyadom, size and vahoyu.Vykorystovuyetsya as a raw material in lightindustry recyclable fibers with to get restored .Postavlyayetsya bulk (unpackaged) in bales. Total: 20 998 kg. TM available. Manufacturer "" Humana People to People Baltic "".. "UNITED STATES0UA125220209984482.151692
28/Apr/20176204631800"1. Clothing, textile synthetic fibers for women or girls, art., Name, size, number: L39426200, Capri 32 -1sht; L39426200, Capri 44 -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: Salomon.Krayina production: BD.Vyrobnyk: LALMAI SPORTSWEAR INDUSTRIAL LTD.. "BANGLADESH2UA1251900.4651.25934163
28/Apr/201739262000001.Vyroby plastic clothing and disposable clothing dodatkovirechi: art.№PP-ANAP-2XL-30G BIA size XXLbiloho apron colors made zpolipropilenu, not sterile upakovtsipo 1pc., Intended for zabezpechennyadotrymannya hygiene in vyrobnychyhprymischennyah, art.№ PE-AZAR NIEnarukavnyk blue rozmirom40 * 20cm, made of plastic, both sides with a rubber band, not the sterile package of 100 pieces, for use in the food industry as a protective agent, art.№ PPCPE-AOSL shoe shoes blue material production - pipes n / polyethylene, on top of the elastic, not in a sterile package of 50sht designed to ensure hygiene standards in the food industry. Trademark CMTM Country of CN.CHINA0UA209180489.252458.727588
28/Apr/20176202930000"1. Clothing Textile of synthetic fibers for women, art., Name, size, number: L39425400, jacket, XS -1sht; L39270100, Jacket, XL -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: Salomon.Krayina production: BD.Vyrobnyk: LALMAI SPORTSWEAR INDUSTRIAL LTD.. "BANGLADESH2UA1251900.4676.20750548
27/Apr/201748115900001.Papir of wood pulp impregnated polyethylene shlyahomlaminuyuchoho hidrospletinnya: Cleaning cloths Press Clean-IQ is designed for automatic cleaning of plates in the printing industry, mass of 70g 1m2. .CHINA0UA2091406573184.794273
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Dust Cloth Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name Сідорко Наталія Валеріївнапаспорт ЕК 318577, виданий Попаснянським РВУМВС України в Луганській обл., 12 грудня 1996р.
Importer Address
Луганська обл., Попаснянський р-н, с.Лисичанський, вул. Степова, 20, 93314
Product Description
"1 of asbestos dust-free cloth (450 ° C), in roll.........
HS Code 6812930090Value 7552.008924
Quantity 0Unit UA125220
Net Weight 5908
Origin Country CHINA

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