Ukraine Import Data of Duplex Steel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Duplex Steel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of duplex steel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of duplex steel imports.

Duplex Steel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Duplex Steel

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201773269098901.STALEVE RING TYPE-D D40MM 2 pcs art.11638564-3sht welded, steel ring welded TYPE-D D30MM art.11638550-6sht 2 pcs, steel ring welded TYPE-D D25MM art.11638543-6sht 4 pieces, wire rope clips D3,5MM art.11638333-8sht 4 pieces, wire rope clips D3MM art.11638326-12sht 4 pieces, wire rope clips D2,5MM art.11638312-8sht 6 pieces, wire rope clips D1.8MM art.11638305-4sht 6 pieces, clips SIDEL.DUPLEX 6mm 2BOLT 2 pcs stainless art.11638291-8sht clamps SIDEL.DUPLEX 2BOLT 4mm stainless steel 2 pcs art.11638284-4sht clamps SIDEL.DUPLEX 2BOLT 2mm stainless steel 2 pcs art.11638270-8sht clamps SIDEL.DUPLEX 1BOLT 4mm stainless steel 2 pcs art.11638256-8sht, Clips SIDEL.DUPLEX 1BOLT 2mm stainless steel 4pcs art.11638242-8sht,.CHINA0UA1251302.56972.06472361 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201773269098901. Products made of ferrous metals: -homuty made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, duplex structurally yavlyayutsoboyu product zrizbovym connection ring nut on one side, -Diameter 95mm, 2 pcs diameter 40mm-to-8shtPryznachennya mounting and connection truboprovodiv.Torhovelna mark -TESSAVyrobnyk-Dairy Machinery Ltd Country of-IL.ISRAEL0UA4010503.25449.999842
21/Apr/20179001109090" / R127283Volokonno optic cable: type kabelyuduplex Zipcord; type connector SC RJ PC / SC RJ PC beige color, fiber typu2xG50 / 125 OM2, armored 1.7 mm (stainless steel spiral tube), black LSZH sheath, length 50m-22sht; art.EC36.252560.005-BKRJ / R127286Volokonno optic cable: kabelyuduplex Zipcord type, type of connector SC RJ PC / SC RJ PC beige color, fiber typu2xG50 / 125 OM2, armored 1.7 mm (stainless steel spiral tube), black LSZH sheath length 5m-1pc, (with connecting elements voloknaoptychni diameter of 50 microns for telecommunications equipment). "CHINA0UA125100583035.717289
18/Apr/20177324900090"1.Vyroby sanitary supplies, made of steel: Soap rectangular, chrome art.AR71028-300sht, SLIM art.AR71030-300sht mounted Soap, Soap oval, chrome art.AR91307-210sht, chrome Soap on prysostsi art.AR91315- 1020sht, Soap RAINBOW mounted chrome. art.AR91325-100sht, Curtain shelf tier broad art.AR71034-120sht; Navisna art.AR71036-150sht corner shelf, shelf Curtain duplex angular art.AR71038-400sht, shelves for bathroom on suckers chrome. art .AR91645-80sht, toilet paper holder, 15 x 9 x 19 cm art.AR21912-56sht, three-tier shelf Curtain broad art.AR71035-50sht, Mr. Curtain olychka corner three-tier art.AR71039-100sht, toilet paper holder, wall art.AR71044-100sht, toilet set of metallic, matte chrome art.AR96058-80sht, toilet set of metallic, chrome art.AR96060-150sht, trade mark ARTEX ArtexVyrobnyk SPAKrayina manufacture CN ".CHINA0UA125110652.854149.179448
12/Apr/201783024900901.Armatura fastening of steel, which does not contain svoyem consisting of radio equipment (transmitters and receivers or transmitters). Used in the home. art.M8155-4-1,5X30 key ring of steel nerzhaviyuchoy A4 turnover on 2 May 1 X 30 mmA4 -100sht. Art. M8247-4-3 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm A4 -150sht. art.M8247-4-5 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 5 mm A4 -50sht. Art. M8247-4-6 Thimble znerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 6 mm A4 -20sht. Art. M8254-4-5 swivel loop / loop iznerzhaviyuchoy 5mm steel A4 -10sht. Art. M8246-4-6C Talrep RING / hook TIP C M6-10sht steel A4. Art. M8248-4-10 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 10 mm -10sht. art.M8248-4-3 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm -500sht. Art. M8248-4-6Zatyskach rope with steel A4 nerzhaviyuchoy D = 6 mm -100sht. Art. M8248-4-8 Zatyskachtrosu of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 8 mm -50sht. Art. M8331-4-4 clip sidelnyyDUPLEX of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 4mm -20sht. Art. M8266-2-A Staple stationary type, with rounded nerzhaviyuchoy steel A2 45 h15mm -10sht.Torhovelna Mar Country: WASIKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH Co.CHINA0UA10007014.8263.8077905
11/Apr/201784818081001.Truboprovidna industrial fittings, building steel, non-medical use, used namahistralnyh and distribution pipe, steam pipelines: flanged ball valve series KHF art. 710-32-EGE, DN50, PN40, body CF8M stainless steel, stainless stalCF8M ball, stainless steel rod Duplex 1.4462, sidlonerzhaviyucha steel mounting length according to EN558-1 series 27 150 mm bullet and saddle tempered coated bromine, spring-loaded sealing system for balls and rods Fire resistant performance, joining flange according EN1092-1-B1 type RF, control lever handle. Brand - A + R Armaturen GmbH Germany. Country of origin - DE Trademark - A + R Armaturen.GERMANY0UA12518053.64007.427476
03/Apr/201784818099001. Industrial valves, float kondensatovidvodnyky izchavuna and steel series UNA: UNA14h DuplexAO13K DN15 PN25 - 3pc., Termostatychnikondensatovidvodnyky of bimetalichnymrehulyatorom series BK: BK27 NK DN40 PN63- 1pc., BK27 NK DN50 PN63 - 1sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - GestraVyrobnyk - Gestra AG.GERMANY0UA10011082.94120.678365
03/Apr/20178423900000"1.CHASTYNY weighing equipment, used to produce scales: -KLAVIATURA (WPJ) - 200SHT. Designed for connection to the motherboard WEIGHTS VTNE-T. Functions as robot control and setting weights. Consisting of segments Duplex Adhesive tape. LOCATED BETWEEN THE FILM playground with metallization, which closes the electrical circuits Clicking on this area. EXTERNAL connector to the motherboard Weighing Module made in the form of flexible PLIVOCHNOHO SCHLEYFU. -TENZODATCHYK 20 kg (WPJ) - 20pcs, 40 kg -TENZODATCHYK (WPJ) - 20pcs. IS THE STRAIN measuring transducer into electrical signals, in its structure contains strain gauges (Strain gauge resistance) used as a sensing component in weighing equipment. Maximum load 20kg-40kg, precision class -S3 maximum value scale division SENSOR -5000 sensitivity WW2 / B + -10% supply voltage 0.5 ... 12V material - aluminum, impact resistant VYKONANNYA. transformers (WPJ) - 30SHT. Designed to power an electronic circuit CONTROL scales from 220V 50Hz. VOLTAGE VTORYCHNOYI winding TRANFSORMATORA 8B. Rated power 5VT.-chip ZEN3309D (WPJ) - 75SHT. IS THE integrated circuit in the housing DIP20. Sealed the motherboard WEIGHTS VTNE. FEATURES: flash memory-circuit programming; For applications from deletion, copying and rewriting; With compatibility PRYSTOYAMY MSC-51; RANGE Operating voltage 2.7 ... 6V; DVOHRIVNEVE LOCK program memory; FLASH program memory 16KBT; 768 bytes of RAM; LINES 15 programmable I / O; February 16-bit timer events; 6 INPUTS break. -AMPULA LEVEL (WPJ) - 100SHT.YAVLYAYE ITSELF clear plastic airtight tank filled with clear liquid. Air bubbles in the liquid is a measure CHANGES scales from a horizontal position. -NIZHKA (WPJ2) -20sht. IS THE legs M8 rod with a length of 20 mm RIZBOVOHO designed for installation in the basis weight. RIZBOVOHO consists of rods and bearings. Made of steel and composite materials and plastics. -MATERYNSKA FEES (WPJ2) - 15SHT. Is a complex bilateral Hard PCB designed for installation in electronic scales of model VTNE. The board mounted various electronic components: resistors cabinet and SMD; Freestanding electrolytic capacitors and multilayer CERAMIC SMD; Voltage regulator; MICROPROCESSOR; Chip analog-digital converter which implements signal conversion EXTERNAL strain gauges into digital code for further processing microprocessors and issuing the results weighing on display; Connectors for load cells, power supplies, batteries, Circuit indication. -PEREDNYA FEES Indication LED (WPJ2) - 10pc. - BACK FEE indication LED (WPJ2) - 10pcs .; -PLATA resistant LED indication (WPJ2) - 10pc. IS THE bilayer hard PCB mounted on it: two chips MANAGEMENT, resistors, capacitors, three groups SVITOLODIODNYH 7 segment indicator T "CHINA0UA90101019.11468.807806
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Duplex Steel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Duplex Steel Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
04201, м.Київ, вул. Полярна 17а
Exporter Name "LLC ""Leroy Merlin Polska"""
Product Description
1.STALEVE RING TYPE-D D40MM 2 pcs art.11638564-3sh.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 72.06472361
Quantity 0Unit UA125130
Net Weight 2.569
Origin Country CHINA

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