Ukraine Import Data of Double Spring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Double Spring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of double spring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of double spring imports.

Double Spring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Double Spring

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of double spring. Get Ukraine trade data of Double Spring imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201773182400901. Dowels and snap without threading of ferrous metals. Art.04733 3 Spring pin double loop, coated / Marking: SPGPIN-DBEYE- (A2K) -3X62 - number - 25 sht.Art.04726 with snap ring coated / Marking: FLDPINLOK- (A2C) -D6X42MM - number - 25 sht.Art.025206 16 metal pins / Marking: PIN-CYL-DIN6325-HDND-M6-6X16 - number - 200 sht.Art.04734 3 spring pin double loop, coated / Marking: SPGPIN-DBEYE- (A2K) -4X78 - number - 25 sht.Art.04734 3 spring pin double loop, coated / Marking: SPGPIN-DBEYE- (A2K) -4X78 - number - 25 sht.Art.04738 1 spring pin with single loop zincked. / Marking: SPGPIN-SNGLEYE- (A2K) -8X110 - number - 10 sht.Art.04736 3 Spring pin double loop, coated / Marking: SPGPIN-DBEYE- (A2K) -6X120 - number - 25 sht.Art.025205 10 metal pins / Marking: PIN-CYL-DIN6325-HDND-M6-5X10 - number - 2000 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.K production GKrayina ININDIA0UA1000109.14976.51244829 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177320208590"1. The spring tension spiral stainless steel, cold coiling: - screw spring, article 772175 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is a spiralnupruzhynu stretching. Designed to create a twisting force natyahuvachipryvodnoho chain automatic double clipper type SP 18 / 15.Material: stainless steel. Method of production: cold navyvka.Firma manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (DE) Germany.. "GERMANY0UA1002000.013.546595952
22/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners and hardware tools doavtotransportnyh new znedorohotsinnyh metals., Zazhymkripylnyy: art.4H0825429A-20pcs; mm clamp 16h7,6h3,2.: Art.N 90653901-5sht, latch spring vyzhymnohopidshypnyka: art.012141741-1sht; klipsakriplennya plating: art.4A0867276B-4 pieces, mounting kit: art.8K0098625-1sht;: art.8K0098619-1sht, mounting kit brake system: art.4M0098627-1sht; bracket: art.N 10424401-2sht;: art.5N0823411A-1pc ;: art.1K0614167-2sht;: art.3AA805300-1sht;: art.6R0821142B-1am;: art.4H0907347H-1am;: art.8V4915706B-1am;: art.8V4915706B-1pc, mounting bracket sun visor, art. 4F0857561 Z62-1sht, bracket base, art.4F0412391C -2sht, spring fastening, art.2H0599193C-1am; sydenya mount, set: art.7H5885861C-2 pcs; kriplennyatyahy: art.6Q0711550-1sht;: art.6Q0711550-3sht, guide roller door: art.2D1843436B-1am;: art .2D1843398A-1am;: art.7H0843436Q-1am;: art.7E0843398F-1am; underlay plate: art.7M3499349A-10pc; rolykovaya guide for zsuvnyhdverey: art.2K0843398B-1am; handle for seat adjustment: art.3C0881253A 9B9-1sht ; Lifters: art.3G0837462C-1pc, clip, art.N 0152612-10sht;: art.1K0867388A-4 pieces;: art.1T0823567-2sht;: art.03L130447-1sht;: art.03L130447-4sht;: art.5M0941160A -2sht;: art.N 0152612-30sht; holder: art.8W0857562A 1YE-1pc, lamp holder, art.5M0941645-2sht;: art.5M0941645-2sht, collar, art.N 10255501-2sht;: 90770201 art.N -1sht;: ar t.3C0131483-1sht;: art.N 10207701-1sht;: art.N 90654101-1sht;: art.N 90654101-1sht;: art.1S0423933-1sht;: art.N 90934201-1sht;: 10434401 art.N -1sht;: art.4B0422875-2sht;: art.N 0206015-2sht;: art.N 90654001-2sht;: art.N 90654101-2sht;: art.N 10740201-1sht;: art.N 90630701-1sht; : art.N 10734801-1sht;: art.N 10689102-4sht, clamp hose with metal: art.N 90687001-1sht;: art.N 90687001-5sht, metal collar: art.N 10563201-1sht;: art .N 10551701-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.7L0422379-2sht;: art.7L0422379-2sht;: art.7L0422379-2sht;: art.070131548C-1am; : art.N 10563201-4sht;: art.N 10563201-4sht;: art.7L0422379-4sht;: art.N 10551701-4sht;: art.N 10551701-4sht;: art.070131548C-2 pcs;: art.N 10551701-6sht; anther collar steering rack with metal: art.N 90834901-10sht, double collar, art.1K025 3141S-1pc, Double collar with metal: art.1K0253141AA-1am;: art.1K0253141L-1am;: art.1K0253141M-1am;: art.1K0253141M-2 pcs;: art.1K0253141L-3pc;: art.1K0253141M-7sht; clamp coupling: art.1J0201656E-1am; tsapfastoporna door: art.7H0843842B-2 pcs, door hinge, art.5N0831401-1sht; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520031.121390.247778
20/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners and hardware tools doavtotransportnyh new znedorohotsinnyh metals., Removable hook: art.V03839037BH-1am; connector socket: art.000979941-8sht; clip kriplennyaobshyvky: art.4A0867276B-1am; komplektkriplennya: art.5N0498169A- 1pc; bracket: art.06H121079N-1am; kronshteyndatchyka: art.5N0919491E-1am;: art.5N0919503E-1pc, bracket mount control unit: art.4H0907347D-1am; kronshteynkriplennya sun visor: art.4G0857562 4PK-1am;: art. 8W0857562A Z62-1sht;: art.8W0857562A J50-2sht, mounting plate mirror: art.4M0845543-1sht; pryzhymnaplanka Bank: art.1J0803219-1sht; clip: art.03L130447-1sht, spring clip, art.6R06097 45-1sht;: art.2K0801658-1sht, the sensor holder set: art.3AA998490-1sht, collar, art.N 90772601-5sht;: art.N 90686701-2sht;: art.N 90654001-2sht;: art.N 90654101-2sht;: art.N 10689102-2sht;: art.N 90687201-2sht;: art.N 90654001-4sht, clamp hose with metal: art.N 90687001-1sht, metal collar: art.7L0422379-1sht ;: art.N 10551701-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10551701-4sht; pylov ykareyky steering collar with metal: art.N 90834901-2sht, double metal collar: art.1K0253141M-1am; : art.1K0253141K-2 pcs;: art.1K0253141M-2 pcs, clamp tie rod, art.6Q0423933B-1pc, clamp fastening of wires: art.5M0971838A-1am; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA3052003.66136.8424526
19/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners and hardware tools doavtotransportnyh new znedorohotsinnyh metals., Elementkriplennya: art.4E0825429-4sht; zahlushkadvernoyi loops: art.8T0837947-1sht; klemashlanha: art.N 10772201-1sht;: art.7L0616029-2sht; clip kriplennyaobshyvky : art.4A0867276B-2 pcs; komplektkriplennya bumper: art.4M0098623-1sht; bracket: art.8T0827199A-1am;: art.1J0971830H-1am;: art.4H0853232-1sht;: art.3G0821142A-1am;: art.7L6941291- 1 piece, mounting bracket grille: art.4H0853795C-1pc, mounting bracket sun visor: art.3B0857561BY20-1sht, mounting bracket lights: art.7L6941292-1sht; maslyanohofiltra bracket: art.06D115397K-1am; ronshteyn plate: art.3AA807287 9B9-1sht;: art.3AA807287 9B9-1sht, bracket base, art.8K0412392F-1am; kriplennyakomplekt: art.5N0898057-1sht, spring fastening, art.2H0599193C-1am;: art.2H0599193C- 1 piece, mounting sunblinds: art.1K9898912B-1am; kriplennyafary: art.8R0805607B-1am; guide: art.4L0807454A-1pc, guide roller door: art.7E0843398G-1am;: art.2K0843397B-1pc, pal ets shock trunk: art.8J8827439-2sht, underlay plate: art.7M3499349A-2 pcs;: art.7M3499349A-4 pieces; ruchkadveri outdoor: art.8T0837205A GRU-1am; Lifters: art.3G0837461C-1pc, clip, art.1H5863849A 01C-2 pcs ;: art.7P6853910A-2 pcs;: art.N 0152612-200sht, spring clip, art.2K0801658-2sht; fiksat p door: art.2K0843414A-1am; clamp: art.N 10518801-1sht;: art.N 91152101-1sht;: art.N 10518901-1sht, clamp hose: art.N 10279501-1sht, clamp zmetalu: art. N 10551701-1sht;: art.7L0422379-1sht;: art.7L0422379-1sht;: art.N 10575201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht ;: art.N 10551701-3sht, oil-collar: art.2E0131483C-1pc, double clamp zmetalu: art.1K0253141AA-1am;: art.1K0253141M-1am;: art.1K0253141M-2 pcs;: art.1K0253141L-3pc; hinge door: art.8X4833408B-1am;: art.8X4833406B-1am;: art.8X0831404B-1am;: art.8X0831404B-1am; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520017.25692.2271701
18/Apr/20177318210090"1.Vyroby ferrous metals for use in its own production-spring washer 8 mm (x1000) - 27000 pieces, Country of origin - CNTorhivelna mark -" "Double-gold" "Brand -" "Double-gold Machinery Spare Parts Factory "". "CHINA0UA12511021.6663.5648782
18/Apr/20179506919000"1. Inventory and accessories for fitness: TRICEPS BAR Griffin for triceps-1p., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS" "Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs" "-1p., RUBBER DOUBLE HANDLE BAR Chrome plated triangle with rubberized handle-1pc ., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS "" Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs "" - 1 pc., Spring stop disk for bars d.50 Spring lock for disc drives diam .50-4pcs., PAIR OF DUMBBELL BAR 50mm Grif for assembly dumbbells 50 Mm, pair-1 piece., LIFT BAND Big cuff for Omnia 8-1-stroke simulator, SOFT LOOP Soft loop for Omnia 8-2-stroke simulator, Waist Belt Omnia 8-1-stroke belt, ANKLE STRAP Mange For ankle for Omnia 8-1 stroke, Spring stop disc for bars d.50 Spring clamping discs for bar diameter 50-6 pts., J-HOOKS - SET A set of J-shaped hooks for the Omnia 8-1 stroke, SHORT HANDLE Omnia 8-2 Stroke, WOODEN RING Short arm for Omnia 8-2p., WOODEN RING Wooden ring for Omnia 8-2 stroke, DUAL LIFT Accessories for Omnia simulator accessories 8-1, DUAL LIFT Accessories for Omnia 8-1 stylus accessories. , OMNI-PULLEY Traction for Omnia 8-1 Masterpiece, CLOSED LOOP ELASTIC Elastic closed loop for Omnia 8-1 machine simulator, HEAVY ROPE RING Heavy Rope for Omnia 8-1 Master Heavy Rope, heavy rope for Omnia 8 simulator -1st., LONG SPORT S BAR Long sporting neck for Omnia 8-1, GENERIC HOOK Universal hook for Omnia 1-stroke simulator, GENERIC HOOK Universal hook for Omnia-1 simulator, PIN SET FOR OMNI-PIVOT (7 PINS) A set of pins for OMNIA ( 7 pcs.) For the Omnia-1 simulator, PIVOT PENDULUM Pendulum-1 pendulum, PLATE TREE Disk for 1 pc., ACCESSORY HOLDER Holder for accessories for the simulator Omnia-1 pc., ADJUSTABLE BENCH Olimpic lava with adjustable tilt-1 pc. ., RUBBER DOUBLE HANDLE BAR Chrome traction triangle with rubberized handle-1p., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS "" Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs "" -2pcs., INNOVATIVE SEAT TOP EXCITE 1000 Seat without back for the simulator TOP 1000-1. Producer - "" TEHNOGYM "". Trademark - "" TEHNOGYM "". Country of production - IT. "ITALY0UA1000402201813.233434
14/Apr/201784329000001.Indyvidualnyy nasinnevyy seed hopper feeder system second-generation vacuum-type drills for planting crops in rows 36 cm or 7 0. Using the models seeders KINZE 2000, 3000, 3600, 3700 or 7000 Catalog JOHN DEER. Number 768455 - 32sht. Ejector vacuum seed sowing machine precision drills, steel stamped Catalog. Number 720117 - 200sht. Catalog. Number 720185 - 200sht. Synhulyator (device for removing doubles seed sowing vacuum seeding device for row crops) Catalog. Number 720386 - 60sht. The device (slider) for pressing seeds to the bottom seed bed of plastic, for installation on the section Rotary Drill mount Catalog. Number 126009 - 73sht. Insert removable plates for seeding corn, which is mounted on a plate-type sowing device finger chopping precision sowing crops with more than 30cm spacing Catalog. Number 342110 - 12p. Plastic disc type vacuum seeding device for precision seeders Wiese ing crop spacing of more than 30 cm., Has 27 holes with a hole diameter 3,18mm. sowing sunflower Catalog. Number 730082 - 120sht. Sowing seeds ejector apparatus mounted (includes plastic lever, wheel made of plastic, steel spring) Catalog. Number 730304 - 200kompl. By s / d production tehniky.Krayina US.Vyrobnyk Precision Planting.Torhovelna brand Precision Planting.UNITED STATES0UA125100151.512159.81159
13/Apr/20178432900000"1.Chastyny ​​s / g technology Parts seeders: Spring tooth harrow cultivator double art.33404416-400sht; art.33443707-1500sht; Producer: CNHI International SA; trade mark: CNHI, Country of origin US;."UNITED STATES0UA125120355014497.51636
13/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners and hardware tools doavtotransportnyh new znedorohotsinnyh metals. Funnel schupaoliynoho: art.4M0886373-2sht; elementopornyy: art.2E1827298-1sht; klemashlanha: art.N 10772201-1sht;: art.N 10772201-1sht, set mounting: art.8R0098620-1sht;: art.8J0098619-1sht, bumper mounting kit: art.7P6898625-1sht, mounting kit Lifters: art.8R0898463-1sht; kronshteyndatchyka: art.5N0919491E-1pc, cable mount bracket: art.2E0971843G -1sht, mounting bracket wings: art.7P6821112B-1pc, bracket lights: art.7P6806510-1sht, hardware: art.4F0501389C-1am; plate: art.7H0843638E-1am; Lifters: art.3AE839461C-1pc, glass idiymach mechanical, art.7L0837462F-1pc, clip, art.N 0152612-10sht;: art.4M0253144E-1pc, clip for attaching springs: art.2E0599173J-2 pcs, spring clip for fastening, art.2E0599173G-4 pieces; spring clip: art.8S0857945-1sht, collar, art.N 10255601-1sht;: art.1K0423933-4sht;: art.N 10434402-1sht; dlyashlanha metal collar: art.N 90687001-1sht;: art.N 90687001-2sht; metal collar: art.N 10551701-1sht;: al t.N 10563201-2sht;: art.070131548C-1pc, double clamp zmetalu: art.1K0253141T-1am;: art.1K0253141M-1am;: art.1K0253141M-2 pcs ; homutresory: art.6K0867331B-1pc, hose clamp, art.N 10518701-2sht, hinge doors: art.8K0831402E-2 pcs;: art.7E0843336A-1am; hood hinge covers: art.5G0823302B-1am;: art.5G0823301B- 1pc, Manufacturer: Volk swagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen; Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520011.18440.5650002
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Double Spring Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Double Spring Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ"" Вюрт-Україна"""
Importer Address
04050,м.Київ, вул.Мельникова,12
Exporter Name ADOLF WURTH Gmbh & Co.KG
Product Description
1. Dowels and snap without threading of ferrous me.........
HS Code 7318240090Value 76.51244829
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 9.149
Origin Country INDIA

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