Ukraine Import Data of Dog Bed | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dog Bed

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dog bed collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dog bed imports.

Dog Bed Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dog Bed

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of dog bed. Get Ukraine trade data of Dog Bed imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178708939098"1.The modular container watchdog is fully assembled and ready for use, for drilling personnel, an area of ​​50h50m., Made of composite materials, in accordance with the structure of the plan: the racer (module) fully equipped office for the ITR: checklist number 18 : Mobile House "" Residential Wagon Office for ITR Burysma ", equipped with a mosquito net (2 tons), a convector of 2 kW (2pcs), a convector of 1kW (1pc), air conditioner split," Winter-Summer "" (2pcs), boiler 80 ( 1 pc), a toilet bowl (1 pc), a sink with a mirror (1 pc), a shower cabin (1 pc), a second-hand cabinet: a 2-chest dressing cabinet (Laminated flooring), table (laminated flooring) bed (laminated flooring), document cabinet (laminated flooring), chair (metal), refrigerator, built-in, type of cabinet: lard, electroventilyator (built-in), ventilator. Trade mark: no Producer: no data. Production area: KZ. "MEXICO0UA4000304.2439.97115152 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms and are intended range: Dryapka-pad brown cat 55h35 cm, sisal, 4325, art.004325-48sht; Dryapka cat", "Wavy" "50h29h18 cm for cats brown, 43260 textiles, art.0043260-12sht; Dryapka cat "" Dino "" ( "" Cat Tower "") 41h58 cm anthracite, sisal, 4336, art.004336-1sht; Dryapka cat "" Inca "" (wave) 44h25h39 cm light brown, sisal, 4341, art.004341-24sht; Dryapka cat corner "" Lorca "" 37H27H75 cm beige, sisal, 4350, art.004350-6sht; Dryapka cat Avila, 40 cm, beige, sisal , 43741, art.0043741-2sht; Dryapka cat "" Vitoria "" 43 cm beige, sisal, 43751, art.0043751-2sht; Dryapka cat "" Viana "" 44 cm anthracite, sisal, 4376, art.004376-6sht; Dryapka cat "" Nuria "" 71 cm, sisal, art.0043791-4sht; Dryapka cat "" Nuria "" 71 cm, sisal, art.0043792-4sht, cat Toys Jute Balls with mint 4.5 cm (2 pcs.), 4501, art.004501-48sht, cat toy mouse on a stick, 50 cm, 4516 , art.004516-3sht, cat toy mouse in fur roller 8 cm, 4524, art.004524-24sht; toy mouse for cats to vudochtsi 4 cm x7 "" Squieky "", textile, 4547, art.004547-144sht; Toy for cats Mouse plush gray with catnip 7 cm, 45735, art.0045735-24sht; Toy cat fish sticks with plush 42 cm, 45742, art.0045742-24sht; Sheep dog toys plush 10 cm, 45767, art.0045767-48sht; Toy Hedgehog plush dog 8 cm, 45781, art.0045781-24sht; Toy cat with a mouse stick with a cloth and feathers 50 cm, 45801, art.0045801-48sht; Toy cat with a mouse stick with a cloth and feathers 50 cm, 45804, art.0045804-24sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170220.98696.9101748
20/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzuyuchyy means for facilities that are used to protect places from animal visits spray, packaged for retail sale: Tools for adjusting behavior of cats Anti-cat, 500 ml art.002551-288sht, Universal Spray 500ml 3 in 1, 2580, art.002580-12sht; Spray "" Do not Gysi "" dog 150 mL, 2931, art.002931-72sht; Prytyahuvach-oil to 50 ml of a toilet for dogs, 2934, art.002934-168sht; Deodorant Spray dezynfikator for cat litter, 150 mL, 4237, art.004237-12sht; Prytyahuvach cat mint spray 150 ml, 4238, art.004238-240sht; Prytyahuvach cat mint spray 50 ml 4241, art.004241-384sht; Prov yahuvach Valerian cat, spray 50ml, 42420, art.0042420-48sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA807170266.1540.1831375
20/Apr/20173306100000"1. Means for oral hygiene and tooth for pets in stock: Toothpaste for dogs with meat flavor 100 g, 2545, art.002545-432sht, spray teeth with fluoride 50 mL, 2548, art. 002548-48sht, Toothpaste for dogs with tea tree oil, 100 g, 2549, art.002549-144sht, Toothpaste for dogs 100 g, 2557, art.002557-288sht, Toothpaste for dogs with the brush in 2561, art.002561 -288sht, water for dogs and cats with a taste of apple, 300ml, 25445, art.0025445-96sht, tooth gel with the taste of meat, 100 g, 25446, art.0025446-24sht; kit toothbrush and toothpaste for cats 25620, art.0025620-96sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyr obnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA807170212.544312.4397797
20/Apr/20174205009000"1. Genuine leather products: chewing preparations for brushing teeth of dogs in the form of toys of various shapes and sizes, without the contents of feed and feed additives, made from pieces of genuine leather: Bone for dogs, chewing, pressed 11 cm 35 g, leather, 2639, Art. 002639-600pcs; Beetle for dogs chewing, pressed 15 cm 80 g, skin, 2644, art. 002644-75; Bunny for dogs chewing, pressed, 17 cm 100 g, skin, 2645, art. 002645-200; Bast For dogs chewing, pressed with knots 16cm / 70g, 2653, art.002653-60pcs; Kiosk for small dogs "KauChips Light" "with spirulina 50g, 2674, art. 002674-100p; Kist Choke-ring for chewing gum dogs, pressed 7,3 cm / 60 g, leather, 2685, art. 002685-80; Bunny for dogs, chewing, pressed (3 pcs.) 11 cm, 35 g, leather, 2788, art. 002788-400 pcs ; A dog for chewing gum, pressed, 17 cm 100 g, a skin, 2791, art. 002791-400; a natural toothbrush Denta Fun 11 cm / 50 g, a skin, 31101, an art. 0031101-300; Country of production CNToriginal brand TRIXIE Producer Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170138.4222.8238223
19/Apr/20179208900000"1. Signaling instruments for animals in assortment: Buffalo whistle with a leather strap for training dogs 6.5 cm, 2254, art. 002254-24; A whistle for a dog, plastic, 9 cm, 2255, art. 002255-72; Country of production TRIXIE Manufacturer Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG.INDIA0UA8071703.26424.47982878
19/Apr/20177326909890"1.Vyroby ferrous metals in combination with other materials for animals made of welding and bending: Peg for tethered dogs 40cm / 9mm, 2259, art.002259-8sht; Carbine 1 dog hromovananyy 12 mm, 2271 , art.002271-48sht; Carbine 1 dog hromovananyy 13 mm, 2272, art.002272-48sht; 3 Carbine dog hromovananyy 19 mm metal in 2273, art.002273-48sht; 4 Carbine dog hromovananyy 25 mm, 2274 , art.002274-48sht; Barrier mizhkomnatnyy 75-85 * 76cm metal, 39451, art.0039451-6sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA80717040.352197.3212177
19/Apr/20179619002900"1.Hihiyenichni disposable pads / diapers with webs of cellulose fibrils Pet: Sanitary pads for dogs (10 pcs.) Size XS, S, SM, 23496, art.0023496-48sht; Sanitary pads for dogs (10 pcs.) size M, 23497, art.0023497-48sht, nappies for dogs XS-S (12 pcs.) 23631, art.0023631-144sht, nappies for dogs SM (12 pcs.) 23632, art.0023632-48sht, Baby for dogs for females, M, 12 units, 23 633, art.0023633-48sht, diapers for dogs bitches, M-L, 12 pcs, 23634, art.0023634-48sht, diapers for dogs bitches, L, 12 pcs, 23635, art.0023635-24sht, diapers for dogs bitches, XL, 12 pcs, 23636, art.0023636-24sht, Baby dog ​​for dog, SM: 30 -46sm, 23641, art.0023641-48sht, Baby Dog for Dog, L-XL, 12 pcs, 23643, art.0023643-24sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA807170114.504504.9625891
19/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms and prescriptions in stock: beds for dogs" "Relax," "70x60 cm, textiles, textile, 2855, art.002855-6sht, lager cat" "Mijou" "48h37 cm muzzle cat cream, textiles, 28632, art.0028632-10sht, dirty paw pad, 100 x 70 cm, beige, 28656, art.0028656-6sht, dog mat, 75 x 70 cm, textiles, gray, 28662, art .0028662-6sht, Bath Dirt dogs 80 * 55cm, brown with quotes, textile, 28665, art.0028665-6sht; Termokylymok dog 100 * 75cm gray, 28672, art.0028672-6sht, dog toys ball with tassels, o 5 cm / 24 cm termoplasna rubber / fleece 33530 , Art.0033530-24sht, dog toys Soccer Ball 11 cm piece of cloth, 3471, art.003471-2sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Hippo mini bright, 14 cm, plush, 34746, art.0034746-24sht, toys etc. / Hippo dog, 22 cm, plush, 34749, art.0034749-24sht, dog toy horse plush 32 cm, 34830, art.0034830-12sht, dog toys Hedgehog plush 17 cm, 34832, art.0034832-24sht, Toy I f dogs Hedgehog plush 37 cm long, 34,833, art.0034833-12sht, Toy Rat dog plush 26 cm, 34835, art.0034835-12sht, toy dogs ankle zhdya "" Happy Catch "" plush rope at 30 cm 35713 , art.0035713-24sht, dog toys Moose 23 cm, plush, 35752, art.0035752-12sht; Games for dogs plush giraffe 33 cm 35,765, art.0035765-24sht, dog toy plush pet with ropes, 28 cm, 3578, art.003578-6sht, Cat Toys Mouse plush 33 cm, 35793, art.0035793-12sht , dog toys 42cm plush chicken aportyrovochna / textile, 35801, art.0035801-12sht, Toy Penguin with a plastic bottle of plush / fabric 26 cm, 35802, art.0035802-12sht, chicken dog toys plush / fabric 47 cm, 35803, art.0035803-12sht, toy dog ​​paw ankle with 26 cm plush / textile, 35804, art.0035804-24sht, dog toys Beetle 38cm with rope, textile, 35805, art.0035805-12sht, dog toys deer plush 21 cm 35811 , Art.0035811-24sht; toy duck with sound, plush / fabric rope, 15 cm, 35 812, art.0035812-24sht, toy dog ​​Tiger 20 cm, plush, 35814, art.0035814-12sht, dog toys " "dog," "17 cm, with ropes, plush, 3582, art.003582-16sht, dog toy sheep plush 30 cm, 35838, art.0035838-12sht, dog toys Vislyuchok fabric / plush 55 cm, 35 839, art. 0035839-12sht, Bear toy for dogs 32 cm, colored, plush, 35852, art.0035852-12sht, toy dog ​​Mouse, 17 cm, plush, 35861, art.0035861-24sht; set of toys for dogs "" Longies "" plush 35 cm (4 pcs.), 35872, art.0035872-12sht, hippopotamus toy for dogs 32 cm (1 pc.) 35894, art.0035894-12sht; Ihrash Dog and Rabbit plush 15 cm, 3590, art.003590-12sht, plush toy Bird Neck 24 cm, 35911, art.0035911-24sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Bober, 40 cm, plush, 35918, art.0035918-24sht; Toy Fox plush dog with rope 34 cm, 35919, art.0035919-24sht, toy dog ​​shaggy sheep plush 21 cm, 35933, art.0035933-12sht, Raccoon dog toys plush 21 cm, 35942, art.0035942-12sht , wolf dog toys 20cm plush, 35946, art.0035946-8 "CHINA0UA807170574.8971811.330015
19/Apr/20175609000000"1.Aksesuary pet, scratching as pieces of rope made of natural raw wound on wooden plate, in the range: Toys for cats Mouse on the rope 34 cm, 32640, art.0032640-12sht, dog toys ball 3 pieces of rope. 8cm / 37cm, 32645, art.0032645-24sht, dog toys ball with rope o 8 cm / 38 cm, 32646, art.0032646-24sht, dog toys ball with two ropes o 8 cm / 54 cm, 32647, art.0032647-24sht, dog toys Denta Fun ball-rope with rope 7cm / 44sm, rubber, 32650, art.0032650-48sht, dog toys Ring rope 14 cm 32655, art.0032655-48sht, Game rope dog ball 36 cm, 3267 , Art.003267-72sht, Game rope dog 37cm / 300hr, 3273, art.003273-432sht, Game rope for dogs with 1st node 70cm / 270hr, 3279, art.003279-144sht, dog toys ball on the rope o 6 cm / 42 cm, orange / white, termoplasna rubber, 33,580, art.0033580-24sht, dog toys molded ring 15 cm, rubber, 3360, art.0033581-24sht, dog toy tennis ball, o 6 cm / 50 cm, 347 9, art.003479-48sht; Set toys for dogs for summer holiday with a dog (4 items), 3499, art.003499-12sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170237.72667.9931975
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Dog Bed Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dog Bed Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м.Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1.Україна.
Exporter Name ZF Friedrichshafen AGZF Services
Product Description
"1.The modular container watchdog is fully assembl.........
HS Code 8708939098Value 39.97115152
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 4.24
Origin Country MEXICO

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