Ukraine Import Data of Dissolved Gas | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dissolved Gas

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dissolved gas collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dissolved gas imports.

Dissolved Gas Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dissolved Gas

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173208209090"1.Laky emalni acrylic-based polymers (nitrocellulose) dissolved in non-aqueous media type polymer - acrylic; -vmist solvent (toluene) 8.12% -vmist fillers and 5-15%, 8-12% ethyl acetate, butyl acetate 10 -15% technical gasoline 4-8%, 5-8% isobutanol, ethanol 8%), to provide its own production. (in metal barrels in the primary, not in aerosol packaging). "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA30520028809685.178058 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20177318220090"1.Laky based on synthetic polymers dissolved in non-aqueous media: Golden nail inner surface (816,015) - 7980 kg. Chemical composition,% solids, epoxy resin - 31.5, solvents, butoksietanol 2 - 25; flavored hydro Carbon (solvent 100) - 16; hydro Carbon C9 aromatyzovani- 10, butane-1-olo - 9; solvent oil (gasoline) heavy aroma. substances - 4; ksylol- 3,5; 1,2,4-trymetylbenzol - 1 . contains precursors, toluene, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, dimethyl ether, ethyl ether, drugs and other psyhotropnizasoby, heavy metals (and salts thereof): lead, chro IV, arsenic, nickel, cadmium irtut, radioactive substances. Suitable for indoor and zovnishnohopokryttya aluminum caps. Supplied not in aerosol packaging: 42metalevyh barrels capacity 190 kg 11 wooden pallets.. "UNITED STATES0UA1251200.07911.61457955
24/Apr/201795030049001. Paints and varnishes based on acrylic polymers dissolved in non-aqueous media (organic solvent content up to 50%) art.00556000360, TEMADUR KLYЭ, 4,5l-22sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer, polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 10%, 10% naftalehkoaromatychnyy solvent, solvent oil tyazhkoaromatychnyy 1%, 2.5% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 1.5%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide 25%, 5% alyuminiyevyyporoshok, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities 5%. art.11472230330 TEMADUR 20TCL-BASIS 2,25l -80sht. art.11472230360 TEMADUR 20 TCL-BASIS TEMADUR 7,5l TVL-20 BASIS 7,5l -11sht. Film-forming polymer, an acrylic resin is 20%. Solvent: xylene 15% 10% heavy gasoline, etylbenzol5% diatsetonovyy 5% alcohol, butyl acetate 5%. Pigments and fillers: dioksydtytanu 10%, 5% zinc phosphate, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities: 5% .art.11572210310 TEMADUR 90 TAL-BASIS 0,75l -30sht. art.11572210330 TEMADUR 90TAL-BASIS 2,25l -20sht. art.11572230310 TEMADUR 90 TCL-BASIS 0,75l 230,330 TEMADUR 90 TCL-BASIS 2,25l -30sht. art.11572300310 TEMADUR 90THL-BASE 209, 0,75l -20sht. art.11572400310 TEMADUR TML-90 BASE Silver, 0,75l -50sht. art.11572400360 TEMADUR TML-90 BASE Silver, 7,5l -11sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer: hydroxyl polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 15%, 10% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 5%, 5% diatsetonovyy alcohol, butyl acetate and 5% .Pihmenty fillers, titanium dioxide 10%, 5% zinc phosphate, talc, sulfatbariyu 20%. Impurities 5%. art.50672210310 TEMADUR 50 TAL-base 0,75l TEMADUR 50 TAL-base 2,25l -50sht. art.50672210360 TEMADUR 50TAL-base 7,5l -33sht. art.50672230310 TEMADUR 50 TCL-base 0,75l TEMADUR 50 TCL-base 2,25l -30sht. art.50672230360 TEMADUR 50TCL-base 7,5l -22sht. Film-forming polymer, polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 10% solvent lehkoaromatychnyy 10% oil, solvent oil tyazhkoaromatychnyy1%, 2.5% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 1.5%. Pigments and fillers: tytanu25 dioxide%, 5% aluminum powder, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities 5%. Not vaerozolniy upakovtsi.Torhivelna mark - TIKKURILA.Vyrobnyk - TIKKURILA OYJ.Krayina production - FI.CHINA0UA11015073.63129.600064
20/Apr/20173811210000"1. Additives for oils containing oil or oil obtained from bituminous mineralivInfineum D 1180 - 4,750t in metal tubs. Ynhybytornyy-washing additive package that is mehanychnoyu sulfonates mixture of calcium, magnesium and zinc dialkylditiofosfata dissolved in oil fractions with content - 40%. It is used to produce high quality motor oils. not Mist dysulfydu molybdenum and ozone-depleting R rechovyn.Infineum 5810 - 4,750t in metal tubs. additive package to produce high quality oils for gasoline engine, which is a mixture mehanychnoyu S dyalkyldytiofosfativ sulphonates of calcium and zinc in the dissolved mineral base oils of bituminous origin, whose content - 40% .Infineum M 7121 - 2,520t in metal tubs. additive for lubricating oils. pereluzhnyy Mist salicylate calcium dissolved in mineral oil bituminous materials higher purity. The content of mineral oil - 44%. Vykorystovuyetsya to produce marine and Industrial olyv.Torhovelna mark Infineum. Brand "" Infineum UK Limited "" "FRANCE0UA1101901202041764.78983
19/Apr/20173811210000"1. Additives for oils containing oil or oil obtained from bituminous mineralivInfineum P 5096 - 21,560t in metal dizhkah.Paket additive to produce high quality oils for gasoline engine. Sulfonates are a mixture of calcium and zinc dyalkyldytiofosfata that dissolved in the bituminous mineral base Oliva origin. The content of mineral oil - 44% .Bez content dysulfydu molibdenu.Torhovelna Infineum brand. brand "" Infineum UK Limited "". "ITALY0UA1101902156060664.17572
18/Apr/20173209100000"1. Paints and varnishes based on acrylic and vinilovyhpolimeriv dissolved in aqueous media (to include skladuplivkoutvoryuvacha akrilovyy or vinilovyypolimer), fillers, pigments <50%, solvent: water, packing. Do not spray. TEKSTURAKVA" "EC" "semi Lakfas.9 , 9l-22sht; FORAKRIL "" A "" matt paint fas.2,7l-45sht; FORAKRIL "" A "" matt paint fas.9l-10pc; FORAKRIL "" C "" matt paint fas.2,7l-15sht ; FORAKRIL "" C "" matt paint fas.9l-22sht, Producer "" Rigas laku un krasu rupnica "". markaRILAK trading. Country of LV.. "LATVIA0UA1000808901813.267001
18/Apr/201768159900001 NEVYPALENI fireproof molded products: Argon BLOCKS MARKYPN-TQ28 / PN-W89-X. NEVYPALENOHO consists of a cluster of blocks and baked PRODUVALNOYI stopper. CONTENT AL2O3: 87.23% FE2O3: 1.90%. Applied to remove dissolved gases, nonmetallic inclusions, averaging of temperature and chemical composition of the metal. GOODS prepared by mixing raw ingredients WITH THE FURTHER heating, formation pressure drying at 200 Celsius degrees Fire resistance: 1760-1780 HRAD.SMETALOPRYYMACH MARK PN-TWG-1-X / GSK-XQ, used for casting steel with a steel ladles tundish. CONTENT AL2O3: 43.22%, SIO2: 8.33%, MGO: 34.51% set in CITY FALL jet METALS FOR PROTECTION carnage ZONE working layer bottom tundish from the effects of molten metal during discharge STEEL serve for flow distribution of metals in PROMKOVSCHI special way that is necessary for REMOVAL Nonmetallic inclusion. The main component of alumina periclase AND oxides of silicon. Produced an SYA prepared by mixing raw materials in the concrete mixer, molding products in a special pattern, drying at 200 Celsius degrees Fire resistance: 1760-1780 ° CCHINA0UA1100704422379053.33004
13/Apr/201790271010001. Measuring instruments for chemical analysis, electronic, gas analyzers, Device Monitoring the concentrations of dissolved gases (LumaSense SmartDGA-4) to monitor H2, C2H2, CO, CO2 and humidity with accessories - 1 komplekt.Komplektatsiya zhidho Appendix 1. disassembled for easy transport . Designed for use in electrical substations. Not for military and dual use. Does not contain radioactive materialiv.Torhovelna mark LumaSenseVyrobnyk LumaSense production Inc.Krayina US.UNITED STATES1UA1250602213999.13848
12/Apr/20177311003000"1.Balon acetylene GOST 949-73 -100 pieces .Balon empty steel (grade stali45) would ezshovnyy (made of seamless pipe) with a capacity of 40l, working tyskMPa (kgf / cm2) 9.8 (100) -98bar , among acetylene purpose-designed forstorage and transportation of compressed and liquefied dissolved gases floor ynnizastosovuvatysya production of JSC "" Mot op Sich "" for business purposes. ".RUSSIA100UA112020900044092.9475
11/Apr/20173208201090"1.Farby and varnishes based on acrylic polymers, dispersed or dissolved unevodnyh environments, not in aerosol packaging contains precursors: -lak stone and brick '' Chief Technologist", "glazed jar 0,75l -24sht. varnish stone and brick '' Chief technologist "," glossy tin-3L-30sht. composition: ksylol- 45% butylatsetat- 8% atseton- 5.5%, petrol - 9.5% akrylovyysopolimer- 23% resin naftopolimerna- 3.5%, 5.5% .- plastyfikator- Tsapon varnish bottle--480sht. 0.5 Staff: xylene 35% etylatsytat 40% gasoline overshoe 15% acrylic copolymer 8% resin naftopolimerna- .Torhovelna 2% mark, "" GLA vnyy technologist "" Country of origin: RUVyrobnyk: ZAO "" Novbythym "". "RUSSIA0UA100110531901.3189315
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Dissolved Gas Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dissolved Gas Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "УАП ТОВ ""Фішер-Мукачево"""
Importer Address
м.Мукачево, вул.Індустріальна, 16
Exporter Name Fischer Sports GmbH
Product Description
"1.Laky emalni acrylic-based polymers (nitrocellul.........
HS Code 3208209090Value 9685.178058
Quantity 0Unit UA305200
Net Weight 2880

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