Ukraine Import Data of Dual Port Adapter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dual Port Adapter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dual port adapter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dual port adapter imports.

Dual Port Adapter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dual Port Adapter

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of dual port adapter. Get Ukraine trade data of Dual Port Adapter imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20178517620000"1. devices for switching and routing network bezdrotovohozv'yazku designed to establish connections in telecommunication merezhahzahalnoho usage, have no special protection komplektuyutsyainstruktsiyeyu installation and the installation CD with drivers, -art.Archer C25 AC900 Dual Band Wireless Router dual band bezdrotovyymarshrutyzator -2310 units. -art.Archer C50 AC1200 wireless Dual Band RouterBezdrotovyy dual-band router -900 units. -art.TL-WN823N 300Mbps MiniWireless N USB adapter 300Mbit / s compact wireless USB adapter standartuN -360 sht.-art.TL- WN727N 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter 150Mbit / s Wireless USBadapter, standard N, the chip - Ralink, wireless transmitter (2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b), support for PSP -2200 sht.-art.TL-WR940N 450Mbps Wireless N Router "" Strengthening "" wireless router, a standard N, wireless transmitter (3T3R, 2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b), 4-port 100Mbyt / c 3 non-removable antenna -2720 sht.-art.TL-WN823N 300Mbps Mini wireless N USB Adap ter 300Mbit / s USB adapter kompaktnyybezdrotovyy standard N -600 units. -art.TL-WN851ND 300Mbps Wireless NPCI Adapter Wireless Network Adapter N series based on the PCI bus with data shvydkistyuperedachi to 300 Mbit / Sat 2T2R, 2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b, two detachable antennas, 420 pcs. -art.Archer T2UH AC600 Dual Band High Gain Wireless USB network AdapterBezdrotovyy dual-band USB-adapter -60 pc. -art.Archer T4UHAC1200 High Gain Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter Wireless USB-adapter dvohdiapazonnyymerezhevyy high gain, 60 pcs. -art.Archer T2U AC600 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter Bezdrotovyydvohdiapazonnyy network USB-adapter, 60 pcs. -art.TL-WA7210N 150Mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point Zovnishnyabezdrotova Access Point, 2.4GHz (b, g, n), speed up to 150 Mbit / s -30 sht. art.Archer-C50 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Router Wireless dvohdiapazonnyymarshrutyzator - 2000 pieces. -art.TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router 300Mbit / s, wireless router, N standard wireless transmitter (2.4GHz, 2T2R, 802.11n / g / b), a built-in 4 port switch with two detachable antennas non-1460 units. Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - TP-LinkVyrobnyk - TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd "CHINA0UA1001208185.5155282 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178517620000"1.Obladnannya for telecommunications networks, networking schovykorystovuyetsya for transmitting data on dopomohoyuinterfeysiv Ethernet: Network card: -art. OCE14101-NX NET CARD PCIE 10GB SINGLE PORT - 1 pc. - Art. BCM95719A1904ACBLK NET CARD PCIE 1GB QUAD PORT - 4 pcs. - art. BCM95720A2003ACBLK NET CARD PCIE 1GBE DUAL PORT - 4 pcs., Manufacturer: BROADCOM trade mark: BROADCOM injector power a device schoperedaye IP-cameras, IP-phones, wireless access points and merezhevymmarshrutyzatoram data together with current through the cable Standard "" twisted pair "" innetwork Ethernet: -art. POE-24-24W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - ap t. POE-15-12W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-24-12W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-54V-80W NET POE ADAPTER - 50 pcs. - Art. POE-48-24W NET POE INJECTOR FE - 50 pcs .; Networking (sensorpervynnoyi signal processing): - art. MFI-MSCN NET HOME AUTOM. MPORT SENSOR - 50 pcs. - art. MFI-MSWN NET HOME AUTOM. MPORT SENSOR - 50 pcs .; adapter (SFP- module): - art. UF-MM-1G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-10G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-MM-10G NET TRANSCEIVER 2 LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-10G-S NET TRANSCEIVER LC - 30 pcs. - Art. UF-SM-1G-S NET TRANSCEIVER LC - 30 pcs .; Network adapter (current sensor): - art. MFI-CSN NET HOME AUTOM. CURRENT SENSOR-100 pieces .; Network routing of kommutatorEthernet: -art. ERLITE-3 NET ROUTER 1000M 3PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ER-X NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ER-X-SFP NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT 1SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. ERPOE-5 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT - 10 pcs. - Art. ERPRO-8 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT 2SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. ER-8 NET ROUTER 1000M 8PORT - 7 pcs .; Network switch: -art. EP-R6 NET ROUTER 1000M 5PORT 1SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. EP-R8 NET ROUTER 1000M 6PORT 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-12F NET SWITCH 12PORT SFP 10G 4 - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-16-XG NET SWITCH 12PORT SFP + 10G 4 - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-16-150W NET SWITCH 16PORT 1000M 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. EP-S16 NET SWITCH 16PORT 2SFP + - 4 pcs. - Art. US-24 NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 1SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-24-250W NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 2SFP - 4 pcs. - Art. ES-24-LITE NET SWITCH 24PORT 1000M 2SFP - 3 pcs. - Art. ES-48-500W NET SWITCH 48PORT 1000M 2SFP + - 2 pcs. - Art. US-48 NET SWITCH 48PORT 1000M 2SFP + - 4 pcs. - Art. TS-8-PRO NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M - 16 pcs. - Art. ES-8-150W NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M 2SFP - 8 pcs. - Art. US-8-60W NET SWITCH 8PORT 1000M POE - 9 pcs .; Portatyvnыy controller (device for switching and routing (Ethernet): - art. UC-CK NET CONTROLLER UNIFI CLO UD KEY-30sht .; access point: -art. UAP-AC-PRO-5 WRL ACCESS POINT 1300MBPS - 2 pcs .; -art. UAP-AC-LR-5 WRL ACCESS POINT 867MBPS 5PACK - 2 pcs., Manufacturer: UBIQUITI Trademarks: UBIQUITIKrayina production: CN "CHINA0UA100210525.18142295.20017
18/Apr/201785176200001.Obladnannya digital information for wire communication systems called * complete with technical documentation and with the power supply cables * yednuvalnymy. Not mistytradioelektronnyh Radiators lnyh means or devices art.2352330, network switches S2700-26TP-SI-AC (24 Ethernet 10/100 ports, 2 dual-purpose 10/100/1000 orSFP, AC 110 / 220V), -2komp kt , art.2355245, Network KomutatorS2751-28TP-PWR-EI-A C (12 Ethernet 10/100 PoE + ports, 12 Ether net 10/100 ports, 2Gig SFP and 2 dual-pu rpose 10/100/1000 or SFP, AC 110 / 220V), - 2komp kt, corporate router AR 160 series -2komp kt includes: art. 50010212, AR161,1GE WAN, 4GE LAN, -2sht, al t.02311CKR, RJ45-to-DB9, Adapter Console C able, 3m, -2sht, art.2356813, Controller AC60 05-8-PWR Bundle (Including AC6005- 8-PWR, R esourceLicense 8AP, AC 110 / 220V), -2sht. Equipment and komutatsiyiyi marshrutyzats iyikilkoh Computer stations with possible istyu of wireless information networks Computer yuterynh: art.50082935, etc. Access Point AP6050DN Mainframe (11acwave2, in d oor, 4x4Dual Band, Built-in Antenna, USB), -3komp-CT art.50082641 access point AP4 030DN Mainframe (11ac, General APIndoor, 2 x2 Double Frequency, Built-in Antenna, No AC / DC adapter), -5komp kt.CHINA0UA12510041.36016.798487
14/Apr/20178543709000"1.Mashyny and electrical apparatus with individual functions. Electric devices and air ionization purification used in the home, laborand zovnishnho of power. Designed for air ionization -creation negative ion charging, eliminating odors, air purification, with evropeyskoyi with adapters to power grid: GT3000 EU -25sht; GT1500-EU -20sht; PureAir 3000 EU -1sht; PortOzone-01 -8sht; PortOzone EU-2 4 pieces, brand GreenTech Environmental GreenTech LLCTorhivelna mark country of CN. "CHINA0UA1251002538656.802812
12/Apr/201784715000001. Power Optimizer for processing information yzatsiyi of server systems (notcontains Th wireless receiving and transmitting devices): vNET I / O / Kontrollerresur- sat IO server configuration art.N110-15X8IOM -8 com in skladiz: HAC- X8A-1P , SERVER ADAPTER CARD PCIe x81 Port Active -15sht, CAB-X82M, CBLIPASS PCIE X8 CABLE 2M -10 units, CAB-X83M, CBL IPASS PCIE X8 CABLE 3M -5 units, LPIM-1OGE- X520-SR2, Maestro I / O Module Dual Port 10Gb Ethernet IOV SR Optical-2 units, LPIM-8GFC-12002, LOW PROF ILE IO MODU LE W / 8GB FC HBA -2 units, ACC- RKS, Standard Rack Rail Kit -1 sht.Krayina production-US. Trademark - NextIO.Vyrobnyk - NextIO, Inc.UNITED STATES8UA10001054024081.72929
12/Apr/201790192000001. The apparatus of artificial respiration (in dismantled condition): - ventilator Evita V300 - 1 set in a disassembled state, consisting of: - Base unit Evita V300 - 1 sht.- GS500 air supply unit - 1 sht.- Transport unit TSU - 1 sht.- Cockpit S-300 - 1 sht.- cart - 1 sht.- System cable 2.8 m - 1 sht.- holder for the humidifier on the side rail - 1 sht.- Articulated holder Infinity ACS, for positioning and fixation breathing hoses - 1 sht.- humidifier F & P MR850 - 1 sht.- breathing hose kit for adults - 1 to-CT kit breathing hoses for children - 1 k-CT respiratory circuit VentStar Helix, dual heated - 10 sht.- Adapter heater hose F & P MR 850, for disposable respiratory hoses heating, double - 10 sht.- Adapter heater hose F & P MR 850, for disposable respiratory hoses - 1 sht.- temperature sensor / flow sensor for F & P MR 850 - 1 sht.- Camera humidifier F & P MR 290, single - 10 sht.- hose O2, 3 m - 1 sht- Hose AIR, 3 m - Cable MEDIBUS sht.- 1 - 1 sht.- cuvette CO2 disposable adult - 10 sht.- disposable CO2 cuvette for children - 10 sht.- sensor measurement of CO2 in the main stream - 1 sht.- povnolytsova mask for noninvasive ventilation yiC lassicStar SE, single, size M - 1 sht.- nasal mask for noninvasive ventilation holes without ClassicStar, disposable, size M - 1 sht.- filter fan - 10 shtVyrobnyk: Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Moislinger Allee 53-55, D-23558 Lubeck, Germany Trade mark - 'Drager'. Country of origin - DE.GERMANY0UA125010109.0574181.55012
11/Apr/20178517620000Equipment for the reception, conversion and transmission of information, including devices for commutation and marshrutyzatsiyi: Routers (Wi-Fi routers): art.EA2750 Router LINKSYS, DUAL-BAND N600 ROUTER WITH Gigabit -20sht., Art.EA6350 LINKSYS, EA6350, SMART WI -FI ROUTER AC1200-32sht., art.EA9500 LINKSYS EA9500, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac AC5400 -4sht. routers: Linksys Unmanaged Switches art.LGS105 5-port-20pcs., art.LGS108 Linksys Unmanaged Switches 8-port-20pcs adapters: art.USB3GIG USB3GIG gigabit adapter-32sht., art.AE6000 LINKSYS AE6000 WIFI ADAPTER, AC600 -60sht., Routers (Wi-Fi routers): art.E2500 LINKSYS E2500 ROUTER, N600 -20sht. , wireless access point, art.E1200 Wireless N (-B and -G), 1xWAN, 4 x10 / 100 LAN, 300mb / s, 2 ex. ant. (Ru) -170sht.,.CHINA0UA305200240.669450.657646
10/Apr/201785176200001.Prystroyi for the reception, conversion and transmission or restore voice, images and other information, devices for switching and routing: DHP-P700AV / A1A network adapter AV2 POWERLINE 2000 5 pcs, DES-1024C / A1A not controlled switch with 24 ports 10 / 100MBPS 10 pieces, DGS-1008D / J2A Switch with 8 ports of 10/100 / 1000M unit 20, DGE-528T / 20 / C1B Adapter Gigabit PCI 32 BIT 10/100 / 1000MBPS 1 unit, DES-1210-10 / ME / B2A Switch with 8 ports 10 / 100MBPS + 2 port COMBO 24 pcs, DES-1100-16 / A2A class EASY SMART Switch with 16 ports 10 / 100MBPS 60 pieces, DES-1016A / E1B Commutator uncontrollable 16-PORT 10 / 100M 60 pcs, DES-1100-24 / A2A Gigabit Switch EASY SMART class of 24-th ports 10 / 100MBPS 15 pieces , DES-1005D / 02B switch is not managed 5-port 10 / 100M 20 pcs, DES-1018P / A1A switches 8 port 10 / 100MBPS supports POE + 8 10 / 100MBPS 3 pieces, DES-1026G / E1A switch is not controlled to 24 ports of 10 / 100MBPS 1 unit, DES-1100-10P / A1A Switch with 8 ports FE + 2 port COMBO GE, 8 port 10/100 1 pc, DES-1210-52 / C1A Switch with 4 8-port 10 / 100MPBS + 4- COMBO 1 pc ports, DES-3200-10 / CIA controlled switch level 2 of 5, DGS-1510-28 / A1A Switch 24 ports of 10/100 / 1000MBPS + 2 SFP ports 3 pieces, DGS-1100-06 / ME / AIB Komutaor 5 ports 10/100 / 1000BASE-T SFP and 1 of 24, DUB-1341 / A1B hub SUPER SPEED 4 4-mA USB 3.0 ports 2 pieces, DES-1100-26 / A1A Switch EASY SMART class of 24- ports 10 / 100MBPS 6 pieces, DGS-1016A / B1B not controlled switch 1 6-port 10/100 / 1OOOBASE-T 10 pcs, DGS-1210-28 / C1A Switch with 24 ports 10/100 / 1000BASE-T 1 unit, DGS-1016C / A1A Commutator uncontrollable 16-PORT 10/100 / 1000BASE-T of 5, DGS-1026MP / A1A Switch with 24 ports 10/100 / 1000BASE-T 3 pieces, DES-1018MP / A1A Switch with 16 ports 10/100 / 1000MBPS + 2-port SFP 3 pieces, DES-3200 -28 / C1A Switch with 24 ports pORTS 10 / 100BASE-TX of 5, DMC-805G / A1 OA Mediakonvertor 1000BASE-T for MINI-GBIC 10 pcs, DGS-1100-24 / ME / B2A Switch with 24 10/100 ports / 1000MBPS 1 unit, DFE-520TX / 20 / D1A adapter 10 / 100MBPS PCI DUAL SPEED 1 unit, DES-1008D / L2B not controlled switch with 8 ports of 10 / 100M 30 pcs, DXS-1210-12SC / A1A Switch 10 port 10G SFP + + 2 ports of 10GBASE-T / SFP 1 unit, DPE-301GI / A1A POE injector port 1 GIGABIT 2 units,CHINA0UA209180443.166714635.20698
07/Apr/20178517620000"1.Obladnannya for telecommunications networks, networking schovykorystovuyetsya for transmitting data on dopomohoyuinterfeysiv Ethernet: wireless adapters, -art. 7265.NGW WRL ADAPTER 867MBPS PCIE M.2-10sht., Manufacturer: INTEL trade mark: INTEL -art. EW-7438RPN MINI WRL EXTENDER / ACCESS P. 300MBPS-94sht .; network switch: -art. ES-1016 NET sWITCH 16PORT 10 / 100M-5pcs. - art. EK-PAK2 NET sWITCH KVM 2PORT AUDIO-5pcs ., access point: -art. WAP1200 WRL aCCESS pOINT 1167MBPS DUAL - 1 pc. - art. CAP1200 WRL aCCESS pOINT 1200MBPS - 2 pcs. - art. WAP1750 WRL aCCESS pOINT 1750MBPS DUAL - 2 pcs., Manufacturer: EDIMAX Trading Brand: EDIMAX-art. CRS109-8G-1S-2HND-IN NET ROUTER / SWITCH 8PORT 1000M - 4 w . - Art. RB951G-2HND WRL ACCESS POINT2.4GHZ - 240 pcs. - Art. RB951UI-2HND WRL ACCESS POINT2.4GHZ - 240 pcs. - Art. RBOMNITIKU-5HND WRL ACCESS POINT OUTDOOR - 2 pcs. - art. RBSXTKIT WRL CPE OUTDOOR KIT - 1 pc., Manufacturer: MIKROTIK trade mark: MIKROTIK-art. UAP-LR-3 WRL ACCESS POINT 300MBPS-2sht.Vyrobnyk: UBIQUITI Trademarks: UBIQUITIKrayina production: CN "CHINA0UA100210277.16427362.4856
06/Apr/20178536699090"1.Elektrychna pidimknennya apparatus for electrical circuits for a voltage not exceeding 1000V: connectors for computer and telecommunications networks, contain incorporates wireless devices receiving and transmitting data: CAT5e UTP Patch Panel 24 port 1U 19" " 24 x unshielded RJ45 ports, 1U 19 "" kroneIDC art.WT-2089A-CAT.5E -300sht.UTP CAT5e Patch panel 24 port 1U 19 "" cable with the organizer behind 24 x unshielded RJ45 ports portaLSA vertical designed.8 Community in .1U19 "" krone art.WT-2126-CAT.5E-120sht.UTP Patch panel 24 port 1U 19 "" module, modules without art.WT-2040A-40sht.Patch panel 48 port 1U 19 "" with cable organizer ozadu 48 x unshielded RJ45 ports, 8 ports in the Community art.WT-2264-CAT.5E-180sht.Patch wall panel 12 port UTP Cat. 5E art.WT-2180-Dual-5e UTP RJ45 50sht.Konektor cat. 8P8C 50 microns art.WT-6002A-SOLID -100000sht.Konektor RJ45 cat 5e FTP. 8P8C 50 m, shielded art.WT-6002B-SOLID -20000sht.Modul Keystone RJ45 UTP, kat.5E narrow art.WT-2007A-7000sht .Modul Keys tone RJ45 UTP, kat.6 narrow art.WT-2007B -1000sht.Modul Keystone RJ45 UTP, kat.5E, narrow, Tooless, bezinstrumentalnyy art.WT-2063A -4000sht.Adapter connectors RJ-45- RJ-45, cat. Art.WT fifth-2011-500 sht.Telefonna external one outlet port 1 * RJ12 6P4C UTP art.WT-6009 white-2000sht.Telefonna external socket two ports 2 * RJ12 6P4C UTP art.WT-6010 white-1000sht.UTP CAT5e PC socket one external port 1 * RJ45 art.WT 2012-A-2000sht.UTP CAT5e computer outlet two external ports 2 * RJ45 art.WT-2015-A-2000sht.UTP CAT6 computer socket outer one 1 * RJ45 port art.WT-2012B -400sht.UTP CAT6 computer outlet two external ports 2 * RJ45 art.WT-2015B-mark 500sht.Torhovelna TelecommunicationVyrobnyk W & T W & T Telecommunication Co., LTDKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA1251101319.515616.81848
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Dual Port Adapter Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dual Port Adapter Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТІПІ-ЛІНК ЮКРЕЙН"""
Importer Address
Україна, 01135, м. Київ, пр. Перемоги, буд. 18
Product Description
"1. devices for switching and routing network bezd.........
HS Code 8517620000Value 155282
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 8185.5
Origin Country CHINA

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