Ukraine Import Data of Drill Rods | Ukraine Import Statistics of Drill Rods

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of drill rods collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of drill rods imports.

Drill Rods Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Drill Rods

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782077031001. Tools variables hand tools for milling for processing of precious and nonferrous metals, with working part of metal, milling hvostoviyuvelirni in the range, not containing precious metals and kaminnya.Vidriznyayutsya interconnected shapes, types, size of labor, grinding angles and the number of edges cutting surface diameter rods (shaft) .Vykorystovuyetsya in electric hand drill jewelry. Assignment for processing (milling and shaping) the purpose levyh seating surfaces mistskruhlyh jewelry inserts. Working part and shaft (shaft) making zstali. .SWITZERLAND0UA2091008.51597.36049 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178466103800"1. The devices are designed for holding and guiding the AC working tool for drilling operations using handheld drilling tools in the mining industry: drill rods S25 L-0,6 m - 150 pcs., Drill rods S25 L-1,2m - 200 pieces ., S25 drilling rod and threaded collar with R32, L-0,35 m steel 23CrNi3Mo - 100 pcs., S25 drilling rod and threaded collar with R32, L-0,8m steel 23CrNi3Mo - 100 pcs., S25 drilling rod with Burt carvings and R32, L-1,3 m steel 23CrNi3Mo - 30 pcs., drill rods S22 L-6,0 m - 120 pcs., drill rods S22 L-1,0m, thread M14h1,5 - 80 pcs., drill Away S22 L-1,5m, thread M14h1,5 - 80 pcs. , Drill rods S22 L-2,4 m thread M14h1,5 - 150 pc., Drill rods S22 L-1,0m, thread M16h2,0 - 100 pc., Drill rods S22 L-1,5m, thread M16h2, 0 - 100 pcs., drill rods S22 L-2,4 m, carving M16h2,0 - 160 pcs., drill rods S22 L-1,0m - 120 pcs., drill rods S22 L-1,5m - 120 pcs. , drill rods S22 L-1.8 m - 50 pcs., drill rods S22 L-2,4 m - 200 units. "CHINA0UA5000301128423668.14163
27/Apr/201784212100001.Filtr (water system) / STRAINER 3176352380 -1sht. For coarse water in the hydraulic system flushing troubles drill rods for drilling rock drilling machine by mine. Used for their production needs, non-military purposes. .FRANCE0UA1121002.8393.132549
22/Apr/20179507900000"1.Vyroby fishing, and parts thereof: Holder dlyavudky-10pc., Mykropylker-5pcs.; Pylker-5pcs., Installation, 250sht., Businki-130sht., Lydkor-120sht., Stopper-1170sht.; Drill dlyaboyly-30sht .; Needle for boylov-20pcs., Slide 10pc., bag zPVA-70sht., set of lures, 20pcs., Tape PVA 20pcs., NytkaPVA-20pcs., Rohachyk-180sht., Marker "" Professional marker Floatorang / olive "" -40sht., swingers, 4pcs., holder pryv'yazuvannyahachka -20sht., firefly-holder 10pcs., adapters dlyapoplavka-80sht., stopper leg 20pcs., Firefly-600sht., set-kembrikov 110sht .; set of silicone stoppers to floats -90sht., Disqualification feeder-130sht., Eraser Feed 40sht ., Double bell with clip-firefly 200sht., Kolebalka-70sht., Streamer, 70sht., Paternoster-360sht., Octopus -80sht., Pylker-30sht., Garden-198sht., Podsaki-61sht., Bahoryk folding, max 1m-5pcs., stand-rods 157sht., rod holder, 20pcs., rod holder, 10pc., Stand-330sht., Float-118sht., Holder spinning reinforced -10sht., Boyle-90sht .; Sbyrulyna-280sht., Bezuzlovka-100 pieces., set hruzkov 70hr- 90sht., heavy-25sht., Zevnyk-120sht., neoprene Rubber-10pc., Country of origin CN "CHINA0UA100120376.1911065.890179
20/Apr/20178431430000"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories to burylnoyimashyny XY-1 steel, steel plant Mashtova type XY-1-1komp, (frame is a drilling device used for lowering and pulling rods) .Perehidnyk for lowering and lifting the bottom of the drill pipe diameter . 54mm - 1pc (used as a device that is screwed to the drill pipe, it can take out the drill pipe from wells) drill diam.50mm- 50m. (hollow, has an external thread on one side inside the other). pipe cutting dia. 73mm-1pc, column pipe, diam.73mm-10m; circle nkova pipe diam.58mm-12m (hollow, has an external thread on one side inside the other, used for drilling of "" which rocks soil) .Vyrobnyk: HENGYANG ZHONGDI EQUIPMENT PROSPECTING ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO.LTDKrayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA101080830.92756.831073
20/Apr/201784314300001.Chastyny ​​intended for usein drilling equipment 12 ° -H22 TAPER ROD drill rods art.90504844 (kat.№ 577-0132,11) -2sht.7 ° -H22 TAPER ROD drill rods art.90505067 (573 kat.№ -0108.11) -5sht.7 ° -H22 TAPER rOD drill rods art.90504828 (kat.№ 573-0124,11) -3sht.12 ° -H22 TAPER rOD drill rods art.90504845 (kat.№ 577-0137 11) -3sht.7 ° -H22 TAPER rOD drill rods art.90514346 (kat.№ 573-0136,11) -3sht.ADAPTER, ROC, BOX-PIN 3REG Adapter drill rod art.89000702 (kat.№ 314- 2114-14-30-01-C44,41) -1sht.COP, 54G, PART E-kit, 3REG, PIN Corps pneumodrummers art.89001274 (kat.№ 9705-CG-00-14P-25-HB0-K40) -1sht.COP, 54G, COMP QM, 3REG, PIN pneumodrummers art.89001255 (kat.№ 9705-CG-00-14P-25-HB0) -2sht.ADAPTER, BOX-PIN 3REG, 2-7 / 8REG adapter drilling art.89009051 rod (kat.№ 314-2114-12-016-01-D00,41) -2sht.T38 SHANK ADAPTER Adapter drill rod art.90516120 (kat.№ 435-09101,10) -30sht.Krayina production SE Trademark brand Atlas Copco Atlas Copco Secoroc AB.SWEDEN0UA100110492.715408.45882
19/Apr/201772288000001. hollow rods, hot nd round section (diameter 32h9mm) dlyaburovyh robit- 8t. grade steel 55S2A length 6000mm. TU 14-1-5370-98, HOST14959-79.-alloy steel with a mass fraction of C-0,54%, Mn-0,73%, Si-1,7%, Ni-0,16% .Shestyhrannyk drilling hollow cold tyanutyy- 6t., 40HHSMA grade steel, Dovže on 6000mm- of stainless steel with a mass fraction of C-0,38%, Mn-1,19-1,23%, Si-0,71- 0,72% ni-0,14%. .RUSSIA0UA1120801400024571.17852
19/Apr/20179031803400"1.Induktyvnyy sensor angle bars, metal -2sht, inductive sensor kutanahylu rods, metal -2sht; Induktyvnyysensor angle bars, metal -5sht, (for use on drilling rigs, drilling equipment).".GERMANY0UA1251000.71605.9767124
12/Apr/201784329000001.ZAPASNI of agricultural machines (drills): Arms Drills ART.66004293-2SHT., BRACKET ART.65106302-3SHT., BRACKET ART.20047946-1SHT turbines., Plug connectors ART.10183024-2SHT., DISC ART. 9509-2SHT., BRACKET ART.9730-8SHT., Corpus fertilizer coulter ART.9191-6SHT., Tension Rods ART.7161-5SHT., power rack ART.6821-4SHT., pLATE TRANSMISSION ART.6074-A-8 pieces ., resistant fertilizer coulter ART.9189-4SHT., turbine housings FRONT ART.4401-A-1pc., turbine shrouds REAR ART.4401-B-1 pc., in the collection of blades. STANDARD ART.7431-8SHT., In the collection of blades. Corn ART.7464-8SHT., In the collection of blades. + 8cm ART.7504-4SHT., BRACKET ART.9173-1-2SHT. .FRANCE0UA902050104.5882625.480571
10/Apr/201784314300001.Hvostovyk COP-2550EX, ST58 (451-13405-31 TS-58-T 10) 90516511 -30sht. A component of the mine rock drilling machine used for its production of non-military purposes. Shank serves as the adapter and serves to connect the drill rods with impact mechanism hidroperforatora drilling machine. .SWEDEN0UA11210052526288.84079
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Drill Rods Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Drill Rods Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""РУНДІСТ"""
Importer Address
81300, Україна, Львівська обл, м. Мостиська, вул. Полуботка,5
Exporter Name """NIQUA Sagen-und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH"""
Product Description
1. Tools variables hand tools for milling for proc.........
HS Code 8207703100Value 1597.36049
Quantity 0Unit UA209100
Net Weight 8.5
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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