Ukraine Import Data of Dinosaurs | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dinosaurs

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dinosaurs collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dinosaurs imports.

Dinosaurs Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dinosaurs

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of dinosaurs. Get Ukraine trade data of Dinosaurs imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky sets of children's toys in stock: 5609761 games. Rdynozavriv H-3pc. (100% plastic) 5,609,770 games. N-p-4pcs dinosaurs. (PLASTMASA100%) 5,940,755 games. N, the creativity-25sht . (plastic) Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - VALUE TOYSVyrobnyk - SMYK SA. "CHINA0UA1000103.541.06190875 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20179503004900"1.Ihrashky as animals or other creatures besides men, plastic dinosaurs (3pc) -2070sht, plastic-3456sht Horse, Horse of a plastic comb (20pcs) -3000sht.Torhova mark - no dannyh.Vyrobnyk" "NINGBO WELL. WAY IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD "", the country made in China, (CN).. "CHINA0UA500040314.561265.479997
25/Apr/20171704906500"1. Confectionery in the form of gum or jelly, including fruit paste (marmalade) as confectionery tsukru.Haribo." "Goldbaeren" "/ Golden Bear Candy 100g. -58500up.Haribo." "Goldbaeren" "/ Candy GOLDEN bear 200g. -12150up.Haribo. "" Cherries "" / Candy Funny CHERRY 200g. -4860up.Haribo. "" TropiFrutti "" / Tropical Fruit Candy 100g. -3900up.Haribo. "" Dinosaurier "" / Candy 200g dinosaurs. -2430up.Haribo. "" Starmix "" / Star Candy mix 100g. -7800up.Haribo. "" Happy Cola "" / Candy Fun Circles 200g. -7290up.Torhovelna HariboVyrobnyk brand Haribo production GmbH.Krayina AT. "AUSTRIA0UA1002101236641562.98244
24/Apr/20178512909090"1.Ihrashky as animals or other creatures besides men, plastic dinosaurs (3pc) -2070sht, plastic-3456sht Horse, Horse of a plastic comb (20pcs) -3000sht.Torhova mark - no dannyh.Vyrobnyk" "NINGBO WELL. WAY IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD "", the country made in China, (CN).. "CANADA0UA1251900.16218.80986564
18/Apr/201795030035001.Ihrashky plastic that are based designers kolorovyhblokiv, wheels, figures of people, animals, birds and other parts which are connected between themselves on thorns, and can help you make all things: a jeep Honochnakomanda 60,148 LEGO CITY art. 6174482 -3sht. 60152 Cleaner LEGO CITY taekskavator art. 6174560 -8sht. 31049 Helicopter dual screw LEGOCREATOR art. 6135632 -3sht. 70321 General Mahmara siege engines LEGO NEXOKNIGHTS art. 6135824 -3sht. 70348 double-soldier Lance LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art.6174832 -6sht. 70349 Cage on wheels ruins LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174899-12sht. 75882 Car Ferrari FXX K and Development Center LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS art.6175282 -3sht. 75883 MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (Team Formula OdynMERCEDES AMG PETRONAS) LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS art. 6175284 -2sht. 70901 Kryzhanaataka Mr. Freeze LEGO BATMAN MOVIE art. 6175848 -6sht. 76,080 Revenge Ayeshi LEGOSUPER HEROES art. 6175496 -3sht. 60138 High Speed ​​Pursuit LEGO CITY Art. 6174388 -3sht. 60121 Volcano: Truck LEGO CITY reconnaissance art. 6137115-6sht. 70624 Vermilyon invaders LEGO NINJAGO art. 6174543 -6sht. 70348Boyets double-Lance LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174832 -6sht. 70623 Shadow fate LEGONINJAGO art. 6174534 -9sht. 60139 Mobile Command Center LEGO CITY art.6174394 -15sht. 60136 Police: LEGO CITY starter set Art. 6174380 -16sht.60137 Troubles with emergency truck LEGO CITY Art. 6174383 -18sht. 60148Honochna team in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174482 -21sht. 60145 Buggy LEGO CITYart. 6174448-24sht. 70621 Attack Vermilyona LEGO NINJAGO art. 6174530 -24sht. 70349 Cage nakolesah ruins LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174899 -24sht. 70364 Aaron in boyovomukostyumi LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175166 -24sht. 41302 Caring for puppies LEGOFRIENDS art. 6174617 -30sht. 42044 jet aerobatic team LEGO TECHNICart. 6135697 -6sht. 60107 Fire truck with ladder LEGO CITY Art. 6135747 -12sht.70602 Dragon elements Jay LEGO NINJAGO art. 6135803 -3sht. 70603 Attack dyryzhablyaLEGO NINJAGO art. 6135823 -3sht. 70,337 Extraordinary Lance LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art.6136998 -6sht. 31058 Mighty dinosaurs LEGO CREATOR art. 6175242 -6sht. LEGO CREATOR 31059Vulychnyy motorcycle art. 6175245 -6sht. 41302 FRIENDS care tsutsenyatamyLEGO art. 6174617 -20sht. 60136 Police: starter set LEGO CITY art.6174380 -32sht. 60137 Troubles with emergency truck LEGO CITY Art. 6174383-6sht. 60144 sport aircraft LEGO CITY Art. 6174445 -6sht. 60145 Buggy LEGO CITYart. 6174448-12sht. 60148 racing team in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174482 -3sht. 60150Furhon pizzeria LEGO CITY Art. 6174486 -12sht. 60151 LEGO CITY Transportation honochnohoavtomobilya art. 6174558 -4sht. 60152 Cleaner and excavator LEGOCITY art. 6174560 -4sht. 70347 Royal Artillery health LEGO NEXO KNIGHTSart. 6174811 -8sht. 70348 double-soldier Lance LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174832-6sht. 70349 Cage on wheels ruins LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174899 -6sht. 70364Aaron to combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175166CZECH REPUBLIC0UA125190715.77623604.548
11/Apr/201795030035001. Sets design for children, plastic: 701 003 14 MAGFORMERS 24up.701004 MAGFORMERS SET-SET-26 18up.701005 MAGFORMERS 30 SET-24up.701006 MAGFORMERS 50 SET-24up.701007 MAGFORMERS 62 SET-24up.701008 SUPER MF 30 SET- 16up.701010 CURVE 20 CURVE SET-16up.701011 40 16up.701012 CURVE SET-SET-50 12up.702001 MY FIRST MF 30 SET-18up.702002 MY FIRST MF 54 SET-12up.702005 MY FIRST BUGGY CAR SET-YELLOW 14P -24up.702006 MY FIRST BUGGY CAR SET-RED 14P-24up.702007 MY FIRST BUGGY CAR SET-BLUE 14P-24up.702009 MY FIRST FOREST WORLD 32P SET-12up.702010 MY FIRST SAND WORLD 30P SET-12up.702011 MY FIRST PLAY SET-32 16up.702012 MY FIRST PLAY SET-100 8up.703001 CARNIVAL SET 46P-12up.703002 DESIGNER SET 62P-16up.703003 NEON COLOR SET 60P-40up.703004 CREATIVE SET 90P-20up.703005 MAGIC POP SET 25P- 12up.703006 CREATOR SET 60P-20up.703007 SPACE TRAVELER SET 35P-18up.703008 LANDMARK SET 100P-8up.703009 ADVENTURE JUNGLE SET 3 12up.703010 2P-ADVENTURE DESERT SET 32P-12up.703011 ADVENTURE MOUNTAIN SET 32P-12 12up.7030 ADVENTURE SEA SET 32P-12up.703013 ADVENTURE WORLD SET 75P-8up.703014 SPACE EPISODE SET 55P-14 12up.704001 INSPIRE SET- 36up.704002 INSPIRE 30 SET-18up.704003 PRINCESS SET 56P-20up.704004 PRINCESS CASTLE SET 78P-12up.705001 SWEET HOUSE SET 64P-12up.705002 VILLAGE SET 110P-12up.705003 BUILD UP SET 50P-12up.705004 LOG HOUSE SET-8up.706001 XL CRUISERS SET 32P-30up.706002 XL CRUISER EMERGENCY SET 33P-24up.706003 XL CRUISER CONSTRUCTION SET 37P-24up.706004 XL DOUBLE CRUISER SET 42P-24up.707001 TRANSFORM SET 54P-16up.707002 POWER CONSTRUCTION SET 47P-12up.707003 R / C CRUISER SET 52P-8up.707004 WOW SET 16P-24up.707005 DYNAMIC WHEEL SET 79P-8up.707006 RACING SET 39P-12up.707007 HEAVY DUTY SET 73P-8up.707008 ZOO RACING SET 55P- 8up.707009 SPACE WOW SET 22P-12up.707010 MINI TANK SET-8up.707011 POWER VEHICLE SET-8up.708001 DINOSAURS SET 65P-12up.70800 2 WALKING DINOSAURS SET 81P-4up.708003 MINI DINO SET 40P-4up.709001 LED LIGHTED SET 55P-40up.709002 Power Gear set 60P-4up.709003 Power sound set 59P-4up.709004 WALKING ROBOT SET 45P-12up.709005 MAGIC SPACE SET 55P-12up.709006 CRAWL FRIENDS SET 55P-8up.709007 NEON LED SET 31P-30up.710001 SMART SET 144P-2up.710004 SUPER BRAIN SET 220P-1up.710005 MIRACLE BRAIN SET 258P-2up.710008 STEAM BASIC SET 200P -2up.710012 MASTER MIND SET 115P-87 MATH 4up.711002 SET-4up.711003 PYTHAGORAS SET 47P-42 MATH 8up.711005 12up.712004 PRESCHOOL SET-SET-180 2up.713007 WHEEL (2PCS) SET-CLICK 96up.713009 WHEELS (2PCS) SET-96up.Torhovelna brand: MAGFORMERSVyrobnyk: MAGFORMERS, INC.Krayina production: CNCHINA0UA12510012146094.620027
05/Apr/20179503007000"1. Toys intended for children's entertainment in sets or kits, toy basketball (net and m '' Ball) art.378953 / 843 313 - 360 sets; art.513443 / 873 332 - 108 sets, golf art.474064 / 862518 - 168 sets, sand set of machines (blades, molds) art.474031 / 862 565 - 396 sets, game of catch '' ball, art.513433 / 862764 - 1248 sets, sports a miniature art.513480 / 873,567 - 1056 sets, toy football art.427539 / 844 199 249 - 400 sets, set pasochok sand "" locks "" art.474028 / 853 724 249 - 858 sets, a set of molds for sand dinosaurs, 9sht, art.427523 / 853 953 249 - 288 sets .Vyrobnyk: SHANTOU DIHUA TRADING CO., LTDKrayina whirlpool bnytstva: CN. "CHINA0UA100120667.165294.622916
05/Apr/20179503004900"1 of toys plasmasy as animals, dinosaurs assorted 6 in., Art. 285461/825336 - 1080 pcs, farmers in 6 assorted creatures., Art. 285493/825337 - 1008 pieces, Jungle Animals assorted 6 in., Art . 285459/825338 - 1080 pieces, a set of 6 pieces of jungle animals, art. 452198/849162 - 432 pieces; zhivotinku 6 in assorted horror., art. 493062/867812 - 864 pcs. Total: 4464 unit. The manufacturer: "" TOY MAJOR TRADING CO. LTD "" Manufacturing Country CN. "CHINA0UA100120231.93637.759172
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Dinosaurs Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dinosaurs Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПАРИТЕТ-СМІК"""
Importer Address
04128,м. Київ,вул.Ак.Туполєва, 17 01032, м. Київ, вул. С. Петлюри, 28
Product Description
"1.Ihrashky sets of children's toys in stock: 5609.........
HS Code 9503007000Value 41.06190875
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 3.5
Origin Country CHINA

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