Ukraine Import Data of Dore Gold Bar | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dore Gold Bar

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dore gold bar collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dore gold bar imports.

Dore Gold Bar Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dore Gold Bar

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of dore gold bar. Get Ukraine trade data of Dore Gold Bar imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
14/Apr/20176031980901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -ALS ESTEE 080 cm -40sht.-Alstro granada 80 cm -60sht.-Anemone mona lisa blue 45 cm -50sht.-Anthurium carisma -10sht cm. -Astilbe europa 65 cm -30sht.-Chamelaucium ivory pearl 80 cm -50sht.-Eryngium orion questar 60 cm -40sht.-Euphorbia martinii 55 cm -40sht.-Freesia dbl Volante 54 cm -50sht.-Freesia du riga 50 cm - 100sht.-Freesia du versailles 70 cm -50sht.-Freesia dubb. Essence 54 cm -50sht.-Gerbera Black Box Exclusief G-45 cm 150sht.-Germini gem on row 45 cm -120sht.-Hippeastrum ferrari 75 cm -15sht.-Hyacinthus rainbow (mixbunch) 30 cm 50sht.-Hydrangea mag colourdre 60 cm -10sht.-Hydrangea mag crystal milka 20sht. 50 cm-40 cm Hydrangea schneeball -10sht.-Hypericum coco casino 50cm -100sht.-Hypericum coco diablo spray 70 cm 60sht.-Hypericum coco tango 60cm -100sht .-Hypericum coco uno 70 cm -10sht.-Hypericum Magical Lightning 70 cm 500sht.-Hypericum selva romance 60cm -100sht.-Hypericum True Romance spray 60 cm 50sht.-Hypericum true romance XXL 60 cm 100sht.-Hypericum true romance XXL 70 cm 100sht.-Limonium safora lilac 60cm -25sht.-Lisianthus dbl Arena Champagne 75 cm 40sht.-Lisianthus dbl Rosita Blue 75 cm 160sht.-Lisianthus dbl Rosita Blue 75 cm -40sht.-Lisianthus dbl Rosita Green 75 cm 20sht.-Lisianthus dbl Rosita Green 75 cm 40sht.-Lisianthus dbl Rosita White 75 cm 100 pieces. -Lisianthus du alissa blue 60cm -10sht.-Lisianthus du alissa pink 60 cm -10sht.-Lisianthus du alissa white 60cm -10sht.-Lisianthus du arena pink flash 75 cm 80sht.-Lisianthus du aube blue picotee 75 sm 100sht.-Lisianthus du aube pink picotee 75 cm 50sht.-Lisianthus en Carice Lavender 75 cm 10sht.-Lisianthus en Fioretti Lavender 75 cm 100sht.-Lisianthus pic White 75 cm -50sht.-Matthiola phantom violet 65 cm -30sht .-Nigella blue 70 cm -30sht.-Ozothamnus cooks snow white 60 cm 50sht.-Ozothamnus victoria pink 70 cm -100sht.-Paeonia festiva maxima 60 cm -10sht.-Paeonia sarah bernhardt 45 cm -20sht.-PROTEA BARB CANDIDA PROTEA BARB CANDIDA 050 cm -5sht.-PROTEA OV PER STUK Safari Groen 045 cm 5sht.-RAN AAZUR WHITE 045 cm -50sht.-Ranunculus clooney hanoi 44 cm -40sht.-Ranunculus elegance white 46 cm -50sht.-Senecio maritima 50 cm -30sht.-Senecio maritima 40 cm -80sht.-Solidago Golden Glory 80 cm -600sht.-Statice rainbow (mix bunch) -25sht. 75 cm-70 cm Syringa lavaliensis -20sht.-Syringa madame florent stepman 60 cm 10sht.-Syringa madame florent stepman 80 cm 10sht.-Syringa madame florent stepman 40sht. 90 cm-70 cm jade Trachelium -20sht.-Trachelium purple lake michigan 70 cm 50sht.-Trachelium white 80cm -200sht.-Trachelium white lake michigan 60 cm 40sht.-Tulipa en strong gold 42 cm -50sht.-Tulp du adore -100sht 36 cm. -Tulp du double princess 36 cm -100sht.-Tulp du miranda 44 cm -100sht.-Tulp du palmyra 44 cm -50sht.-Tulp du red princess 36 cm -50sht.-Tulp en candy prince 38 cm -50sht.-Tulp en dynasty 39 cm -150sht.-Tulp en rigel 38 cm -150sht.-Tulp en strong fire 40 cm -150sht.-Tulp en strong gold 42 cm -300sht.-Tulp en strong gold 41 cm -150sht.-Tulp fra gudoshnik 6 doubleNETHERLANDS0UA100010380370.8041432 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/20176029049001.Dekoratyvni trees, shrubs and chaharnykyv hoschykah of torfohruntom or komomtorfohruntu for open ground: Maple / Acer palmatum h 60-100 cm - 4sht.Klen / Acer palmatum Koto-no-ito h 80-100sm - 1pc. Maple / Acer platanoides Globosumh 20-25 cm - 2 pcs. Maple / Acer platanoidesGlobosum P40 / 60 h 100-150 cm - 3sht.Klen / Acer rubrum Red Sunset h 140-160 sm 2 pcs. Maple / Acer rubrum Scanlon C50 h180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Birch / Betula utilisDoorenbos h 180-200 cm - 3pc. Birch / Betula utilis Dorenboos h 300-350 cm - 1sht.Hrab / Carpinus betulus h 150-200 cm - 30sht. Maple / Acer betulus h 40-50 cm - 1sht.Deren / Cornus mas C45 h 175-200 cm - 5pcs. Juniper / Juniperus pfitzeriana Gold StarC10 h 40-60 cm - 50sht. Juniper / Juniperus pfitzeriana Pfitzeriana Aurea C10 h60-80 cm - 50sht. Juniper / Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet C3 h 30-40 cm - 50sht.Kerriya / Kerria japonica Pleniflora C2 h 30-50 cm - 5pcs. Ledum / Ledum groenlandicumHelma C3 h 30-50 cm - 30sht. Litsium / Lycium barbarum C2 h 30-50 cm - 22sht.Likvidambar / Liqudambar styraciflua wlp h 4 00-500 cm - 1 pc. Magnolia / Magnolialoebneri Wildcat C20 h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Magnolia / Magnolia mix h 200-250 cm -2sht. Magnolia / Magnolia Susan C30 h 175-200 cm - 2 pcs. Metasekvoya / Metasequoiaglyptostroboides h 350-400 cm - 1 pc. Microbiota / Microbiota decussata JacobsenC7,5 h 40-60 cm - 1 pc. Spruce / Picea pungens Edith h 120-140 cm - 10sht.Yalyna / Picea pungens Edith C60 h 140-160 cm - 1 pc. Spruce / Picea pungens Edith h175-200 cm - 5pcs. Spruce / Picea pungens Koster h 100-120 cm - 18sht. Spruce / Piceapungens Koster h 140-160 cm - 3pc. Pine / Pinus sylvestris Watereri. h 100-125 sm 1am. Prunus / Prunus cerasifera C5 h 60-80 cm - 8 pieces. Prunus / Prunus cerasiferaCrimson Point C60 h 250-300 cm - 5pcs. Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Crimson PointC7,5 h 60-80 sm 20pcs. Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Crimson Point P 300-400 h 50 cm - 2sht.Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Nigra h 140-160 cm - 4 pieces. Prunus / Prunus eminensUmbraculifera C60 h 200-250 cm - 2 pcs. Prunus / Prunus Leonard Messel h 350-400 sm 1am. Prunus / Prunus padus Nana h 180-200 cm - 3pc. Prunus / Prunus subhirtellaAutumnalis Rosea C35 h 250-300 cm - 2 pcs. Prunus / Prunus subhirtella Pendula RubraC150 h 200-250 cm - 1 pc. Prunus / Prunus subhirtella Pendula Rubra C150 h 200-250sm - 1pc. Prunus / Prunus triloba h 200-250 cm - 2 pcs. Prunus / Prunus virginianaCanada Red h 160-180 cm - 4 pieces. Oak / Quercus rubra h 200-250 cm - 2sht.Horobyna / Sorbus Dodong C51 h 100-120 cm - 4 pieces. Rowan / Sorbus Dodong C31 h80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Rowan / Sorbus wardii White Swan C10 h 100-120 cm - 3sht.Buzok / Syringa Miss Kim C5 h 60-80 cm - 20pcs. Lilac / Syringa reticulata C5 h 60-80sm - 10pc. Lilac / Syringa vulgaris Krasawica Moskwy C5 h 60-80 cm - 8sht.Buzok / Syringa vulgaris Mm Lemoine C10 h 80-100 cm - 10pc. Thuja / Thuja occidentalish 300 cm - 5pcs. Thuja / Thuja occidentalis C3 h 40-50 cm - 109sht. Thuja / Thujaoccidentalis Mirjam C7,5 h 30-40 cm - 20pcs. Thuja / Thuja occidentalis Smaragd C10 h100-140 cm - 153sht. Lime / Tilia cordata Greenspire h 180-200 cm - 4 pieces. Lime / Tiliatomentosa Brabant h 30-35 cm - 2 pcs. Valdshteyniya / WaldsPOLAND0UA100010162923534.455754
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Dore Gold Bar Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dore Gold Bar Importer Sample

Date 14/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАДОВИФ-16"""
Importer Address
03134, вулиця Миру, будинок 3 м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name OZ Export B.V.
Product Description
1.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembl.........
HS Code 603198090Value 370.8041432
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 380
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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