Ukraine Import Data of Door Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Door Switch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of door switch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of door switch imports.

Door Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Door Switch

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of door switch. Get Ukraine trade data of Door Switch imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178450900000"1.Spare parts for washing machines" "Atlant" "cover for the switchgear-3rd display for indication СМА-1штнакладка-part of the door СМА-5штфиксатор for the set ЕРTS СМА-20шшскоба for the set ЕРTS СМА-20штпатрубку for the setup and distribution of water in the drum СМА- 5 screw for fixing the set of ERTS SMA-20 bracket for fixing the doors of the SMA-50 cross-section - part of the SMA-52 drum part of the drum-12pcs. "BELARUS0UA20918087.837727.3794018 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785365080001. The parts to manufacture home appliances BSH: Switch on the refrigerator door art.00422142-1sht. The plastic mid.Torhovelna mark BSHVyrobnyk BSH Hausgerate GmbHKrayina production SI.SLOVENIA0UA1002000.0092.1859444
28/Apr/20178415810090"1.Komplekt system for kondytsionuvannyapovitrya channel type vmontovanoyuholodylnoyu installation and device whichensures switching modes" "cold-warm", "consumer potuzhnistyumensh with a 5 kW consisting withexternal and indoor units, new vpervynniy packaging manufacturer zapravlenifreonom R410a, contain ozonoruynivnyhrechovyn.Zovnishni blocks: UU42W.U32R0 - 2 pcs 3.89 power consumption (kW) Indoor units: CM24.N14R0 -3 pcs power consumption 0.5 (kw), CB24L.N32R0 - 1 units, power consumption 0.5 (kW) .Krayina production: KR. The company manufacturer: LG ELECTRONICS INCTorhove flax brand: LG. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100010283.63507.407674
28/Apr/20178415109000"1.Nastinni split-system air conditioning and in offices, hospitals and other public places containing the device to switch" "cold-warm" "ukomplekti with remote control, we supply element and fastening elements, Yakin equipped with ducts through which served chilled air from vyparnykado zone cooling: Wall split systems: power consumption 2.780 kWh. (1komp.) External power conditioning system MU-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MS-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 2.780 kW. (1 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMU-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Domestic block wall type MSZ-EF22VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 0.710 kWh. (16 Comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning Indoor Unit wall type MSZ-DM25VA-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 1,020 kW. (3 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-DM35VA-ER1 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuM SZ-DM35VA-ER1 - 1am, Wall split -system: power consumption 0.545 kWh. (8komp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, we Vnutrishniyblok innoho type MSZ-EF25VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0.545 kW. (9 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, wall type Indoor Unit MSZ-EF25VE3S-ER1 - 1am, split wall-mounted Wall system: power consumption 0.545 kWh. (5 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF25VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 0.910 kWh. (6komp.) AC conditioning system MUZ-EF35VE-ER5 - 1am, krayinavyrobnytstva - TH, wall type Indoor unit MSZ-EF35VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems we: Power consumption 0.910 kWh. (6 Comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-EF35VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF35VE3S-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 1,280 kW. (3komp.) AC conditioning system MUZ-EF42VE-ER5 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MSZ-EF42VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 1,280 kW. (1 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-EF42VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall type MSZ-EF42VE3S-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 1,560 kW. (3 comp.) External bloksystemy condition nuvannya MUZ-EF50VE-ER3 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF50VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 1,660 kW. (2komp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-SF50VE-ER2 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MSZ -SF50VE3-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0.485 kW. (2 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-FH25VEHZ-ER4 - 1am, wall type Indoor unit MSZ-FH25VE2-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems, consumable power of 0.485 kW. (7 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-FH25VE-ER4 - 1am, Interior wall unit typuMSZ-FH25VE2-E "THAILAND0UA100010739791774.13718
28/Apr/20178415810090"1.Ustanovky for air conditioning to be installed in offices, homes andother public places containing at system to switch" "cold-warm", "complete with batteries that are equipped with air ducts, on yakyhpodayetsya cooled air from the evaporator to the cooling zones: Plants dlyakondytsionuvannya air power consumption 0.545 kWh. (6 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic unit typuSEZ channel-KD25VAQR2.TH-ER - 1am, Systems for air conditioning: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0,600 kW. (5 OMP.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-SF25VE-ER4 - 1am, channel type Indoor Unit SEZ-KD25VAQR2.TH-ER - 1am, Systems for air conditioning: Power consumption 0,600 kW. (3 Comp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-SF25VE -ER4 - 1am, Interior blokkanalnoho type SEZ-KD35VAQR2.TH-ER - 1am, Plants for kondytsionuvannyapovitrya: 0.545 kW power consumption. (2 comp.) AC systemykondytsionuvannya MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic unit typuSEZ channel-KD50VAQR2. TH-ER - 1am, Systems for air conditioning: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0.485 kW. (3 comp.) External ca. OK system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-FH25VE-ER4 - 1am, channel type Indoor Unit SEZ-KD71VAQR2.TH-ER - 1am, Systems for air conditioning: Power consumption 0.555 kWh. (1 comp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-FH25VE-ER4 - 1pc , Interior blokkanalnoho type SEZ-KD71VAQR2.TH-ER - 1am, trademarks, MITSUBISHIKrayina production: THVyrobnyk: MITSUBISHI "THAILAND0UA100010118312832.26195
27/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts for trucks and other plastic vyrobyz (bushings, rings, caps vantazhnyhavtomobiliv elements, etc.), art. 06-02-02-0130 shift knob MAN TGA = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark HitechVyrobnyk RVIAN HITECHart. 15-01-02-0001 BOX MIRRORS, DAF 75,85,95, VO.F / FL podg. L = P = 1 15-01-02-0076 MIRROR BOX DAF CF, XF105 06rpodg. L = P = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0304 BOX MIRRORS IV E-Tech, Str. 200x175 podg. L = P = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0413 BOX MIRROR VO.FH 06r- 200x186 podg. NT = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0086 mirror housing SC.4, R 96r- / L / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0087 mirror housing SC.4, R 96r- / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0136 PROTECTION BRACKET MIRROR MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 LEFT = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0136 PROTECTION BRACKET MIRROR MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 LEFT = 4 pcs. Art. 15-01-03-0138 PART mirrors (COVER) MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0426 BACK COVER MIRROR RVI Pre.Route 05r- szara / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-02-99-0208 plastic lining on the door (switch) MB SK / NG -96r / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-04-0302 handle lattice MB Act.1 / 2 96-08r = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-14-0092 battery cover SC.4 96r- ze stopniem = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-14-0250 battery cover VO.FH13 / FM, RVI Pre.05r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0076 MIRROR BOX DAF CF, XF105 06r- podg. L = P = 4 pcs. Trademark TD Manufacturer De Tange art. 15-01-03-0005 BACK COVER MIRROR MAN TGA / L / = 1 pc. Trademark Brand TB TB art. 15-07-14-0009 battery cover MB 1735-2435 -96r = 1 pc. Art. 01-03-00-1611 fixing COVER AIR FILTER SC.4, R 96r- / dolna / krotka = 1 pc. Trademark CONVIT Manufacturer CONVITEX art. 13-01-99-0117 Cap plastic headlight bracket SC.3 -96r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0470 BOX MIRROR MB MB Act.306x163 b.podg. = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0090 mirror housing VO.FH / FM 96-02r- / L / 469x249 = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0119 Protection mirror bracket VO.FH / FM dol./P/ 03r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0428 BACK COVER MIRROR VO.FH12 06r- / L = P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-99-0047 stub obud.stop.MB Act.2-3 03-11r / L = P / = 1 pc. Art. 20-07-00-0110 plastic clamp (coupler) podwojna dl 300 mm = 100 pieces. Art. 15-02-02-0125 HANDLE FOREIGN MB Atego, Axor, Spr.-06r zew.L / P b.wkl. = 2 pcs. Art. 15-07-14-0154 battery cover DAF CF85II, XF105 / 106 = 1 unit. Trademark MEGA Brand Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowo Uslugowo Produkcyjne Opoltrans Janusz Wiszczuk Country of CNCHINA0UA10012033.57213.5283944
27/Apr/201740169300901. (art.7007109) Sealant of doors ІР40-3шт.Articles made of non-porous, non-hardened, vulcanized rubber. Designated for a double door in electrical engineering. Accessories to switches Proton (ВА50-45). Trade mark: BTICINO Producer: BTICINO SPA. Production line: IT. .ITALY0UA8071700.87113.6956673
27/Apr/20178536501190"1 switches and electrical switches to keyboard 60V to taknopkovi t / a: Limit switch door art.935601M500,1sht., KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR."KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001100.0153.158463712
27/Apr/201785169000001.Zapchastyny ​​to elektronahrivalnoyipobutovoyi technology for civilian use tapobutovoho: panelikeruvannya membrane to microwave, art.5219100900, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi.Trubka adapter to knee-makers (hard), art. 5313217101, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Dokavovarky decorative plate, art. 5313219711, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The tube adapter-knee-fuser to Triple Junction coffee (hard), art. 5313227661, 2pcs, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Connecting pipes to coffee, art. 5332107600, 2pcs, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Cover to coffee, art. 5332145600, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. K lapan piston fuser to coffee, art. 5332213000, 6 pieces, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Float level of water to coffee, art. 5332266300, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Capacity (boiler) to coffee, art. 5513214291, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. H Crane asadka to kapuchinatoru, art. 5513220091, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. R Učka switch to couple with a spring coffee, art. 5513222441, 3pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Handle switch to coffee, art. 5513222471, 6 pieces, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Handle to coffee, art. 5513222501, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. R Učka switch to coffee, art. 5513222511, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. P erehidnyk to coffee, art. 5513227411, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiling house block to coffee, art. 5513227911, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiler to coffee, art. 5513227941, 16sht, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Used motor to coffee, art. 5513227971, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Reduction in the collection of motor, belt and control board to kovovarky, art. 5513228011, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Strainer filtering to coffee, art. 607604, 4sh t Torh.marka DeLonghi. Capacity to coffee, art. 7313212611, 3pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. The door assembly to coffee, art. 7313224941, 1pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Valve to coffee, art. 7313229481, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Mechanical valve to coffee, art. 7313243781, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. , Art. 7313244171, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi.ITALY0UA12502011.11264.0999191
27/Apr/201785365019901.Elektricheskaya apparatus for switching the power of circuits: switches for voltage 24V, as well as designed for motor vehicles from the ASOs (for cars of cars): The switch signal of braking art. 9381026000 -6pcs. Signal switchgeneration art. 938103K000 -2pcs.Sensor for turning on reversing lanterns art.9386039012 -20p. Door Exit Limit Art.935603B100 -10pcs. Switch bar. 934102E005 -2pcs. Shift knob (light) art. 934101C200 -4pcs. Trademark: HYUN DAI MOBIS. Made of: KR. Manufacturer: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252502.6657.19459521
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Door Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Door Switch Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""ВЕСТКОМ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "Закрытое акционерное общество""Атлант"""
Product Description
"1.Spare parts for washing machines" "Atlant" "cov.........
HS Code 8450900000Value 727.3794018
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 87.837
Origin Country BELARUS

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