Ukraine Import Data of Direct Red 111 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Direct Red 111

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of direct red 111 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of direct red 111 imports.

Direct Red 111 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Direct Red 111

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of direct red 111. Get Ukraine trade data of Direct Red 111 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703901090"1. The car that was in use - 1am: Brand Car - CHEVROLET; Model car - VOLT, body number (VIN) - 1G1RB6E4XDU113770; engine room - no data Number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including The driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; Type of engine: 1.4L I4 MPI - basic electrical, power - 111 kW auxiliary - petrol generator capacity - 1398sm3, axle configuration - 4x2, calendar year (issue) - 2013 ., model year - 2013.; body Type - hatchback, Color - chornyyPeresuvannya vehicle END ayetsya only thanks to the electric motor, features engin for internal combustion engines (ICE) are reduced only to the charging its batteries (ICE does not directly lead vehicle in motion, and the main power mechanism is an electric motor). The car is not equipped with EWC. The main electric motor is not equipped with a starter, fuel system, air and oil filters, clutch or gearbox eredach.Avtomobil claim in damages, whack, broken and damaged, the right front door glass, front right door saloon etc. obshyvka.Vyvantazheno container MSKU9782647. Trade mark - CHEVROLET. Manufacturer - GENERAL MOTORS LLC. Country of origin - USA, US. "UNITED STATES1UA50062017154099.999955 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​body, new automobiles, the side of the basket: art.2H7809051A-1pc, mud flaps (included 2 pcs.): Art.7H0075111-1sht;: art.4M0075116-1sht;: art.6R0075116-1sht ;: art.6RU075101A-1am;: art.3G0075101B-2 pcs;: art.4M0075116-2sht;: art.3G0075111-2sht;: art.4M0075101-3sht;: art.4M0075106-3sht;: art.4M0075111-3sht, protection of the bottom body: art.1K0825002B-1pc, guard (protecting the engine compartment): art.3C0825271B-1am; kozhuhdnyscha: art.3C0825272B-1am;: art.3C0825272B-2 pcs;: art.3C0825272B-2 pcs; kryshkabahazhnyka: art.8K5827023AJ-1pc ;: art.8T8827025-1sht, wheel arch locker: art.3AA805978-1sht, overlay covering the bottom basket: art.1K0825271A-1am;: art.1K0825272A-1am;: art.1K0825272A-1am;: art.7E5863725A 71N-1pc ; directing the door: art.7E 1843871C-1pc, spare wheel niche: art.8K0802088A-1pc, lining the bottom: art.8K0825219A-1am;: art.3C8825202B-1am;: art.7E0825205A-1am;: art.3C8825201A-2 pcs; oporareduktora: art.2E0199379- 1pc, rear panel: art.8K0814339-1sht;: art.8K5813307-1sht; remkomplek body (door cover with clip): art.3AA898814A-1am; shumozahyst: art.5GE121746-1sht;: art.5GE121745-1sht;: art .8J8825237A-1am; shumozahystdveri: art.D 378500A2-1sht; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520091.333038.681515
20/Apr/20179026202000"1. Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, tyskomchy other variable characteristics of liquids or gases: Rust-PD100 tyskuvymiryuvalnyy DA1,0-111-0,5 - 1pc of the pressure-vymiryuvalnyyPD100 DI0,016-111-0, 5 - 1pc of the pressure-vymiryuvalnyyPD100 DI0,025-111-1,0 - 3pc of the pressure-measuring PD100 1pc DI0,1-311-1,0- of the pressure-measuring PD100 DI0,6-111-1,0 - 2 pcs Peretvoryuvachtysku measuring PD100-DI1,0-111-0,25 - 1pc of the pressure-vymiryuvalnyyPD100 DI1,0-171-0,5 - 1pc of the pressure-measuring PD100 DI1,0-371-1,0-3sht Transformer pressure measuring PD100I-DIV1,5-111-0,5 - 3pc Represent soboyuelektronni devices for measuring or checking the pressure. Designed dlyabezperervnoho converting pressure measuring medium (liquid, steam, gas) in a unified signal of direct strumu4 ... 20mA, general-purpose designation. not contain in the skladiperedavachi and pryymachi.Torhivelna mark "" ARIES "." Manufacturer: LLC "" Plant number 423 "." Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA16UA8071703.93572.8410433
18/Apr/20173006103000"1.Sterylni surgical dental adhesive agents that dissolve, implants inactive - collagen membamy directed to rehenaratsiyi bone Geistlich Bio-Gide: - art.500110 / 30801.3 Geistlich Bio-Gide rezorbuyucha layer membrane, membrane 13h25mm 1 (lot number 81700209, expiry date 01.28.2020) -art.500111 / 30802.6 Geistlich Bio-Gide rezorbuyucha layer membrane, membrane 25h25mm 1 (lot number 81700203, expiry date 01.28.2020) -art.500112 / 30803.4 Geistlich Bio-Gide rezorbuyucha layer membrane, membrane 30h40mm 1 (lot number 81700049, expiry date 11.11.2019) -art.500136 / 30902.3 Geistlich Bio-Gide PERIO rezorbuyucha layer membrane, membrane 16h22mm 1 (lot number 81700078, expiry date 10.04.2019). The product is a sterile rezorbuyuchu two-layer elastic membrane that dissolves, made from pig collagen of high purity, has a high biological compatibility with human tissues, vykorstovuyetsya tolohichniy in stoma surgery, when performed directed bone regeneration, such as membrane covered the hole filled with bone substitute. The membrane has properties closely adhered to the bone, such adhesive properties due to the gel formed by the interaction of collagen fibers membranes with blood "," yu. Perform protective membrane (bar "" rigid) functions between bone substitute and m '' which tissue that provides smooth, high-quality reheniratsiyu bone. Supplied in sterile packages with the name, size, manufacturer, product, UA.TR.039.123-16 conformity certificate, certificate verification UA.TR.039.123 / 1-16 "SWITZERLAND0UA2091509.7621183.71518
18/Apr/20175810929000"1.TRYKOTAZHNI (mattress) fabric width of 230 cm: -DYZAIN / GIFT CODE 56901 KT14451 - 4568,27kh., 4847.5 running meters, 11149.25 m2, 150 rolls. Composition: 100% polyester (synthetic) fiber . The surface density of 421 g / m2 (+/- 0.1%) .- DESIGN / CODE 58192 RETEK KT12211 - 986,64kh., running meters 1883.17, 4331.29 m2, 51 rolls. The surface density of 241 g / m2 (+/- 0.1%)., is not coated, impregnated, not duplicated (reinforcing other materials) three-layered textile material, wherein the outer layers are formed VIBILENYM POPERECHNOV "" related knitted fabric, the inner layer -PARALELNO LOCATED COMPLEX textured ( Threads that have a high BA "" capacity and / or very high ROZTIZHNIST) curled threads. Knitted fabric with "" united in "" YAZALNO-piercing WAY SO THAT WITH "" YEDNUVALNI stitches (not seams) not directly and create Pattern. ".TURKEY0UA1101405554.9120132.12936
18/Apr/20179018902000"1.Vyroby medical devices. System for endoscopic urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, orthopedics, hirurhiyi- 1 set. 85261,501 RIWO lens with a blocking mechanism and c-mount connector, soak and avtoklavuyetsya - 1. 8061.453 Fibrovolokonnyy fiber hnuchkyydiametr 4.5 mm, 2300 mm - 1 pc. 4171.121 Hygiene filter for aspiration - 5pcs. 8170.401 Vacuum tube from the pump to trap secretions for 2215 - 1 sht.8170,981 container harvesting 3 l avtoklavuyetsya - 1 pcs. 2233.001 Insuflyator, laparo CO2 pneu- 1 pc. 8170.101 for insufflation tube diameter of 5 mm, m dovzhyna2,5 - 1 sht.4171,111 Hygienic filters, sterile, 10 pieces in a package - 1 pkg. 74021,03Naporna tube CO2, 2.5 m 1 pc. 8,302.12 cannula Veresha, calibrated, with 120mmskladayetsya 886.00 - 1. 8934.432 The endoscope, Panoview Plus, telescope vilnevykryvlennya 30 hrad.- 1 pc. 8921,023 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD diam5,5 mm 100 mm - 2 pcs. 8921,113Troakar with tapered tip diameter of 5.5 mm, 100 mm RD - 2 pc. 8923, 013RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, metallic - 1. 8923.113 Trocar with tapered, diameter 10 mm, 100 mm RD - 1. 8924,016 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD 150 mm, diam12,5mm - 1. 8924.125 Trocar tip of the pyramid, dia. 12.5 mm RD214 mm - 1 pc. 89.02 spare sealing caps for telescopes, 10 pcs in packing for telescopes diameter of 4.0 mm - 2 pack. 89.08 Rubber seals (spare caps) - 10pc. in packing., red, diameter 10 mm - 2 pack. 8385.50 Instrumentalnatrubka and extractor - 1. 8923,802 VARIO-PORT gear for zmenshennyadiametru hole from 12.5 mm to 5.5 mm, aba diameter 10 mm to 5.5 mm or 7.0 mm to 5,5mm - 1 pkg. 8383.732 suction-irrihatsiyna, RD 290 mm, 5 mm - 1 pc. 8395,2042Rozbirnyy clip, 2/3 wave, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8393.2922 Atravmatychnyyzatyskach -1 units. 8393.1814 atraumatic clip, perforated, unipolar, 5 mm, with horizontal cutting, RD 310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.2814 Dyssektor / clip "" Mary land dissector "", curved, horizontal cutting ztonkymy on the work surface, 5 mm unipolar, RD310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.487 Box clamp monopolyarna- 1 pc. 8393.0413 scissors, monopolar, folding, curved left, both lezadiyut, "" Metzenbaum "", 5 mm - 1 pc. 8383.423 Hachkopodibnyy electrode RD 340mm, 5mm, monopolar - 1. 8383.428 Shpatelepodibnyy electrode 5mm, 340mm RD, monopolar - 1. 8389.911 Clip applicator for open laparoskopiyiholetsystektomiyi, RD 340 mm, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8389.915 Lihuyuchi klipsyEthicon, sterile - 1 pack. 8383.65 John yektsiyna cannula 5 mm diameter nakonechnyka1.8 mm, 345 mm RD - 1. 8393.512 Holkoutrymuvach, curved left - 1 sht.8393,501 Holkoutrymuvach direct, direct needle diameter. 5 mm - 1 pc. 8106.033 VChmonopolyarnyy of yednuvalnyy cable from Wolf-tools to aparativBovie / Valleylab / Erbe Int. - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: RichardKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Richard Wolf GmbH "GERMANY0UA10001062.624385.22026
12/Apr/20178481101900"1.Klapan (3,177,309,248 3,177,309,288 replaced) / DIRECTION VALVE 3177309288 -2sht. Valve / DIRECTION VALVE 3177309289 -1sht.Klapan / DIRECTION VALVE 3177309284 -2sht.Klapan / DIRECTION VALVE 3177309283 -9sht.Klapan / DIRECTION VALVE 3177309280 -1sht.Rehulyator pressure / pressure -1sht.Rehulyator PRESS.REL.VALVE 3176271100/3125279403 PRESS.REL.VALVE -1sht.Rehulyator pressure / flow PRESS.REL.VALVE 9106065200 -1sht.Rehulyator. / REGULATOR 3217919302 -1sht. The valve (Y111; Y113; Y115) (3217999700) / SOLENOID vALVE 3217999709 -3sht. Steel reducing valve to regulate the pressure in the hydraulic system of mine drilling machines. They are used for their production needs, non-military purposes. ".GERMANY0UA11210031.6474609.135168
10/Apr/201790183900001.Vyroby registered medical Ministry of Health, catheters and similar instruments used in medicine, surgery, catheterization is designed to naskrizshkirnoho input device in human blood vessels and through him drugs, diagnostic contrast agents, stent systems and other health adaptation during treatment and / or diagnostic procedures and during surgery, endovascular devices for surgical vtruchan.451523H0 - directing device TEMPO 5F tip diameter forms BHW-I 100cm length - 50 shtuk.67027000 - eg vlyayuchyy unit VISTA BRITE TIP tip diameter 6F XLL form MPA-1 - 1 shtuka.504606X - Introd'yuser AVANTI PLUS 6F length 11cm diameter mini-guide - 50 shtuk.588842 - directing device VISTA BRITE TIP 8F diameter of the tip shape MPA-1 - 6 shtuk.77827090 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP tip diameter 7F form MPA-1 length 90cm - 20 shtuk.4038953M - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP Introducer Guide 8F diameter of the tip shape Multipurpose length 95cm - 14 shtuk.502455 - EMERALD conductor diameter of 0.035 length 260sm - 25 shtuk.502521 - EMERALD conductor diameter of 0.035 150cm length - 30 shtuk.534546T - Diagnostic catheter INFINITI dia 5F tip shape meter AL-II - 5 shtuk.452530H0 - directing device TEMPO AQUA 5F tip diameter forms SIDEWINDER SIM-I 100cm length - 10 shtuk.452531H0 - directing device TEMPO AQUA 5F tip diameter forms SIDEWINDER SIM-II length 100 cm - 15 pieces .67005700 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP diameter 6F XLL tip shape XB-4 with holes - 2 shtuky.67012700 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP diameter 6F XLL XBRCA tip shapes with holes - 2 shtuky.67003700 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP diameter 6F XLL AL-tip shape with holes 1 - 2 shtuky.67004100 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP diameter 6F XLL AL-tip shape with about 2 voramy - 2 shtuky.67011100 - directing device VISTA BRITE TIP diameter 6F XLL AR-tip shape with holes 1 - 2 shtuky.67011200 - directing device VISTA BRITE TIP tip diameter 6F XLL form AR-2 - 2 shtuky.67005500 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP diameter 6F XLL tip shape XB-3.5 with holes - 8 shtuky.Na packages available products labeled - Wed №14976 / 2015 30.06.2015. Catheters for vascular surgery of the lower kintsivok.SRD6732 - INFINITI diagnostic catheter 5F 100cm diameter tip shape 3DLIMA 90 DEGREE - 6 shtuk.Na packages available products labeled - Wed №12343 / 2012 29.12.2012.Torhivelna mark - Cordis. Manufacturer - Cordis Corporation. Country of origin - US.Na packages available caveat: sterile. For single use. Products packaged in sterile packages invested in cardboard packaging labeled vyrobnyka.Vyroby designed for intended use in specialized medical institutions MoH Ukraine only highly qualified medical staff.UNITED STATES0UA12510027.18836.931645
06/Apr/20174819200000"1.Korobochky round cardboard printing: art.RE.RO-0238, RE / RE diam.111.3 mm Max. 22.7 mm Zvenyhora" "original" "140hr.8 units, the inscription on the box lid" "Zvenyhora cheese original "" and at the bottom of the box features cheese, art.RE.RO-0239, RE / RE diam.111.3 mm vys.22.7 mm Zvenyhora "" Assorted "" 140hr.8 units, the inscription on the box lid "" Zvenyhora cheese platter, -zi original taste of bacon -zi taste of mushrooms "" and at the bottom of the box features cheese, art.RE.RO-0240, RE / RE diam.111.3 mm vys.22.7 mm Zvenyhora "" Bacon "" 140hr. 8 pc "," the inscription on the box lid "" Zvenyhora cheese flavored bacon and "" at the bottom of the box features cheese, art.RE.RO-0242, RE / RE diam.111.3 mm vys.22.7 mm Zvenyhora "" Dill and garlic "" 140hr. 8 pc "," the inscription on the box lid "" Zvenyhora cheese flavored fennel and garlic and "" at the bottom of the box features fused syr.Markuvannya in boxes: name and address of the manufacturer, product name, lot number indicated, several Amount, date production and shelf life, vaha.Korobochky diameter of 111.3 mm, 22.7 mm external height, made of solid cardboard nehofrovanoho, Folding (a box with a lid), weight of 1 m2 cardboard 400 / 450g, offset printing affixed to the lid (poz.RE.RO-0238, RE.RO-0239, RE.RO-0240, RE.RO-0242) - 5 colors + polished on the bottom (poz.RE.RO -0238, RE.RO-0239, RE.RO-0240, RE.RO-0242 + -1 color polishing. Meets the essential requirements of Directive 94/62 / EC on standard PN-EN 13427: 2005 (U). Boxes are designed for packaging processed cheeses portion 8 pcs 140hr.Vyrobnyk SC LACROIX AMBALAJE SRL.Krayina production of RO. "ROMANIA0UA9020403467.0611047.80574
06/Apr/20178708299000"1. Part of the body, new, to cars, flaps (in the set 2 pcs.): Art.7F0075101-1; splashes (in the set 2pcs.): Art.7H0075111-1;; art.4M0075111-1;;: art. 7P0075111-1;;: art.6JA075101-1; insertion of the wheel arch: art.4M0853818A GRU-1; a submarine jack: art.4G0802847-1;; art.4G0802845-1; thermal shield: art.5N0521441-1;; art. 5N0521441-1;: art.5N0521441-1; mount bracket for mounting a bike on the roof; "LOGO" ": art.6Q0071128A-1pc; locker wheel arches: art.3C0805978-1;; art.5N0805912A-1sht; movable hatch mechanism: art .8R0898738A-1pc; wheel arch cover: art.4M0854820A GRU-1; directional door: art.2K0827679B-2pc; facing bottom: art.4M0825205Q-1pc;: art.4M0825 206J-1; revision of radiator: art.4L0807683E 01C-1pc ;: art.4L0853651G VMZ-1pc; gear reducer support: art.2E0199379-1; body front panel: art.3AA805588D-1;;: art.2E0805591A-1pc; wing flap rear: Art.5K0810971C-1; Radiator protection grille: art.4G8853651CT94-1; Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG; Brand: Volkswagen; Country of production: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520030.991497.826951
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Direct Red 111 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Direct Red 111 Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРШЕ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
02152, м. Київ, пр. Павла Тичини, 1-В. Україна
Exporter Name Porsche Hungaria Handels G.m.b.H.
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​body, new automobiles, the side .........
HS Code 8708299000Value 3038.681515
Quantity 0Unit UA305200
Net Weight 91.33
Origin Country GERMANY

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