Ukraine Import Data of Door Support | Ukraine Import Statistics of Door Support

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of door support collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of door support imports.

Door Support Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Door Support

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of door support. Get Ukraine trade data of Door Support imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239033"1. The car with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition with crank mechanism (petrol), which was in use - 1am: Brand Car - BMW; Model car - X5; body number (VIN) - 5UXZV4C51DL992966; engine room - no data number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; cylinder capacity engine - 2979sm3, power output - 225kVt, axle configuration - 4x4, calendar year ( release) - 2012., model year - 2013., body type - niversal, color - white, Car damaged, whack, broken and damaged, door front right, inner lining the front right door fixing belt safety front right, door rear right, center pillars complete with threshold right pad right, hinge supports right module controls the right side impact, head airbag Passenger front, rear head airbag Passenger, pass the security front right, rear right security pass, inner lining the roof, plastic plate right rear arches on dkrylok right rear arches. Scratches, dents, chipped around the perimeter of the container body avtomobilya.Vyvantazheno MSKU0669727. Trade mark - BMW. Manufacturer - BMW. Country of origin - USA, US. "UNITED STATES1UA5006302249.8210269.99991 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173926300090"1.Vyroby hardware and plastic for a / m Lada: * visor holder, art.21900820409600 -10 pcs * Facing left speaker, art.21720560709500 -2 pcs * Handle upholstery front door art.21720610218600 -10 pc; * button, art.21080610205300 -100 pcs * Facing right front seat assembly, art.21700681001400 -3 pieces * Facing the front left seat assembly, art.21700681001500 -4 pieces; Cap * upholstery rear door art.21700620203400 - 10 pcs * Facing trunk lid lock, art.11180560605810 -2 pcs * Bracket, art.21010110803900 -40 pcs * Facing mounting plate rail, art.21030820202000 -7 pcs * handle levers heater, art.21140810904410 -9 pieces; * Support Left luggage racks, art.21310560707310 -1 pcs * Handle upholstery Front left, art.21214681608700 -3 sht.Torhovelna mark LADA.Vyrobnyk "" Saturn-TP "" ZAO g . Tolyatty.Krayina production RU.. "RUSSIA0UA1251805.887471.20238668
27/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 1118.8403512 apron (Mudguards) krylapravyy -1sht. Art. 1118.8403513 apron (Mudguards) -1sht left wing. Screen art.1118.1203104 floor protection -2sht body. Art. 1118.3403065 Kozhuhoblitsovochnyy top -2sht. Art. 1118.3403072 lower casing oblitsovochnyy 1118.5007250 Obivka shumoyzol. Agriculture floors. Front -2sht. art.1118.8101010 Otpalyuvach control assembly -1sht. Art. 1118.8104030 Soploventylyatsiyi body -2sht center. Art. 1118.8104040 ventilation nozzle body-side 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8104041 ventilation nozzle body -2sht side. Art. 1118.8104049Povitryaprovod side nozzle -2sht. Art. 1118.8108032 Povitryapr.paneli pryladivpravyy -2sht. Art. 1118.8108033 Povitryapr.paneli left -2sht devices. art.1118.8109170 cable vpusknoy flaps, 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8401076 beyond the lower horizontal bar-1am. Art. 1118.8401290 frame radiator rack -2sht law. Art. 1118.8401291Ramka radiator Stoica left -1sht. Art. 1118.8403394 Usylitel Mudguards verhniypravyy -1sht. Art. 1 118.8403395 Usylitel Mudguards top left -1sht. art.1118.8403400-frame platform battery 1pc. Art. 1118.8403410 battery support frame -1sht. Art. 1118.8404066 Z'yednuvachzadnoho right wing and floor -1sht. Art. 1118.8404067 connector rear wing left -1sht floor. Art. 111836102012 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. art.111836102012-10 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. Art. 111836102013-10 Obivkadveri peredn.liva -2sht. Art. 1119.6302012 Obivka door backward buffer 1119.6302014 Obivka door backward-1am. Art. 2102.5004170 Obivka -23sht right wheel arch. Art. 2103.5325232-02Oblitsovka -383sht radio panel. Art. 2105.3403072-01 oblitsovochn.vala booster housing bottom -11sht. Art. 2105.5004061 Obivka rack windows Wind (left) -175sht. Art. 2105.8101012 heater assembly -2sht. Art. 2108.5602010-10 Obivkabahazhnyka-3pc. Art. 2108.5607010 -1sht luggage shelf. Art. 2108.5607010-10 Polkabahazhnyka-4 pieces. Art. 2108.8109164-01 Pull-168sht flaps. Art. 2108.8109170-01 cable-heater 100 pieces. Art. 2108.8406156 cable opening hood -71sht. Art. 2110.5101040Panel floor rear right -14sht. Art. Support springs 2110.5101211 left-5pcs. Art. 2110.5101331 right-rear spars 10pc. Art. 2110.5101332 rear spar left-10pc. Art. 2110.5101372 spar average -10sht right. Art. 2110.5109076 threshold (inside front) right -49sht. Art. 2110.5109078 porog rear (internal) right -29sht. Art. 2110.5109155 Oblitsovka lower tunnel floors -2sht. art.2110.5601012 panel vuhlova right-38sht. Art. 2110.5602012-10 Obivka -3sht backward. Art. 2110.6205082-10 Tyahazapyrannya right rear door -60sht. Art. 2110.6205083-10 Pull locking zadnoyidvery left -60sht. Art. 2110.6812610 Obivka spinky -2sht. Art. 2110.6820172 Oporapidlokotnyka-5pcs. Art. 2110.8101020-20 radiator guard-1am. Art. 2110.8101340 Povitryaprovod heating noh -5sht. Art. 2110.8119078Horlovina foster povitryazabornyka -5sht. Art. 2110.8204010-01 Kozyrokprotyvosonyachnyy right -37sht. Art. 2110.8204011-01 Kozyrok protyvosonyachnyylivyy -44sht.RUSSIA0UA807170644.0221964.291007
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​bodies for a / m Lada: * Transverse rear floor assembly (cataphoresis) -4 art.11180510127670 pcs * mud guards left (cataphoresis) -4 art.11180840326570 pcs * Left door assembly (cataphoresis) , art.21090620001570 -6 pcs * trunk lid assembly (cataphoresis) art.21099560401070 -10 pcs * Overlay lower sidewall (cataphoresis) art.21100540110220 -2 pcs * Power spar (cataphoresis) art.21100840334310 - 2 pcs * Panel assembly backward (cataphoresis) art.21120560108210 -12 pcs * left front wing (cataphoresis) art.21140840301170 -10 pcs * poll bar (cataphoresis) art.21214510127020 -2 pcs * grates right wing (cataphoresis) -1 art.21214840326040 items * Bryzh Hovik front left (cataphoresis) art.21214840326140 -5 pcs * front wing (cataphoresis) art.21230840301170 -2 pcs * right rear wing (cataphoresis) art.21710840401010 -7 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * Cree lo front right assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pc; * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art .21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21 093840301000 pcs -10 * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front wing right in the congregation art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * Power shield front end assembly, art.21080530110200 - 40 pcs * front left wing assemblies art.21093840301100 -3 pieces * Connector rear spar and front skirt, art.21080510128600 -2 pcs * manhole cover filler neck assembly, art.21080541301001 -20 pcs * Facing the wind window frames, art.21100821271010 -47 pcs * Facing the wind window frames, art.21100821271010 -16 pcs * Support battery assemblies art.21080840340000 -22 pcs * Handle upholstery rear door left, art.21700620218700 -4 units * cover hatch filler neck of the fuel tank assembly, art.21100841301000 -12 pcs * Overlay rear door art.11180620345101 -20 pcs * Overlay door backward amplifier assemblies art.21710821251200 -4 pcs * Panel angle backward foreign law ( cataphoresis) -4 art.21213560101210 pcs * front right door (cataphoresis) art.21100610001470 -5 pcs * Facing right front door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138450 -6 pcs * facings I right front door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138450 -4 pcs * Facing the front left door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138550 -1 pcs * Wheel arch left, art.21080510124110 -4 pcs * bar rear skirt, art.21099510127510 -1 pcs * front left door assembly (cataphoresis) art.21214610003143 -5 pcs * front left door assembly (cataphoresis) art.212146100031 "RUSSIA0UA1251801082.7355717.916439
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings mark SCHUCO. Profiles structural aluminum alloy brand AlMgS0,5, not hollow, for windows and doors of public buildings and housing systems SCHUCO: art.351250, contiguity ceiling to free or fixed support, size ,, 102h220h3000mm number -3 m art.161460, Pryzhymna plate 50 mm size ,, quantity 50h12h6000mm -30 m art.431340 covering profile, size ,, 10h14h6500mm mVyrobnyk number -39 "" Schuco International KG " "Trademark SCHUCOKrayina production AT."AUSTRIA0UA10011039.698215.6928333
27/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fastening of steel, Fu rnitura and the like dlyamotorny's vehicles (passenger cars x): Zaspokoyuvachlantsyuha art. 243772A000-4sht. Pacifier chain art. 244202B000 -30sht. Bracket bumper art.865501C300 -3sht. Bracket rear bumper art. 866131R000 -4sht. Kronshteynbampera rear right art. 866143X000-8sht. Lane bumper bracket (upper) right Art. 865523K500 -8sht. Kronshteynbampera before, Nizhniy BGN art. 865932E000-4sht. Front left bumper bracket art. 865831R000 -15sht. Bracket krep.peredn. bamper.livyy art. 865131R000-22sht. Bracket dill. front. bamper.pravyy ext. Art. 865142S000 -6sht. Kronshteynkriplennya spring art. 5525044003 -4sht. Ball bearing bracket art. 545412E000-2sht. Arm lv torsion art. 542804A002 -2sht. Arm lv torsion (kkuzovu) art. 5428043001 -2sht. Bracket torsion etc. Art. 542814A002 -2sht.Mehanizm sklopid. front left door art. 824034A010-4sht. The mechanism Lifters front door and left Hg. 824713K002AS -2sht.Moldynh bumper zadneho EUR (chrome insert) art. 866833K710 -2sht. Molding bamperazadnoho / bottom / art. 866122B700 -1sht. Molding front bumper (pidreshitku) art. 865853K500-2sht. Moldings right front bumper chrome art. 865843K710 -2sht. Nakladkakryshky trunk / chrome / art. 873722E510 -2sht. Overlay door right in zboriart. 877522S000 -2sht. Rip art. 244312B000 -10sht. Rip lantsyuhaart. 244203C100 -2sht. Door limiter art. 794901G000 -6sht. Support CPR art.0K01639350C -2sht. POLE CPR art. 218134A021 -2sht. Loop DOORS art. 793102H000-8sht. Planck radiator defensive art. 863521R000 -4sht. Planck's law separating art.5837028000 -2sht. Heater valve actuator art. 971542E200 -2sht. Pryvidzaslinky heater art. 971543K000 -2sht. Art.971592L000-2sht heater valve actuator. Drive heater art. 971591H000-2sht. The drive left central locking art. 957351C000 -2sht. Drive zaslonkyotopytelya art. 971592E250 -2sht. Lifters mechanism before. Liv. (Mech.) Art.8240543005 -2sht. Steklopodъemnyk art. 8240122000 -8sht. Steklopodъemnyka mehanyzmpered. rights. (Elektr.) Art. 8240422011 -2sht. Re art.243764A100-1sht Uspokoytel chains. Trunk lid lock art. 0K20126660 -5sht. Chrome moldings art.865833K710 -2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525068.08300.0927907
27/Apr/20173214109090"1.Dekoratyvna pastopodina plaster and ground for outdoor and vnutorishnih painting operations, packed in plastic buckets, retail, Shtukaturkaakrylova Tiptoper (composition: water and 7%, 2% titanium dioxide, 11% functional filler, filler carbonate 2 7% means supporting 3% zernostrukturne 40% dispersion copolymer 10%) plaster silicate-sylikonovaTiptoper (composition: water 7% titanium dioxide 2%, his platform nyuvach functional 12% filler car bonatnyy 24%, means of supporting 3% grain structural 40% 12% dyspersiyasopolimerna) silicone Plaster Tiptoper ( composition: the ode to 7% dioksydtytanu 2% filler Fu nktsionalnyy 12% Carbonaceous 22% zasobydopomizhni 3% zernostrukturn is 40% dispersion copolymer 14%) Soil pidshtukaturky Tiptoper (composition: t yes 27% titanium dioxide 3%, 25% functional filler, filler carbonate 24%, means of supporting 5% dyspersiyasopo limerna 16%). ".POLAND0UA2091401909512899.67128
26/Apr/20178412310098"1. Gas shock absorbers for the trunk lid lehkovyha / m: 11190823101090 emphasis DOORS backward-20pcs., 21080630801090 emphasis DOORS backward-40sht., Is a unit of the maintenance door luggage zakrittya. Odnim end fastened to the trunk door, the other to the car body, and supports door inopen stani.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" SAAZ Set "," Russian FederatsiyaKrayina production: RUTorhivelna brand: graphic image "" Rook "," LADA. "RUSSIA0UA80717021.98257.4347871
26/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​bodies for a / m Lada: mud guards front wing (cataphoresis) art.21100840326110 - 4 pieces. Panel backward assembly (cataphoresis) art.21213560108210 -20sht. Panel backward assembly (cataphoresis) art.21213560108210 - 20pcs. panelipryladiv shelf, art.11180530309000 - 1pc. Kozyrok protysonyachnyy right, art.21700820401000 - 4sht.Kozhuh facing rudder shaft top art.21140340307010 - 1sht.Oblytsyuvannya front door inner ave ave, art.21214820138500 - 1sht.Nadstavkazadnoho wing (cataphoresis ) art.11170840 404 770 - 1 pc. wing front right (kataf orez) art.21140840301070 - 10sht.Nakladk and supports (cataphoresis) art.11180540132670- 2 pcs. Mr wing erednye left, art.210938403 01100 - 6 pcs. wing front left, art.210 93840301100 - 10pc. Left front wing, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Kryloperednye left, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Krylo ne Ref left, art.21093840301100- 10pcs . front left wing, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art.21093840301 100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art.21093 840301100 - 1sht.Kryloperednye left, art. 21093840301100 - 9sht.Krylo front left, art.21093840301100 -10sht. Front left wing, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Krylo ne Ref left, art.21093840301100 - 10pc. Front left wing, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Kryloperednye left, art.21093840301 100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art.21093 840301100- 10sht.Krylo front left, art .21093840301100 - 10sht.Kronshteyn ohokryla front right, art.21080840315400 - 1 0sht.Kronshteyn for front krylalivyy, art.21080840315500 - 10pc. Corner facing left front door (LADA4x4 Urban), art.21214820138550 - 4sht.Oby VKA supports backward left, art.2170054021450 0 - 1 pc. Facing the rear floor door is left, art.21700510907900 - 4 pieces. Screen right side, art.21700510946200 -6sht. Ekranbokovyy right, art.21700510946200- 2 pcs. Screen left side, art.21700510 946300 - 1sht.Ekran left side, art.21 700 510 946 300 - 2 pcs. Screen left side, art.21700510946300 - 2 pcs. Ekranbokovyy left, art.21700510946300 - 1sht.Ekran left for hexadecimal, art.21700510946300- 1sht.Ob revet front right door art.21 700 820 138 410 - 2 pcs. Reshitkaoblytsyuvannya radiator art.21210840101450 - 16sht.Resh itka grille, art.21210840 101450 - 32sht.Korobka to small things art.21080532601600 - 10sht.Krayina tstva pro - RUTorhovelna mark - LADA Manufacture nickname - "" AVTOVAZ "" PAO g . Tolyatti "RUSSIA0UA125180642.9822717.38497
26/Apr/201785389099001.Chastyny ​​elektrorozpodilchyh industrial cabinets, not ukomplektovanyhaparaturoyu 1000V deaf door 2000x800 mm. EC2080K -1sht vertical supports (kompl.4 pieces) h = 2200 mm. EM2200 -1sht cap flanges (compl. 2 pcs.) 100h800mmZN8000 -2shtKrayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - ABBVyrobnyk - ABB SpaSACE Division.ITALY0UA10012058.14181.3352532
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Door Support Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Door Support Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name "АО ""Лада-Имидж"""
Product Description
"1.Vyroby hardware and plastic for a / m Lada: * v.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 71.20238668
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 5.8874
Origin Country RUSSIA

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